As the moon and stars decorated the night sky, a brief ripple formed at the base of the statue that stood in front of Canterlot High. Its stone foundation seemingly became liquid in the brief time it appeared. That ripple soon turned into a bright flash of light as a girl soon stumbled out of it. The girl was roughly around her late mid-teens, were she to be standing on her two feet she'd be around five feet seven inches in total, her skin was a fair lavender purple color with dark blue hair that had purple highlights in them. Her clothes were a light blue buttoned shirt, a bright neon pink bow on her chest area, a sort of mini skirt around her waist area, a pair of leg warmer type socks over her feet, and a pair of black dress shoes.

She was Princess Twilight Sparkle… and she was here for something that was taken from her.

"Ugh... that was weird..." Twilight groaned as she slowly opened her eyes, her vision blurry as she staggered to her hooves... only to realize they weren't hooves anymore. Looking down at her now-transformed body, it took an abundance of effort for her not to scream as she desperately tried to stand up, the very instincts of her body feeling an odd compulsion to stand on two legs instead of four. "What in Equestria happened to me!?"

As she was trying to familiarize herself with her new body however, she failed to notice a shadowy figure emerge from behind the portal. Said figure was slightly taller than her and wore a dark red hoodie with a black ski mask that kept her face and hair obscured from any onlookers, baggy pants, red sneakers, and dark blue latex gloves.

"Spike? Spike did you-?" Twilight started to ask her little brother... before she heard a brief yelp behind her! "SPIKE?!" The Princess yelled as she turned around. However, the only thing she was greeted with was the rippling surface of the statue... and the masked figure sprinting right at her! They soon tackled her to the ground and looked her over.

"Hello… Princess." The figure said with a sadistic merriment. Twilight struggled to get out from under them when both of their hands held a damp-looking rag and forced it over her mouth and nose!

Desperately, Twilight thrashed around then her assailants in a vain attempt to break free, or at the very least cry for help! One of her main Instinct was to push them off with her magic or teleport away, but she soon received a cruel reminder that there was no magic in this world as her assailant quickly raised her right Fist and slammed it into her stomach! Knocking the wind out of her.

Upon instinctively taking a deep breath, Twilight's struggles became slower and more sluggish with each passing second, the bizarre scent from the rag messing with her senses as her eyes started to flutter closed.

"That's it, just rest... I'll take good care of you..." were the last words Twilight heard before she finally lost consciousness…

"Urrgh…" Twilight groaned as she slowly stirred from her blacked-out state, the drug-filled haze of her mind giving way to a hazy fog. "H-huh…?" She groaned before trying to stand up… only to find herself bound by ropes to a bed with each arm tied to the four corners of it, all her clothes, save for her bra, panties, and socks had been removed. As her vision started to clear up, she realized that she was in someone's basement.

"Well look who's finally awake~" A familiar voice cooed as the door opened, Twilight looked over to see none other than Sunset Shimmer walking down the stairs.

"Sunset, what did you… wait, where's my crown!?" Twilight asked as she squirmed helplessly, her eyes full of fear. "Wh-what happened to my-Spike!? What did you do with Spike!?"

"Oh, and don't worry about your little friend. I tossed him back into the portal right before I captured you." The former Unicorn smirked as she crawled onto the bed, her hungry gaze focused on Twilight's young yet attractive body. "You see, I timed my little theft of your crown so that by the time I got back, the portal would've already closed. So I don't have to worry about your friends popping up to spoil my fun~"

"W-Why are you keeping me then? You have what you want." Twilight asked, unsure of the former Unicorn's motives.

Sunset smirked as she leaned in close to Twilight, her lips brushing against the Princess' ear. "Because… I can't resist a pretty thing like yourself..." Twilight felt her heart rate kick up a notch as Sunset ran her tongue along her neck, the former Unicorn leaning forward to whisper in her ear. "And to be honest, you could say that it's sort of a mixture between revenge and personal enjoyment."

Twilight couldn't help but stare at the former Princess with a mix of confusion and fear. "R-Revenge?"

Sunset nodded. "Yeah… you were granted the privilege of becoming an Alicorn… a privilege that should've been mine!" Sunset growled as she trailed her finger down Twilight's belly, causing her to shiver in discomfort. "So as a way of getting back at both you and Celestia, I'm going turn you into my willing sex slave."

"S-Sex slave?" Twilight stammered as Sunset's fingers trail down towards her panties, before slipping down between her legs. "What are you-OH!?" She yelped, her eyes widening in surprise as she felt Sunset's hand reach down and slip between her legs, pushing her panties aside to reveal her most private area. "Ohhh! S-Stuh… stoop…" Twilight moaned as she felt the former Unicorn's fingers nursing against her womanhood, causing her to shiver and writhe in pleasure.

"That's right, you're just another toy for me to break now~" Sunset chuckled as she rubbed her thumb along Twilight's slit… causing her to shudder in pleasure, the former Unicorn smirking as she watched Twilight's pupils dilate from the heat of arousal. "Mmm… and the moment you lose control, you'll be screaming for me to let you cum~"

Twilight jerked back as she felt something hard press against her pussy from behind… only for Sunset to grab her hips and force her down. "N-No!" Twilight cried out in protest as she pushed inside her, causing her to gasp as she felt every inch of Sunset's finger plunge into her tight pussy.

