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Chapter 1: A Warning, To the People

The sickly green of the killing curse flew towards him and he smiled, greeting death like an old friend. Perhaps, his friends would be able to finish the job off they knew what to look for and what to do. Harry found himself in a white room, overly white, where he came upon the form of a black sickly-looking man curled up in the fetal position. He seemed to be whimpering in an ever-lasting tormented sleep.

'Am I dead?' He wondered to himself.

"Not quite, Mr. Potter," a voice echoed around him, the voice registered as neither male nor female but rather a mix of the two.

Harry looked around and froze as next to him a mass of shadows and necrotic energy formed a humanoid shape, it was feminine in nature or at least as feminine as a mass of darkness could appear to be. Draped in a cloak of obsidian black and wielding a trademark scythe in order to harvest souls, supposedly.

"Death?" Harry asked.


"What is this place?"

"It's a crossroad of sorts, you see, Tom Riddle made a mistake all those years ago. When his spell rebounded, his soul split once again and what was left latched on to the only living thing that was powerful enough to sustain it, you. That scar of yours is where his soul entered. However, due to him being the one to kill you himself, he has killed a part of himself of that I will take. This leaves me with quite a problem, you see, I cannot simply send you back as you now have ceased to exist. But, Tom Riddle still needs to pay for what he's attempted to do in order to defy me. So, you have a choice Mr. Potter. I can send you back in time to the first rise, due to you being the master of my hallows in this world I am in a unique position where you can exist as the only member of the Most Ancient and Most Noble house of Peverell, you will have access to their family magic as well as your own. You can prevent the war from ever starting or getting as bad as it did. Or, I can use the soul connection to send you back to your first year at Hogwarts armed with all the knowledge you have now and you can be with your friends again."

Harry thought for a few moments, he could go back and do it all again, he could do better being informed and knowing what was coming. Or, he could go back in time and prevent his parents and many others from dying in the first place. He thought back to Neville who would visit his unresponsive parents in St Mugo's and all the orphans like himself that lost their parents due to the war. If he went back to first year, he and they would still be Orphans, Neville would still sit by his parents' bed every week talking to people he knew would never wake up, sure he could stop Tom ahead of time, but their parents would still be dead or as good as. Gathering his resolve, he made his decision looking at Death right in its… eyes?

"Send me back in time."

"Very well, I thank you for your choice Mr. Potter, bring me the soul of Tom Marvolo Riddle. The hallows of this world are yours to summon as you wish."

Harry felt a searing heat across his chest, he cried out in pain and looking down he saw the symbol of the deathly hallows etched itself into his chest in a black ink. His body then seized painfully as he felt like his entire existence was being painfully shredded cell by cell before blackness enveloped him.

Light hit his closed eyelids causing him to stir, he searched for his glasses as per usual but couldn't feel them. It was then that he tried opening his eyes only to find his vision as clear as can be. He took in the room he was in, his bed was a large four poster king sized bed with silk pillows and blankets, and the room itself was the colour scheme of black and silver. A full body mirror stood in the corner while a coffee table with two couches were in front of an old fireplace. An unopened letter sat on the bedside table. Tentatively he reached over and opened it, the wax seal showed the symbol of the deathly hallows.

'Mr. Potter,

I'm sorry for the pain you experienced, nothing I said could have made it any better for you as you can imagine being sent back in time is not a pleasant experience for anyone. However, I will freely give you some information. The Elder Wand is now a part of you as are the stone and the cloak, you can call them to you at will and they will never be able to be taken away from you even in combat. You need but only think about which ones you wish to use and it will appear for you. However, these are the Deathly Hallows of your world, the ones that exist within this world are still in play and you should collect them again. I would suggest going to the Goblins and accessing the Peverell vaults and Lordship when you feel you are ready. The private library contains some of the most dangerous and obscure magic to exist within the world that the Peverell's used, I have also included the Potter and Black Libraries in addition so that you can use all the gifts of your bloodline. Currently it is the end of year break, I would suggest familiarizing yourself with your family magic, your skillset and the world at large before you will be attending Hogwarts. Oh, and I thought you could use a friendly face. Regards, Death.'

"Friendly face?" Harry said confused before hearing a loud screech from outside.

Walking over he saw a beautiful black and purple phoenix-like bird flying towards it, he opened the window with a flick of his wrist and the bird landed and then affectionately preened Harry.

