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Chapter 1


She brushes her hair behind her ear again, ducking her head as another light-hearted joke falls flat on his deaf ears. I clench my fists for the millionth time tonight, once again kicking myself.

If only I'd met her first.

She's perfect; quirky, brilliant, warm, and sexy with a quick whit.

He doesn't deserve her. She's a giver and all he does is take. She's supported him, backed him, encouraged him, doted on him, and everything else under the sun. An amazing cook, loved by his family, and just ambitious enough to find a high paying job that's easily maintained whilst raising small children. She's everything a guy could – should want. She's everything I want.

I look at her hand where it rests on his thigh, no ring. It's been years, yet he still chooses to spend his money on gadgets, games, and business ventures instead of buying her a ring. He says he can't afford one, but we all know he's been given permission to use her family's heirloom free of fucking charge, so what's his hold up?

I've wanted her since the moment I saw her. Blushing cheeks, sun kissed skin, curves I would crawl for, perfectly plump limps, and deep brown eyes. If you look closely in the sun, you can see the green in them peeking out. God did I want her. But I couldn't have her, shouldn't want her. Even as my hands flexed, desperate to hold her and my chest ached with longing to press her small body up against me…

But no, I couldn't have her.

If only I'd been there on time. If only I'd have broken things off with that trashy she-devil earlier; maybe she wouldn't have shown up unannounced, making me late for my meeting.

The meeting where I met her, Bella. It was also the same meeting that none other than my kid brother showed up to early for the first time in his life. By the time I'd walked in the door, she was already enthralled by his exaggerated tales, giggling out a sweet sound as she shook her head at his antics, and that was it.

It's been four years since that fateful day. Four years of pining for her as I watched him snuff out the spark in her eyes and take for granted the only woman I'll ever love.


I could feel his eyes on me. I could always feel them. They felt good like a ray of sun coming through the window, heating me up and making me feel more alive. No, stop it, Bella. I was with his brother for Christ's sake. Four years, same guy, same sex, same routine. Nothing new, nothing exciting. It's like the first year and a half we were together he put in the effort; we went on dates, had good sex, talked, laughed, tried new things. But once those first eighteen months passed by, he grew…stale. We grew stale. I'm dorky, something he's said he loves on many occasions, so I like to make little goofy jokes from time to time. He'd always indulge me, with a smile, chuckle, eye roll, something. Now I get nothing, nada.

Don't get me wrong, it's not just that. It started with little things; he wanted to spend more time on his business ventures, creating out of office hours where I couldn't interrupt him. Then he went on and on about how much he'd love if I cooked dinners. At first, he was grateful and sweet, always doing the washing up afterwards. Now, he asks me to bring meals to his 'home office', where he lets the dishes pile up in there and leaves me with all the cleanup. Maybe that would fly if he made a ridiculous amount of money and I did nothing all day. Well okay he does make a lot, but his job isn't all that stressful and I also work full time, so I'm not sitting around at home twiddling my thumbs or anything.

I've brought it up a couple times, talked about lack of intimacy, communication, being on different pages. He always brushes it off, tries to find a way to turn it around on me, or just says I don't initiate enough to complain about it. I mean, how do I initiate with someone who has office hours outside the fucking office. On top of all that, the sex has been the same thing for four years, and just to further boost my self esteem, he refuses to ever go down on me. I think he's done it maybe three time over four years. I mean come on I know vaginas aren't the tastiest thing in the world, but neither are dicks. I am proud to say that I started to decline giving blow jobs in retaliation because there's only so much a girl can give without getting any.

He's not even a bad guy; he does try hard in all his business ventures, wants the best for us, and says he wants a future together. But how am I supposed to feel comfortable committing myself to a guy who can't even follow through for long than a month on his latest financial conquest.

I ran my hand along his thigh again, listening to my best friend Alice continue telling us a story about one of her diva clients, trying my best to think about the man beside me and not the one that haunted my dreams, day and night.

Edward's older brother is probably every girl's dream man come true. Built like a line baker with a killer set of dimples, deep blue eyes, and curly black hair that was just long enough to grip onto while he—no bad Bella. Very, very bad Bella. I shook my head slightly causing Edward to turn to me with a questioning glance that melted away when I smiled back and shrugged my left shoulder to my ear as if it were itchy.

I could see Emmett out of the corner of my eye with his usual tablet resting on one leg while he leaned back into Alice and Jasper's plush sofa. His sleeves were rolled up, exposing his forearms, and my god when I tell you the first time I saw those I think my brain damn near short circuited. T-shirts and rolled up long sleeves are the most I've ever seen of Emmett's body, and those forearms alone make me want to lick him all over.

I shifted my legs, uncrossing and recrossing them as I felt my body flush while thinking of just how strong those arms, and the rest of him is. I could've sworn I saw his fists clench, flexing those muscular arms. Probably a client or miss-filed data. Edward worked at his brother's company. Emmett founded and built it up from the ground with his best friend and college roommate Garrett. They were a tech company that patented a new way of farming data and creating targeted marketing campaigns to mainstream audiences. Every time they go into the logistics of it all, I always tune out, so I don't know much more about it except for that Edward is supposed to be one of their client managers. He's good at it, Edward is great at the schmoozing, which is how he got me to agree to a date. Even though I'd been sent as a representative of my company to scope them out and decide whether or not we wanted to do business with them, his charm still loured me in.

He'd sold me before Emmett had even set foot in the door, and we went out for drinks after my boss faxed over the contracts with his signature. Edward would later tell our friends it was his toughest and most memorable sale. At first I thought it was cute, but now I've heard his stories so many times I feel like I'm going to combust.

My boyfriend's a good-looking guy too, it's in the genes. Edward inherited his mother's brilliant green eyes, and his father's wild bronze hair. Like Emmett he has strong facial features and is in great shape. He's leaner and shorter than his older brother, but compared to my 5"2 height, Edward still towers over me at 6"1. Letting my eyes drift over him I thought it over, I'm going to amend it to he's in decent shape. I bet if you ask him, he'd blame my cooking, even though we both know it's a combination of fast-food lunches and trading in exercise time for extra 'work' time.

Things are getting a little difficult though, we're twenty-six now, and as a woman I'm starting to think ahead. If we want a house we can raise kids in, if we want kids, he's going to need to settle down in his career. The last thing I want is a partner who doesn't do their share, causing resentment and ultimately an unhappy marriage. We're only twenty-six but most of our friends are engaged, married, or have a baby. Alice and Jasper got married about six months ago, having met two years earlier when we set them up on a blind double date with us. It was bittersweet, watching one of my best friend's relationships jump leaps and bounds ahead of mine. Then I would feel guilty about the jealousy until Alice would tell me about another exciting milestone and it would start all over again.

I sighed, taking another sip of my white wine trying my best to tune into the conversation and tune out the man sitting a few feet away from me.

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