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"Ryou! Hurry up, we're going to be late!" Bakura called, standing at the bottom of the steps that lead up to Ryou's room.

"We're coming, Bakura! Hold on a minute!" Was the answer he received, and he plopped down with a huff on the same couch Marik was lounging on. Those hikaris were taking forever to dress! They'd been up in their room for at least an hour! Hearing a chuckle next to him, he looked to see Marik giving him an amused glance.

"Relax, Bakura. You know how they are." He said calmly, pulling the other dark to his chest. "They're both excited to see everyone today."

"Yeah," The white haired thief muttered, leaning into the other's embrace. "We haven't seen those annoying pests in a while. They don't even know that we're all 'together'." Marik shrugged.

"I'm sure they won't care. They'll just be excited to see Ryou and Malik again after such a long time."

Bakura grunted in agreement, and grinned contently when Marik's hand began to comb through his hair. They were all getting ready for a little get together at Seto Kaiba's mansion after not seeing one another for months, and the two yamis had been ready and waiting for the past two hours while Malik and Ryou were still upstairs getting dressed.

Finally, after another twenty minutes of waiting, Malik and Ryou finally announced themselves ready, and came bounding down the steps.

Bakura and Marik both gaped appreciatively at the outfits they had on. Leather; their favorite.

"Well? What do you think?" Malik asked, a cute smirk on his face as he spun around with his arms spread out, showing off his tight beige colored pants, and his lavender fishnet skirt that complimented his eyes nicely. Speaking of his eyes, both were donned in eyeliner, which gave him a more predatory look than thought possible, and he winked saucily at the two stunned yamis.

Ryou giggled and mimicked his fellow hikari, spinning around somewhat childishly in the adult-like outfit he wore. He had black leather pants and a matching fishnet shirt similar to Malik's. His eyes were also covered in eyeliner, making them seem even brighter than usual.

By now Bakura and Marik were openly drooling. Sure, they'd seen their lights dressed up like this often, but the sexiness of it all never seemed to wear off.

"I think they like it!" Ryou snickered, sauntering over to his yami and slipping his arms around his neck. "Helloooo? Anyone home?"

"They better like this outfit," Malik mumbled, ambling over to his own dark. "It took us forever to pick out…"

"You look stunning, as always." Marik leered, licking his lips as he snaked his hands around his other half's waist.

"You know, the Pharaoh is going to think I corrupted you." Bakura chuckled, pressing his forehead against Ryou, who smiled up at him innocently.

"But you did corrupt me, yami!" He sang, kissing Bakura's nose. "I just want them to know that…"

"Trust me, once they see you two wearing these outfits, nobody will doubt you ever again." Marik laughed.

"True," Malik said impatiently, dragging on Marik's arm. "Come on, let's go! We're late enough as it is!"

"And who's fault do you think that is?" Bakura sneered, following his own light when he began to drag them to their garage. Malik suddenly let go of Marik's hand, and grabbed onto Ryou.

"He's coming with me, so you two don't grope us on the way there." Malik said, laughing when he saw the disappointed looks on the dark's faces.

"Aww, you aren't any fun!" Bakura whined, before smiling and jumping on the back of the motorcycle and behind Marik, who had jumped on before him. "You don't know what you're missing!" He winked and grinned viciously at them. Malik rolled his eyes and started his cycle before speeding off down the road, Marik trailing close behind.

They arrived around a half an hour later. Malik pulled his bike to a stop and hopped off to stretch, helping Ryou get down too. Marik pulled in next to him, and as soon as the ignition was turned off, Bakura and Marik were all over each other, kissing frantically. They had been turning each other on the entire ride there.

"Knock if off guys!" Malik rolled his eyes, trying not to let on how hot that was. "We're late enough as it is!"

"Nnn…fine…" Marik sulked, and stopped kissing a pattern down Bakura's neck. "You guys don't let us have any fun."

Ryou rolled his eyes at his boyfriends' behavior, but couldn't help crack a smile as well. He grabbed onto both of their hands and dragged them to the door, knocking on it a few times and waiting for a reply. Sure enough, a few seconds later they heard footprints coming down the hall and then a light 'click' sound as the door was unlocked to reveal a startled looking Mokuba.

"Ryou? Is that you?" He asked, astonishment clearly shown on his face.

"Yep, it's me alright!" Ryou smiled brightly down at the boy. "How are you doing, Mokuba?"

