Welcome back to In the Coils of the Serpent, where we go over all of the third year in flashes of what I see important to this fucked up relationship between Tamsyn and Harry.

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Harry Potter.

Harry felt anger and shame in equal measure with barely an undercurrent of what Tamsyn called "Pleasure". He felt angry because he was once again powerless under her, he could feel Tamsyn squeeze his wrists harder, almost to the point where it hurt as she pins them above his head and how she was sitting on his pelvis and thighs undulating away with small gasps escaping from her lips.

Harry felt shame because of what she was doing to him, he felt dirty, he felt used, he felt like a thing for her amusement and pleasure every time he would try and close his eyes to it, try and imagine something else, Someone else, she would strike him or start to choke him to make him look back into those blue eyes as they flash crimson, more and more as she "Climb her mountain" as she put it. Harry felt dirty and disgusted with himself every time he woke from those dreams, he could feel Tamsyn's high from how she had used him buzzing in the back of his mind, and he could feel her sick enjoyment when he had finished himself off, he would try to think of anyone else, in any other way, but Tamsyn would always be at the forefront of his mind because she was the only person who he had ever done things like, ...like that! With.

Pleasure because it did feel good, Harry felt good during, did that mean he enjoyed it? Did that mean he liked it? He would always finish with thoughts of what she did during those times In his head and it always made him feel dirty and nauseated, he would scrub himself raw over the first few weeks, dreams or not, real or not, he didn't like the way she would do any of it, but he still didn't know.

He would finish from time to time, in the dreams before Tamsyn could, it would wake him in the middle of the night and when he would fall asleep again and fall back into Tamsyn's care she would torture him for finishing before her, and she was never playful about it. She was always, always worse than normal to "Train" him, she said, to show what happens to the "Pet" that wouldn't listen to its "Master". Harry hated her, and it burned in his stomach every day because he couldn't fight her back, he would try every time, and every time he lost.

Harry's eyes were squeezed shut, trying to imagine he was anywhere but here, with her, at this point he honestly preferred the torture to her using him like this. He could feel her start to grind on him, her breaths coming out in short gasps as she tilts her head back, enjoying every moment she had him under her, trapped and unable to do anything but wait for her to be done with him. After what seemed like an eternity her small gasps turn into loud moans as she leans down to rest on Harry's chest as she ground faster, and Harry writhe in uncomfortable pain as Tamsyn puts her whole weight onto him to hold him still.

"Almost there," Tamsyn says breathlessly as she releases his wrists just to wrap her hands around his throat to choke the life from him as she continues to use him, "Just a little more, Pretty Kitty," she says as Harry cracks his eyes open to see the look of pure ecstasy on her face as she continues to hurt him and use him, moaning and shuddering at the look of pain on Harry's face before she crosses over her peak. Harry could feel her squeeze him, her thighs clenching with her whole body as she lets out one last moan and shudder before falling forward on top of him, her breaths coming out ragged and winded as she removes her hands from around his throat and moving them to the side of Harry's head.

"Mmm, such a good Pretty Kitty," she murmurs like a drunk before moving to kiss him on the cheek, but Harry jerks his head to the side which was the wrong thing to do apparently as Tamsyn grabs his chin, digging her sharp nails into his cheeks and forcing him to face her angry face before forcing his jaw apart before forcing Harry to kiss her, forcing her tongue down his throat, in a rough, sloppy kiss. Harry's stomach rolled in disgust and tries to push Tamsyn off of him but can't as she dominated his tongue with her own for several long disgusting minutes before pulling back, with long strands of saliva connecting their mouths as she looks down at him with manic glee as she wipes her mouth clean.

Harry spits in her face, and her eyes flash scarlet before as quick as a serpent, her hand wraps around his throat before pulling out a blade from somewhere behind her and driving it down into his eye, over and over again as Harry wakes screaming, his eye and scar throbbing in pain as he feels Tamsyn anger and twisted enjoyment beating in the back of his mind. He curls into a ball and waits for the pain to go away, thanking whatever Wixen created the silencing charm so the rest of his dorm wouldn't hear his sobs.

It was the first Defense Against the Dark Arts class of the new school year with the new teacher, Professor Lupin, he seemed to know what he was doing at least if chasing the Dementor from the train was any indication. Harry still didn't know what he had passed out, or where the screaming and explosions came from before he did, all Harry knew was that he was tried, he hadn't slept in two days because he could feel Tamsyn getting angrier and angrier in the back of his mind, waiting for him to return to his dreams so she could continue her "Fun" with him.

Ron and Hermione have been giving him concerned looks every now and then, he had tried to tell them, to ask for help, but he couldn't. Every time he tried it felt like a hand was gripping his throat and he couldn't get the words out, Harry had no idea how Tamsyn was doing it but he had no way to stop her, so he had, in turn, stopped trying.

They were taking on a Boggart today, he had missed most of Professor Lupins' speech about it and had only caught the tail end of it with the spell and how to repel it, Harry didn't think he had any humor left to make something funny enough to laugh at, but he was going to try. He was standing in line with his head down looking at his feet, ignoring any of the reflective surfaces where he could see Tamsyn looking at him with hungry scarlet eyes. He knew he had to sleep soon, and so did she, and Harry wasn't looking forward to it.

As Seamus steps away from his choking Banshee with a chuckle, Harry steps forward looking up at the ghostly woman, he could see Professor Lupin out of the corner of his eye his back facing the line as he was trying to calm down a Hufflepuff who had failed in banishing the Boggart that took the form of a clown covered in blood talking about "How they all floated down there," or whatever that meant. Harry watches the Boggart look at him, waiting for it to twist into the form of the Dementor or of Tamsyn, but to Harry's horror it took neither; it had turned into Her. She looked just like the last time Harry had seen her before delving into the catacombs below the school, her short-cut blond hair that stopped just before her ears, her nose bending slightly as it's been broken a few times in her life, her hazel eyes that sparkled with mirth and mischief set in her face with dark bags under them with a sickly complexion to her skin. She had the same crooked smile she always had on her face whenever she saw him, dressed in the navy and cranberry high-collar coat that clashed horribly with the green and gold vest under it with her black blouse and slacks, and much to Harry's increasing horror, she spoke.

"Hello, Dodger," she says in the same deep musical voice with a thick New York accent, "Miss me?" she asks as she tilts her head and raises a brow as if it was only yesterday they had seen each other for her private lessons before taking a step forward, her shiny oxford shoes clicking on the stone floor as Harry feels his hands begin to shake.

