Rose Tint My World

By Gingivere the Shadowreaver


Disclaimer: I do not own any character mentioned in this fanfic. Wei Yan, Zhu Rong, Meng Huo, Zhuge Liang and all other characters are copyrighted to KEOI Productions and should not be copied, altered, or stolen. This is a fanfic... its NOT real.

Author's Note: Suppose it's best to say what inspires me for each fic, right? How sad am I, then? I've been a Wei Yan fan ever since I saw him on that cheesy demo in Dynasty Warriors 3, and grew fond of him ever since. Since Lacitar and I seem to be the only fans of him, I dedicated this fic to her, as a thank you for her lovely reviews and to give her something else to read about Wei Yan. I'm so glad that I inspired her into writing some fiction about our favorite disgruntled masked warrior, so please do enjoy!


It was perhaps one of the biggest embarrassment in her life, and to the Shu, it was their biggest shock in their lives when the news spread along the Nanman Territories. For many months have the Shu been fighting among the tribes, holding countless victory over victory upon the more primitive natives.

But things were going to change, and they had when they discovered that they were not fighting the Nanman King Meng Huo, but instead, his twice as fearsome battleaxe of the wife, the Nanman Queen Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong was a descendant of the God of Fire, and with that reputation came the ego. She was a tall woman, not a giant, but tall and slender in stature, with flowing blonde hair, something that was odd among the people of China. But despite her ivory skin tone, her rosy cheeks, and her ruby lips, the one thing that many noticed were her fiery blue eyes, ones that symbolized one single word.


She was a woman of a woman, one that the king himself feared. She was known for her deadly slashes, equipping herself with many small daggers to fit along nicely with her three bladed boomerang, enchanted with some sort of fire spell. She was a fierce in battle as she was in the bed and in conversation.

That Zhu Rong was a woman that would start a fight as quickly as she ended it, all to arouse her goofball of a husband. Though many dared not question their marriage for the sake of their lives, when she rose an army against the invading Shu forces, many saw it as either a dedication to her husband or just her looking for a little excitement.

The battle against her was fierce, as she succeeded in capturing two of the generals. Never had a woman fought in battle before, but she was Zhu Rong, a true warrior queen.

All of that reputation seemed tarnished now, as the very same woman found herself in a rather odd predicament. Not ONLY was she defeated in battle, but she was being carried throughout the jungle now, abducted by perhaps the most oddest looking Shu general.

No, this was no general...

This was some sort of freak show.

"Put me down! Put me down right now and fight me like a man, you beast!"

Her voice carried, angering the soldiers about her, all but the one who carried her. She never got a good look at him, but by his height and muscles, she knew that this was no ordinary man. He did not just magically work his way to his rank.

This man was a warrior... and a very odd looking one at that.

All she saw of him before being thrown off of her elephant was a white, green, and purple decorated mask with golden wings on the side, and she had threw herself off of the frightened creature to avoid his double voulge. It wasn't long before her men fled in terror, seeing their Nanman Queen defeated by one man...

But this was no ordinary man!

He was a hunchback looking fellow, one that walked crouched, like some sort of primitive hunter, stalking his pray. Since she had a good look at his backside, she could see that he was not of the Shu territories, at least he wasn't as primly dressed as then to say the least, and his dark, bushy hair tickled her nose, threatening a sneeze from her as she struggled.

She would punch and kick, but to no avail. This man would simply not release her or loosen his grip for a second. 'Dumb beast...' She thought with a growl, pounding on his back. "I hope you know who you're dealing with, mister! You just wait... you'll get yours!"

He seemed to have been doing a good job of ignoring her, but that did not silence her, not for an instant. She screamed and bellowed, sending out death threats, but nothing seemed to get through to him. Was he good at ignoring her, or was he truly stupid?

Zhu Rong learned this beast's name was he entered the Shu camps, hearing the familiar voice of the famous Sleeping Dragon. "Wei Yan, we're here to defeat the Nanman, not plunder villages and steal the locals..."

That was Zhuge Liang, the one who started all of this. Oh, how she yearned to tear off his head right now, and she wasn't afraid to show it. "You demon! Have him put me down so I can murder you!"

"Woman... warrior..." Said Wei Yan, in a voice so deep and strained that it caused her struggles to stop momentarily, as if waiting for him to speak again. "I capture... bring... back."

So, this monster that had bested her in battle and captured her was nothing more then a brainless Neanderthal? Now she was truly embarrassed, as she was ordered to be put down in front of the Shu strategist. She was practically thrown, and she whirled upon her captor now, cutting her sentence short as she got a good look at him. "Do you know it's rude to throw a... what the..."

Wei Yan was a hunched over warrior, sporting the white, green, and purple mask with the golden wings, letting it conceal half of his dark tanned face. His sharp, dirty teeth were enough to frighten anyone, and his half armor, half primitive hunting outfit made him stick out from the rest.

Her attention was drawn away, hearing Zhuge Liang speak as she now looked towards the old man, seeing his white hair flow from the odd looking hat he wore. His voice was soft compared to Wei Yan's, and he scolded the warrior. "You should be more gentle to our guest, Wei Yan. You should be ashamed for treating her so rudely."


Well, that was truly a man of few words. Personally she couldn't say it any better herself. To think, she was captured by this imbecile...

Now Zhuge Liang looked at her, offering a hand to help her up. She COULD have been nice and gladly accepted it, however, this was Zhu Rong, the Goddess of Fire! She slapped that hand away, ignoring Wei Yan's laugh as her flames spurt from her words. "Don't touch me, you primly, good for nothing war mongrel! What right do YOU have to touch me after what you've done! I should kill you!"

"Hold your tongue, woman... remember that it was your husband who began it all, and I've given him countless opportunities to cease this nonsense." Zhuge Liang spoke with a smooth, cool voice, one that could easily douse her flames. And as he continued, she found herself LOATHING this man, just as the masked warrior that had captured her. "Now look at this... he is so desperate to continue this that he brings his WIFE, a lowly woman such as yourself, into this conflict. How disgraceful... how incredibly low of him."

Oh, if only you could see the rage that rose within her, and both men knew what was coming. Perhaps Zhuge Liang's pride got the best of him this time, as the she-warrior laid the hardest and loudest punch that any man could have ever have heard come from a woman before. It was enough to knock Zhuge Liang off his feet, and the closest soldier pried her off of him before she could cause anymore damage.

"Oh, you'll pay for that! There won't be a single hair left on you that's recognizable when I'M done with you!" She screamed like a banshee, one that even Wei Yan wished to silence. As the soldiers held her down, she kicked and scratched, putting up an excellent fight. "Let go, will ya? I don't see how any of you can tolerate this guy!"

It didn't take too long before Zhuge Liang rose to his feet again, one hand wiping away the blood from his mouth. He spoke as if the punch had never happened! What nerves! "Take her away and lock her up. It's far too late in the night to waste time on such a low creature..."

Still, she struggled, and as she was being dragged away, she heard the sound of metal clashing with the skull mask of the warrior that had captured her. Zhuge Liang had smashed the handle of his elegant white fan across Wei Yan's head, and though it didn't seem to phase the warrior, the worlds were enough to strike SOME nerves within the man. "Wei Yan, I gave you one simple task and you blotch that up! Could you not even defeat a mere woman?""

This was no mere woman... it was Zhu Rong, the Goddess of Fire thought with a smile, not once giving up her fight as she heard nothing from the masked man, only Zhuge Liang's hinted anger. "You're useless sometimes, but you're lucky that I'm here to fix your mistakes. You're dismissed."

And what did Wei Yan say? "Grrr..."