"Mm… you're still a virgin aren't you?" Sunset asked as she made a pleased sound as she fingered Twilight. "Well, that's perfect~" She continued, closing the gap between them to the point where her lips were brushing up against Twilight's. The former Alicorn shivered and instinctively moved her head, trying to get away, but Sunset's lips followed, keeping contact with her face. "But in the long run, you can consider this a sort of… hands-on Anatomy Lesson~" She chuckled as she trailed her index finger down Twilight's body, starting from the center of her collarbone, then down between the breasts to her belly, she then grazed the edges of her navel ever-so-slightly before reaching her slit.

"N-no…" Twilight whimpered as she felt Sunset's finger brush against her pussy, her face turning red as she tried to remain silent.

"Yes..." Sunset smirked as she started to slide herself in and out of Twilight, the sensation of being forcefully penetrated making her moan as she gave the former princess a lustful smile. "Mm... feels good doesn't it? Just relax… I'll make sure to bring you even more pleasure than you can handle!" She giggled as she slid her middle finger between Twilight's folds, sending a rush of pleasure through the former Princess' body. "Just relax~" The former Unicorn whispered, her fingers twirling in Twilight's wetness while her tongue snaked out and licked up the side of her neck, leaving a trail of saliva all over her body.

Twilight closed her eyes as she tried to suppress the intense pleasure coursing through her body, trying to act as if she wasn't being touched. She then felt another finger enter her slit, this one much thicker than Sunset's first. It then began to rub against her clit, causing her to let out a quiet moan. "A-Ahhhhh~!" She gasped as the two fingers pressed against her sensitive nub, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body.

"Mm… that's right~" Sunset purred as she started pumping her fingers deeper into Twilight, faster and harder, licking Twilight's neck again before sliding down further to her breasts, causing the former Princess to mewl in pleasure. "Y'know, during my time in the human world I've developed something of a taste for human females… and the Crown's magic is the perfect way to ensure my control over this world is absolute." She added as she withdrew her fingers and brought them up to her lips, licking them clean. "But don't worry... I won't hurt you too badly, in fact... I'll teach you the basic anatomy of your new body."

The former Princess continued to struggle while Sunset worked her magic. She casually grabbed her left breast and gave it a squeeze. "These here are what we call breasts, kinda like udders, only much bigger and better." Sunset explained as she squeezed Twilight's right breast, making the Princess gasp. "Y'see, they're very sensitive, so touching them will make you feel good... but don't worry, I'll show you how to touch them properly!"

"O-Oh..." Twilight blushed as Sunset playfully licked her left nipple, making her moan, before continuing.

"These here..." Sunset said, squeezing the right breast again before bringing her lips to it. "Are what we call nipples... like your breasts, they're very sensitive, especially when suckled properly~"

Twilight moaned as she felt Sunset's tongue swirl around her nipple before she started sucking it. "Uuunnngh-" She gasped as she felt the former Princess lick her nipple, her lust growing with each passing minute. As if on cue, Sunset sucked the nipple harder, increasing the pace of her mouth movements until she bit down on it, eliciting a cute squeal from the former Alicorn. "Mmph... Ohh… p-please stop..." Twilight begged as she tried to move away, but was unable to due to the ropes. She soon felt a warm sensation start to spread through her lower half, she didn't know what it was, but it felt nice. "Mn..."

Sunset smirked as she squeezed Twilight's breast harder, making the former Princess cry out in pain. "Aw, poor thing~" She cooed as she gently bit down on Twilight's nipple, eliciting another cry of pain from the Princess.

Twilight shook her head as she tried to deny the pleasure coming from her body, but it was hopeless, her body was betraying her... and she couldn't fight it anymore. "W-Wait, please..." Twilight breathed as her body gave in to the pleasure, her hips bucking up against Sunset's hand in response to how good it felt.

Twilight whimpered as she felt her entire body melting under Sunset's touch, the former Princess succumbing to the pleasure as it coursed through her. ."P-Please~" She begged, but Sunset remained determined, teasing the former Princess, her finger sliding in and out of the former Princess, making her moan and strain against the ropes around her wrists.

"I told you, you're mine now~" Sunset replied as she circled her finger around Twilight's opening. "And you're also a virgin, so I think it's only fair that I give you a proper education~"

Twilight cried out in frustration as she felt Sunset's finger slide back and forth inside her, creating a wet spot on the sheets below.

"Mm, mmphhh..." Twilight panted as she fought the urge to cum, her whole body shaking from the intensity of the pleasure.

"Now, it's time to learn how to use that pretty little clitty of yours~" Sunset grinned as she pushed the tip of her finger inside Twilight, making her gasp as pleasure rushed through her body, the former princess' eyes rolling back as she came. "Mmm… you taste so sweet~" Sunset smirked as she slowly pulled her finger out of Twilight's pussy, before quickly replacing it with her thumb, rubbing it over the Princess' clit in a circular motion, causing her to shudder as she lost control of her own body.

"Nnnnn..." Twilight groaned as she felt her body tighten up, her body quaking uncontrollably as her juices dripped down onto the sheets below. "Hng... h-huh?" She gasped as Sunset replaced her thumb with her middle finger.