"What's wrong, Dodger?" she asks, "You look like you've seen a ghost," her tone shifts from one of mirth to a mocking one, but not like the one she had used on him to tease him when she had beat him in duels, no, Harry could hear Tamsyn's malicious glee in it. The classroom had gone quiet, and the laughter and talking of Harry's year mates had all but died away when they had noticed Professor Olivia Twist back in the classroom, they watched with shocked faces as the form of their old professor advances on her once favorite student.

Harry freezes, his pupils dilate, and he could feel the buzz of Tamsyn's amusement in the back of his mind as Professor Twist walks up to him, smiling at him with a twisted interpretation of Tamsyn's own smirk, "Have you realized it yet, Dodger? How you should have taken my offer and left with me?" she asks, her voice like silk ready to tighten around his throat.

"Far too late for regret I'm afraid," She tells him as she stops in front of him, within arms reach, and to Harry she was ten feet tall, looming over him a manic glee blooming in her eyes as they turn scarlet, "But it's not too late for another Belly Rub," she says with Tamsyn's tone of eager violence echoing around the room, "What do you say? Hmm, My Pretty, Little, Kitty,"as she says the words Harry had heard spill from Tamsyn's lips more times than he cares to remember coming from Her, he begins to shake in earnest and could do nothing but look on with horrified detachment as she reaches out for him, to take him, to hurt him as Tamsyn does.

Professor Lupin steps between Harry and the form of Professor Twist before she could even touch Harry, the form whirls and twists into a silver orb before Professor Lupin banishes it back into the wardrobe. But by the time he turned around to check to see if Harry was okay, the door to the classroom had slammed open and Harry had run away.

"Homework is six inches on Boggarts, how to deal with them, where they hide, and what advice you would give to a friend on how to make theirs funnier," Lupin tells his class after Harry had left the room, "Miss Granger, Mister Weasley, a moment of your time please," He calls out to two of his students who were almost leaving the class at a dead sprint. They both look at each other before turning to the open door and then looking at the Professor, Lupin sighs before correcting himself, "To be honest I probably only really need one of you," he tells them, letting the two of them choose who would stay.

"Go," Hermione tells Ron, "And check the-" but before she could even finish the redhead speaks up.

"The cupboard on the fifth floor, I know," Ron says before quickly running out of the room to hunt down his other best friend. Hermione turns back to the Professor and walks over to where he was leaning on his desk at the front of the room, trying her best not to look annoyed that the man had stopped her from finding Harry.

"Yes, Professor?" she asks quickly, wanting to get this out of the way.

"You're friends with Harry, Correct?" Lupin asks, to which the girl stiffly nods, "Then perhaps you can tell me who the woman was?" he asks, raising a brow at her.

Hermione opens her mouth, before closing it, looking conflicted with her lips pressed into a thin line before she sighs, "I'm surprised that you didn't already know about her, or well, perhaps I shouldn't be, the woman was our first-year defense instructor, Olivia Twist," she tells Lupin, who nods his head.

"The Headmaster informed me about her, said that she was here for three years but tragically died over a year ago," Lupin says, "But what I want to know is why is she Harry's Boggart?" he asks with a troubled look, he had a suspicion but he didn't wish to say it out loud to the girl in front of him.

Hermione avoids the Professors eyes with a sad look on her face, "That, that I'm not surprised about," she says, fidgeting with the strap of her book bag, "They were close," she says in a whisper, "Very close, Harry had called her his first friend, not his first friend in the wizarding world, but his First Friend," she says as she looks up into the eyes of the Professor, trying to tell him something with her eyes, "She had a nickname for him that she called him all the time, even in class, he was never Harry or Mister Potter, she called him Dodger like from-" Hermione says, about to explain muggle literature to an unknown wizard before Lupin cuts her off.

"Oliver Twist, the Artful Dodger," Lupin says with a nod of his head.

Hermione nods back, "She used to conjure oversized top hats on him whenever she passed him in the halls or when he did exceptionally well in class," she says with a small but fond smile on her lips, "She called on him more than any other student in class, and he was always so eager to answer and make her proud, she even gave him private lessons twice a week in dueling and advance magic, I'm pretty sure that Harry knows a lot more spells and how to use them than anyone in our year, possibly the next year as well," Hermione says with a proud look in her eye.

"Hold on, Miss Ganger, go back a bit and tell me about these private lessons," Lupin says, holding up his hand to slow the speed of her words, "Did Harry ever return from them, upset, anger, maybe even a bit withdrawn?" he asks, a pit of dread and worry forming in his stomach.

Hermione looks at him confused for a moment before the implications of what he was asking hit her and her eyes widen, "No! No, nothing like that, I'm sure she didn't…touch Harry like that," She says her face dropping a bit in disgust, "He always came back smiling, Happy if not a bit beat up and tired from all the dueling practice," she says quickly, "I don't know why his Boggart would act like that," she sighs out.

"But why would his Boggart be her at all if he had such a good relationship with her?" Lupin asks as Hermione looks away feeling uncomfortable saying it out loud without Harry's consent but she still looks back at Professor Lupin and speaks.

"Because Olivia Twist was she-who-must-not-be-named in disguise," the girl says, and Lupin's face drops in horror and shock.

Harry was back in the Defense Against the Dark Arts classroom, sitting at the front of a class of faceless students as he watches Professor Twist walking back and forth giving a lecture on the basics of self-defense in a duel.

"And what is the effect of the Tongue-Tying Curse and why is it useful in a duel?" Professor Twists asks as she turns back to the class, but only looking at Harry, "Dodger? What can you tell us?" she asks with a smirk, and Harry smiles back fondly, it was a memory from his third month at Hogwarts he had already started his private lessons with her before he discovered who she really was, the monster that lurked only under the skin thin mask of Olivia Twist, but it was still a happy memory to Harry much to the feeling of betrayal that burned in his gut.

"Much like its name, It ties the tongue of the one affected it to a knot, if you use it in a duel you can stop someone who doesn't know non-verbal magic from casting spells or to stop your best mate from saying something stupid," Harry says with a sad grin as he hears Hermione's giggles to his left.

"Very good, Dodger, take five points for Gryffindor," Professor Twist says with a smile before turning back to the blackboard and writing out Harry's answer and the spell's incantation, Harry sighs, knowing the pleasant dream was going to end sooner rather than later when Tamsyn finally showed up but trying to enjoy it nonetheless.

The Tap, Tap, Tap, coming from the front of the class draws Harry's attention, confusing him for he doesn't remember Professor Twist doing that.

