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Chapter Nine - Wolf Fight And The Dance

It had been a rough night for Harry. Healed or not, the memory of having his spine cut through with a sword wasn't soon to leave him. His girls had seen the problem though and had insisted he stay with them. Each of them had cuddled up into his sides to help get him through the night. But all good things must come to an end, and as the sun began to rise, Harry forced himself out of bed and to get dressed.

Enid, ever the sleeping-in sort of girl, whined at the loss of his body heat and immediately glomped Wednesday in his place. For her part, the now awake Goth seemed surprisingly okay with the contact, and merely shrugged at her boyfriend before closing her eyes to return to the sleep of the dead as she called it. It was nice to see the two of them getting even closer.

Slipping into his jeans, t-shirt, and jacket he slowly slipped out of the dorm, ever wary of the boy hating dorm mother, and apparated from the building to the edge of the forest. Ezra had said he'd be easy to find, and the man was right on the mark. The smell of woodsmoke was strong and it only took about ten minutes of walking to track it to a bonfire lit within the woods. Enid's dad was waiting before it with arms crossed and a serious expression on his mustached face.

"You're early."

"Better than being late."

"True." The larger blonde shrugged out of his flannel shirt, revealing a torso covered in muscle, hair, and tattoos. "You desire to take my daughter as her alpha?"

Following the example of the other man, Harry stripped himself of his jacket and shirt. "I already am her alpha, and she desires me as much as I do her."

"Good. Now you must show me that you are worthy." The muscle beneath his skin began to twitch and writhe. "For aiding my daughter in her transformation and saving her from my mate's machinations, I will not fight to kill. That is the only consideration that I can grant you." Having said his piece, the mustachioed man's torso erupted into a torrent of fur and his face took on the angular snout and teeth of a wolf.

As he watched, Harry took note that while Enid's wolf was slim and clearly meant for speed and agility, her father was massive and built for power. He could work with that. In one blink the wizard was watching his foe, and in the next a massive direwolf was in his place. The two beasts stared each other down before releasing their howls of murderous intent and charging.

The big man swung his longer arm at once but Harry ducked and weaved beneath it before latching his teeth onto his shoulder. The attack barely even drew blood when faced with so much fur and muscle, but he carried on until the other wolf thrashed about and threw him off with great force.

Once the two combatants righted themselves after that brief bout, they began to circle each other warily, each snapping and jeering the other relentlessly until they closed the distance once more. Harry received a punch to the ribs that he was sure cracked a few of them, but he followed with claw slashes that left bloody gouges crossing the older wolf's chest.

This continued on for a while until Harry got bored of getting his ass kicked and took off into the trees with Ezra hot on his heels. With his greater speed and mobility it didn't take the wizard long to pull ahead enough to break line of sight, and then he dove through the foliage and hid in wait.

A few seconds later when the werewolf charged past his position he shot out, raked his claws across his back, and dove back into the foliage to hide once more and wait for him. Over the course of the next five minutes he actually began to think he had a chance of winning, until on his last run the big wolf spun faster than ever before, snatched Harry by his neck, and slammed him bodily into the earth before raising his clawed right arm for a finishing blow.

Harry didn't flinch though, he stared his attacker in the eyes and waited for the last attack to land. It didn't. Ezra slowly lowered his arm and growled out, "You Pass." Before releasing his captive and shrinking back down to his human form. Harry was quick to follow as he stumbled back to his feet. Ezra's skin was neatly knitting itself back together to heal his slashes, but the wizard's own cracked ribs would take either time or a potion to heal. Yay.

Harry, having reverted to himself, stood up to grasp the arm extended to him. "You fought me with honor, revealed a true wolf spirit inside you, and stared your death in the face unflinching. My daughter is yours if she will have you."

"You know, this is the second time I've been beaten bloody in just as many days. I'm just glad I can still use my legs after this one."

Ezra's eyebrows rose. "You'll need to tell me about that sometime. Now come, it is still early so we might just get to the front of the buffet line before my sons."

The big man made to head back to the bonfire where their shirts remained, but Harry stopped him by clearing his throat. "Excuse me, sir, but I was hoping to ask your daughter to a dance that is coming up. Can I have your blessing to do so?"

