Hari yawns as she awakes in the warmth of a cuddle. Whoever she is cuddling with is extremely warm, and comfortable. She slowly cracks an eye open, she finds Caster has wrapped her up in his shirt. Sometime after that, Berserker must have picked her up and wrapped his hair around her while keeping her close.

Though she is surprised that she is being carried through the forest, "Caster?" She mumbles, shifting as she tries to look around. This part of the Singularity has no fires, so she would have been cold.

"You're awake?" Olga's surprise is briefly followed by concern before Berserker sets her on her feet softly. Caster helps her get out of Berserker's mess of hair, chuckling a little bit. Pouting for a brief moment, since she knows they think she is adorable, she realizes they are concerned for her.

"Hari-chan, we tried not to wake you. You are powering both your servants without Chaldea's aid." Olga tells her with an anxious tone. Handing the blue jacket to Caster she looks at the other three Chaldeans, fidgeting a little bit.

"I have a link to the source of every version of the Root of Magic. Essentially I'll never run out of magic, even if I let thirty Heroic spirits endlessly use their Noble Phantasm. Though I can get tired from the amount that flows through me and pass out because of that." She feels guilty for hiding that and likely causing at least somewhat of an issue because she wasn't forthcoming about that. Focusing briefly on her Gacha being rolled, she is finally given a response from Mash.

"Senpai, I understand why you would hide that. There is no reason for us to be upset with that not being shared. You would be brutally experimented on if anyone knows about this." Hari tears up as she hugs her. Caster stiffens at the news before he relaxes a little bit as he pats her head softly.

Today's Gacha prize is the Legendary Rank: Master Healer skill. Would you like to install the skill?

"Yes, please." Hari thinks.

Looking up at the five others she realizes something. "Are we on the way to the grail?" Olga nods to her curtly, earning a small frown from her. Reaching in her satchel, she pulls out a mechanical device and a set of goggles.

Offering the two items to Caster, she is aware that she needs him to have them. Caster slowly takes the two objects when he sees her reaching for her command seal. "This device will make a thick smokescreen that dampens senses. These goggles pair with it to allow your senses to remain, but the goggles must be over your eyes first. Okay?" He nods, looking faintly interested in both items. Fortunately he quickly puts the goggles on, knowing that they will be useful at the least.

Suddenly, they are greeted by an angry voice growling at them. "Why did you bring a little girl into the grail war, Caster?" As the group whirls around, looking for their enemy, Hari scowls at the person fiercely, already having detected him. She starts stomping toward him, anger in her eyes.

"Who are you calling little?!" She sniffs in disdain, pointing straight at him with a scowl. "I get that most people wouldn't be concerned, but I have access to multiple true magics. I'll be fine for the most part. Though you can come check on me if you want to." She waits patiently, knowing he is genuinely worried about her.

"Wait, seriously? He's an enemy." Caster tells her sternly, almost like he is going to tell her no.

To Hari's amusement, Olga is the first to respond to that comment. "Who's to say he isn't one of those who has protected children?" This stuns both Caster and Fujimaru Senpai.

"Can we at least have our weapons at the ready?" Hari is glaring at Fujimaru at the response, almost ready to deny such a thing.

"I don't mind, but if she gets hurt you'll all pay." Archer says in a clear voice, though the last part is a definite threat.

"I have to agree with Archer, I don't want Hari getting hurt." Mash says with a serious tone. She pauses, frowning heavily as she apparently doesn't know what to do.

Hari softly comes over, grabbing her hand gently. "He's been following us for a while, that's why I woke up. He kept staring at me, for one, and, for two, I felt concern from more than five people. I think he is the sixth person that I sensed it from." She tells them honestly, knowing they will understand that a lot more than anything else.

"Okay then, if you can sense things, you should be able to answer outside our group. Where's the nearest sign of life?" Caster asks, and she lets her senses into the air, frowning, she lets it burrow into the ground before her eyes widens. She scurries over to a nearby snake burrow, completely buried thanks to the thrashing of the nest mother. knowing that only a few eggs are inside. Gently she begins using magic to form claws on her nails before she starts digging.