"You know Dodger, I think you deserve more than just five points for answering that question," Olivia says as she turns back to the confused Harry, who couldn't help but to feel a pit of dread form in his stomach, "What do you say, Dodger? Does the Pretty Kitty want a reward?" Professor Twist says as Harry's breathing becomes short as she walks up to him while she talks, her soft smirk twisting into the cruel grin of Tamsyn.

Harry closes his eyes and shakes his head, he can't help the shaking that comes over him, "Tamsyn, please,..." Harry says. he had never begged Tamsyn to stop, never asked her for anything, never given in because he was just damn stubborn for his own good, but this?

This came close.

"Please what, my Pretty Kitty?" Tamsyn says and Harry hears the desk creek as she leans on it, and feels her breath on his face as she leans in close, her tone high with excitement and want, she wants to hear him beg.

"Not like this," Harry says firmly, "Not with Her face," he tells Tamsyn.

"Oh, but why not, Pretty Kitty?" The voice of Professor Twist asks, "I thought it was a fantasy of all young boys to sleep with an older woman or a teacher," Tamsyn asks, giggling her mad laugh in a voice Harry never wanted to hear like that, he feels Olivia's gloved hand caress his cheek and he shudders before answering.

"Not mine, and not with her," Harry says through clenched teeth as Olivia's hand travels past his ear gently, betraying the true nature of the cruel soul who wore her face, just before Tamsyn grabs a fist full of his hair, yanking it back roughly.

"Then beg," Tamsyn hisses in Olivia's voice into his ear, "Beg me to fuck you wearing my normal face and be a good pet for once and I won't," she says offering him a deal, but Harry knows she doesn't care or would actually do what she said. She would just laugh at him before doing it and more for her own sick entertainment.

So Harry answers back in the only way he could think of and punches her in the nose.

She cut off his eyelids with a rusty pair of scissors just to make sure he would watch everything that she did wearing Olivia's face.

"Did you know?" Lupin asks, a hair away from anger as he paces in front of the Headmaster's desk, "Did you know it was her, at all?" he asks, a bit more forcefully as Dumbledore sighs.

"No," Albus says, "I had no clue that Olivia was taken over by Voldemort until the end of the school year in ninety-one," he says with a calm look on his face, but the twinkle in his eyes is gone.

"And you didn't ask why she was spending so much time with Harry?" Lupin asks, stopping in front of the Headmaster's desk with an irritated look on his face, "Why did a teacher repeatedly ask a younger student back into her office? Did you even investigate it?" he asks the older man.

"Remus!" Dumbledore spoke with heat in his voice, "I may allow many things in this school to go on that would be questionable to others, but do not, for one second, think I would allow any harm come to the young children we have the honor and privilege to teach if I can help it," Albus Dumbledore says with a steely look, stopping Remus' anger cold.

The Werewolf sighs, "I'm sorry, Albus," he says dejectedly, "It's just, ...it was Her," Remus says before he takes a seat, leaning back and feeling as old as the man sitting across from him.

"It's fine, Remus," Dumbledore says with a sigh of his own, "Voldemort is a monster, but she was never That type of monster," he says with a shake of his head, "I was as surprised as you were when I first found out, When I first met Olivia, here in this very office, she had told me she was forced into retirement and was wanting to teach, to pass on her skills, I had warned her of the curse, but she accepted anyway saying she was already doomed to a short life," Dumbledore tells Remus, "As far as I knew she was cursed while she was an Auror, a slow withering curse of unknown origin, but still I hired her, I do not know when she had crossed paths with the shade of Voldemort, I was just surprised she had survived a year," Dumbledore admits.

"You didn't think that was suspicious?" Remus asks.

"Of course I did," the Headmaster says with a nod, "And so did Severus, we both kept an eye on her for the following year but other than the withering curse getting worse, she was not acting out of the ordinary," he says with a shrug, "I had theorized that the curse on the position had passed her over because it somehow knew she wouldn't last a full seven years, she had earned my trust by them, the trust of the majority of the staff, and the love of the students she had taught, so I had asked her to do a personal favor for me," Dumbledore says with a sigh as a sad look cross over his face, "and that was possibly my greatest mistake," he says quietly.

"What did you ask her to do?" Remus asks.

"I had her deliver Harry's acceptance letter to him," Dumbledore says with a shake of his head as Remus sucks a breath in through his teeth, "Harry's aunt wasn't answering back and I had started to worry, she had accepted almost immediately when I had asked her, if I had known then, I would have sent Hagrid instead," he says with a sigh.

"She didn't do anything? Didn't try anything?" Lupin asks

"No," Dumbledore shakes his head, "It would have been too suspicious for her to do so, but what she had done over the year was far worse, teaching him, being kind to him, she even went so far as to buy him Christmas gifts," Dumbledore says as he leans back in his chair, "To this day I can't even fathom why she had done it, why she had gone out of her way to be kind to Harry," he says before he pauses and strokes his beard.

"Maybe she was trying to manipulate him in some way?" Lupin offers, but Dumbledore slowly shakes his head.

"No, I don't believe so," The Headmaster says slowly, "There are many ways she could have done that without being so overly involved with the boy, also the point that in the end, it would accomplish nothing for her plans of trying to steal the stone," he says looking over to Remus, "But I fear that she had damaged Harry far more than she had planned," he says sadly.

"What do you mean by that?" Remus asks, leaning forward in his seat.

Dumbledore is quiet for a moment, his eyes distant and sad, "Over the school year they had grown close, I had thought that, who I believed was Olivia, had found someone to pass along all she knew to, a pupil or an Apprentice. She spoke fondly of the boy, of his growing skill and control, she doted on the boy, buying him books and gifts, she had pride in her voice when she spoke about him mastering a new spell. I do not doubt Harry looked up to her, that he saw her more than just his Professor but when Harry had awoken after his confrontation with Voldemort down in the catacombs, and I had asked him what had happened down there, between the two of them, all the boy did was look at his hands and refuse to say a word, to this day I still have no idea what she had offered him to cause the boy so much pain turning it down," Dumbledore says.

"What makes you think she offered him anything?" Lupin asks.

"Because," Albus says, "No one who does the right thing in the face of temptation is ever happy about it in the end," Albus says in a voice so full of his own pain.

The dementors had come, and Harry had fallen. In the winter storm with the buzz of Tamsyn's anxiety, fear, and horror in the back of his mind, Harry was enjoying the game knowing how he flew scared her, that he could turn the tables on the shade in his mind to cause her distress and fear as she normally did him. As Harry and Cedric both raced for the snitch in the sheets of rain, the dementors had descended upon them turning the rain into ice and his breath into mist as the screaming started again.

