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Chapter one

The fourth years sat at breakfast studying their new timetables.

"I see we still get our weekly dose of double Potions." Harry grumbled.

"Yeah. Look we seem to have a new subject added." Hermione said and everyone in close proximity to her scanned his or her copies.

"What?" Ron asked frowning.

"Personal and social development. PSD." Hermione reached over his arm and pointed at the box on his timetable.

"Oh." He muttered.

"We've got it first thing tomorrow." Harry piped up.

Hermione nodded.

"I wonder who will be teaching it?"

"Don't know. Maybe our heads of houses." Ron suggested. "Dread to think what they will be teaching us."

"Everything that includes growing up." Hermione grinned at Ron.

"Great." He murmured and blushed slightly.

"Right. I think we better make our way up to Divination? Don't you Ron?"Harry abruptly changed the subject, standing up. Ron stood too and he and Harry left the Great Hall. Hermione sighed. She knew Ron had a crush on her, but didn't know how to deal with it.

Checking she had everything with her for Arithmancy, she slung her bag over her shoulder and walked briskly up the sweeping marble staircase to the Arithmancy classroom. Harry and Ron were still only halfway down the corridor. They did saunter, she thought.

"See you at lunch!" Hermione called out to them. They turned, waved and then went on their way, realising that they were quite late.

"Miss Granger.Could you keep your voice down!" Snape faced her, his robes resting in place, as he stopped before Hermione's small frame.

"I'm sorry Professor, it won't happen again." She hung her head to avoid eye contact.

"If you do anything out of line again, I'll be deducting points from Gryffindor." Snape said curtly.

"Yes Professor." Hermione watched him walk away. Greasy git, she thought. Then grinned as she remembered that was one of Ron's regular insults.

Hermione entered Arithmancy in a strangely good mood. She was even more pleased when they got a long assignment for homework.

Meeting Harry and Ron in the Great Hall for lunch, they all sat down to a vegetable casserole. She told them about her encounter with Snape. It was trivial but they always told each other their Snape adventures and put them in a mental database for future reference. Ron swore about him under his breath and they finished their lunch, moving onto the last lesson of the day.

That night in the Gryffindor common room, Hermione came out of her dormitory with a stack of books under her arm. They weren't what you'd call light reading. She had sorted out what she needed for that night's homework and entered the bustling common room.

"Why'd need all of them for?" Ron asked as Hermione dumped her heavy load on the table he and Harry were attempting some star charts at.

"Because." Hermione began, amused at the expression on Ron's face. "I have a massive assignment and I want to get it finished before our Transfiguration homework tomorrow." Hermione sat down besides Harry and unrolled a fresh sheaf of parchment.

"You know we have Transfiguration homework tomorrow?" Ron asked open- mouthed.

"Don't you ever look at your homework timetable?" Hermione asked superiorly.

"Of course I don't. What do you think I am a." He stopped just in time when he realised he was about to insult Hermione by saying what she thought he might be. Ron blushed and Hermione unscrewed her ink bottle, dipping in her quill.

Harry stifled a laugh and Ron kicked him under the table.

"You do realise we have PSD tomorrow morning." Hermione didn't look up, as she wrote the title of her assignment. It was more a reminder than a question.

"Of course we do." Harry frowned at his star chart. "We might not look at our homework timetables, but we do look at our lesson one from time to time."

"Just saying." Hermione replied in defence.

Harry and Ron finished their star charts at eleven and said they were packing up for the night. Hermione wished them goodnight and in a while decided to leave the rest of her assignment until Wednesday. After all, they had a week to complete it. Hermione packed her things up and retired to her dormitory. She packed her bag for the following day and changed into her night dress. Slipping into bed she fell asleep.

It had been a busy day back.

* * *

Next morning Hermione awoke with a yawn. Sun shone through the drapes of her four-poster and she shielded her eyes as she sat up. Dragging herself from her comfortable bed, Hermione went to have a shower taking her clothes with her. It was a quarter to seven: early as breakfast started at eight. On the way to the girl's bathroom she bumped into Ron.

"Oh.hello. What are you doing up so early?" Hermione asked. This wasn't normal practise for Ron.

"I.um.needed the bathroom." He stated.

"Right.I'm just off for a shower." Hermione nodded and they headed off in different directions. Hermione got into the shower. She didn't believe Ron about the toilet. He was probably worried about the PSD lesson and couldn't sleep. Ron got embarrassed on the subject of growing up.