Ezra turned and answered, "You have already earned the right to claim my daughter, boy. You don't need my blessing for anything else." Without another word, he carried on into the woods, and with a dopey smile on his face, Harry followed.

True to his prediction, Ezra and Harry were at the front of the line for the buffet twenty minutes later, and it wasn't long before his sons came in behind them. The wizard endured much back thumping and threats of bodily harm if he hurt their sister, but on the whole the younger boys all seemed accepting of him now that he'd passed the test. It spoke volumes that their mother was nowhere to be seen.

They were just sitting down to enjoy a breakfast of literal platters of meat and eggs when Enid came skipping down to meet them. She took one look at her father quietly munching his bacon beside her battered looking boyfriend and squeed with delight as she raced to embrace her Harry hard enough to cut off circulation.

"Hey, calm down, Enid." Harry laughed as he ran his fingers through her hair.

"I'm just so happy, Harry. You passed the test! You did pass, right?"

"I passed." her boyfriend agreed. "You're mine now."

"Yay!" The blonde smooched his cheek before scooting one of her brothers over and cuddling into his side. The family nodded as one at the rightness of the situation and dug back into their meal.

Or at least they tried to until a pair of redheads decided to join them and began frowning at the clear situation before them. Though they didn't say anything, Harry decided he didn't like the looks they were giving him and Enid. "You two got something you want to say?"

The table went silent as all eyes turned to Monica and Rachel. "Yeah, we do." The taller of the two said, giving him a salacious smirk. "You should trade up. Enid is a waste of a werewolf who only just managed a full shift, so why take her when you could let yourself be taken by both me and my sister? How about it? Two prime alphas in exchange for a worthless beta?" She leaned forward, displaying just how deep her crop top ran down to exposing her chest, "I guarantee that we can please you in ways that that bitch could never even dream of."

Harry expected Ezra to cut them down for such a blatant attempt to steal his daughter's mate, but he merely sat watching the proceedings with mild interest. What was worse, Enid was staring down at the table in apparent shame. Well that just wouldn't do.

"I can guarantee that Enid is twice the woman either of you could ever hope to be. Yes she just managed a shift, but her wolf is beautiful and magnificent and if your personalities are anything to go by yours are probably disease ridden mongrels." He carried on through their growled protests of his words, "I love Enid. She is smart, positive, capable, and she actually cares about me as more than something she can use to hurt her cousins, unlike you. I would be a fool to leave someone as amazing as her." His voice turned into a threatening growl and he allowed dark magical power to build up into an oppressive atmosphere around his very being, "Now back off before I rip you both to shreds."

The redheads shared a look before bolting off of the bench and running for their lives. Proud they might be, but neither wanted to mess with the specter of death that had hung over the boy's head just to mess with Enid. She wasn't worth their lives.

For his words and actions Harry became the receiver of a very enthusiastic blonde's tongue for several moments before she crawled into his lap and melded herself to his chest for more cuddles.

Ezra noticed Harry's curious look and said, "Challenges for position in the pack and mates are quite common. I wanted to see how you would respond to the challenge and I was quite impressed. Keep putting my daughter first and we won't have any problems in the future."

Breakfast carried on in companionable silence, and Harry definitely ate more than he planned to (he wasn't going to let Enid's brothers outdo him), but soon enough it was over. Ezra gave his daughter a long look full of the depths of his love before hugging her close and taking his leave. Her brothers glomped her in a group hug reminiscent of a puppy pile, and then they were gone too, leaving Harry and his girlfriend alone.

"So, mate," Harry smirked at the shudder that went through the blonde at those words, "I was wondering if you'd want to go to the Rave'N Dance with me?"

"Oh, Harry, I'd love to." Enid kissed him sweetly before bounding up and taking his hand. "But if you're asking me then you need to ask Wednesday too, come on."

"I was already planning on doing so." Harry chuckled as he allowed himself to be led across the grounds.

As they started over toward the table toward the back where the Addams were clearly visible, Enid asked, "Oh, do you want to ask Gomez or Morticia for their blessing to ask Wednesday like you did me? I can distract her for a while if you want to ask her parents."