After a few moments she pulls out one egg. "This is the last egg alive, the rest were cracked and have died since then." Caster reaches out, scanning it before chuckling. He relaxes easily, earning a mild huff of amusement from Hari as she realizes what the test was actually meaning.

"Aw, poor Caster is sad…" She giggles a little bit as he snorts in amusement.

Turning toward the others, Hari gives them a mischievous grin. After a few moments, the others realize that both of them are amused for some reason. "What's so funny?" Mash asks, genuinely confused.

Hari turns toward Caster, waiting for him to answer them for her. "It's barely alive, to the point I couldn't sense it until she put it in my hand. And I couldn't sense the snake burrow at all, there was no air flowing into it. This shows she's capable of burrowing her magic into the earth as a sensory technique." Suddenly, to her bemusement the group relaxes, for the most part. Berserker calmly brings out a halberd to guard her as the white haired Archer is allowed to approach.

"Do you mind if I scan you?" he asks her gently. She offers her hand to him, he gently grasps it before letting his magic flow over her skin. It takes a few moments for his eyes to open, relief is in his gaze for a moment until he frowns.

"Artoria isn't going to be understanding of this." He tells them, a worried look on his face, showing that he truly does not want her to get hurt.

Hari can tell he is conflicted about this, "Okay then, let's make a bet." She tells him, earning attentive looks from everyone.

"Oh? We're taking a gamble?" Caster seems excited by the idea.

"I bet that Mash's shield will hold up against Artoria's sword. In addition, if Mash is able to use it, Artoria will recognize the shield's Noble Phantasm."

"Alright, if you're right on the first, I'll join you. If you're right about both, I'll help attack her as well. However, if you're wrong on the first, then you will stay here with us." She quickly bites her thumb and offers it to him, ready to make a blood pact. Archer barely manages to touch his own bloody thumb to hers before Caster is cursing as he holds her closely, ready to flee with her.

"Caster?" Hari greets him, utterly confused about how possessive he is acting as of the moment. He starts gripping her a little more firmly while glaring at Archer. "Caster, that is starting to hurt." She whines, feeling his fingers immediately let go of her. She knows he fears hurting her so she gently pats his arm, to calm him down. She sees his pained expression at the thought of causing her harm as he gently lifts the edge of her shirt. A reddish mark, not a bruise, is seen on either side in the shape of his hands.

"Sorry…" He tells her softly, his tone shows how bad he feels about causing her that slight pain.

Suddenly, to her amusement, Berserker grabs her and cuddles softly with her, refusing to let the other two males hold her. "Mine." The other two give him challenging stares, as if they are ready to fight him over that idea.

"She's not old enough for that stuff." Mash says, blushing slightly as she refuses to look at the four of them. Hari peers at her, confused at the words she has spoken. Though she does notice the three of them have stiffened. "Partner, not lover, mine." Berserker corrects the group, earning a soft mortified squeak at what Mash was thinking they meant.

Suddenly Hari giggles bashfully, trying not to cry as she laughs. "Mash, is your mind in what people call the gutter?" She looks confused at the phrase but both Caster and Archer can't hold back their respective loud laughing and soft chuckles.

Even Olga smirks with amusement, as if trying not to laugh, which earns a wicked grin from Caster. Turning toward Fujimaru, whose face is crimson in embarrassment, Mash becomes more confused. After a brief moment she asks, "What does that mean?"

Frowning in confusion when Hari finds him giving her a wary glance, she covers her ears, knowing she shouldn't hear any such thing.

To Hari's amusement Berserker starts carrying her forward, ahead of the group a little bit, obviously concerned with her for some reason. It takes only a few moments to arrive outside the cave where Artoria is waiting. The others catch up easily enough, "Wait!" Hari says, preventing them all from entering. They pause, looking at her.