Before going down to breakfast, Hermione tried to get a bit more Aritmancy homework done, seeing as she'd woken up early. Then when Harry and Ron were ready, they all went down together.

"Where do we have to go for PSD?" Harry asked through a piece of well- buttered toast.

"Uh.the defence against the dark art classroom." Hermione answered, consulting her timetable.

After a hearty breakfast, the Gryffindors made their way up to the classroom. Hermione noticed that the slytherins seemed to be following. They obviously had PSD with them. What a cheerful fact to brighten up their day, Hermione thought sarcastically. They sat down, Hermione with Harry and Ron both sides of her and waited for whoever was going to teach this lesson. Five minutes later, who should turn up, but Snape. Ron swore under his breath and Hermione nudged him. The incessant chatter came to an abrupt end and Snape stood at the top of the class.

"Welcome to your first PSD lesson." Snape said silkily. "Today we are going to discuss." Snape coughed. "Reproduction."

Hermione felt her stomach collapse. Snape and reproduction just didn't go together. This was going to be embarrassing. A few whispers had started and Snape cleared his throat.

"Quiet please. First we are going to go through the basic facts of reproduction." Snape paced the front nervously. "Who can tell me how the woman conceives?"

Hermione put her hand up. It was now becoming a reflex action. She was slightly embarrassed, but knew the answer. Snape saw her swaying arm and surveyed the class for anyone else's.

"Anyone else?" He asked threateningly. No one yielded. "Miss Granger?"

"When a sperm, during intercourse, joins with an ovum, this is called fertilisation. They then form a new cell which grows into a baby in the uterus." Hermione answered fluently. Ron rolled his eyes.

"Correct. Another key word; intercourse; could someone define that for me?" Snape asked with a look of sadistic pleasure. Not even Hermione wanted to answer this question. Some people started to giggle mainly the Slytherins.

"We are not all nervous first years. I want an answer." Snape clasped his hands behind his back and started to pace through the rows of desks. "Right. I'll explain for you, as you all seem to be to frightened. Points will be deducted for this." Snape cleared his throat again. "During intercourse, the man's erect penis enters the woman's vagina."

He looked at the blushing faces. Hermione felt herself becoming aroused for some unknown reason. How could she have? It was Snape for crying out loud.

Ron nudged her and she grinned at him.

"Now.when he enters her, they begin a rhythm, where the main slides in and out of her repeatedly. This may result in an." Snape gave a wicked grin at their tense faces. "Orgasm."

Hermione shifted in her seat. Why on earth was she feeling like this? She felt warm and tingly in a particular place and her breathing became erratic.

"Could someone tell me what an orgasm is?" Snape could have laughed at their expressions, but decided not too, thinking what it would do to his reputation.

Hermione's hand shot up. Ron and Harry looked at her incredulously as did the rest of the class.

"Granger." Snape said briefly.

"An orgasm is a series of muscular contractions where the recipient feels a period of intense pleasure, followed by one of relaxation." Hermione replied. Where had that come from? Her composure had faultered and she felt decidedly uncomfortable.

"Correct. How do you know that Granger?" Snape asked maliciously. Hermione blushed and looked down at the desk. Some of the Slytherins grinned.

The rest of the lesson was less embarrassing and they got through it unscathed. Hermione was still threatened with intense arousal after they had left the classroom.

"That was a tad unnerving." Harry moped his brow. He was looking a bit worse for wear too. "I mean.Snape teaching that? Madness."

Hermione felt hot and flustered. She wanted to have a cold shower and relieve her state. They had Transfiguration though.

* * *

Hermione remained aroused for most of the day and in Potions, their last lesson, couldn't even look Snape in the eye.

"I can't believe we've had Snape teaching us twice today." Harry groaned as they walked up to dinner.

"Hmmm." Hermione said vaguely.

They got to the hall and sat at Gryffindor table.

"That was an embarrassing PSD lesson." Dean Thomas said conversationally.

"Yeah." Ron said with emphasis.

Hermione ate her pork chops quickly and then got up hastily.

"Where you off to?" Ron asked scandalised.

"Homework." She said and rushed out the hall to another roll of the eyes from Ron.

Hermione was ablaze with arousal and she went to the shower room in the girl's bathroom, locking the door. She put a silencing spell on the room, not wanting anyone to hear what she was about to do. Stripping off and stepping under the shower, she set it to the coldest setting. Hermione could have sworn she heard her skin sizzle as the cold water hit her. As she alleviated her state she couldn't get Snape's image out her head. How annoying, she thought, as she got out of the shower, wrapping herself up in a big fluffy towel. Feeling totally sated, Hermione tackled her Arithmancy assignment as Harry and Ron arrived back from the Great Hall.