"No need." Harry waved her off as he more comfortably weaved his fingers through hers, "I asked Morticia just after our duel."

"Really?" The blonde asked incredulously, "I didn't hear that."

"Well it's kind of hard to speak loudly when you're dealing with the pain of a severed spine. Regardless, Morticia heard me and gave her blessing. It seems I now have the full permission of both families to court their daughters."

Enid preened at the reminder and together they finally made it to the table. It seemed the odd family had decided to load up on red meat. Red being the only way to refer to the stuff when it was practically still bleeding all over their plates. Not wasting any time, Harry bowed grandly to Wednesday and held out his hand, "Wednesday Addams, would you do me the honor of accompanying me to the Rave'N Dance?"

Morticia clapped delightedly at his galant gesture and advised, "Wednesday, dear, say yes. The Rave'N is always a spectacular event, and it would be the perfect opportunity for you and Harry to take your relationship to the 'next' level. Perhaps in the middle of the dance floor?" She waggled her eyebrows suggestively.

"Mother," The goth girl complained, "we are in public, and when I see the face of my man wracked in a rictus of passion I want it to be for me alone. At least the first time." She turned back to Harry and answered, "I will accompany you. Mother, can you help me procure a dress?"

"Of course, darling." The elder Addams woman winked at Harry and said, "Best prepare yourself. An Addams woman on the dance floor is a sight to behold."

"I'm more interested in seeing Wednesday in whatever dress you pick." Harry purred, "But I'll not deny an interest in her dance moves as well."

Their conversation was suddenly interrupted however by the arrival of the sheriff and a group of deputies. They got the attention of more than a few visitors as they marched straight toward Harry's position with a rolled up document.

"Gomez Addams."

The svelte man rose to meet him and removed his usual cigar from his lip. "Can I help you, Sheriff?"

"You can help by coming quietly. You are under arrest for the murder of Garrett Graves." The badge wearing man declared with a self-satisfied grin. As he started to read him his rights, Sirius came swaggering up.

"Hey there, Sheriff, what's going on?"

"Just arresting a dangerous man, Mr. Black, stay back."

"Oh really? Gomez don't say a word. I'll have a team of the best lawyers money can buy for you at the station within the hour."

Gomez blinked at that statement, "Sirius, old chum, you really do not have to-"

"I insist. You are a friend and our children are in love. Seeing you be imprisoned would only hurt us all. Besides, do you really want to spend an extended time away from your lovely wife when it can be avoided?"

One look between husband and wife, and Gomez was nodding ecstatically, "I humbly accept your offer."


"Mr. Black," The sheriff tried to protest, "This man is guilty as sin. The entire town knows it, and we finally have a chance to put him away. Please, do not get involved like this."

Sirius stared the other man down and replied, "If you've known of his guilt for so long why wasn't he already arrested? This stinks of bias to me, and I highly doubt whatever new evidence you've gotten is anything more than circumstantial. I have been falsely imprisoned before and I won't stand for it happening to my friend." He smiled at the worried Morticia, "Don't worry, Beautiful, I'll have your man out and free by the end of the day."

And true to his word, he did. Sirius procured a high-priced, high-functioning, team of lawyers from New York and within an hour they'd torn the sheriff's 'case' apart. Their employer had been right on the mark, as his entire merit for arrest was based off a suicide note from a mortician who claimed he'd falsified the medical results of Garett Grave's autopsy. There was no other actual physical evidence at hand or testimony that could further prove the case, and without exhuming the body for a second autopsy, which the law enforcement official did not have a court order to achieve, there really was no grounds to arrest or hold Gomez in the first place. He was promptly released with a forced apology from the Sheriff and put back into circulation.

Waiting for him was the family hearse and together his family drove off into the sunset. As they did, Gomez couldn't help noticing the maddeningly beautiful dark smirk on his wife's luscious lips. "Tish, you look especially sublime this afternoon. What has happened to put you in such a good mood?"