Twilight struggled to remain conscious as she felt her body tingle from the overwhelming amount of pleasure coursing through her, it felt like every nerve in her body was begging to be touched. "Nnn..." She moaned as she felt a different sensation replace the pleasure that was coursing through her body.

"And this here is your lovely little asshole~" She added as she moved her finger over to Twilight's second hole, making the former Princess squirm. "I'll assume you know enough about this, but what you may know is that we all have this little pleasure point called a 'G-spot'!"

"O-Oh..." Twilight mewled as she felt the pressure and warmth of Sunset's finger pushing into her quivering body as she felt a new jolt of pleasure rushing through her. "N-No... no more..." She pleaded as the feeling built up within her, but no matter what she did, it wouldn't go away. "Please.! S-Stop teasing me..."

"Don't worry~ you'll get to enjoy it soon enough~" She replied as she brought her lips down to Twilight's ear and kissed it, causing the former princess to shiver with anticipation. "It'll be my gift to you~"

Twilight gasped as she felt her body tighten up, her body quaking uncontrollably as her juices dripped down onto the sheets below. "Hng... h-huh?" She gasped as Sunset replaced her thumb with her middle finger.

Twilight struggled to remain conscious as she felt her body tingle from the overwhelming amount of pleasure coursing through her, it felt like every nerve in her body was begging to be touched. "Nnn..." She moaned as she felt a different sensation replace the pleasure that was coursing through her body.

"You see, woman are quite easy to trigger once one knows where to press!" Sunset continued nonchalantly, barely giving Twilight time to catch her breath before adding one more finger. " And once you've stimulated those nerves correctly, any further stimulation after just simply doubles its effectiveness in unleashing orgasmic fireworks!" She finished cheerfully before starting wiggling her fingers within the former Alicorn, the sensation of a third finger entering her ass driving Twilight wild with pleasure. Sunset grinned as she watched Twilight convulse with pleasure, moaning and mewling as her body began to twitch uncontrollably. "Now, since you've been such a good girl, I think I can give you one last pleasure~"

"Nnnn... Ah..." Twilight moaned, the former Unicorn quickly noticing how tight her ass had gotten.

"Oh my god~ you're already so tight, I wonder what that must have felt like~" Sunset teased, her fingers slowly stretching out the former Princess' ass as her body began to shudder and tighten up again. "You really don't know what you've been missing!" She added as she began sliding her fingers inside Twilight's ass as she worked them in and out, the former Princess groaning in pleasure as the feel of her backdoor opened up.

"Ah! Ooohh!" Twilight moaned in ecstasy as her a small bit of magic pulsed around Sunset's fingers, surrounding them in a thick, red aura that seemed to block out the pain. Twilight's body tensed up as she began to come down from her high, her hips quivering and trembling as her magic poured through her. "Nnn... Ah..." She moaned again as she felt her juices leaking down onto the sheets below. "Ah, S-S-Sunset!" Twilight mewled weakly, her mind too weak to process the situation. Her muscles spasmed as the pleasure came flooding back into her once more... only to stop as Sunset withdrew her fingers. "That was... ah... that was... holy...!" She mewled, struggling to find the strength to open her eyes.

"Oh, don't pass out on me just yet, we've got so much more to teach you!" Sunset purred.

The sound of the door opening caught her attention and snapped her out of her lust-fueled haze. Looking over to the entrance Twilight saw a young woman wearing a grey trench coat making her way down the stairs… and upon getting a better look at her she realized that she had curly purple hair and white skin… just like…

"Rarity!?" The former Alicorn exclaimed in shock, struggling against her binds in an attempt to free herself yet again. "What are you doing here? How did you get here?!"

The human Rarity however, simply tilted her head in confusion, staring at Twilight as if she were a complete stranger. "I'm sorry, have we met?"

"Don't mind her, she's just new to how things work around here." Sunset interjected, pulling herself off of Twilight and strutting towards her. The Princess trembled, feeling a sudden sense of loss and emptiness overtake her senses as she watched Sunset approach the human version of her friend.

"B-But… how does she know me-" Rarity began, only for Sunset to cup her chin and pull her closer.

"Why don't you let me do the thinking… while you show our new guest the goods, k?" Sunset cooed, her lips temptingly brushing against Rarity's, her voice taking on a more seductive tone as she ran her free hand through her hair.

Twilight could only watch as Rarity's composure shifted almost immediately, her body suffering as she met Sunset's half-lidded gaze. Nodding obediently as if she were under a spell, she opened her trench coat… revealing that she was completely naked underneath.

Twilight's jaw dropped the moment she gazed upon the fashionista's nude body. The former Alicorn couldn't believe someone as proud and dignified as Rarity could ever be reduced to such a state. "W-What did you do to her!?" She asked, glaring at Celestia's former student in rage.

"I just reminded her of her place…" Sunset smirked as she paced around Rarity, the fashionista remaining perfectly still while keeping her breasts and womanhood completely exposed. "You see, during my time at Canterlot High, Rarity here made the mistake of crossing me, accusing me of cheating during the Fall Formal…" The former Unicorn paused as she stopped behind Rarity, playfully grabbing her breasts from behind and fondling them, earning a strained moan from the fashionista. "Granted, I was more interested in the power that came with it than the contest itself… but little miss-prim-and-proper here had to be dealt with."