"Hedwig?" He asked, voice trembling. The bird in response nodded her head, Harry tenderly reached out and gently hugged her close to him, she wrapped her neck around his and gave as close to a hug as a bird could.

'Okay Harry, end of the school year. You have about 3-4 months before the new year starts.' He thought to himself before he decided on a plan to prepare himself for what was to come.

'This is war, they just don't know it yet.' He thought to himself.

Over the next few days he spent it getting to know Peverell manor, the old ancient home existed in an obscure valley which had powerful aversion wards around the boarder of the lands, it welcomed him to it and the various animals that lived in the forest welcomed him as the Lord. His visit with the Goblins had been amusing, as soon as he told the teller his name the teller had frozen then he was met by the bank branch manager himself who verified his identity.

Harry James Peverell,

Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Peverell.

The Goblins had done well to manage the Peverell vaults for hundreds of years, he was without a doubt the richest person in Britain, maybe even the world, magical or not. Of course, they had readily agreed to keep his return silent and had provided him with the best of everything including Goblin builders to renovate parts of Peverell manor.

He installed a dueling room, the most powerful wards Goblin, Dwarven, and magical. If need be his home could become a self-sustained fortress for a prolonged siege.

He then came up with a training plan and regime, physical and magical in addition to studying all the family magic that was contained in his library from all three families. Hedwig had brought him copies of the Daily Prophet to be up to date with the current news and the house elves he employed had cleaned up his home as well as took care of the garden and the various magical creatures.

Through his training and schedule, Harry developed his body to be physically fit in addition to growing to be 6"5 with defined muscles and a 6-pack. Not just that, he had mastered all manners of family magic to the point where he could cast without speaking, and to go overboard he became an animagus which his form surprised him though it shouldn't have. The Peverell family in its history books and family tree are the only family in existence to have Animagi forms of other mythical creatures and Harry Peverell was no different being a Nundu. He also found that with some practice he mastered the art of summoning the elder wand from within him. After weeks of training he believed he was ready to head to Diagon Alley to get his Hogwarts stuff, he would be going into his sixth year.

Arcturus Black, Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Black, was grumpy. As it was every year he and his wife Melanie along with his brother-in-law Charlus Potter and his sister Dorea Potter nee Black, took their children and grandchildren (in Arcturus' case) shopping for their Hogwarts books and whatever else was needed.

"Turn that frown off Brother, we are here for the children," Dorea chastised much to the Lord Black's chagrin.

The children in question were Bellatrix Black, going into Sixth year, Andromeda Black, going into fifth year, Narcissa Black, going into fourth year, Sirius Black, third year, James Potter, third year, Regulus Black, first year. Why Orion, Walburga, Druella and Cygnus deigned not to join, he cursed but his wife loved this day this most as she got to spend it with all of her family and he was not one to go against her wishes.

"Lighten up Arcturus, look how happy they all are. We can suffer through it for one day eh?" A jovial voice jeered at him, Charlus Potter was grinning from ear to ear.

"Are you just suffering through this, Husband of mine?" Dorea's voice was low and dangerous causing the older man to pale.

"Of course not dear, you know I love doing this with you every time," the Potter elder said attempting to placate his wife.

"Is it the contracts again?" Melania asked, her hand touching his arm gently and giving it a light squeeze.

"They're pestering the fuck out of me, Cygnus is agreeable to it and Walburga, whatever that girl is thinking, is vocally pushing for it. The day Sirius left that house it came tumbling down I say," Arcturus grumbled.

"I know my sweet, but you have been diligent in your choices and we both know that Lestrange, Malfoy and Nott aren't the right matches for the girls and the three of them are vehemently against it themselves," Melania sighed.

"And it is for that reason that I have yet to reply to either of those slimy fucks. Trying to claim daughters of the House of Black like some fucking vultures."

"Did the girls voice their objection?" Charlus said.

"They didn't outright say it, but the look in their eyes conveyed that each of them absolutely despised the idea," Arcturus explained and Charlus gave a thoughtful hum while they watched Dorea wrangle the excited children.

"The moment I'm not around the vultures will swoop in, Orion in a spineless and useless excuse for a son being led around by Walburga's whims. She would sell out the Black family name to cozy up to whoever," Arcturus grumbled bitterly.

Charlus was about to say more before both men stiffened feeling anti-apparition wards going up around them. Charlus Potter and Arcturus Black were feared men, both of them decorated war veterans from their service in the Grindelwald War. Having led their own forces in the British Army and both men fighting Grindelwald to a stalemate on one occasion each. They were battle hardened and knew what an ambush felt like and this is what they were feeling.

