All through the seasons,

Through the good and bad,

Some can't realized what happened,

Or what they really had,

When they miss,

The good in their time,

Be there to help them,

Sort their rhythm and rhyme,

When the evil dark,

Has over come light,

When you no longer can tell,

The wrong from right,

When the day all around you,

Is filled with despair,

When your body is groping,

For more than just air,

When you feel things leaving,

When things disappear,

Hold everything important,

Extremely near,

When you feel like the world,

Is falling apart,

Live your life,

By following your heart,

When one person seems,

To be something they're not,

The one thing you need,

Could be all that you've got,

Hold on to all,

That is good and clear,

For things are changing,

Changing quickly my dear,

Your mind is morphing,

Your feelings askew,

The world is in need of,

Of something new,

Something that is strong,

Through the night and the day,

Something that can chase,

The evil away,

The evil among us,

Has changed us all,

We never knew that we would,

Take the oddest of falls,

The world cannot fall,

As long as we stand strong,

The world can last,

With all right and no wrong,

Hold tight to the feeling,

Of passion and love,

For these feelings,

Are sent from above,

Wish for the mercy,

Work for the life,

All can be possible,

In a hard worker's strife

I need a feeling,

Of togetherness,

The more I see you,

The more I need less,

Call for the help,

And the help will come,

Here just in time,

To assure rising of the sun,

When the darkest night,

Has risen eternally,

Hold on to those,

You hold dearly,

For without the love,

This world is all wrong,

Together we will,

Sing an eternal love song.


A/N: I hope this poem is okay, because I wrote it in five minutes, please don't be too mean about it, and yes, there is a story coming soon!!!