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Dear Sirius Black,

The entire world is celebrating and here I am writing a letter that will never be sent. I'll still put it in an envelope and all that to pretend it's a real letter, but it's going in an empty box in the corner of /our/ my room. I can't believe it. One night and my entire world flipped upside down. James and Lily dead, and my boyfriend the man who sold them out. I thought we could trust each other. My fault for falling in love during a war. I couldn't fall asleep after I heard the news, and after yesterday I don't know when or if I'll be able to sleep again. Pete may be dead, but at least he died for a good cause. More than will ever be said about you.

Harry got sent to Lily's sister. Remember her? James always talked about how much of a bitch she was when Lily wasn't around. That's the woman raising your godson. I've tried to convince Dumbledore to let me take him since you were his godfather and I was going to end up raising him anyway, but he insisted it was what's best for Harry. I don't believe him. I don't know if I can believe anyone anymore. You betrayed us. How could you do that? James was a brother to you. Can you imagine what would've happened to you after you ran away if James and his parents weren't kind enough to let you into their home? If your loyalty was a lie, what else was? Did I ever really know you?

Your ex-boyfriend,

Remus Lupin


happy birthday i guess