"Gathering the children, I'll see if I can break through the wards," Charlus instructed, Arcturus nodded.

Of the two, Charlus was better with wards while Arcturus was better with Dark Arts. He and Melania had drawn their wands and rushed to gather the group.

"We're being attacked, get together in a group. Bella keep your sisters and the boys in the center, we move altogether as a group. I will be at the front, your Uncle Charlus will take up the rear, wands out, defend ourselves and show no mercy to those who attack us," Arcturus instructed.

The younger children were more frightened but had their wands out standing in the middle of the adults and Bella on the outside.

"Did you break through the wards?" Arcturus asked over his shoulder to the man who brought up the rear.

"I didn't, hate to say it but the gits have damned impressive wards in place."

"So, we're trapped?" Narcissa asked nervously.

"What do we do now?" James Potter asked, both him, Sirius, Narcissa and Regulus were trembling.

"We do what we have to do, we fight," Charlus sighed.

It was at this point that five dozen bodies all garbed in black robes completely surrounded the small group. It was plain as day as to who and what they were, Death Eaters.

"Black, you should have agreed to our proposals. You would have put the Black Family on the right side of history," a garbled voice hissed out from behind one of the masks.

Growling was heard and the group paled as 3 dozen of their assailants were revealed to be werewolves, they were on edge even more and Bellatrix in particular was shaking.

"Always the coward weren't you Malfoy," Arcturus responded.

"Sharp with your tongue still I see, well, let me remove it for you, along with your head," and like that the battle began.

Arcturus and Charlus were the quickest and most volatile of their casters, sending out curses left, right and center at everyone. Dorea and Melania were focused solely on defense and protecting the children and Bellatrix herself did a mixture of offensive and defensive. They moved from their formation to give the others a bit more space instead of being bunched up. Narcissa and Andromeda did their best to fight off their attackers, succeeding in only incapacitating a few while holding off their advances. James, Sirius and Regulus weren't fairing much better given that Regulus doesn't even have a wand yet with James and Sirius protecting Regulus while sending out whatever spells they could think of to help.

A scream of fear echoed around them, Narcissa had stumbled and fallen over and was now being advanced upon by a group of werewolves when a loud ferocious roar echoed throughout Diagon Alley causing everyone to pause.

"Greyback?" Arcturus looked to Charlus alarmed, if he was here there was even more trouble given that he was the most vicious of the werewolves.

The Werewolves that had advanced upon Narcissa were descended upon by a large beast, its claws completely tearing a werewolf apart before biting the head straight off another and sending a few of the group back a few paces. Narcissa and everyone else froze seeing a Nundu towering over her, its emerald eyes looked at her with… concern?

The werewolves started to back up, Nundu's were extremely dangerous creatures and they instinctively knew that they were in danger. They turned tail to run but the beast chased them down, filling the streets with the screams of rabid dogs being torn apart and hunted by a beast deadlier than themselves.

Bellatrix Black had been in awe of the beast, having read about them in Care of Magical Creatures. But her awe distracted her, a stray werewolf who avoided the initial onslaught of the Nundu leapt at her from the shadows of an alleyway. She realized too late and resigned herself to her fate only for the werewolf to be caught mid-air by the powerful jaws of the beast. She gazed up into its emerald eyes which bore down on her causing her to shiver even as it closed its powerful jaws completely crushing the last werewolf's head in its jaws before dropping the body.

The Nundu then turned towards the shocked crowd, or more specifically the cloaked black figures. To everyone's shock, the Nundu started to change its appearance, it shrunk into the body of a well-built handsome young man with emerald green eyes. To Bellatrix he looked like an Adonis who had just saved her life.

"Animagus" she whispered, though about everyone heard her.

"Are you okay Miss?" The man's deep voice asked her, Bellatrix stared for a few moments before nodding her head. Satisfied with her reply the boy, no, man, turned towards the Death Eaters.

"Is it not cowardly to ambush a group of children with their parents?" He said to the Death Eaters.

"Mind your own business BOY, if you know what's good for yourself, you won't cross me," the lead Death Eater, Malfoy, growled and sent a blood boiling curse at the man.

Amused, the man raised his non-wand hand and just swatted the spell away as if it were a bug much to the astonishment of the caster and the audience. Unfortunately, the stray spell deflected into one of the other death eaters.