Rarity bit her lip as she felt her Mistress' hands wandering down to her rear, shivering as she felt Sunset's breath on the back of her neck. Twilight couldn't help but feel immense sympathy for the human version of her friend, something about her just seemed… broken.

"Eventually though, I decided that having her on my side would improve my social standing and make me look even better by comparison. So I opted to make her my willing puppet." Sunset continued, giving Rarity's ass another squeeze before pushing her knee between the fashionista's legs, the feeling of Sunset's skin brushing against her thighs giving her another jolt of pleasure. "It was surprisingly easy, all I had to do was wait until her family was away for the weekend, sneak into her home, and well… let's just say she knows better than to oppose me now, don't you~?"

Rarity nodded rapidly, seemingly not trusting her own voice. Twilight on the other hand felt a worse sense of dread as she realized just how dedicated Sunset was to breaking her and turning her into a submissive slave the same way she did with Rarity herself.

And the fact that no one could come to her aid made that feeling even worse.

Sunset's seductive chuckle snapped her out of her thoughts. "She's quite a beauty, isn't she? You can't help but admire the type of body she has, her breasts are nice and firm, but not too large. And her waist is slim, but not completely skinny…" Sunset said as she withdrew her leg from between Rarity's legs, her fingers wandering down towards her slave's shaved pussy as she licked her lips. "…curves in all the right places. The perfect example of what a healthy, attractive slave should look like… and I take good care of my slaves, don't I?"

"Of course, Mistress!" Rarity replied without hesitation, her legs quivering as the former Unicorn slid her finger partway into her slit and wriggled it a bit, earning a gasp from her slave as another jolt shoot through her pussy.

"But that's enough explaining, let's get to the fun part, shall we~?" Sunset purred before withdrawing her finger as Rarity turned towards her, locking lips with her slave.

Twilight could only watch as Sunset started kissing Rarity lovingly and aggressively, her heart beating faster as the former Unicorn's tongue explored her slave's mouth, their breasts rubbing together as Sunset moaned into the kiss, taking a moment to aggressively bite Rarity's lower lip before forcing her tongue deeper into her slave's mouth.

And it wasn't long before the former Alicorn felt a wetness between her legs, followed by an odd sense of envy that left her body quivering in response as she unconsciously rubbed her legs together.

"Now then, I do believe our little slave might require some more… education~" Sunset purred as she broke the kiss, pulling Rarity's coat off and approaching the table. Leaning down Sunset ever so gently she began to tease the former Alicorn by tickling her clit with her middle finger. "Specifically, just how much pleasure one can endure~" She explained as she continued to carefully tease Twilight's womanhood.

Twilight's nervous face expressed her growing discomfort as she continued to pant softly, her legs shaking slightly as she felt her body overcome by the sensation of her most sensitive organ being tickled.

"Hmmm it feels so nice, so tight… and warm…" Sunset purred as she let her fingers slowly entered her slave's pussy.

Rarity, being treated to a much more pleasurable experience, couldn't help but purr softly as she clenched her legs tightly around Sunset's fingers as they worked their way inside her body, her own pussy leaking and her heart beating faster as she moaned and whimpered, struggling to stand in place. "Ahh! Ugh! Th-that's-oohh!" She groaned in pleasure as Sunset pinched her clit. The former Unicorn proceeded to kiss her again, flicking her tongue out to caress Rarity's lips, giving her an unspoken order to part them. The Fashionista hesitantly obeyed, offering no resistance as she allowed her Mistress' tongue to slide right in.

As the two made out, Twilight couldn't help but feel another twinge of envy stirring within the back of her mind. She'd never kissed another mare before (not counting a peck on the cheek between friends), but she couldn't help but imagine herself in Rarity's place, embracing Sunset and letting her tongue slip into her mouth. 'GAH! No Twilight! What are you thinking!?' Twilight mentally berated herself as she quickly shook her head.

As Sunset continued to forcefully kiss her less, growing increasingly intense with every passing second as their hands explored their respective bodies, however it was clear that she was paying more attention to Rarity than Twilight. The fashionista's face was flushed and her chest was heaving while Twilight was simply shivering in discomfort... with a small sense of envy plaguing her mind. The former Alicorn tried to ignore Rarity's heavy breathing while fighting the urge to moan as Sunset's fingers slowly slipped in and out of her needy hole, but a part of herself couldn't help but enjoy the feeling, her entire body vibrating slightly as Sunset slowly finger fucked the former Alicorn.

"Ooohhh! M-Mistress! Ahhhhnn!" Twilight's eyes snapped open as she watched Rarity's face become distorted in pleasure, her eyes shut tightly as she threw her head back in ecstasy, her whole body shuddering violently as the sensation began to overwhelm her senses.

Twilight's breath started coming out in short gasps as she continued to let her eyes linger on her former friend's face, a small pang of jealousy and sadness threatening to take over her as she watched the two of them making out like two teenagers. She couldn't stand it! She just couldn't stand it!