Looking around, and seeing that there are currently only three who should enter, she turns toward Caster. "Caster, do you have a way of scrying from a distance? We should try to let Mash, Fujimaru Senpai, and Olga enter first while watching to see if the gamble pays off." After a few moments, he has a clear view of Mash, and nods for the three to go ahead and enter. The four of them watch as Mash takes some effort, but manages to summon her noble phantasm. They see the look of recognition on Artoria's face. The three males, with Berserker carrying her, rush into the main area, where Caster rushes forward. "Hey, if you want to stay after this you need to be a member of my group beforehand, like Caster." Archer reaches out to her, grasping her hand, before the bond appears and is in place. Archer turns to find Artoria in the cage, already being burned despite her fighting back at it. Berserker moves directly behind Mash, causing the fire to miss them entirely.

Thankfully the lady is defeated, she lays there, drained of energy as she speaks to Caster. Hari feels incredibly drowsy at the moment before Archer fires a sword into the air, above the cliff. Leff is able to block the weapon before it can hit him, but he looks rather annoyed. He sneers at them, and Hari mumbles something, gaining the attention of the three male servants. They quickly realize that he is trying to hypnotize her to sleep for some reason.

She barely remains conscious for a few moments, until she hears shrill screaming, opening her eyes as she becomes very alert. She turns, seeing the object from before pulling Olga into it. Fury burns from her as she watches Olga's flesh melt as she is killed by touching the one thing she loved. "Olga…" the man frowns heavily, almost seeming concerned before the entire singularity starts to shake heavily. He curses, giving her one last look before he vanishes from the area. Now fully awake, she forms a magic bubble, protecting her Kohai from being crushed again while doing her best to keep reality near them stable. The power required to do so makes her head spin, until she feels the rayshift wash over her again. She stops focusing her magic before passing out.

Hari wakes to find someone gently running their fingers through her hair. Humming in approval she leans into them like a touch starved kitten. Opening her eyes, she finds herself in a room with two of her servants. Caster is softly running his hands through her hair like she is his daughter. Her cheeks warm up in appreciation of the gesture.

"Caster." The sound of Berserker's voice comes from the corner of the room, where he sits staring at her acutely.

The door opens, revealing Archer with food in his hands that come from the kitchen. As if relaxing suddenly, he greets her. "Master, how are you feeling?" Caster notices next, and pauses in his ministrations.

"Just a little hungry." she explains to him. Archer sets the food in front of her and she smiles warmly at him. "Were the three of you harmed?"

Archer's gaze softens for some reason. Meanwhile Caster gives her startled look. "Nice." Berserker mumbles, his face is a little pink for some reason.

"You care about us and that is nice, like he said. But you should be more worried about yourself. I'm surprised that you are awake, though Doctor Roman is pretty nifty with health stuff." Hari flushes, knowing she likely worried all of them. Reaching into her satchel, she pulls out the resurrection stone. She ponders if she should use it or keep it for herself.

"What kind of magic does that have?" Caster asks her softly, she glances at him.

"This is supposedly a resurrection stone. But it is a one time use and will automatically raise its owner if they are killed. I really want to go ahead and use it, but I'm worried Olga being dead won't be our worst worry." The three pause, hearing her worry over doing something miraculous startles them.

"If you get another one, that will be the one to use on her. You are one of two people who hold the chance of Humanity living in you. If we lose you it would be so much worse." Emiya explains, before another Heroic Spirit enters the room.

She smiles with relief in her eyes as she steps over to settle on the chair. "Well, little one, it seems you are quite the powerhouse. You saved your compatriots from being destroyed with the singularity." She smiles warmly at her, before she sits at the foot of the bed. "Go ahead and eat, you'll need the energy." Hari nods, knowing she is genuinely interested in her wellbeing.

She quietly eats her food, feeling like she used too much magic to begin with. It takes her a few moments to have everything eaten. Caster begins playing with her hair again, and she can tell that he's likely thinking of styling it. Once she is done eating she turns her focus toward Caster. "Alright, I need to speak with the three of you, though you may also listen if you wish, Ma'am." Hari informs them, to her surprise they all focus on her, showing they are listening.

"What is it, Master?" Archer asks her, gentle concern coming over his features.

