The Bonds That Tie

It was April 5th, two days before Easter in the year 1996. Students had gone home for the holiday, except for those who chose to stay behind. Ones like Harry Potter, who knew he wouldn't be able to control himself if he stayed with his best friend, Ron Weasley and the young man's family. Harry Potter was currently just about to finish his fifth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, only two months to ago. It had been anything but easy, but he managed through other means until now where he was losing himself to the desire for human blood. Harry remembered the event like it was yesterday, the awful night he was turned into a vampire. It had been before fifth year started while Harry had run off to escape his cousin's bullying. Harry got dragged into an underpass tunnel and all he felt was someone grab his head, jerk it to the side and then a tongue licking up the side of his neck. Harry was only told that it would be interesting to see the famous Harry Potter survive as a creature of darkness. After that, Harry only felt searing pain as he was bitten. Before he knew it, things were over and the person left him lying on the ground telling him that if he wanted to survive; he would need to feed within twenty-four hours or he would die from an incomplete transition. Harry was left alone, able to move after fifteen minutes. Harry tries to fight the thirst and hunger, but couldn't and he didn't want to die; he gave in to desire.

Harry found an unsuspecting human and sank his fangs into their neck to feed. Harry didn't kill the person, but had healed and obliviated them from remembering the incident. Harry felt fine after, returning home before the sun came up. Harry worked hard beyond that night to never feed from a human again, so he researched all he could at the library about vampires. Harry only spoke with the vampire who changed him one other time, and it was just so the person could see his creation lived; then filled him in on what he needed to do to live. Harry found on his own all his abilities, which was kind of an upside for what he could do. Harry was using a glamour charm to hide his red eyes and pale skin; he needed to look normal and he only fed on animal blood, not that it ever fully filled him. Now, Harry had made it through most of his fifth year without anyone ever knowing his secret. However, the desire for human blood was too much to ignore and animal blood hadn't worked for a week. Harry hated it and he couldn't feed on school grounds. The walls had eyes and ears everywhere, so right now, Harry was hidden in the Room of Requirement; he knew he'd be safe to fight the urge to go out and find someone in Hogsmead to feed on.

However, what Harry didn't expect was for the door to suddenly open and he quickly hid inside a dark corner.

"Cool. A random room in the castle that appeared out of nowhere. I wonder if anyone else knows about this…" Came a male voice. Harry could smell the blood and resisted his burning throat. "Still, why would it show itself to me and no one else? Odd. I'll ask my godfather later," the boy shrugged as Harry glanced to find it was Draco Malfoy. Merlin, why did the boy have to have to wander into the room? Why did the room even appear to him?! Harry groaned; it was getting too hard to resist. "Who's there?!" Draco ordered, looking around and seeing someone in the shadowed corner. "Come out."

"Can't you just go away? Never took you for a curious person, Malfoy," Harry remarked.

"Potter?" Draco asked. "What are you doing in here?"

"I was enjoying the peace and quiet until you showed up." Harry scoffed.

"Hey, the door appeared out of nowhere and I was curious. So you know of this room then?" Draco questioned.

"Yes." Harry said simply. "Room of Requirement. A secret, magical room in the castle that only appears to those who are in need." He explained, hoping to satisfy Draco's curiousness.

"Well…It appeared to me and I wasn't in need of anything," Draco said.

"Were you wandering around with nothing to do?" Harry questioned.

"Yes. I'm bored." Draco said. "Parents told me to stay here for the holiday, since they're going away and my godfather is busy."

"Then the room likely appeared to you to give you something to do." Harry said. "Now, will you go?"

Draco was going to leave, but stopped and turned back in the direction Harry's voice had been. "In need of what, exactly? Why does it only appear to those in need?"

"I don't know the inner mechanics of the room, Malfoy. I just know what I've been told and Dumbledore told me there was once a secret room that appeared when he was a student here and in need of the bathroom. The room sets up to what the user needs." Harry informed. "Now…Please, will you leave? I want…To be alone."