Rarity stopped kissing Sunset, her eyes opening wide as she opened her mouth, unleashing a loud, muffled scream, her whole body trembling uncontrollably, sweat pouring down her face. "OHHH! Ehh-eeheeekk!" She struggled to speak, but failed, tears falling down her face as she cried out in passion.

Sunset then moved her body so her legs were straddling Twilight's thigh. She could feel Sunset's sex, every wet inch of her labia as Sunset ground it against Twilight's thigh and Sunset's own thigh rubbing against Twilight's sex. Twilight's eyes bulged open wide, it felt like her eyes would pop out with shock. Sunset's tongue filling her mouth turned her protests to muffled moans.

What Twilight didn't realize was that Sunset was purposely holding back from pleasuring her too much while giving Rarity the deluxe treatment, using the former Princess' inexperience and naivety against her. She has given Twilight a taste of that blissful pleasure and now sought to tempt her into succumbing to her envious desires, tormenting her with the hopes that she'd beg her to pleasure her and yield to Sunset's twisted, merciless temptation.

The point of this wasn't to please the girl, it was to break her.


Suddenly, the room was suddenly filled with Rarity's high-pitched screams of pleasure echoing throughout the room, her entire body shaking uncontrollably as a powerful orgasm shot through her, causing her to spasm wildly against Sunset's hand with her pleasure fluids spraying all over it. "Mistress... p-please more.." Rarity pleaded, her eyes filled with lust and desire as she struggled to stand upright, a trail of drool dripping from the side her mouth and down to her chin while her whole body trembled uncontrollably.

"Not yet, my pet…" Sunset cooed as she withdrew her soaked fingers, casually sucking on them as Rarity's legs gave out and she sank to her knees, resting near the edge of the bed. "I still need to tend to our guest after all~" She added as she curled her fingers inside Twilight's pussy, sending more jolts of pleasure throughout her body.

"Ah! P-Please stop... I can't-OH! t-t-take it any more-EHEEK!" Twilight begged, her face flushed with arousal.

"I'm afraid I can't~" Sunset teased as she pulled her finger out of Twilight's pussy and traced around her outer lips, causing the former Princess to gasp. "You still have sooo much to learn about the pleasures your body can experience~" She then leaned in close to her captive's face, her lips brushing against Twilight's as she gave her clit a gentle caress. "And I have so much to teach you~" She cooed, right before leaning in to kiss her.

Twilight's eyes shot open as she started to struggle once more, desperately trying to pull away as Celestia's former student made out with her. Sadly Sunset simply pressed her body down against Twilight's, further restricting her movements before sliding another finger inside her, Sunset then started making walking motions against her captive's womanhood with both fingers, causing Twilight to start squealing through the kiss as she involuntarily bucks her hips against Sunset's hand.

The former Unicorn prided herself in her ability to influence her captive's emotions, manipulating her inner lust while practically forcing the girl to feel how she wanted them to feel, experience just the right amount of pleasure that she wanted her to experience, and desire even more than what she was giving her. Sunset's method of forcing Rarity to orgasm before Twilight tied into that, as the naive girl's mind and body would subtly register the concept that she was receiving only a small fraction of the pleasure Rarity had experienced, and that in turn would fuel her desire for more.

As Sunset forced her tongue deep into Twilight's mouth, the former Alicorn started to drool and moan through the kiss, writhing as her body started embracing the pleasure despite her frantic protests. As hard as the former Alicorn tried, no matter how disgusted she felt, couldn't stop herself from responding to Sunset's kiss, the temptation proving too much for her inexperienced mind to bear. 'N-No… I can't… I shouldn't…' She thought, and yet… a part of her wanted to embrace it… didn't want her to stop… her last bits of common sense were screaming for her to pull away… but this wonderful feeling was sooo hard to resist…

After a few seconds, Sunset broke the kiss and started to pull away. Still in a pleasure-fueled haze, Twilight strained her neck, trying to keep her lips locked onto Sunset's. 'Good, she's almost there…' The former Unicorn thought, taking sadistic joy in controlling her sense of pleasure, she then moved down towards Twilight's neck, causing the former Alicorn to shudder at the feeling of Sunset's tongue and lips lightly brushing against her skin. "You want it, don't you?" She whispered, moving down to Twilight's breasts and happily sucking on the left, as she started massaging the nipple with her tongue she could feel Twilight's nipples start to harden against her will. "That wondrous feeling Rarity experienced, an orgasm that brought her to the very apex of sexual pleasure while leaving her in a state of pure ecstasy…" Upon releasing her left breast Sunset proceeded to continue her oral assault on the rest of Twilight's body, all while dispassionately pleasuring her womanhood, her fingers moving in and out of her pussy with an almost supernatural grace while keeping her just close enough to the edge in order to prolong the girl's uncontrollable surrender to her as long as humanly possible. "I can give you all that and more… and all you need to do is surrender your very body to me~"

"Oooohhhh!" Twilight gasped, her struggles turning into violent spasms of pleasure as she felt Sunset's warm wet tongue moving down her stomach and sliding over her abdomen. The former Alicorn bit her lip as Celestia's former student reached her thighs, bracing herself… only for Sunset to withdraw her fingers, leaving a sudden, chilling feeling of emptiness to wash over her body. "NOOOO! P-PLEASE DON'T STOOOP!" She screamed before her thoughts caught up with her, straining against her binds as she tried to thrust her hip up against Sunset's hand.