"First of all, I want to let you all know that I will do my best to avoid using the Command Seals to force you to do something you likely wouldn't do. Though, in order to know what you'd loath doing, I'll need to speak with you before the next mission. Is this fine with you all?" Archer gives her a fond look, and Berserker grunts in agreement. Remembering that she promised him food, she reaches in her satchel, and pulls out a container of food before he hums happily as she reaches it toward him.

His rumble sounds appreciative, and Hari smiles genuinely at him. "I'm sorry I wasn't able to feed you like I promised to. Can I get a drop of blood from you to grant you access to my bag's contents? There's usually a few different containers of food." The guy gently allows her to prick his finger with a sewing needle before she smears it against a specific part of the bag.

"Master, do you mind if we all get access?" Caster pleads softly, she conjures another needle, allowing him to prick his finger before she presses it against the mark. Immediately after, Archer's slightly bleeding thumb is put before her, which she waits for several moments before placing his thumb against it as well.

"I understand that most masters will likely ignore any advice or such that you give us, and they'd be rude and demeaning to you. However, each of you is experienced in a way that I am not, and I won't treat you as less than a person. If you find a reason to give me advice, I'll listen before discussing it with the team when I am able to. I feel that, as summoned spirits, you are owed respect for your past lives, regardless of how you lived them." She squeaks when Caster gently tugs her onto his lap, hugging her gratefully. Giggling a little bit, she allows him to nuzzle her cheek, knowing this is him showing gratitude.

A soft chuckle is heard from Archer, showing that he appreciates and understands what she is saying. The lady beside him smiles brightly at her. "That's more decent than most masters would be."

Smiling wanly at her, she wiggles out of Caster's arms, earning a huff of amusement. "Thank you." Taking a deep breath, she looks up at her with determination. "Right now I don't know if all my spirits will believe me when I tell them this, but you're my team, I want us to be able to tolerate each other so I can support each of you however you need. In return, I ask that you do your best. I'm aware the other remainders of humanity have set very high standards for you. Though I'm also aware that we'll be gathering holy grails, which means we'll likely be facing servant enemies that will fight us." They all give her determined looks, as if they're going to do everything they can.

"We can do that." Caster tells her, earning a grunt of agreement and a firm nod from the other two.

"I'm aware, but I also have a specific rule that I want to request all my servants to abide by. Despite most heroes being indeterminate of each other, some have very well known weaknesses. Therefore I ask permission to call each of you by a nickname or code name. I'm not sure if any more of my servants are going to have been villains who never had a chance to be good, like Berserker. While considering this, I decided to not ask any of you to reveal your name unless you wish to, if only for your own wellbeing." Berserker perks up, looking at her alertly, almost like he doesn't know how to respond to the words she is saying. Hari fidgets a little bit, knowing the next thing she is going to ask them will likely make them either really upset or happy. "I'm also going to have at least a few team building exercises outside of combat at least once a week. Whoever stays behind will also be requested to do something together, like board games."

Berserker looks at her in confusion while the others see the sense in doing team building exercises. "What an interesting idea to build camaraderie. Though I'm wondering if you're going to offer different activities during each exercise." Hari pauses, wondering if she should mention her farm.

"I'm not going to dictate what activities there are, everyone will be allowed to suggest activities. We're going to have at least two options each time for them to choose from. I'll try to attend and participate in at least one activity each time." Hari admits the latter with embarrassment, knowing that he also needs to get to know her team. Looking up alertly, she smiles. "I've not had real combat experience, so getting some basic training would be nice if anyone wants to team up and teach me anything. Though we need to fix the singularities, having at least occasional training will be helpful, as I'll learn how to support you better." The tone she has as she speaks of supporting them is utterly serious and filled with a stubbornness that rivals the courage of heroes.

Berserker whines a little bit, knowing that he likely won't be able to teach her anything. Turning toward him, she realizes this upon seeing him sulking. Rising to her feet, she scampers over to him and gently grasps his arm. "While you may not have much to teach me, I can teach you about things you're interested in. For all I know we could learn more about reading and grammar, it will help us understand you at the least." Hari tells him, he looks at her, eyes becoming misty before she reaches for the unopened container of food. She opens it for him before handing it to him, earning a loving pat on her head from him before he starts devouring the food.

