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Hermione was 21 and already the most accomplished witch known to the wizarding world. She had destroyed Cornelius Fudges' reputation with the help of Rita Skeeter when she was in her seventh year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, so when she finished her education she was immediately offered the place as Minister/Mistress of Magic.

Though she turned it down at first she was offered the job many times after that and only one-year later when she was 19 did she accept.

With Hermione as Mistress of Magic, Dumbledore's Army and the Order of the Phoenix were able to gain a lot more supporters so ultimately the final duel between Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort became possible. During the 'War of the Wizards' many people for the OotP and DA were murdered. Among them was Albus Dumbledore. After his death Voldemort grew over-confident and believed himself to be invincible, he challenged Harry to a duel and Harry, being prepared for this duel accepted with a face of fury.

Because Voldemort was arrogant and he did not believe that a twenty-year- old man could defeat him, he had his back turned to Harry and was encouraging his Death Eater to cheer when Harry hit him with a pure love curse that Hermione had created with only one purpose.

For Harry to destroy Voldemort with.

Voldemort had screamed out in pain for the only thing that he could not stand was love. Though because he was not human enough to die, his soul was forced into a stone. The stone turned a brilliant emerald green because of Voldemort's blood connection with Salazar Slythrin. Harry had quickly pocketed the stone in case any of Voldemort's faithful Death Eaters thought they could recreate Voldemort's body for a third time. All of the Death Eaters at the duel were stunned and sent to Azkaban.

Hermione had seen to removing the Dementors from Azkaban when she first became Mistress of Magic, and because of her close bond with Hagrid's little brother Grawp she managed to get the Giants that remained in the mountains to come down and guard Azkaban. The only time when the Ministry used them was when they were to perform the Dementor's Kiss.

The devastation of Dumbledore's death was immense. No one wanted to believe that Dumbledore had really died, he had always been there and that's the way everyone had liked it. Because Dumbledore was gone everyone turned to Harry and Hermione to become their hero's, their succor. Harry was a hero because he defeated Voldemort and Hermione was a hero because she created the pure loved curse that Harry defeated Voldemort with.

All but those who knew Harry and Hermione pictured them as the perfect pair, the perfect couple of power. But just that thought alone made Hermione like a Dementor was near by her. She and Harry were never cut out to be together, they were very close friends but anything more had never been an option to either of the two.

Harry and Ginny Weasley on the other hand, were definitely made for each other. Once they got together in Harry's seventh, they hadn't separated at all. It was four years since then and all their friends were holding their breath waiting for them to get engaged, for the two had said it was only a matter of time before they got married.

Hermione was always fond of her friends, but she didn't have anyone special in her life. She had been hurt very deeply by a lot of insensitive men and after that she was determine not to let herself get hurt again. If ever she was asked to dance or offered a drink at a club, she would kindly decline and make up a petty excuse like; "I don't dare dance." Or "I don't drink alcohol." She even went as far as to say to man who was obviously smashed of his face, "I have to drive home tonight." But he didn't understand because wizards and witches to drive, so Hermione just called Harry over to her so he could get rid of the creep.


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