"I'm doing good, thanks." Mokuba answered with a grin, before fully opening the door and beckoning the boys inside and down the hall. Marik let out a low whistle as he stared around himself.

"I'll never get used to how big this place is, don't you get lost, kid?"

"You get used to it after a while," Mokuba shrugged, "And here we are!" He announced, throwing the door open, "Hey everyone! Ryou, Malik, Marik and Bakura are finally here!"

Everyone paused in what they were doing, and stared at them in shock.

"Well, aren't you going to say hello to us?" Malik grinned, raising an eyebrow in question. Yami was the first to snap out of his shock, as he stared at the two light's critically.

"Is that really you?"

"In the flesh!" Bakura smirked amusedly, enjoying the absolutely stunned look in the Pharaoh's eyes. He and Marik weren't dressed half bad as well; each wearing their usual punk leather style with tight revealing tops.

The gang continued to stare at them in silence.

"What? You've never seen four gorgeous men before?" Marik asked, annoyed. Seto snapped out of his stupor as well and snorted sarcastically.

"Ha, I see only two men out of your four, and that's Ryou and Malik."

"Ha, ha, funny rich boy." Bakura said sarcastically, rolling his eyes. Malik and Ryou both snickered.

"You know, he has a point…" Ryou said, trying his best to hold in his laughter.

"We'll just see who isn't 'man' enough!" Bakura grinned, before pulling Ryou towards him and kissing him passionately. Ryou moaned and clutched Bakura's shirt in his hands as his knees started to buckle underneath him. Bakura pulled back suddenly, panting with a satisfied smirk on his lips, "Was that enough proof?" Ryou just nodded, his eyes slightly hazed over.

Everyone in the room was shocked into silence again except for Marik and Malik, who were expecting it to happen.

"What now? Don't tell me you've never seen two gorgeous men kiss before?" Marik asked with faked horror.

"Wh-when? How? Wha?" Jounouchi asked confusedly, completely lost to the situation at hand.

"Isn't it obvious? We're all together." Marik stated casually, crossing his arms.

"All? As in you, Malik, Bakura, and Ryou?" Anzu asked quietly, "A foursome?"



Silence once again ate away at the room, some fidgeting nervously, others just staring uncomfortably. Bakura soon became annoyed, and growled.

"Do you have a problem with that?" He demanded gruffly. Ryou, by this time was looking nervous, not really knowing how to respond to his friends' reactions.

"No!" Yugi answered quickly, "I think we're all just surprised. I mean, I know I am."

"Well would you quit looking at us like that?" Bakura snapped, "We're not that interesting!"

"Sorry…" The gang mumbled, before falling into another lapse of silence. Now, Marik was getting a little pissed off, and when Marik was pissed, bad things tend to happen. Just as he was about to open his mouth to rant, Seto interrupted him.

"Since we're all here now, what would you like to do?" He asked.

"Oh!" Jou shouted, raising his hand excitedly. Rolling his eyes, and inwardly smiling at his boyfriend's childish actions, Seto pointed at him. "Truth or Dare!"

"Yes!" Yugi agreed, "That'd be great!"

"Alright. Does anyone disagree?" Seto asked, not gaining a reply. "Then let the game begin. Everyone gather in a circle."

They all sat around together, Ootogi and Honda next to each other, Mai and Anzu to their right, Jou and Seto to their left with Jou sitting in Seto's lap. Next to them were Yugi and Yami, both holding hands, and then Ryou who was sitting in Marik's lap, and Malik who was in Bakura's.

"Who wants to go first?" Yami asked. Honda raised his hand. "Alright then, go ahead and start the game."

"Wait." Seto glared, then sent Mokuba to a movie, despite the younger teen's protests. Once he was safely out of the house, Seto nodded his ascent. "Continue."

"Hmm," Honda mumbled thinking, "I choose…Yami. Truth or dare?"

"Dare." Yami said confidently. Bakura rolled his eyes and muttered something to Ryou through their link about pompous pharaoh pricks. Ryou bit his lip to stifle his giggle.

"Okay, I dare you to call the pizza place down town, and try to prostitute yourself out to whoever answers the phone."

"WHAT!" Yami shrieked, his face turning red with embarrassment. He sighed, knowing he never backed down from a challenge, "Alright, but I don't know where the phone is…"

"You can borrow mine," Mai piped up, smirking as she tossed the former pharaoh her cell phone. She knew that this was gonna be great.

