Unspoken Words


Hushed voices spoke over a prone figure, something familiar for the chamber, for it was one of the many healing chambers in Imadris and its occupants visited often. However, one was fading quickly, and the others vexed over the cause. Alas, there was one who knew the cause, but would not speak of it.

Lamplight spread colour across a pale face, but this was a false reflection of vitality.

"His light is so faint..."

"Yet he burns with fever. There is no cause for this..."

"Well, his wounds did not heal as quickly as they should have."

A sigh sounded, "If only he would speak. He saw what happened. If we knew, we could save him still."

"Do not say such things! He will speak, he must speak, adar, he must!"

* * *

To be Continued...

Unspoken Words

by Lily Frost, Sparx and Rhonda

Chapter I: Departure

"I want all three of you to return in one piece," Elrond said to his sons, examining them carefully as they prepared to head out of Imladris on a camping trip.

"Do you have enough food?"

"Yes Ada." Elrohir said.

"Healing supplies?"

"Yes Ada." Elladan said, giving Elrohir a look of exasperation. He knew that this was only because Elrond loved them, but honestly -- it was not as if they were leaving to do battle -- this was a simple camping trip!

"Elladan, Elrohir, do not let Estel out of your sight. He has a tendency to run off—,"

"Ada, we will be fine," Elrohir cut his father off with what he thought was a reassuring grin. Truthfully, it was rather unsettling.

Elrohir slung his pack over his shoulder and smiled down at his youngest brother, Estel, who was helping Elladan pack his very own pack. It was a small pack for him to carry, for an eight-year-old could not carry much. But for Estel, the responsibility of this brought much excitement.

Elrond, despite his anxiety, smiled at the young boy's excitement as well. Estel had begged and pleaded to go camping for seven weeks until Elrond finally agreed to let the twins take him. They were responsible, adult elves after all.

When his pack was finished, Estel reached up and Elrond bent down so that the child could give his father a kiss on the cheek.

"Do no worry, Ada," he assured Elrond. "Everything will be just fine with 'Dan and 'Ro!"

* * *

Graceful hands resting lightly on the railing, Elrond watched from the balcony of his

den as Elladan, Elrohir, and Estel traveled on horseback out of Imladris, vanishing quickly into the dense autumn foliage.

"Worrying already?" Glorfindel teased as he stepped out onto the balcony, coming to stand next to Elrond.

"Estel is so young." The elf-lord sighed, "He does not understand the dangers that lurk out there."

"The twins do. I was led to believe that you trusted them with him."

"I do, of course I do." He spoke truthfully, "But you know as well as I how well those two attract trouble."

"Ah, so you worry not so much because this is Estel's first real trip outside of Imladris, but more because your sons are away from your careful eyes and healing hands."

"I worry for both reasons." Elrond smiled ruefully, "As long as I am a father I have reason to worry."

* * *

As they rode, Elladan and Elrohir tried to amuse their brother with stories of past camping trips, each trying to embarrass the other more.

"Remember the time, 'Dan when you had a snake crawl into your bedroll? You shrieked like a she elf!" Elrohir ducked as a swipe barely missed his head, nearly falling off his horse.

"Aye brother, but do you remember when you went for a swim and I stole your clothes, much to the amusement of the other hunters as you came back to camp with only a frond to cover you?" Elrohir lunged for his brother playfully and Estel snickered, mentally picturing his brother in that situation.

This continued on until they decided to stop and water the horses. They dismounted and the twins took the horses to the nearby stream, allowing them to drink deeply of the cool water. Estel followed right on their heels, glad to be in the open air. Elrohir had an idea and smiled deviously at his human brother.

"Say Estel, what if I were to 'accidentally' push 'Dan into the water?" he whispered.

Estel nodded rapidly, wanting to see that very much.

Elrohir stepped up to pace next to his twin, bracing his knees, and suddenly...


Elladan yelled as he went in, and stood up waist deep in the stream, wearing an expression of sheer bewilderment. He looked up to see Estel and Elrohir rolling on the ground, laughing hysterically at his misfortune. With a fierce Quenya battle cry, Elladan lunged for Elrohir, carefully avoiding Estel as he initiated a tussle too rough for one so young. Both twins were matched in strength and speed equally, and neither wished to injure the other. Eventually Elrohir managed to slip away from him, but was recaptured moments later and dragged into the water himself. All the while, Estel laid on the ground unable to contain his mirth.

Unknown to all in the small party were the eyes that watched them from the trees. They hated elves, and always had, but to see a human - one of their own kin - amongst them was worse. The lead man, standing in the centre of the group, watched the three brothers with dark eyes. As the young boy lay laughing, unaware of the rest of the world, he rushed forth and grabbed him about the middle and pulled him up.

"Hey 'Dan! Not so rough, we were only joking," Estel said.

Upon turning about he did not see the smiling face of his brother, but a man with a wicked sneer that sent a chill to his heart.

At this sight, Estel released a blood-curdling scream.

* * *

To be Continued...