"Oh Gomez, while we were waiting for your release, Wednesday and I got a dress and then had the most delightful mother-daughter chat. I had to explain the truth of what happened with Garett, but she was ever so understanding. And then she started to ask me about other things. She hasn't sought out this much advice from me since her first time disposing of a body. It was so nice to have her open up to me like that."

"What did you talk about?"

"Let's just say that she is definitely taking her relationship further after that dance. She wanted pointers. I suppose I'll need to start altering my wedding dress to fit her soon enough if their union keeps up at its current speed."

"Truly, Tish?"

"You've seen them together, Gomez. Can you deny the truth of their love?"

"Indeed I cannot. Oh Tish, can you imagine the grandchildren?"

"They would be glorious!"

Some Time Later

Harry checked himself over in the mirror one final time and smiled at what he saw. He didn't really dress up that often, so it was pleasantly surprising to see how well he was pulling off his tux. Sirius of course had gotten it tailored for him, but he had been worried it would look awkward. Instead he felt like James Fucking Bond.

"Hey, looking good there, stud." Sirius whistled through his teeth as his kid made his way down the stairs. "Should I mix you up a vodka martini?"

"Not that I don't appreciate the reference, but I hardly think the girls would appreciate me picking them up from their dorm room drunk." Harry snarked back. "That's a fine suit you're wearing, any chance I'll see you and Principal Weems on the dance floor?"

"She needed chaperones and I volunteered."

"That doesn't answer the question."

The older man gave a dog-like grin and answered, "You may or may not see me out there. I guess it'll depend on how well she can resist the puppy-dog eyes."

"Dad, those eyes don't work on anyone not taking psychedelics and you know it."

"Agree to disagree, pup. Now, I'm not gonna pretend to give you some high and mighty speech about responsibility because you're already ten times more responsible than I am, so I am just going to throw this out there and let you do with it what you will."


"Just listen, son. Things between you and the girls have been getting pretty hot and heavy, but they haven't gone all the way yet. I'm thinking that's not gonna last much longer. Now, I'd rather you were all safe and doing that stuff here in a controlled environment than sneaking off to who knows where. Especially with a wendigo still hiding off somewhere in these woods waiting for a fresh piece of meat. Additionally, those dorms are a terrible place to give a woman her first time. I still feel bad enough about the broom closets I used to use. So to show you I mean it, I'm just going to throw it out there that I won't be coming back to the house tonight. Make of that what you will, and do with it what you will. I love you, I trust you, and I want you to feel like you can always come to me for anything, even if it's a request to get out and give you and your ladies some 'private' time."

"Dad I… that's… thanks." Harry didn't know what else to say, so he just walked forward and gave his old man a hug. "That means a lot."

"I do the best I can. Now come on. I'll race you to the school." The two of them hopped in their respective rides and through a burst of speed on the last curve of the drive Harry's motorcycle just managed to beat his father's car. From there it was a quick walk up to the girl's dorm where he pulled out and enlarged two corsages, one black and the other white, and knocked on the door. What met him when the portal opened was a vision so beautiful that it took his very breath away.

His girls had been busy in his absence and had transformed themselves into goddesses of beauty and grace. Wednesday was wearing a sheer black gothic dress with ruffle and tulle detailing, and her hair for once was freed from her usual pigtails. Instead she'd framed her face with two long bangs and tied the rest of her mane in a single braid down her back. Her makeup was minimalistic, yet stylish, with black shadow highlighting her eyes and a light crimson gloss over her lips.

Enid had gone in the opposite direction. Hers was a dress of all white with a furlike frill framing her neck. Her hair was combed and smoothed to the point that it resembled flowing silk, and her dual colored eyeshadow matched her style perfectly. Finally, her lips had been touched by a cherry red lipstick that was practically calling to him on sight.

"Harry?" Wednesday tried to get his attention with no response. "Harry?" Again nothing.

Giggling behind her hand, Enid offered, "I think we might have broken him, Wednesday." She grabbed the corsages and tossed one to the goth before donning her own. "Don't worry, I think I know how to fix it. Follow me."

The next thing Harry knew he was receiving twin kisses to his cheeks and awareness came flushing back to him. "Oh, sorry girls, you were both simply too radiant for me to comprehend."