"Having a lonely holiday, Potter?" Draco smirked.

"No, I chose to stay back this year. Just got a lot on my mind, so will you just sod off and leave me the bloody hell alone. I don't need your Malfoy nonsense right now." Harry told him. Merlin, he needed Draco to leave before he couldn't stop himself.

"No, I think I'll stay." Draco folded his arms.

"Draco…Go. Now." Harry ordered, his voice changing and surprising Draco some. It sounded…Desperate. "Please…"

"Why are you hiding in a corner, you could at least come out and speak to me like a normal person. Do you detest me so that you will not face me?" Draco pushed.

"I just…" Harry had no reason. "I was here first. I don't have to explain myself to you."

"You came here in need of something. That's what you said the room was for…So what do you need?" Draco asked.

"None of your business…So go away." Harry growled. Draco started walking towards where Harry was. "Stop." He ordered. Draco persisted. "I'm warning you, Malfoy…You're not going to like me if I get angry." He said.

"I already don't like you, so whatever. What are you hiding from?" Draco got closer, just steps away and could barely make out Harry's trembling form in the shadowy corner. "What's up with you?"

"Please? Draco, please just leave before I hurt you and I really don't want to…" Harry pleaded. "Please…I can't…Control it…" His voice was so small and scared, having lost all its bravado from before.

That got to Draco. Why was Harry scared? "What can't you control?" Draco tried to reach for Harry, and found his wrist grabbed to stop him. Red began to bleed into green eyes as Draco stared with shock. "Potter?"

"I need you to leave…Now…" Harry told him.

"Why…A-Are your eyes red?" Draco asked.

"They're not, you're seeing things." Harry turned his head away. "Leave." He released Draco's wrist.

"Pot-," Draco stopped. "Harry…" He got closer and knelt down. "What's wrong? Are you sick or something? You're shaking, and sweaty. Let me take you to the hospital wing?" He offered.

"I don't need the hospital wing. I need to be left alone." Harry told him.

"You're not alright. And I know we're not on great terms, but let me help." Draco said.

"You can't help me. No one can…" Harry growled. "It's just what I have to live with. I don't want to hurt you, Draco…So go."

"I'm not going to leave." Draco said.

Harry flew at him, pushing him into the wall, holding his arms above his head with one hand and Harry's other hand on Draco's head, tilting it slightly to expose the neck. Draco stared at him, slightly terrified, but what he saw was all he needed to see. Harry Potter's glowing red eyes. His ice cold hands. His fangs. Harry Potter was a vampire. Harry closed his eyes and turned his head. "No!" Harry let go of Draco and stepped back, shaking his head. "No…"

"Harry?" Draco asked, coming closer.

"I told you to go, damn it. Don't you listen?! I'm trying to save you from me…I will not be able to resist a second time. Go, Draco." Harry told him. "Please?"

Draco took only a moment to figure it all out. Harry Potter was a vampire and trying to resist the urge to drink human blood; that's why he was like this right now. But Draco knew about vampires; he'd been slightly fascinated with them as a child and knew they existed, but were shunned by society. Draco knew a vampire needed blood to survive, so how long had Harry gone without human blood? He'd be dead by now if too long. Vampires could also go into blood-rage for blood if they didn't drink and that's what Harry was fighting. Draco looked at his wrist and moved closer to Harry before offering it to him.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked, looking at him. "Are you stupid?" He shoved Draco's wrist away from him.

"Are you?" Draco glared. "I've seen enough, Potter. I know what's going on now…The red eyes, cold skin…The fangs. You're a vampire fighting the need for blood." He told him as Harry turned away from him. "If you're fighting it this hard then you know you need it to survive, Harry. I understand you don't want to hurt me, which you could have easily with that speed and strength. But you stopped and let me go…" Draco pulled back his sleeve and offered it again. "Stop fighting it. I'm offering my help…"

"No. I don't need your help…I've been doing fine." Harry refused.