{"Lily! It's her! Take Harry and run!"}


{"Please, please, not Harry, take me instead, please not Harry,"}


{"Step aside Lily, you need not die tonight, Just step aside,"}

[They'll be here, They'll be here soon Tam, you'll see…]

{"Please, Tam, Please don't,"}

[You're bleeding out Tom, they, they won't make it in time]

{"I won't ask a third time Lily,"}


{"I won't let you touch him!"}

[I'm sorry, Tom, but you're not going to make it, and I don't plan on dying here]

{"Avada Kedavra!}

[Tam, Tamsyn, No! Please no! AHHHHH!]

{"Goodbye, Harry,"}

"We're in luck, I was able to find another Boggart," Lupin says with a smile to the three students in front of him as he sits on a chest that rattles underneath him, "Now, the Patronus Charm is a very advanced piece of magic, so don't be discouraged if none of you get it your first try, okay?" he says with a smile.

"We understand, Professor," Hestia and Flora Carrow say as Harry just nods quietly.

"Good, now before we begin, I just want to thank you two for helping Harry out with this, and letting us use your Boggarts to do this," the Professor says as he stands up.

"Yeah, ah, thanks…" Harry says, trailing off, sounding as tired as he felt and looked.

"It's no problem," one of the Slytherin twins says, Harry couldn't tell which one.

"None whatsoever," the other says before then both smile as one.

Professor Lupin asked him to stay behind after Hestia and Flora had left, each carrying a large bar of their favorite chocolates gifted to them by the Professor. After they had left, He had sat Harry down with some tea and had made small talk with him, asking how he was? (I'm Fine), how were his classes going? (They're fine), How was he sleeping? (F-Fine) before long Harry just falls Quiet, and Professor Lupin sighs before finally getting to why he had asked him to stay behind.

"You may not be aware of this, Harry," Professor Lupin says, "But the Headmaster implemented a policy some years ago when it comes to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors, in the last few months of the school year we are to write up a summary for each year and what we have taught up to the sixth year, so that was the next professor has something to work off of instead of going in blind and possibly teach them something they already knew," He explains before taking a sip of tea.

"Okay," Harry says, sounding confused about why the professor was telling him this.

"When I first got hired, I went to the notes from the professor before me, but sadly, he had not made any sort of lesson plan or notes for each of the years, so I had to go back to your first-year teacher's notes," Lupin says as he watches Harry freeze while reaching for his cuppa, his pupils dilate as he begins to shake a bit, Lupin frowns at Harry's reaction, because he now knew it wasn't out of fear, but how much pain the memory of Olivia Twist brought for Harry.

Lupin gives Harry a moment to collect himself, and when he sees Harry take a deep breath and pick up his tea to take a sip he continues, "She had made extensive notes on each one of your yearmates, their weaknesses, their strengths, what they could improve upon," Professor Lupin says, "But when I got your name, other than your grades, there weren't any notes, no comments, no criticism, nothing, why do you think that is?" He asks Harry, and the young man just looks at his cup of tea and shrugs.

"Come now, Harry," The Professor tries, hopefully getting the boy to talk, "From what Miss Granger and the Headmaster told me, you were both very close," he says, hoping that his natural tone and carefully chosen words, ones that didn't sound like he was judging him would help the boy open up about it.

Harry is quiet for a long while before speaking, "I don't know, she was probably planning on killing me like she tried to do, no need for notes when the student is dead," Harry says hollowly.

"I don't think that's it at all," Lupin says before reaching into his inner robe pocket, "Lady Voldemort was not someone to commit herself to one plan of action and would plan contingency if her first plan had failed, it is one of the reasons she became such a force to reckon with," He says as he pulls out a simple envelope from his inner pocket, it was made of parchment and the back of it unsealed, Lupin places it face down at the table they were sitting at before sliding it over to Harry, "I had found that in between her notes on one of the Patil twins and yours," Lupin pauses for a moment as Harry looks at the envelope, his eyes full of pain and suspicion, "It's addressed to Dodger, and I think we both know who that is," he says, watching Harry his eyes took on a look of ambivalence to them as he looks at the envelope.

"Have you,..." Harry says softly before trailing off.

"Have I read it?" Professor Lupin asks, and Harry nods, "No, I haven't, other than making sure it wasn't cursed or jinxed with anything nasty that could hurt, I haven't touched it," the Professor says as he watches Harry slowly reach out and flip over the envelope over to see the perfectly neat cursive spelling out Professor Twists preferred nickname for Harry.

"You can take it if you want, and do with as you please, read it, burn it, keep it in the bottom of your trunk to never look at it again until it's nothing more than a distant memory," Professor Lupin tells Harry as he leans back in his chair, "But, if you want to talk about it, I'll be here Harry, whenever you need a shoulder to lean on," He says with a soft smile to the boy as he watches Harry reach back over and picks up the letter and slipping it into his pocket.

"May I go?" Harry asks, without looking up at his Professor, and with a sigh, Lupin nods before Harry stands and walks out of the room without once looking back.

It was later the same night, after all the other students had gone to sleep in Gryffindor Tower, did Harry open the letter, reading the words written on the parchment, letting the memories of the last time he had seen Olivia Twist flood his mind.

"You?" Harry says, voice thick with shock and confusion at who stood in front of the Mirror, his favorite teacher, dressed in the same Cranberry and Navy coat she always wore. Harry hears her soft curse from under her breath as Professor Twist turns to him.

"Dodger," Professor Twist says with a disappointed sigh, "You are aware that it is currently past curfew, Correct?" she asks him with an easy smile and soft sad eyes.

"But, you, Professor Snape," Harry says confused, trying to think why she would be here.

"Severus? Why would you be expecting Severus to be here?" Professor Twist asks with a hint of amusement.

"Because he wants to steal the stone for Voldemort!" Harry says.

"Oh, Dodger," Professor Twist says with a soft smile and a shake of her head as if Harry had asked a stupidly naive question, "Severus hasn't been trying to steal the stone, he's been trying to protect it and trying to protect you from me," she tells Harry, who just looks at her in disbelief.

"W-What?" Harry says, "But he's working for Voldemort!?" Harry tries again, hoping she would crack and smile like she always did when she was teasing him, but it never came.

"No, He's not Dodger," Professor Twist says, "Haven't you always thought it was odd that he would be lingering in every shadow every time we would meet up? Having an excuse or two as to why he needed me for one thing or another?" she says as she takes a few steps toward Harry, "It's because he didn't trust me, he thought I was working for Voldemort much like you thought he was, because while Dumbledore trusted me, he did not," She says, stopping a few feet from Harry looking down at the boy.