"Well this won't do; the fight hardly seems fair. Perhaps I should even the numbers?" The man mused, the Death Eaters barely had time to register his words before they started falling one by one. They'd all but forgotten about the Potter's and Blacks as this new individual killed them ruthlessly. He weaved and danced around the battlefield with deadly precision, casting spells that were known and unknown and soon the five-dozen force dwindled down to just two. The leader and a second. The man hit both of the remaining Death Eaters with a spell that caused them to be bound by burning blue chains which seared into their flesh causing screams to come from them.

"Oh what's wrong, can't handle a little pain?" He mocked as he got eye level with the two of them.

"You'll pay for this! The Dark Lord will have your head!" Malfoy snapped.

"Dark Lord you say? Hmmm, how many does it take to send a message?" The man pondered.

"Oh yes, one person. Well, why don't you run along and tell this Dark Lord that he has awoken powers that he cannot even begin to comprehend. For with his rise, a Sentinel has once again been called to protect the world. You'll tell him that Lord Peverell is coming for him," the man said, he could see the widening eyes of the two left.

"Okay good, now how many are needed to send a message? Ah yes… just one," and with that the man killed the Malfoy one. Before letting the other one go who ran and apparated away as soon as he was clear of the ward lines.

"I'm so sorry, where are my manners," the man turned to the astonished Potter and Black families who were huddled together with the older women checking on all the children's conditions.

"Who are you?" Charlus asked before the man could finish his introduction.

"My name is Harry Peverell, Lord of the Most Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell, Sentinel of the Magical World and guardian of Britain," he said with a bow.

Thunk. Bellatrix had passed out cold.

Charlus and Arcturus's jaws dropped when the young man announced himself to them, The Peverell family had been extinct for centuries, or so they thought but here one was now in front of them and having protected them from the death eaters. While they could be skeptical, what made their skepticism die down was the fact the young man, Harry's, animagus form was a magical creature and no other animagus in history has ever had a magical creature form aside from the Peverell's.

"Is she alright?" Harry asked, concerned for Bellatrix who had fainted.

"She's just magically exhausted," Dorea explained.

"Ah, right. Well I am sorry that we met in less than ideal circumstances. But, I think that all or you could use a safe place to rest and if you are so inclined, I would welcome you to my manor while you recuperate and prepare yourselves for what I'm sure will be a very trying time in the next few months," Harry offered kindly, Charlus and Arcturus nodded at each other having a silent conversation.

"We would be grateful for sanctuary while we recover," Charlus said, the young man smiled brightly at them before he waved his wand summoning a nearby scarf.

"Alright, everyone holds on!" He announced, they did as told and moments later the familiar feeling of a portkey washed over them.

They arrived in the receiving room of one of the most beautiful houses any of them had laid their eyes on, coming from two of the oldest families around that was saying something.

"Mimi," Harry called out, moments later a young house elf appeared.

"Would you be able to help our guests with their unconscious girl. And have the others prepare refreshments and dinner for our guests," Harry asked politely, the elf nodded eagerly.

"Of course Master Peverell! Comes with me please! Mimi be showings you to a room to rest in!" She said gesturing for the women and children to follow her.

"Are you sure about this Charlie?" Dorea asked with a frown.

"The boy hasn't lifted a muscle in our direction aggressively, accept his help. Arcturus and I will speak with him," Charlus replied though he too was concerned about being in the House of a practically forgotten, but powerful, family.

"I, Lord Harry James Peverell, do hereby swear that my guests the Potter's and Blacks shall not be harmed during their stay with me so long as I am not attacked first. So I say, so mote it be," Harry intoned, the magic of the vow washed over the room and eased the woman's concerns while having the two men look at the boy with curiosity and a bit of trust.

"Now, while they are recovering perhaps it best we retire to my office."

"Lead the way Lord Peverell."

The Lords office in Peverell manor was neat and kept, it housed the most important family books that required the permission of the Head of House to even touch, along with many other questionable sources of magic. The large oak desk sat rather bare of anything except a lamp or two, a stack of blank parchment, a quill and inkpot. Harry sat down in the seat before conjuring two seats for Charlus and Arcturus.

"Have a seat," he gestured.

"Lord Peverell, thank you for saving us today. But what were you doing in Diagon Alley? And how did you come to rescue us," Charlus asked curiously.

"I was already in Diagon Alley when the attack occurred, believe it or not I was doing my shopping for the school year," Harry said sheepishly and both elder men looked to each other.