The former Unicorn simply chuckled as she raised her soiled hand, showing her captive the glistening fluids covering her fingers… and then erotically licked them clean. "Mmm… I bet you've never felt anything like this before, have you~?" Sunset teased as she knelt down, her mouth hovering over Twilight's womanhood, almost tempted to just dive in and eat her out right then and there. But she held herself back, she needed to make sure Twilight had truly given in to her base desires. "And now you want more, don't you~?" She cooed, her hot breath teasing the sensitive flesh of Twilight's inner thighs as she slowly and carefully caressed the outer skin of Twilight's womanhood with her tongue. She began tracing along the outside of her lower lips, just far enough to not directly touch it… yet close enough to force Twilight to endure the torturous pleasure.

Bound and at the mercy of Sunset's tongue, Twilight could only moan loudly as she felt Sunset running her tongue around her aching pussy, her mind completely clouded with pleasure as the sensations overwhelmed her senses. "Ahhhhh… Mhhnnn~ It feels… s-so good… it's… amazing…" She breathed out, desperately trying to push her hips up against Sunset's lips. "P-P-Please… please more… I-I need more!"

"Just what I wanted to hear~" Sunset grinned wickedly as she pulled away from Twilight's pussy, loving the sight of the former Alicorn being reduced to such a pathetic state. "Rarity, get up here!" She called out while snapping her fingers.

"Y-Yes Mistress…" Her fashionista slave, having come down from her orgasmic high, nodded as she staggered to her feet and climbed onto the bed. As Sunset moved out to the side, Rarity positioned herself right over Twilight's womanhood, gazing down at the former Alicorn's winking pussy.

"Now then, my slave…" Sunset began as she placed her hand on the back of Rarity's head, gripping her hair with a fiendish glint in her eyes. "Eat. her. out." She commanded, pushing her face deep into Twilight's crotch.

"Wh-Wh-AAAHH!?" Twilight yelped as she felt Rarity's tongue tracing the outline of her labia, moving up to her clitoris and flicking it… right before plunging her tongue as deep inside her as possible. "OH, SWEET CELESTIA!" She screamed as the Fashionista latched her mouth onto Twilight's womanhood, her tongue forcibly yet skillfully caressing her inner walls.

But Sunset wasn't content to just watch and wait, no. While Twilight was being pleasured, she still needed a firm reminder of her true purpose as Sunset's slave…

To pleasure her Mistress whenever she demanded it.

Celestia's former student crawled over Twilight's writhing body, making sure she was facing Rarity before positioning her womanhood directly over Twilight's trembling mouth. "Go on, have a lick. You'll be surprised how much you'll enjoy it~"

"I-I…" Twilight began nervously, licking her lips as she stared at Sunset's glistening pussy, almost as if she were hypnotized. "…I-oooohh!" She tried to speak, only for Rarity to silence her with her skillful tongue, alternating between flicking her clitoris gently and thrusting into her depths hard and fast.

"You see how eager Rarity is to taste your delicious fluids? Just imagine how good mine taste~" Sunset's cooed soothingly, lowering her pussy closer to Twilight's mouth in an inviting, tempting fashion as she gently caressed her slave's head, her fingers running through Twilight's hair. "Just let go of your inhibitions… and taste your new Mistress~"

Her lips trembling with excitement, Twilight opened her mouth and gently flicked Sunset's clitoris with her tongue, tasting her Mistress for the first time… her eyes widened in shock as time seemed to stand still. 'It… it tastes… amazing…' Were the former Alicorn's only thoughts as her breathing grew even heavier. Twilight eagerly traced Sunset's labia with her tongue before quickly moving up to her clit, subconsciously mimicking Rarity's actions as she relished the taste of her Mistress' juices.

"Oh my~!" Sunset gasped in pleasure, her hips twitching in response to the pleasurable sensations as her new slave suckled on her sensitive clitoris. "That's it! Ooohhh I knew you'd be a natural at this!"

A sense of joy spread through Twilight's mind as her Mistress complimented her, a blissful sense of euphoria that she could only feel when her efforts were placed, such as when her… former mentor praised her progress when it came to spells.

'…what was her name aga-aahhh! Ooohhh yes~' Twilight's thoughts were interrupted as Rarity in turn continued her oral assault on Twilight's pussy with her expert tongue, tickling it a little before sucking the hard nub into her mouth as she sped up her licks, then just as suddenly slowing down as she pushed her tongue back into her womanhood. 'This… this is why Mistress chose her… and I… I must please her just as much!' She realized, quickly trying to match Rarity's rhythm Twilight continued sucking and licking Sunset's womanhood, getting a feel for when to slow down and speed up.

"Mmmm~! Ooohhh yes!" Sunset shuddered as Twilight swiftly replicated Rarity's actions almost perfectly, her limited experience being the only thing holding her back. The former Unicorn almost lost herself within the blissful euphoria, her moist sex felt like it was on fire and she could feel the muscles all over her body stiffening. "Good girl, k-keep going! Don't you dare stop, you little slut!" She gasped, her breaths getting faster as roughly grinded her hips against Twilight's face.