"Is there anything else?" A familiar voice greets her, turning toward the voice, her eyes light up at the sight of Doctor Romani.

"Romani-san!" She greets him happily, rushing over toward him, he gently picks her up, placing her on his hip for a brief moment. "How are my Kohai? I'm worried about their mental health. Should we hire a therapist or psychiatric doctor? It might also help the servants." She tells him, knowing that every last one of the heroes likely have some kind of trauma from their lives. Romani's gaze softens, as if he understands how compassionate she truly is.

"That's a good idea, I have a thing or two I have nightmares about too." The lady spirit tells them, smiling at them happily. "And before I forget, I'm Da Vinci, it's a pleasure to meet you." She offers her hand for a shake, which Hari takes before pulling her into her for a side hug with Romani.

Da Vinci smiles warmly at her, though Romani coughs briefly. Looking at him in confusion she sees he is smiling gently at her. "If your words are correct, then it is likely Berserker has never had a real hug before." Hari freezes, looking horrified by the idea, before Romani gently helps her stand. Hari darts over, wrapping her arms around Berserker's side affectionately, snuggling into his side. To their surprises he tenses up, with a little food half in his mouth.

Realizing this Hari lets go slowly, "Did I offend you by doing that?" She asks, voice suddenly quivering. He grunts a negative sound while giving her a confused look. She pauses, trying to think of what she did wrong before he tentatively wraps an arm around her. She smiles softly at him. "Let me guess, I startled you, didn't I?" instead of his usual noises or any nods, his face flushes, as he awkwardly looks in another direction.

"It's alright for you to be startled by suddenly receiving an enthusiastic hug." Archer tells him, knowing he might be embarrassed by his reaction.

"I've been occasionally startled by female's and their actions, but children can sometimes startle me more because they don't always understand how dangerous I can be. I nearly skewered a kid for that when I was alive." Caster admits, knowing that his experience being shared will likely help him understand and get through the surprise with relief.

"Be glad you didn't harm her by lashing out in surprise." Romani's gentle tone and brutal honesty have a combined effect on him. He briefly relaxes before filling with Anxiety.

Da Vinci gives Berserker an understanding smile, knowing he is scared of hurting her or doing things that cause harm in roundabout ways. She hums in agreement before encouraging him further. "If you want to avoid hurting her, keep your senses on everything around you, especially beings similar in size and shape to your master."

Hari gently smiles at Berserker, "Regardless if you ever tell me my name, I'm aware that you care about me. Why else would you have snatched, cuddled with, and labeled me as your partner? While I doubt that I'll come to harm because of you I trust you enough to realize that you would never intentionally harm me. Though you might want to steal some of my food, and I need at least a little bit of that, which I don't mind sharing with you. Okay?" She sees that he doesn't know how to react, he doesn't understand why or how she trusts him.

She takes a deep breath, knowing that she needs to explain before he retreats. "Remember, Berserker, I know hints of your story, though not everything. I can't know anything without being told unless I am looking at your essence. You may have been hungry but you longed for companionship and comfort. Whatever happened is not your fault and never will be, since you didn't care who would be there for you as long as they cared. Now it is my turn to care about you, and I won't leave you unless you ask me to. You're my first spirit, so I have every reason to keep you close at all times." He puts his hand on top of her head before rubbing gently.

When he sees the others observing him, he realizes they know at least a little bit. He fidgets for a moment, knowing he can be very dangerous to little ones. "Asterios." He tells her softly, causing her to pause as he retracts his hand to finish up his meal.

"I know of your legend…" Hari tells him softly. His whole body tenses, and Harry gently gets on her lap, rests her head against his chest, and nuzzles him gently. "I know why you're so scared of hurting me now, but it doesn't change anything. I will still rely on you and you will be my main partner, now it is obvious that you need me the most out of all of you." He slowly huffs, as if both tired and accepting.