"Hm, I like that." Enid slipped to his left and tucked her arm into his. "You're looking mighty fine yourself, Harry."

"Yes, this is how it should be." Wednesday agreed as she did the same with his right. "Now take us dancing."

"Your wish is my command." Harry chuckled as he started them all off down the hall. "Stay close to me though, the others can look, but I want them envious of the fact that only I can touch." To emphasize his point he leaned down and nuzzled each of their heads, bringing fresh giggles from the blonde and a quirked smile from the brunette.

The gymnasium had been completely converted into a dance floor with tables framing the wall, a drink and snack station, and a DJ's setup at the head of the room with a massive ice sculpture set up behind it. Ms. Thornhill was making the rounds as a chaperone, and in the darkest alcove of the space Harry could just make out a rather tall head of hair and a dark mop that was most likely his dad gyrating back and forth. Hm, it looked like Sirius was making a sizable move here.

"Is that an abominable snowman?" Harry asked, earning a shocked gasp from Enid.

"Harry! You can't call them that, it is so, so, offensive. The politically correct name is Yeti."

"Sorry, babe, guess I'm still learning some things. Kind of like what all of the other races at this school are." Indeed, due to the revealing nature of the dresses visible to their eyes, he was seeing several fur and scale tones different from those he was familiar with. The Rave'N was one of those few school events where the requirement of trying to blend in was lifted. "I didn't know there was this much variety. They're pretty good at blending in it seems."

"They have to be." Wednesday agreed. "Honestly Nevermore is the host school for every intelligent monster and misfit race in this country. If you can think of something it's probably here somewhere."



"Okay, draconids?"

"By the punch bowl."

Harry looked where indicated and noticed two girls holding hands with leathery wings hanging off their backs. "Banshees?"

"Snack table." A blonde couple with wild hair and incredibly well muscled necks.


"Grinding in the corner. No don't look, it's not pretty."

"Riiiiigggghhhhtttt. Kuchisake-Onna?"

"Oh, that's the couple over there!" Enid hopped excitedly on her heels and pointed to a couple of Asian featured students slow dancing together with large slits splitting their mouths to either sides of their faces. "They can eat, like, an entire chicken in one bite. God I'm jealous."

"Don't be, Enid." Harry smirked down at the girl, "We both know something that you can swallow in one bite."

The blonde blushed and started pulling him onto the floor with Wednesday before the three of them locked arms around each other and began moving slowly to the music. "Come on, oh mate of mine, it's time to dance."

"You know, sometimes I think you forget who the alpha really is here."

"Well maybe you can show me in the morning." She purred.

Harry blinked and his mouth went very, very, dry. "W-What?"

"I'm ready, Harry. We both are. We want you, all of you."

"I didn't want to push you." He leaned his forehead down to rest on theirs. "But I'm so glad to hear this. I love you girls."

"We love you too." Wednesday kissed his cheek. "Enid and I have talked it over. The night is mine and the day is hers. Tonight you and I consummate our love, and tomorrow the two of you will."

"She met you first, so she had first dibs." Enid agreed. "She also beat me at rock paper scissors two out of three times so she also won the first spot fair and square."

The goth sighed, "You always pick rock, Enid. It was not difficult." As the blonde pouted cutely, she added, "Will your dad be home tonight?"

"No actually. I think he knew something would happen because he made a big deal of letting me know I'd have the house to myself. I think he just wants to make sure we're being safe." As he spoke, the music suddenly picked up and the trio separated with wry smirks on all of their faces.

"Let's boogie!" Enid squeed before she backed up to her man's chest and began to grind back against him as Wednesday started to gesticulate wildly with arms and legs, strutting around the floor in a macabre dance that couldn't help drawing the eye of everyone in sight. There were even a few ninety degree dips as well.

As he placed his hands on his girlfriend's hips and pulled her closer, Harry took note of the differences between his girl's styles of dance. Enid was exuberant, sexual, and seemed to want nothing more than to be in constant physical contact with him. Considering the fact that she showed affection with physical interaction it made a great deal of sense. In contrast, Wednesday moved around the floor as if she owned it and put everything she was out there for the crowd to see. Both were beautiful and true in their own unique ways.

