Eight months later, everyone began to move on in life and seemed to find happiness.

Cloud had moved with Kai into Costa Del Sol. This, by the way, was done secretly.

Cait lived with Red in Cosmo Canyon assisting him with all the new visitors.

Barret worked as the Mayor of Rocket Town, but only because no one else would take the job, and he had nothing else to do. Marlene was his assistant.

Tifa's bar rose in business, and was called Tifa and Vincent's Bar.

Elena, Rude, and Reno went to live in Wutai.. but only so Reno could live with Yuffie. Reno, by the way, was not accepted by Lord Godo, but nonetheless Yuffie didn't care very much.

Cid and Shera were scheduled to get married in four months. But three weeks and three months before that, everyone was mysteriously invited to a baby shower in Costa Del Sol..


"Who the hell lives in Costa Del Sol, and why the hell would we get invitations?" Barret looked down at the paper and turned it upside down.

"Maybe it's a new corporation." Yuffie stared down at the paper, long and hard as though it would say something to her.

"Ya think? Maybe one of us should check it out." Cid scratched his head.

"But if it were a new corporation don't you think we would've been invited individually?" Reno looked at everyone's envelops. He noticed that the only people who had been invited individually were Elena and Rude. He had also noted to himself that Cait and Red had the same invitation, and to make things even more complicated Marlene was invited too.

"Wait.." Reno grabbed Barret's envelope. "Barret who else knows you have a daughter? And who isn't with us right now, but usually would be in this situation? And.."

"Who ran off without a trace eight months ago?" Cait looked up at everyone.

"And what kind of guy would have left yellow hair in your envelop as a clue." Vincent took Barret's envelope and took a strand of hair from inside.

Barret smiled and looked at Tifa.

"I know there's only one guy in the world who would say "Let's mosey" and it just occurred to me I have no idea where the hell he is." Red looked at everyone as he sniffed the envelope.

"And that would be Cloud."


Kai looked out the window to see the Highwind land in a field just across the Strife's Residence. She saw Cloud run out to great Barret who hit him on the back as everyone began to laugh. It never occurred to anyone that she had never left to begin with and it would be better that way. Kai smiled, it was good to know that Aeris was so close, but yet so far. She held her stomach, Thank God. Another Aeris will live to see the world.