"What took you so long?" Hermione asked them. They sat at the table opposite her.

"Oh, we got chatting to Dean about how we hate Snape." Ron said folding his arms.

"Oh." Hermione said, dipping her quill in her ink for a fresh load.

"Are you okay.you look a little flushed?" Ron asked curiously. Hermione went brighter.

"I'm f-fine." She stammered.

"Okay." Ron eyed her suspiciously. "I'm going to do my Transfiguration homework." He pulled some books out of his bag.

"What!?" Hermione looked at him as though he'd suddenly gone insane. "Never been known. Ron Weasly doing his homework on the day he got it."

"Oh, ha, ha." Ron said sarcastically. Hermione grinned and proceeded to finish her Arithmancy homework, a day early.

Hermione slept well again that night. But instead of a peaceful, seemingly dreamless night, she had lots of dreams.

She was led on a big four poster bed, her eyes were closed and her legs were open. Feeling a cool breeze on her body she realised she was naked. Opening her eyes she saw Snape push his tongue into her moist entrance. She heard herself groan and closed her eyes in pleasure. An intense feeling in her groin built up, until she didn't think she could take it anymore.

Hermione sat bolt upright, panting. She was drenched in sweat and it took her a moment to realise where she was.

What a dream! Just where in Merlin's name had that appeared from? Why had she started to get thoughts about Snape all of a sudden? Weird. Hermione drifted back to sleep confused.

Hermione woke up next morning, still pondering her dream. This was definitely something she wanted to keep to herself. It was seven thirty, so Hermione got dressed and went down to the common room. Harry and Ron were already there playing wizard chess.

"Hi, what you two doing up early?" Hermione sat down next to Ron.

"I couldn't sleep because I have a match against Slytherin in a couple of weeks." Harry explained.

"So soon?" Hermione asked surprised.

"Yeah." Harry said as he considered his next move. "Practise tonight."

Hermione nodded and stood up, not able to sit still for some reason. Maybe she was just tense about double Potions they had after breakfast.

"What's wrong Hermione?" You seem nervous about something." Harry said.

"No.No I'm not. Perfectly fine. Shall we go down to breakfast?" Hermione picked up her bag and hastily walked to the portrait hole.

Harry and Ron packed their chess away and followed her out into the corridor. When they were happily seated, eating breakfast Hermione looked to the entrance doors to see Snape enter, his robes swishing behind him. He stopped at Gryffindor table.

"Miss Granger.would you please tuck your shirt in." Snape said somewhat loudly. Hermione, who didn't have her robes on yet, tucked in the back of her shirt that was coming lose. Snape continued his journey to the teacher's table. Ron shook his head.

"That slimy git is going to get my fist in his face one day." He muttered.

"Yeah.Malfoy hasn't even done up his tie. It's just round his neck." Harry pointed out.

"Snape doesn't tell him off." Hermione sighed. She was still deeply disconcerted about the dream she'd had last night. "Why were you looking at Malfoy anyway?"

"I don't know." Harry mumbled and blushed a little. "I was just generally looking around. Aren't I even allowed to do that anymore?"

"I was only saying." Hermione sighed for what seemed like the fiftieth time that morning.

"Well you're doing to much of that lately." Harry got up, slinging his bag over his shoulder. "I take it you're coming to Potions?"

"Of course we are Harry, what you on about?" Ron got up, so Hermione did too and they all made their way down to the dungeons as the bell for first lesson rang.

The trio sat down at their normal places in the second row. It was a theory lesson, so everyone got out their parchment and quills. Snape burst into the classroom and Hermione felt her heart skip a beat. What was going on with her lately?

"Now class.could you please copy the notes that I'm going to transcribe to the board." Snape picked up a piece of chalk and turned his back to the black board, starting to write.

Hermione's hand shook as she wrote and her mind was in turmoil. She had also started to feel hot, which was strange for September weather.

After the lesson, Hermione was extremely irritated with herself. She had let herself become aroused again and she felt uncomfortable as she sat in Defence against the dark arts.

* * *

It was Christmas soon and Hermione had been fighting her attraction to Snape for two whole months. Every night she seemed to have dreams about Snape. A most recent one where he took her over the Slytherin table in the Great Hall, with everyone watching. It seemed to get worse every night. There would always be a different kind of dream including Snape.

In class, Hermione just couldn't seem to keep her composure. It was just getting slowly worse. What was she to do?

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