They continued this way for the next five songs, each taking joy from the music, movements, and each other, until at last another slow dance began. They were just deciding if they wanted to weave as a trio again or take turns in duos when Wednesday's body froze and her eyes rolled back in her head.

"A vision!" Harry hissed, pulling the goth into his arms before she could fall and dragging her off into the corner as Enid went to grab his dad and Principal Weems from the corner they were still occupying. Damn, he didn't want to think about what they'd been getting up to.

It didn't take long for adults to reach him as he leaned his girlfriend against the wall and wiped a napkin over her perspiring forehead.

"What's happening?" Sirius asked as he squatted down beside him.

"I don't know. We were dancing on the floor and a vision just came in out of nowhere."

"This happens often?" Weems knelt on the other side of them and began checking Wednesday's pulse. "Her mother said it was possible she had visions like her, but she wasn't sure."

"Not really. Just occasionally when she touches things or the future intrudes on her psyche. As he spoke, the girl under his care suddenly seemed to come to and gripped the lapels of his tuxedo coat in a surprisingly firm grip.

"Eugene" she breathed, "some of his bees slipped away from the hive and flew off into the woods. He's running after them and heading straight for the ward line. The wendigo is waiting for him!"

Harry latched his eyes onto hers and began to will their minds to merge, "Show me where."

At once an image entered his mind of a particular stretch of forest and he grabbed Sirius before apparating out. They appeared in front of a cave in the woods and not even ten feet away was the Wendigo, crouched over the small form of Eugene, curled into a ball and whimpering.

"Hey!" Harry screamed, getting the monster's attention. He wasn't about to let it get one claw into his little friend. The moment it turned its head he morphed into his direwolf form and tackled it to the ground as Sirius turned into Padfoot and started dragging the boy to safety.

Now Harry would have happily torn the beast's throat out, but it swatted him away with one of its elongated arms, and righted itself to face off against him. The two circled, and Harry became aware of two distinct facts. First, this creature was stark raving mad. Its eyes were spinning in all directions and its breath came in irregular huffs and grunts. Second, it was even uglier than he remembered. The skin that he had thought so pale, up close held a greenish tint as if it were rotting from the inside.

It roared, Harry growled, and they closed the gap with claws and nails slashing. The wendigo had a longer reach, no doubt, but Harry was faster. He lunged, dodged, swept left to right and back again, and every time he slashed the torso, bit the ankles, and cut whatever surface he could reach. All the while he kept snarling, growling, and trying like hell to intimidate this larger being. He could bleed it all night but with that size who knew how long it would take to fall?

Eventually though a fresh black ball of fur crashed into its back and drove it to the ground. As one Harry and Sirius began clawing and snapping, and finally seeming to realize how outnumbered it was, the wendigo launched them off with a sudden burst of renewed strength and shot off through the woods as if the hounds of hell were on its back.

The two canines watched it go before morphing back to their human shapes. "Sorry Sirius." Harry noted. "Magic probably would have worked better in the end, but he had Eugene on the ground and I just reacted."

"It's alright, Harry. You were only protecting a friend. I portkeyed him back to the school's infirmary so he should be getting the care he needs. Physically he's fine, but mentally, well, he'll probably need therapy after something like this. You head on back and keep up with your girls. I'll adjust the wards and spread them out some more. If we're lucky no one else will wander out again like he did."

Harry wished his dad well and quickly apparated back to the dance where he was quick to reassure both of his girls that Eugene was safe and the wendigo had been driven off. Principal Weems asked after Sirius and was relieved to hear that he too was unharmed and was working on the wardlines.

"I should go check on him." The blonde educator quickly ran from the chamber, and the entire trio started laughing at her departure.

"I bet Sirius gets lucky tonight." Harry smirked.

"He won't be the only one." Wednesday melded to his side once more.

"But unlike him, you'll also have the morning." Enid slid into his other side.

"Take us home, Harry." They spoke as one.