"Obviously not well enough if you're locked up in here. Understand this, Harry, you need blood to survive. You will die…" Harry kept his eyes closed tightly. "Stupid, stubborn fool…" Draco grabbed his wand and used a simple cutting spell to slice his arm open, but not deep. Draco shoved his arm forward again as the scent of blood took over Harry's nose and mind.

"Oh God…" He grabbed Draco's wrist, running his tongue over the blood. "Such a sweet scent…" His eyes rolling into the back of his head a moment. "No, I can't…"

"Stop fighting it, Harry. Drink, I'm offering it. Just don't kill or turn me…" He asked softly. "Come on…" He coaxed.

Harry held Draco's wrist and lowered his mouth, sinking his fangs into the flesh. Draco only winced once, but otherwise, stayed still as Harry fed hungrily. Eventually, both lowered to the floor, sitting down as Draco watched Harry seem to settle down and slow his drinking. At some point, Harry did know when to stop and he released Draco's wrist from his fangs and then licked over the wound to heal it completely. Harry turned his head after standing up as Draco stared at him.

"What do you want in exchange for your silence?" Harry asked quietly.

"Tell me the truth, Harry. How did this happen? When? Tell me and I won't tell anyone about you being a vampire. But if you won't tell me, I have to tell someone because you can't lock yourself away when school starts again. And if you'd gone any longer, you could go into a blood-rage where you'd lose your senses and just violently attack someone to feed. Only you wouldn't stop at full, you'd kill them. I can't not say anything if you attack someone in the school…So tell me about this, so I can help you." Draco explained.

Harry sighed and the room seemed to understand as a table and chairs appeared for them to sit at. "I got turned over the summer…" Harry looked down. "I was trying to outrun my cousin and his friends, ended up hiding in a tunnel under the highway. It was dark, no exits other than how I got in," He tried to remember it all. "Someone grabbed my head and jerked it to the side, he bit into my neck and while I laid there paralyzed; he gave me some of his blood. He told me afterward; If you want to survive the transition, you will need to feed in the next twenty-four hours or you will die. Then he left. I laid there for a while before I could move and stayed hidden as I went through the transformation. By hour twenty-three and a half, I gave in and found some muggle teenager to feed on. I healed the wound and obliviated them so they wouldn't remember it." He told the tale.

"And what have you done all this time, Harry? Fed on your friends?" Draco asked.

"No. I've never fed on human blood since that night. I've survived on animals, but with so little people in the castle…I can't just get away to hunt. Not that it matters, animal blood isn't enough…" He muttered.

"I've read about that," Draco mentioned.

"You sounded like Hermione just now with reading about things…" Harry said.

"I used to read up on vampires, a childhood interest of mine," Draco shrugged. "There are some vampire breeds who cannot survive on animal blood. It fixes the hunger in the moment, but it's effects leave the vampire wanting more by the next day. Whereas vampires consuming human blood can go a week or longer. I've read that with age and experience, hunger is easier to manage. But as a newborn, or freshly turned, you should be consuming human blood, at least, once a week." He informed. "When exactly did you get turned?"

"Just after my fifteenth birthday, like a day. So August 1st, I guess?" Harry replied.

"It's been over half a year since your turning. You shouldn't still be craving this much, it should be lessened. But you've fought against it so hard that maybe it won't settle until you get into a normal routine. All that aside…Harry, you need to human blood. Animal might work in a tight spot, but you're the type of vampire that needs human blood." Draco told him.

"Great, my luck would be getting turned and also into one that needs human blood. I've known for a while animal blood wasn't doing it for me, but...I don't like feeding on humans. It feels wrong and against my nature to hurt people." Harry remarked.

"Yes, you don't want to hurt people…So stop fighting your vampire nature and don't let yourself get to the point of needing blood that badly anymore. That's where your risk is, Harry. Like today…Having gone so long without it, and even without animal blood to sustain you from blood rage or lust, it makes you violent. It's instinct to survive and for that, you need human blood." Draco informed.