"But you were, you're,..." Harry trails off, his mind railing, connecting dots he didn't want to see, things he chose to ignore, "You're not working for her,..." Harry says, his eyes falling to the ground and burning at the corners.

"No, Dodger, I'm not," Professor Twist says, "Or at least not in the traditional sense," She says with a sad smirk at the boy as she turns around and walks back over to the mirror.

"What do you mean?" Harry says looking back up at her, he could feel the tears threatening to fall, as she stops and turns her head back to look at him.

"Come now, Dodger, you're smart enough to figure it out," Professor Twist tells him, but still Harry denies the truth in front of him with a shake of his head as she turns back to inspect the mirror, "Last Halloween, I was on my way here to scout out what other protections were in place other than my little obstacle course, that's when I found you wandering the halls, I had first thought it was serendipitous to find you so close to the stone, I could eak out a vengeance and perhaps snatch the stone before the night was done," she tells him as she continues to inspect the mirror walking around it and running her hand across the back of it before her head pops out from the back to look at Harry, "But then we started to talk, and you gave me that stupidly cute and charming smile you have with the eyes full of sadness and I honestly thought that I couldn't kick such a sad looking puppy, So I invited you back to my office and then we started to really talk," She lets out a sigh before walking from out behind the Mirror, "And then, then I grew fond of you, I'm not saying I wasn't tempted, oh no, the thought of killing you crossed my mind a few times, but I had rationalized why I shouldn't many times more, until I grow to look forward to spending Time with you," she sighs at this before turning to look back at Harry, "Even now, I don't want to kill you, Dodger," Professor Twist says.

"But why?" Harry asks, "Since you work for-for Her," he growls out the last part.

"Come now Dodger," Professor Twist says with a tone of disappointment, "You're still refusing to see the truth, you're smarter than that, you know I'm-"

"No!" Harry yells, cutting her off, "Y-You can't be! You're Olivia Twist, You're my favorite teacher, my first friend, You're-" Harry says in desperation, trying to cling happily to the reality he wanted to believe, but she cuts him off, just like he did to her, and shatters that reality.

"The killer of your parents," She says, her voice low, "You've never known Olivia Twist, Dodger, the real Olivia Twist died two months before I handed you your Hogwarts acceptance letter, I killed her myself," she tells him, watching his face twist in sorrow and pain, "Say it Dodger, you can keep denying it, but that's just a dream you're trying to cling to, so say it," she tells him, demanding from him, demanding from his best like she always had in the past, pushing him as she showed him how to dual, how to cast spells far beyond his year.

"You're Voldemort," Harry finally says in a whisper as tears finally fall as he looks up to the hazel eyes of Oliv-Lady Voldemort.

"Ten points to Gryffindor for figuring that out before Albus and Severus could," Voldemort says softly, looking at the crying boy so heartbroken, giving him a soft smile.

"Why?" is all Harry asks, as if it summed up everything that she had done to him and for him.

She turns back and walks back over to the mirror, "I went after you that Samhain night because of something one of my followers had overheard, a prophecy foretelling of a child that was to be born that would become my equal one day, and I'm not the type to have my power questioned like that, so with a little help I had found the home that you and your parents were hiding away in and I went there, they didn't have to die and I offered them a choice; to stand down and let me do what I had come to do or stand against me and Die," Voldemort sighs as she looks into the mirror, a sad look in her eyes, "They stood against me and fought valiantly, but fell like all before them," she pauses for a moment, unsure how to continue, "If your asking why did I teach you, why did I grown fond of you, I sadly don't have a good reason for that, I had thought I sheded that weakness long ago,..." she trails off, her eyes far away searching for something she didn't understand.

Her eyes drift over to Harry's reflection in the mirror, a sad look flashing in them, "Come Here, Dodger," She says turning her head to look at him before a grin spreads across her face, "You already know I'm not all that bad, Dodger, and I'd rather not hurt you or force you if I can help it," she says when she sees hesitation flash across his eyes, she waits a moment before Harry walks forward, his wand in a death grip by his side.

Harry stops just behind her, avoiding looking into the mirror directly, he didn't want to see them, didn't want to feel the burn of guilt and shame in his chest more so than he already did now as Olivia steps back and away from the mirror.

"What do you see in it, Dodger?" She asks, looking at the boy she had grown so fond of in the last few months.

Harry finally looks up into the mirror to see the smiling faces of his parents, and the shame burns in his chest, knowing how he had come to see the other woman in the chamber with him, "My Parents," Harry says softly as he watches as his reflection slips his hand into his pocket before pulling out a red stone and showing him with a wink before slipping back into his pocket, Harry feels the weight fall into his own pocket but can't bring himself to care enough.

She steps back into the frame of the mirror, Harry looking over to her reflection talking over his mothers and he flinches at it, "Dodger," she says softly, "As much as I'm sure you want me to, I can't bring back the dead, no magic can," she tells him.

"Then how are you still alive?" Harry asks angrily, turning to look up at her.

"I have… shenanigans," She says carefully after pausing to look away from Harry for a moment.

"Shenanigans?" Harry asks, sounding as confused and lost as she had meant him to be.

And she nods, an impressed look on her face about her own choice of words, "Yes, Shenanigans," she says to Harry, a glint of Mischief in her eye, she sighs a bit as she unbuttons the sleeve of her jacket and shirt before drawing it up to show off her arm, it was black and rotting, putrified flesh hung sagging off her arm, almost sliding off it like the rotting dead meat it was, Harry gags at the sight while she just smiles at his reaction before pulling her sleeve back down, "This body has been breaking down for the better part of a year, I devoured the original Olivia Twist's mind, soul, and magic to feed my own strength to possess this body longer, one of the last few powers left to me after my discorporation, when my own spell was turned on me that night but with the stone, I'll be able to rebuild my original body stronger than ever before, and while I can't bring them back, I can do something close to it," she tells him as she kneels in front of him, getting eye to eye with Harry and holding out her hand.

"I'll take you with me, we'll leave here and you'll never go back to the Dursleys," She tells him, "What do you say Dodger? Me, you, and that stone in your pocket can leave here tonight, and you'll never have to go back," She says her smile reaching her eyes as she extends her hand forward, "I promise,"

Harry wants to believe her and almost does, it was the only real thing he had hoped for in the darkness of his cupboard for someone, for anyone, to come and take him away from that house, from the place where he was just an unwanted and broken freak but he takes a step back from her and brings up his wand to point at her face as her smile drops. But not her, not the woman who had taken away his parents he had never gotten to know, to love, he hates her, he does! No amount of pain of betraying the first person who had come to care for him would change that, so with tears running down his cheeks and his face twisted in agony Harry speaks.