Harry offered to apparate them, but the girls wanted to cool off from the heat of the dancefloor, so the motorcycle it was. It was a bit awkward with all three of them, but they made it work. Enid sat in the front and leaned back into Harry's chest as Wednesday sat behind them and wrapped her arms around them both. They took it slow and just enjoyed each other's presence as they wound their way to the Black Home at the top of the hill.

When they arrived he put the kickstand down and his girls quickly scurried into the house, calling for him to follow. From prior visits they knew where his bedroom was and it was there that they led him. He arrived to find them sitting on his bed and holding hands.

"Are you girls sure about this?"

Enid stood and pulled his mouth down to hers. "We are. You're my mate, Harry, and the love of Wednesday's life. We want you, and you want us. It's as simple as that." She began to move around him, pulling off his coat, bow tie, and shirt. She shuddered a bit at the scars on his back and kissed every one before moving to his pants and socks and leaving him in his boxers. "Tonight is for Wednesday, but the moment the sun rises you're all mine."

Harry kissed his blonde wolf one more time. "I love you, Enid."

"I love you too." She bundled up his clothes and exited the room, leaving the others alone.

Wednesday glanced at the closed door and quirked her lips good naturedly. "Interesting tactic. She took your clothes so you wouldn't be able to get dressed again before she got her turn." She stood from the bed and slowly let her dress fall from her shoulders. "She even got you ready for me."

"W-Well she is a p-pack creature." Harry stuttered out as his eyes locked onto the nubile form of Wednesday Addams. Her skin was pale and smooth as porcelain. Her abdomen, thighs, and arms held clearly defined muscle from years of fencing and her hair, pulled free from its braid, framed her face beautifully. Her supple breasts called to him like a siren singing the most beautiful song in creation. They were not overly large, but they were perky, aroused, and absolutely beautiful. Finally, a fine dusting of black hair coalesced in a neat triangle at her crotch.

The girl gave him a knowing smile and said, "Yes, as a werewolf it makes sense that she'd put the pleasure of the group first. Though I imagine she left your boxers on for fear she'd be unable to help herself." She strutted forward and trailed her fingers down his chest before gripping what she truly desired down below. "My, my, you really do like what you see."

"How could I not? You are perfect, Wednesday." The wizard groaned, reached for his girlfriend, and she allowed him to pull her into him for an embrace. She promptly dropped his boxers to the ground so they were both naked and they took a moment to enjoy the feeling of being pressed skin to skin. They took a while from there to simply run their fingers over each other's bodies and inhale their scents.

"Wednesday, thank you." He breathed into her ear.

"You need not thank me for this, Harry."

"Not just for this. For loving me, for being here with me, for being so okay with Enid. I never hoped to love someone like I love the two of you."

The goth reached up and cupped his face. "I am not one for deep expressions of feeling, but you have made me 'feel' more than I could have imagined as well." The goth leaned up and slid her tongue into his mouth.

*******Lemon Start*********

"Harry, you remember your safeword?"

"Ginger Schnapps." He murmured into her throat as he began nipping her perfect skin.

"Mm, yes. Now hands behind your back and hold still."

"Yes, maam." He folded his arms behind him and his girl got a strange look in her eye.



"Don't call me ma'am. Not tonight. Here, now, call me Wednesday, or my love." A surprisingly vulnerable look crossed her face, though for Wednesday that meant merely a downturning of her eyes. "I love being in control of you, and I like it when you refer to me with respect, but for my first time I… I just want to be Wednesday to you, even if we still play my way."

Harry smiled warmly down at her and nodded his understanding. "I get that."

"Thank you." The vulnerability left her eyes then and was replaced with a mischievous smirk. "Now try not to move." The goth slowly began trailing her lips and tongue along his jaw, neck, and shoulders, before moving ever further down his body. She played with his nipples for a while before continuing her path, and it became a real struggle not to shiver as she kissed his hips, thighs, and calves, making him wait in erected anticipation until she finally honed in on the prize, taking his length into her mouth.