Yami grumbled and dialed the restaurants number. He waited impatiently for someone to pick up the phone; he just wanted to get this over with.

"Hello? Pizza Pal Ben speaking."

"Hey there," Yami purred, trying to make his voice sound as seductive as possible, "I just wanted to know if you'd be interested in purchasing some of MY meat." Yami gagged visibly at the others, totally disgusted at what he was saying.

Ryou and Malik were trying to muffle their laughter in Marik and Bakura's chests, while Jou and Honda both had pillows over their faces. Yugi had a wide grin set on his face, enjoying his love's embarrassment, while Seto smirked mockingly at Yami, intent on using this for future blackmail. Anzu and Mai were also giggling helplessly, rolling around on the floor clutching their stomachs.

Unfortunately for Yami, this 'Pizza Pal' was actually interested.

"Sure," Ben purred back, his voice making Yami shudder in grotesque. "I'd love to make an order, when can we meet?" Yami gaped for a minute, shuddering in horror.

"NEVER!" He shouted into the mouthpiece, before turning it off and throwing it at Mai.

"What did he say?" Anzu asked, still laughing, tears of mirth pouring down her face.

Yami twitched, "He said he wanted to 'make an order' and he asked when we could meet." At this everyone burst out in a fresh round of laughter. Yami glared at them, "I fail to see what's so amusing…" He tapped his foot, waiting for them to calm down. "Is everyone finished?"

"Sorry, Yami, we're done!" Yugi giggled, wiping tears from his eyes.

"It's about time…" Yami muttered. "Alright, my turn, and I choose, Ryou…Truth or dare?"

"Umm," Ryou stammered nervously. "Truth."

"Wimp!" Bakura and Marik both chorused, poking Ryou in the stomach and laughing when he turned red. They didn't notice the dark looks they were receiving from everyone in the room.

"Okay, Ryou, has Bakura ever hit you?" Yami asked, seriously. He knew that this was a question that was on everyone's mind. They had always thought that Bakura abused Ryou and Marik abused Malik. That's why they were all so shocked to find out that they were all together. Yami had to know if it was true. He never trusted those two thieves…

Bakura paused in his teasing, and narrowed his eyes at Yami, wondering what the conniving king was up to. Ryou meanwhile, thought for a while, not thinking the question odd at all.

"Yes, he has." He said finally after a few moments. Yami stiffened, he knew it… "But it was only once, and he was drunk." Ryou explained. "Plus, he apologized non stop for a week after that."

"Were ya together then?" Jou asked curiously.

"No, I don't think we were at that time." Ryou paused thoughtfully before looking at Bakura and smiling. "He still apologizes to this day." Bakura leaned over and kissed Ryou's cheek.

"I'm sorry and I love you."

"I love you too," Ryou beamed, "And once again, you're forgiven."

"Satisfied Pharaoh?" Marik asked smoothly, his eyes warning Yami that he knew what the other was trying to find out and wasn't happy about it.

"Not yet," Yami answered back, his own eyes holding a challenging look.

Malik and Ryou looked at one another confusedly before shrugging it off.

"My turn!" Ryou sang happily. "Now, who shall I choose?" He looked around the circle, trying to make a decision. Then, he looked up at Marik, wearing an uncharacteristic smirk on his face. "Oh Marik dear? Truth or dare?"

"Dare." Marik said without hesitating.

"I was hoping you'd say that," Ryou giggled, "I dare you to be uke for Bakura tonight!"

Marik sighed as Bakura let out a happy whoop. "Fine." He looked at Bakura, who was wiggling his eyebrows at Marik and licking his lips. He sighed deeply again. Ryou was such a minx sometimes. "My turn. Seto, truth or dare?"

"Truth, there is no way I'm choosing dare on your turn." Seto crossed his arms.

"Chicken," Marik muttered sulkily, "Okay, was Jounouchi the first person you had sex with?"

"Yes," Seto said, pulling Jou closer to him, "And I won't ever regret my choice."

Malik and Ryou both awed at the moment of tenderness shown between Jou and Seto. "So cute!" They squealed together.

"Alright, is anyone else hungry?" Mai asked, leaning back on her elbows. "I'm starved."

"I'm sort of hungry myself…" Honda admitted, rubbing his stomach sheepishly. Seto sighed and stood up.

"Let's just take a break now to get some lunch, then we'll continue playing."

"Food!" Jou shouted excitedly, practically bouncing on his feet behind Seto as he lead everyone into the kitchen.


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