"Liar," Harry hisses at her and watches as something flashes through her eyes as her hand falls to her side and she stands.

"So be it, Dodger," she says, her face going flat and blank as her ebony wand slips into her hand, "Never said I didn't try, but I won't let anyone stand in my way, not even you," she tells him before lifting her own wand.

Harry didn't know who betrayed who that night, the teacher betraying the student or the student betraying the teacher, his feelings about it, like a lot of things that involved Olivia Twist, were tangled in knots of adoration and hatred for her. For the woman who had sent him to the Dursleys, but freed him from them as well, the woman that made him the freak and showed him he could be so much more, and the only one who offered him freedom from it all. So as Harry let the letter drift into the fireplace, he still couldn't bring himself to either hate Olivia Twist as he did Lady Voldemort or love Lady Voldemort like he had Olivia Twist and he leaves the words written on parchment to burn in the hearth as he couldn't solve the conflict in his heart.

And the words "I'm sorry, Dodger." burned to nothing but ash.

"Sirius!" Harry yells as he runs toward his downed godfather on the banks of the Black Lake, he had just found him, the man who gave him his jacket. The person who had cared enough to make sure Harry wasn't cold the night he was left with the Dursleys, he was framed for the murders of his parents by another friend of theirs, Peter Pettigrew. He had broken out of Azkaban to protect Harry and get revenge on the rat, Harry had talked him into turning Peter to the Aurors, to Dumbledore, and Sirius had agreed, he wanted Harry to come live with him, Sirius was going to take him away from the Dursleys, Harry would finally be free from the cupboard.

But then Lupin had transformed, Peter had escaped, and now the Dementors had shown up to enact the orders to perform their kiss on Sirius. Harry charged forward toward the shores of the Black Lake, hoping he wasn't too late, praying that he would at least be able to save his godfather's soul to anything and everything that would listen to him.

Harry finds him laying on the shores shivering and shaking, curled up on his side and mumbling to himself, begging for forgiveness from the long-dead, "Sirius! Sirius! You need to get up! Sirius!" Harry calls to him as he runs, dropping to his knees and shaking him repeating his words, desperately trying to get the man to stand, "You have to get up! You have to run! Please!" Harry yells, trying to save him. But as Harry pulls on his arm to get him to stand, he feels the familiar feeling of cold and Dread settle over his bones, the screams of his parents echoing in the back of his mind, overtaken by explosions that were not his.

"No, No, No!" Harry whispers as he stands, wand clutched in hand, "No! You can't have him! I won't let you!" Harry yells, he knew the spell, he knew he could do it, and as he raises his wand, calling out to his magic and the happy memories he had yet to make with his Godfather, he cries out the incantation, "Expecto-Pat-aggk!" but it was at this moment someone made themselves known as Harry feels a hand that wasn't there wrap around his throat.

"ah, ah, ahh, none of that now, my pretty kitty," Tamsyn whispers, Harry could almost feel her lips against his ears.

"No! Stop! I can save him! I know I can!" Harry says as he begins to thrash around feeling her other hand gripping his wand arm and pulling it back down.

"Of course, you can, Pretty Kitty, I don't doubt that," she whispers to him, "But he's no used to you as a fugitive on the run, the little rat got away, so no escape from the muggles that way, no, it's better off this way," Tamsyn says as the Dementors begin to descend on them, "If he was a good godfather, he would have something in his will if anything would happen to him about where you will go after he dies, yes, much better this way," she tells him as she pulls him back into unconsciousness, and the last thing Harry sees is a silver Doe standing over him protectively before everything fades to black.

Harry was sinking ever deeper into the darkness of his sleeping mind, he could hear voices just above the surface, talking, discussing things, about how he wouldn't wake up, how someone would have to go alone, that she may be able to save more than one innocent life tonight and how four turns should do it as Harry struggled in the grasp of the serpent that was coiled around him as she pulled him deeper still.


Harry could hear screaming, the sounds of stone breaking and tumbling down, the sound of meat squishing and wet snaps in the dark of a shaking room. A girl crying and a boy telling her it was going to be alright, his voice stuttering and laced with pain.

"It-Its go-gonna b-be o-okay, T-Tam," the boy's voice says, "T-they'll b-b-be h-here soon, Y-You'll s-see," he says, trying to talk through the pain, trying to stay awake.

"No, Tom, they won't make it in time," The girl says as a flood light blinks on and off, throwing light onto the scene of carnage Harry finds himself in. He was in a collapsed bomb shelter or a collapsed portion of the London Underground, dead bodies surrounding her, crushed by the rubble or impaled by it, the girl was dressed in muggle clothes, she was thin and small almost as thin and small as Harry is, dirty and covered in dust and debris curled up in a ball next to another, younger looking boy, whose lower half of his legs were trapped under large stones. She looks over at him with piercing blue eyes, a hunger in them that Harry was familiar with, a look that spoke of not eating in the last few days, her lips were chapped, dry, and cracked, she was weak as she begin to crawl over to the boy, both on the edge of death.

She stops, her long black hair hanging down like a curtain of tangles as she inspects the boy and the pool of blood surrounding him, "You're bleeding out Tom," she says coldly, detached from the horror in front of her, "You won't make it Tom," she says in a whisper as she reaches out for a small stone just a little bigger than her fist, "And I don't plan on dying here," she tells him as she raises the stone above her head.

"Tam?" the boy asks confused, "Tamsyn! What are you doing? Tam! No! No! Tamsyn!" the boy screams as she brings the rock down on his head, crushing it in, screaming at each impact. Hitting him over and over again till the boy stops moving altogether. She breathed hard from the exertion, asking him to forgive her in between every breath as tears rolled down her face before she leaned forward with teeth bared. Harry knew what she was going to do before she sinks her teeth into the young boy's flesh and begins to eat him. He quickly turns away from the sight to find Tamsyn standing behind him, watching him without a hit of emotion on her face.

"We were trapped down here for four days I was told, they pulled me from the rubble only a few hours after I killed Tom," Tamsyn says as she walks forward, her silk robe fanning out behind her like a shadow.

"What is this?" Harry asks, as the wet sound of ripping meat echoed throughout the memory.