The former Alicorn gasped as felt something building up within her loins, her heart started to race and her breaths grew faster, she couldn't believe what was experiencing! She didn't want it to stop! She needed to reach the apex of pleasure! She needed… she needed-

Her screams of pleasure were completely muffled by Sunset's pussy pressing against her mouth as her eyes rolled back, her toes curled, and her sweat-soaked body spasmed wildly with ecstasy as her first climax ripped through her body.

The pleasure was more than Twilight could bear, her mind became lost in a sea of euphoria as memories of her friends, her mission, and even her family faded away. Soon nothing else existed, there was nobody else in the world but Sunset, Rarity, and her.

Pure. Utter. Bliss.


At the same time, Sunset's moans got louder as her muscles tightened, she braced herself mere seconds before her own orgasm shot throughout her body, her juices spraying all over Twilight's face and sliding into her mouth.

Her mind completely blissed out, Twilight greedily gulped her fluids down and continued to lick her Mistress' soaking wet pussy.

She had never tasted anything so delicious in her life.

A wave of relief and satisfaction fell over Twilight as her orgasm subsided, her hips shuddering as she felt Rarity pull her tongue out of her wet, pleasure-soaked vagina, her mouth now covered in Twilight's juices.

"Mmmm… nicely done~" Sunset sighed the moment her own orgasm was spent. She carefully moved off Twilight's face, feeling a mixture of relief and pride in having broken the girl as she tried following Sunset's soaking wet pussy with her tongue. "Now then my pet, give your Mistress a kiss~"

Twilight didn't even move as Sunset leaned down and kissed her juice-soaked lips softly, forcing her tongue inside to taste her own fluids. The former Princess eagerly responded in kind, their tongues probing each other's mouths with no restraint.

Twilight couldn't tell how long the kiss had lasted… nor did she care.

Still tired and riding her orgasmic high, Twilight could only lay there, basking in the afterglow as Sunset broke off their kiss and climbed off the bed. "Don't think we're done yet, my little slut~" She said, casually strutting towards what appeared to be a large cabinet full of dildos, anal plugs, and several bottles of lube.

"Mmmm, trust me darling, you're going to love this~" Rarity purred as she wiped her lips clean.

After a few seconds, Sunset came back to the bed carrying a bottle of lube and two strap-ons, they both had large black dildos sticking out of the front, both nearly as thick as Sunset's wrist, and a smaller one on the inside that curved up a little.

Twilight could only watch as Sunset tossed one of them over to Rarity. "I hope you weren't planning to rest, Twilight." She smirked as she squeezed out a bit of lube onto her hand and began rubbing it all over both ends of the dildo. Afterwards she carefully spread her legs a little and placed the head of the small dildo against her pussy. "When I'm done-mmmph, you won't even be able cum from fingering yourself without me to give you that wonderful rush of pleasure." She added, letting out a groan of pleasure as she gently pushed it in. Rarity followed suit, fastening the straps around her waist while fidgeting at the feeling of the small dildo inside her.

Sunset then squirted some lube onto her fingers and reached down between Twilight's legs. "Nnngh, ooohh~" The former Alicorn shuddered at the pleasurable sensation of Sunset's lubed fingers rubbing against her anus, slowly moving in and out as Rarity started lubing up her own strap-on as well.

Once she was sure her new slave was prepared properly, Sunset withdrew her fingers and motioned for Rarity to come closer. As her more obedient slave crawled towards her mistress, Sunset wiped her fingers clean and lifted Twilight's body just enough for Rarity to carefully slide under the panting girl. Without being told the Fashionista laid down on her back right under Twilight and Sunset lowered her onto Rarity's body, the Fashionista's erect nipples rubbing against the girl's back as she moved her head ever so slightly to rest on Twilight's left shoulder. She then shifted her hips a little, carefully positioning the head of the dildo between the cheeks of Twilight's ass and pressing it right up against her anus.

Licking her lips at the erotic display before her, Sunset climbed right on top of Twilight, gazing into her blissed-out eyes as she raised her hips, positioning the thick head of her dildo against Twilight's slit. "And now, to make sure you crave me, and only me~" She cooed before locking eyes with Rarity, who nodded in understanding.

The moment Twilight felt the heads of both dildos pressing against her womanhood and anus, her whole body froze up as she briefly regained a semblance of mental clarity, realizing what was coming next. "Wai-AAAAHHH!" She suddenly screamed as Sunset and Rarity slammed the heads of their respective dildos into both Twilight's vagina and sphincter at the same time!

The former Alicorn saw stars as a torrent of pain and pleasure ripped through her body, everything melting away as her mind went completely blank, there was no room, no bed, no Rarity, and no Sunset. it was as if the entire world had ceased to exist, with the unique unification of agonizing pain and blissful pleasure being the only thing that remained, the single most sensual feeling that kept her remotely tethered to reality.

The former Alicorn's mind was dragged out of that momentary high almost as quickly as she was engulfed in it as a sudden jolt of pain brought her back to her senses. "HRRKK! GAAAHAA!" She gasped, her face scrunching up as both women rammed into her. Thankfully, the added lube made the process somewhat easier, but the sensations from the two women forcing their dildos even deeper and stretching out her holes still remained, driving the former Alicorn's senses wild. "AH! AH! AAHHH-HAH-HAAAAHH!?"

