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Chapter 1: Berserk.

"Test subjects exposed to this sphere exhibit extreme rage and increased strength. It has been noted that subjects given the Berserk sphere will vent their rage on any living creature they can find, and will even self-harm if they have no outlet for their fury. In the extremely rare case that a subject survives exposure, they will be left in a perpetual state of delirium and should be exterminated."

- Bernard Strauss, UAC

Mars, UAC Base of Operations...

On the third planet from the Sun, two monoliths of Human advancement walk the sterile halls. Soldiers and scientists mill about their stations, any braggarts on duty snapping to attention upon witnessing just who was casually monitoring them.

"And you are sure about this?" one of them, Robert Blake, born on the Martian Moon of Deimos, speaks to his companion. The Human's eyes are sharp, his brows furrowed in an intense gaze as he stares into the cold cybernetics of his project partner.

"Of course I am sure," the other, Samuel Hayden, CEO of UAC and Argent Energy production, speaks back. The only organic remnant of him was his brain, hooked into a metal shell of circuits and frames that stood over ten feet tall. "She's an iron will that one, the synthetic muscles and titanium skeleton should handle the physical strain of the red Ul-Thranx Demon, and the brain chip can keep her detached from any extreme emotions the creature causes."

"I meant if you were sure in risking her to begin with Hayden. She's the last of the Aleph Series, the last living member of Recon 54. She's pretty much walking history at this point, considering the Dalet Series is in production."

"She's also my daughter, Blake; Aleph One, the first of the Battleroids. You were there on Deimos, you saw just what the Demons can do when given the slightest foothold."

"I was there because I was born there, remember? I'm a BOB, Born-On-Base Human, ring any bells in your chrome, Tin Man?"

"You're deflecting my question, keep that up and I'll make sure your coffee machine stops working Bobert. The ugly truth is that Argent Energy draws Hell closer towards us, and we need something stronger than what we currently have. We can't afford to lose this resource, but we won't win if another Hell Portal opens somewhere less... remote."

"And did Eve agree to this?"

"Do you think so little of me, that I would not ground my own daughter from participating? She strong-armed me into it, she's more willing to go through the procedure than I am to allow her."

Mars, UAC Holding Block 3...

The process was done, quick and easy, unlike most things the UAC try. Eve Hayden, last of the Aleph Series of Battleroids, can feel her New-Brain-Chip working overtime to reign the Ul-Thranx Demon back. Sweat pours from her skin, to the point she has to wipe the hot wet from her eyes several times; and she will do this many times more in the near future, as her body adjusts to it's new roommate.

When the UAC first sent expeditions into Mars, it had been a disaster. They were unprepared for the threat, and only barely made a foothold in the ruins of some old land, one clearly not of Hell origin, but swallowed by the realm all-the-same. Here they found armories, and in those armories they found schematics; schematics and working prototypes. The language is under rough translation, but the blueprints depict the alien machines as implants, small orbs of unidentified white and gold metals, with syringe-esque spikes designed to stick into a dead Human's heart.

Normally Argent Energy would only restore the dead tissue of Demons, but these chips, roughly translated as the work of some race known only as the Maykrs, could harness the Argent Energy into something usable in a Human cadaver, and by miracles once thought impossible to be understood, could bring the dead to life. These Maykr-Sentinel-Chips, which generate Argent Energy throughout the body's organs, creating an infinitely sustainable feedback loop, allowed the creation of the Aleph Series Battleroids, the expedition team known as Recon 54.

Fragile Human bodies, reinforced with Synth-Demon-Muscles and Regenerative-Titanium-Skeletons, empowered by the Maykr-Sentinel-Chips, could now stand alone and weaponless against even the ferocious Hell Knights. Although they were only ever seven in number, they gave the UAC— they gave Samuel Hayden, something they needed against the inevitability of a Demon invasion; hope.

Now though, the last of the Aleph Series can feel the steel railing of her cell's bedframe yield before her grip, her bare hands bending the metalwork from the sheer act of tightening too hard.

"You're doing great Evelyn," comes the voice of Samuel Hayden, his robotic words echoing all throughout the plasma-sealed room of Holding Block 3. "Just a few more hours and the Ul-Thranx Demon will be successfully bonded."

She felt feverish, on the verge of vomiting even, but she was definitely a Hayden at heart, even if not a Hayden in blood; for her stubbornness and pride knew no bounds beyond her family. A growl of rage, of anger manifest, slips from between her teeth in an explosive mist of spit and expelled air, worrying the scientists monitoring her situation and the guards protecting their betters; but only the one noise escapes her will.

It wasn't with a bang, but with a whimper, that Evelyn Hayden finishes connecting with the mindless Berserk sphere, her skin tinting into an unnatural shade of red during the final moments, and overstaying its welcome when her newly crimson shell doesn't return to its original colors.

Evelyn Hayden, Aleph One of Recon 54, was now the first Battleroid to be a working vessel for the Berserk sphere.

AN: Got the DOOM brainrot, but also the Marathon brainrot, and I was wondering how Battleroids would be like in the DOOMverse. I think the UAC would 100% ignore proper regulations that would come with abracadavering their dead soldiers back to life.