"This," Tamsyn says, walking up to Harry and wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him into a hug, "Is where Tamsyn Riddle died, and Lady Voldemort was born, where we found our truth," she says in a whisper to Harry, "Survival at any cost, death would not touch us, we would be forever and timeless, even if we had to kill and eat everything around us to do so," she tells him as she looks down at the top of Harry's head as she hugged him closer.

"You remind me of him, of Tom," Tamsyn says as her eyes flash crimson and drift to the scene of carnage just beyond the boy, "You look like him, stubborn like him, eyes filled with the same pain," she says before pulling him with her as she falls backwards, away from the nightmare of her own past and hugs him closer to her, reveling in their closeness in the dark with just the two of them as she winds her arms and legs around Harry, holding him close, and for once, the boy doesn't fight back.

Harry would awaken an hour later to Hermione crying, begging him for forgiveness, about how she couldn't save him, how she had failed and Sirius Black suffered a fate worse than death.

"You're just going to ignore his Will, Albus!" Lupin says angrily, "A man who fought for you, a man who you let be imprisoned for over a decade in a hell he didn't deserve, a man who died to protect the children that were there that night, what the hell is wrong with you!?" he screams at the headmaster, blaming his hands onto the man's desk.

"I'm sorry, Remus," Dumbledore says with a tired sigh, "But Harry must return to the Dursleys, the blood wards offer protection that can't be found any-" he tries to say, but is quickly cut off by the man in front of him.

"Fuck!" Remus says sharply as he leans forward, almost growling out the word, "The blood wards, you can not sit there and honestly tell me you can't see what they've done to him, what Harry had suffered at their hands! How small he is!? The way he acts!? How he flinches at loud noises or moving hands!?" he yells at Dumbledore, "Sirius wanted him to go to Andromeda if anything would happen to him, and you know she would take the boy in, for nothing less than it was Sirius was asking her to do it," Lupin says, pushing off the desk and glaring at the man before him, "But you won't, will you?" he asks, already knowing the answer.

"Harry has to return to the Dursleys, just long enough for the blood wards to be recharged, after then Arthur is going to go there himself and collect him for the rest of the summer," Dumbledore says, sounding his hundred years of age.

"And how long will that take?" Remus asks, crossing his arms over his chest.

"A month, give or take a week or two," Albus says as he leans back in his chair, looking away from the other man with guilt and shame building in his chest.

Remus is quiet for a moment, just looking at Dumbledore with anger and disgust, "I never thought I would live to see the day that Albus Dumbledore would willingly abandon a child to an abusive home," Remus says before turning on his heel and walking over to the office door and retching it open.

"Remus-" Albus says, trying to call out to the man, but is quickly cut off by the sound of a slamming door.

Harry had not seen much of Hermione over the last few days of term, she had avoided him with a look of sadness in her eyes, and failure etched on her face. She didn't speak with him other than when he had woken up in the hospital wing, when she had told him that his godfather was dead and explained that she had tried to go back in time with something called a time turner to save him, but she couldn't, she didn't know the spell to drive the Dementors away. By the time Harry had awakened it was far too late to go back and help, the time turner could only go back four hours at maximum and it was early morning when he was told this.

Hermione blamed herself, but Harry didn't, he knew who was responsible for Sirius' death, for him going back to the Dursleys, it was the same person who was responsible for him being sent there in the first place. Tamsyn Riddle, Lady Voldemort, whatever the hell she wanted to call herself, it was her fault, it was all her fault, and Harry hated her. He could feel her twisted entertainment every time that thought crossed her mind, and his stomach would twist with hate every time he felt it.

Ron and Harry sat in the last compartment on the left-hand side like they always have on the ride back to London on the Hogwarts express. Hermione had chosen not to sit with them for some reason, and Ron had tried to begin a conversation with Harry a few times while throwing him worried looks. But all Harry would do is make a sound of agreeing with him before lulling back into silence, Harry stayed quiet alternating looking out the window, watching the green hills of the countryside fly by and looking down at the curse scars burned into the palms of his hands from Olivia Twist two years ago when he had grabbed her face to destroy the body she was possessing.

Harry thinks he must look like a sad sight to Ron, he could see his face in the reflection of the window, and his eyes were sunken in with deep bags underneath them from his lack of sleep for the past two days to avoid Tamsyn, he was pale and thinner than normal from his loss of appetite all year, Harry himself felt wrung out like there was nothing left in him to feel about anything but a quiet sense of loss and the anger that boiled in his gut, he was just too exhausted to do anything with it, and not for the first time that year he wishes he could just end it all and be done with it.

Before long, after telling Harry how his dad had gotten tickets to the Quidditch World Cup and the less than enthusiastic response from Harry about being invited, Ron too made an excuse to leave, letting Harry be alone with his thoughts. Harry closes his eyes, resting his head against the window of the compartment and sighing out into the quiet of the compartment, he hopes that Uncle Vernon wouldn't fulfill his threat from the last time they saw one another.

"Oh, come now Pretty Kitty, you should know better by now," she says, her voice manic and cheerful as always, "Men like that, so full of spite, fear, and anger, tend not to forget anything they threaten against the thing they hate the most," she says with a giggle.

Harry opens his eyes and glares at Tamsyn, who was now sitting across from him, her legs crossed at her ankles and her hands in her lap, the ever-present mad grin full of sharp teeth plastered on her face as she looks at him.

"It's honestly quite entertaining," She says as she turns her head to look out the window, "Every time you do the right thing or try to, you get punished for it," she tells him, but Harry doesn't say a word, just continues to glare at her, so she continues, "I mean, come on, even for someone as foolish as you must have noticed the trend by now, you save the stone from me, you get punished by going back to the Dursleys, you try and save the Weasley tart, you get punished by going back to the Dursleys, you try and clear an innocent man's name, you get punished by going back to the Dursleys," Tamsyn says before throwing back her head and laughing, "If it wasn't so entertaining, I would find it so pathetic," she says with a shake of her head after laughing, continuing to look out the window with a smile on her face.

"I hate you," Harry says, venom filling his words so much so that Tamsyn turns to look at him with wide eyes, "When I get the chance, if I ever get the chance, I'm going to make you pay, and I'm going to make it hurt," Harry growls out as Tamsyn just blinks at him.