"Yes, scream for me whore!" Sunset snapped as she pushed deeper into Twilight's pussy, digging her nails into the girl's skin as she grabbed hold of her hips and started thrusting, hellbent on forcing every inch of it inside Twilight's pussy, drawing yelps of pleasure from her new slave. "I wanna hear your screams fill the entire room!"

Biting her lip, Rarity tried to follow her Mistress' lead, but even with the lube Twilight's virgin anus was still very tight, making things a little more difficult on her end. She had to go slowly at first while pulling the dildo in and out, but she persevered, not stopping until nearly all of the dildo's shaft was buried in her ass, then slowly pulling out until the tip remained. As Sunset continued pounding Twilight's drenched pussy, Rarity quickly grabbed the bottle of lube and squirted a little more onto both her dildo and Twilight's aching anus before thrusting into her tight anus with as much force as possible.

"GUH-HA-HAAA!? OOHHAAAA~!" Twilight gasped, her body writhing in a mixture of pleasure and agony as both women pulled and pushed in and out of both her holes with all the strength their bodies possessed. Sunset increased her thrusts, ramming the dildo deep into Twilight's womanhood harder and faster while Rarity started pulling out and ramming back into her anus at a faster pace. "HRRRKK-KKHEE-EE-HEEEKK!"

Sunset and Rarity's hips smacked against Twilight's pelvis and sore cheeks in unison, each thrust sending a unification of pleasure and pain shooting through the girl's body. Twilight's hips instinctively bucked upwards, trying to match Sunset's thrusts, but her movements were sloppy due to the pounding she was receiving.

Her brain was on the verge of shutting down as she felt a familiar sensation of something building up within her loins, intensified by the relentless assault on her two holes by the women. She couldn't believe this was happening to her, couldn't believe anything could hurt this much and yet feel so good at the same time! It was so… so-

"Now cum, my little slut! Cum. for. me!" Sunset shouted, each word punctuated by her ramming the dildo into Twilight again and again.

"Oooohhh! AAAAAHHHH!" Twilight cried out, one final orgasm ripping through her body as Sunset and Rarity thrust right into her thoroughly stretched holes. "Oh yes! YES! YEEEEESSSSS!" She screamed, now completely abandoning herself to the intense orgasm. Her screams of joy filled the room as she pulled at her bonds and arched her back, her body writhing and shaking with delight as the forced climax battered the poor girl's mind.

As her vagina and anal muscles clenched around both dildos, her juices flowed freely, soaking and staining the bedsheets underneath them.

On and on her climax went, to the point where time eluded Twilight's broken mind, she had no idea how long it had lasted, nor did she care. All she cared about was her Mistress and the orgasms coursing through her body.

Nothing else mattered, she didn't care about anything, just this moment.

But eventually, Sunset and Rarity finally ceased their thrusts, giving Twilight's sore hole some relief from the pounding it had received. Gently pulling the dildos out of the broken girl, Sunset pulled away from Twilight and Rarity slipped out from underneath her.

They then stood back to admire their handiwork: Twilight was a sweat-drenched mess, her eyes half closed with her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth, panting deeply as her hips and legs occasionally twitched, her mind unable to focus on anything other than how good she felt.

"Ahhh… I do love the sight of a broken girl." Sunset sighed as she unfastened the strap-on and slipped it off, smirking as she turned her attention to Rarity. "Reminds me of when I finally broke you after some trial and error~"

Rarity flinched at this memory but obediently remained silent… at least until her eyes wandered to her Mistress' loins, or most specifically the juices glistening on her labia and inner thighs. "W-W-Would you like me to clean you off, Mistress?"

Sunset thought for a moment as she untied the ropes, but then glanced down at the former princess resting on her bed. "Not right now. After all, my new slave is going to need some proper attire, and I have some of those custom-made uniforms you designed for me upstairs~" She then casually approached Rarity before pulling the strap-on down ever so slightly and slipping her hand into the gap, pressing two fingers into Rarity's womanhood and giving it a loving caress, causing the Fashionista to squirm pleasure. "So why don't you get her properly dressed? And when she wakes up, you can have some more fun with her~"

Rarity's cheeks flushed and she gazed into Sunset's eyes. "Y-Yes Mistress, of course!" She nodded obediently as the former Unicorn withdrew her hand.

As Rarity carried Twilight up the stairs bridal style, Sunset approached a nearby desk and pulled out a folder… and the Element of Magic. 'Well, now that she's out of the way, I can focus on getting this crown to work properly… and I've got plenty of time.' She mused to herself as she placed the crown upon her head and opened the folder, revealing pictures of five rather familiar girls… with a checkmark on Rarity's. 'These girls will be the perfect test subjects for the crown's power… and I could always use more sex slaves~'

The former Unicorn licked her lips, rubbing her legs together at the thought of indulging in various carnal pleasures with an ever-expanding harem of lovers. With a satisfied smile, she then turned her attention to one of the unchecked girls on her list. "Mmmm, Fluttershy. You'll do nicely~" She chuckled, unaware that the sclera of her eyes was slowly turning black…

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