"I guess I can hunt in Hogsmead…I can go at night to the shrieking shack," Harry mumbled.

"Or we can put aside our rivalry so I can help you. Just like first year, I'm offering my friendship and help to you, Potter." Draco said.

"What's the catch?" Harry eyed him, his eyes having now gone back to green.

"Don't deny yourself anymore," Draco told him firmly. "If you need blood, you come to me and I'll let you feed from me. That's my only catch, don't deny yourself what you need. If you need human blood, come to me and we'll come right to this room and I'll let you. Also, no killing or turning me…Okay? That a fair deal?"

"We have different classes, and in different houses. A lot of these urges come at random…What if I can't get to you?" Harry asked.

"Then we'll set up a schedule…Or you hold off until the next one. On average, how often do you get…Hungry or thirsty?" Draco questioned.

"Couple times a week," Harry replied.

"Alright, how about we set up for Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays? We'll meet in here for before breakfast or after dinner and you can feed to get you through a couple days until the next one?" Draco suggested.

"I guess we could do that…" Harry sighed.

"Don't get worked up, Potter. It happened, all you can do now is live with it," Draco remarked. "So we have a deal? I won't tell anyone if you stop denying when you need blood and come to me for it." He offered his hand. "As well as calling a truce and being friends?"

"Deal." Harry agreed, shaking Draco's hand.

It was an odd way to come together, but Draco didn't run away when Harry got cold towards him and not even when Harry had got violent. Instead, the male stayed put and even offered his own blood to calm Harry down. Harry didn't understand, but he supposed not everything was supposed to make sense either. After the agreement was made, Harry seemed tired and Draco noticed.

"The tower has to be the worst place for you as a vampire…" Draco mentioned.

"Yeah…Too much light." Harry muttered.

"You belong in the dungeon." Draco chuckled.

"Yeah, but if I go requesting a house change; it's going to look pretty odd." Harry told him.

"Don't vampires sleep during the day?" Draco wondered.

"Some do, but I don't. I can rest, but not fully sleep unless I'm exhausted…Like now," Harry replied.

"Out of curiosity…How come I can't see your red eyes, pale skin, and fangs anymore?" Draco asked.

"It's…A glamour charm I've worn since I got turned. Keeps everything the same as everyone has seen me." Harry informed. "So far, no one has picked up on the charm."

"Let's hope they don't, or your secret is out." Draco said. "I advise staying away from Pomfrey, Snape, and even Dumbledore. They'd be keen enough to notice things at close quarters." He suggested.

"I'll bear that in mind," Harry nodded.

"Good. I'll help all I can, Harry. With information, and feeding," Draco told him.

"I appreciate it. And also today…Thank you." Harry said.

"You're welcome. Now, go on and rest for a bit. I'll see you at dinner?" Draco remarked.

"Yeah, you will. Night, Draco," Harry left the room first and headed for Gryffindor Tower to rest up.

Draco could only stay in the room a little while longer, then finally exited and saw the door disappear. If he didn't know any better, based on Harry's need to hide out because he needed blood, the room appeared to Harry to hide in and made it so the first person walking by, in this case, Draco, available to enter for Harry to feed on. Who knew, but the timing was impeccable that it appeared to Draco when Harry was literally going crazy with a need for blood. It was quite the interesting turn of events, quite literally with the turning of Harry into a vampire. Who would have thought such would happen? It was shocking and kind of cool. Draco, for one, was glad he and Harry wouldn't be fighting anymore. However, it was a little bit of a pleasured rush that washed over Draco when Harry fed from him. Draco wasn't sure what he should do, but if that gave him a kind of pleasure…What did it give Harry? Maybe Draco would ask next time they talked. Draco finally left the room and headed for his dorms, a sense of joy that he could help Harry Potter.