Wednesday wasn't the best at oral, that rank went to Enid (it was one of her favorite things to do) based on their late night chats. Most of the time Harry ended up going down on her, but she had taken some pointers from her mother and if the sharp intakes of breath from Harry were any indication she was doing a good job. She kept at it until she felt the slight twitching that told her he was close to orgasm and then stopped, squeezing his base to hold back the eruption. Groans of frustration were pulled from his throat and the sound thrilled her as she returned him to her mouth and repeated the process again, and again, and again. Only when he was a stuttering, shaking, mess, absolutely begging her for release did she implement the final lesson of Morticia Addams. Taking a deep breath and releasing it she inhaled him completely down her throat and hummed.

Harry's final groan practically shook the room accompanied as it was with a full release of his magic and essence.

As she swallowed everything he gave her, Wednesday took note of the sweet taste and marveled that Enid had been right. Her man was absolutely delicious.

As Harry gasped and rested on his knees, she quickly cleaned out her mouth with a prepared glass of mouthwash. She and her roommate had prepared extensively for this night.

"That-That was insane." Harry finally managed to regain a hold of himself.

"Yes," Wednesday crawled onto his bed and leaned against the headboard. "It's called edging, I believe. My mother taught me about it. She's… taught me a great deal actually." That small smile came back. "Who knew my relationship with you would help my own with her?"

"I am glad to be of service." Harry purred as he climbed onto the bed as well and began massaging her feet and calves.

"Oh you 'are of service' in so many ways, my love." She purred right back as she reached down and bunched her fingers into her man's hair. "None of that." She slowly slid down until her head was leveled on the pillows and pulled him up level overtop her. "I am wet enough," her free hand caressed his face, "and I don't want to wait any longer." Against her thigh she felt him harden anew, and thanked the dark gods for his quick recovery time. An attribute that had added much joy to their previous bouts of playtime.

Harry nodded, kissed her deeply, and smiled as Wednesday athletically flipped them both over putting her on top. "You may touch me." She said, gripping his hands and placing them on her hips. "I want you to touch me."

"With pleasure." The wizard's hands rubbed, caressed, and covered every inch of skin they could, making their way around to her perfect ass and then her toned core as she stroked him in her hand. It was when his hands finally cupped her breasts, earning a sharp and pleased gasp from her cherry lips, that she sank down fully upon him.

Wednesday took a moment to delight in the pain of her hymen tearing. Morticia had described the feeling wistfully, but one could not truly understand it until they had experienced it for themselves. Oh, sweet agony.

"Ah, Wednesday?"

"Hm?" The goth looked down on her happily smiling boyfriend and blinked as his hands reached up and caressed something new upon her head. "What's this?" She leaned up, an act that created a delightful feeling for them both, and put her own hands on her head, finding to her supreme interest a pair of horns rising out of her brow at least three inches each.

"It seems you have more succubus in you than we thought."

"Indeed." She brought her hands down on either side of his head and invaded his mouth with her tongue before saying, "Now we'll both know what that means in our bed."

"First Enid's wolf shifting, and now your horns. Is it just my sexual prowess or do I attract the more bestial nature of women I wonder?"

Wednesday began to rock her hips and commented between gasps of pleasure, "Does the answer really matter?"

"N-Not, really." He placed his hands on her rump and helped the pace along, speeding up his upward thrusts with her body's gyrations, letting the goth set the pace. "By the gods, Wednesday, you're incredible."

"T-Thank you." She reached down, latched her hand onto his neck, and squeezed lightly, not enough to choke, just enough to remind him she was in control, then she rocketed the pace to high gear, "Now give me everything you have."

The two moved as one, and with how worked up they were it didn't take long at all until they both reached their peak, her arm went slack and he pulled her hard to his chest as he released inside her and she quivered atop him in ecstacy.

Now, one would be forgiven for thinking that was the end, but they would be wrong. It seemed Wednesday had received more than intercourse-horns via her heritage. Within moments of them calming down from their highs, they were ready, able, and willing to go again, and that was just what they did. Over and over. By the time they finally collapsed from exhaustion they'd coupled no less than five times.

They finally fell asleep holding each other close and basking in the shared glow of their love, and for the first time ever, Wednesday had a full smile on her face. Her horns retracted back into her head as sweet oblivion claimed her.