She smiles cruelly at him before standing and crossing the compartment before pushing him back into his seat and straddling his lap, "Mmm, very good, Pretty Kitty, for a moment there you had me off guard," she says with a grin as she begins to grind into him as she leans forward to whisper into his ear, "But I already know you hate me, it's what makes all of this so much fun, knowing how much you want to kill me but lacking the power to do so, taking what I want from you wouldn't be nearly half the fun it is if you didn't wake up hating yourself for enjoying it so much with me," she whispers into his ear, her hot breath on his neck. Harry knows what's coming next, as she grabs his jaw forcing him to face her as she kisses him, pushing her tongue into his mouth, he doesn't fight back this time as she works herself into a frenzy, biting at his neck, ripping at his clothes, moving her own aside to get him inside her all the while berating him for his own weakness and calling him by the nickname he hated so much as she shifted her weight back and forth, moaning as she does.

Harry will forever treasure the memory of the look on her face when she had leaned back to ride out the high of her first orgasm and his hands wrapped around her throat. The anger and hatred for Tamsyn Riddle that had built and built over the last year of her abuse, of her repeating assaulting him for no other reason than because she could burst forward into Harry's mind and limbs as he throw them both to the ground with him on top, choking her as he took control, as he started to violate her as she was now fighting to get him off of her. She tried to scream, she tried to talk, but with his face twisted into a monstrous rage Harry tried to crush her throat as he fucked her, so not a word escaped her lips that were rapidly turning blue. Harry could see the fear and the panic building in her eyes as she struggled against him and it felt good to see that.

It ended all too soon as Tamsyn lashed out with a blade, driving it into the side of Harry's head, snapping him awake from the dream with a migraine. But still he smiled at the terror, panic, violation, and oddly enough, excitement he felt bleed into his mind from Tamsyn and Harry laughed madly through the pain at it all.

"But why him?" Wormtail asks, quivering in fear, "We could use anyone else My Lady, the boy is too well protected, he will be difficult to get too," he says, not daring to look up at Harry.

"Silence!" he snaps at the disgusting rat, "The boy is needed, Wormtail, the boy is the only one I am willing to use, and that is all you need to understand," Harry says from his seat by the fire.

"But, perhaps I am being to cruel to you Wormtail, you have been useful to me these last few weeks," Harry says with a sigh, "while yes, any other which or wizard would do, for many still see me as their enemy, I have my own reasons for using the boy and I will not be questioned on this matter," he says, carefully shoving his anger at the coward down, as a shadow walks from behind the chair, Tamsyn looks between the cowering man on the floor and Harry in the chair, she tilts her head with narrowed eyes before kneeling down in front of the chair, looking for something as Harry continues to talk, "In a few days, after I recovered from our long trip we will go and free my most loyal follower to-" But Harry stops talking as something flashes through his mind, an image of a familiar Diary.

Tamsyn smiles as she looks Harry in the eye and images begin to flash through his mind of different people, from different places, and different times all talking.

"Harry!" yells a woman with black hair, calling out to a child.

"...Is watching…," says a muggle man reading a news paper.

"...want to help?" asks a young boy in Hufflepuff robes.

"What do I need to do?" asks an older girl in Slytherin robes with a raised brow.

Harry is confused, not understanding why he was seeing these things, before a set of other images begins to play, a Diary with T. M. Riddle signed on the inside, then Harry himself, then his scar, before they replay a few more times, quicker and quicker until he finally gets it.

"The boy is a-" Harry's eyes widen in realization, but before he could say anything else, all thought and all emotions are cleared from his mind as he looked into Tamsyn's flashing crimson eyes.

"M-Mistress?" Wormtail says from the floor, "Are you oka-" but before he could speak Harry snaps at him.

"Silence!" Harry snaps at him before the images of the people begin to talk again, Harry continues to look into Tamsyn's eyes, but no thoughts enter his mind, and no emotions burn in his chest, but soon Tamsyn smiles and nods her head slowly before standing up and walking out of eyesight just as a large snake slithers into the room whispering of a man right out of the door.

Harry would awaken with a headache the next morning, feeling as if he had dreamt something of importance but had no recollection of it, just the buzzing of excitement and amusement from Tamsyn in the back of his mind.

Did I say three parts? I meant four, totally meant four!

Anyway, this chapter was the third year and was really fun to write. Harry's torment and sexual abuse at Tamsyn's hands confuse him because he thinks he likes it, he doesn't know any better or any other type of physical love and is probably starved for it and if Tamsyn was a raging fucking psycho she could probably use it to manipulate him. But DiaryTamsyn is all about power, control, and cruelty, and can't think of long-term goals because she has no inhibitions to stop her from doing what she wants, she thinks she's above consequences.

And, Yo, I don't know who needs to hear this, or even if you do, but I'm going to say it anyway: If you have been assaulted or raped, and had an orgasm from it, it wasn't your fault. You did not secretly like it or anything like that, this was your body's natural response to stimulation and wasn't your fault.

Reread that as many times as you like, because it WASNT YOUR FAULT.

Anyway, we also see a little of what happened during the events of book one and Voldemorts and Harry's confrontation in it, which has fucked with Harry's head for the last two years. By the end of the school year, he started to see Olivia Twist as more than a teacher or a mentor but as a mother figure in his life. This is why his boggart was changed to be Olivia, or Voldemort, acting the same way Tamsyn does because he's afraid that underneath the mask that was Olivia Twist, Voldemort would be just like Tamsyn, as abusive and cruel as the ghost in his head.

Sirius Black is dead, well, suffers a fate worse than death, but we'll call it death for simplicity's sake. This was hard to do because I love Sirius in canon but for this, he had to die. It sucks I know, but I did say this was a dark story for a reason, and I do have a reason for it and it's probably pretty obvious but for those who don't know it will be explained in part four.

The reason Hermione stops being around is because she blames herself for the death of Sirius and thinks Harry hates her for it, He doesn't but once again I have my reasons for doing this.

How is Tamsyn stopping Harry from doing certain things? With a hell of a lot of power and will, while she can't puppet him like she was planning to do when she jumped vessels she can still influence him in small ways. She's basically locked behind iron bars in Harry's subconscious, able to feel everything he does, and gets flashes of what he sees and hears, she has to guess what he's doing or is planning on doing before she can stop him.

In the uno reverse scene, when Harry dreams and is behind the bars with Tamsyn, it's a clash of willpower, whoever has the stronger willpower is the one in control. Tamsyn is basically a walking bulwark of willpower and intent, she's not so easy to overcome but with enough rage feeding someone, you'll be surprised at what someone can do, Tamsyn certainly was.

Tamsyn's original plan was to eat Harry's mind and soul to take him over that failed when she hit Lily's protection, then she decided to break Harry down and drag him down to her level of insanity before beating him with experience and puppetting him, which now has changed because Voldemort is back in the picture, those two are now working together to fulfill Voldemorts resurrection.

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