"How old are you? If I may ask, Lord Peverell?" Arcturus said.

"I'm 17, I'm going into sixth year at Hogwarts this year after being home-schooled most of my life. Though that being said I've very much kept up to date with the state of the world, I have eyes and ears everywhere," Harry replied.

"You're only 17!" Charlus gaped and Harry nodded affirmative.

"Merlin's beard, we got saved by a 17-year-old boy," Arcturus slumped back in his chair.

"I'd say I'm fairly skilled, wouldn't you agree, Lord Black?" Harry grinned at the man.

"So, what is the purpose of bringing us back to your manor?" Arcturus righted himself, deciding to ask the question that had been nagging him.

Harry had many reasons, the fact that he saved his grandparents, both sets, along with his father and godfather was the main reason but he couldn't tell them that. So, he went with a more believable explanation.

"As you are aware, my family, The Peverell's were named one of the Sentinels of the Magical World. And Guardian of Magical Britain, this means that it is my responsibility to protect the people and to deal with any Dark Witches or Wizards who threaten our world. There hasn't been need of a Peverell for many centuries but I've become required and that is the reason I have emerged from my sanctuary to the outside world. As for your two families, I thought it prudent to bring you to safety given the number of individuals sent after your small group. Five dozen including three dozen werewolves to take care of a group of 10 individuals, half of them being children. I abhor the honor of the one behind the attacks. But not only that, I've done my research and I've read much about your exploits during the Grindelwald War. You're both Veteran's and for the war to come, I will need experienced people I can trust to have Magical Britain's safety at heart," Harry explained.

Like many of the other magical societies, Britain had a Sentinel family. These families were of great power and importance and were solely in charge of guarding and protecting the people from the dark and evil that wished to destroy their countries. For Magical Britain, this was the Peverell family, France had the Devereaux Family, Italy had the Giovanni's and even America had the Hamilton's.

"It is my intention to fight the war and protect the people, and as targets yourselves I wish for your two families to join me as wartime allies. I'm not yet old enough to join the Wizengamot but I can assign one of you as my proxy should you be agreeable. I believe both of you are politically powerful despite taking a step back from politics to spend time with family. But, I dare say that it is time you two become active again," he continued.

"I'll have to think about it Lord Peverell, I admit I am quite concerned about my family members who may still be suffering from the aftereffects of the attack. Would you allow us a bit of time to consider the offer properly?" Charlus spoke evenly and respectfully, despite the fact the boy was Bellatrix's age, he had saved them and wielded magic that he had never seen before so it would be wise not to antagonize him.

"Of course, Lord Potter, I understand that. Norn will show you to the rooms your families have been assigned. Dinner will be served at 7:30pm, call Norn and Mimi to escort you all when you are ready. I must ask that your family members do not wander around too much, and those boys of yours don't try to get into any of the locked rooms. They are locked for a reason after all," Harry warned as Norn, a house elf of his appeared and bowed respectfully.

"We will make sure they don't wander Lord Peverell, thank you for your hospitality," Arcturus said rising to his feet.

"Until this evening then, should you have need for me, again, use Norn or Mimi to summon me," Harry said as he stood and exited his office leaving the two elderly Lords with the Elf to show them around.

line break

"Crucio!" Tom Marvolo Riddle, aka, Lord Voldemort snarled at the death eater who survived, some underling that he cared not the name for.

Abraxas was dead, as were a few of his best recruits and three dozen werewolves! Greyback wasn't happy at all at the loss of a fifth of his pack.

"My Lord! I beg your forgiveness!" The man sobbed, having passed on the message and the memory of the battle.

"I've never even heard of the Peverell family, just who the hell is this… boy!" He snarled, everyone in the room was too scared to speak or move.

"Well! Answer me!" He growled.

"My Lord, legends say that the Peverell family long ago became the guardians of magical Britain, their role to protect society. But a Peverell hasn't been seen for a few hundred years! We thought their family name only a myth," Lord Nott said quickly.

"Well, that MYTH killed Abraxas and has sent me a threat! Me! The Dark Lord! Rockwood, Mulciber, Parkinson! I want you three to find out just who this damned Lord Peverell is!"

"It will be done my Lord!" They bowed respectfully.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Get out of my sights!" He snapped, the death eaters in the room were quick to leave to do his bidding.

'Lord Peverell, if you won't join me I will make an example of you!' He thought menacingly.