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This will be a dark fic, I warn you now. It is inspired by my love of the Battousai side of Kenshin. I will also give credit to DoveofNight, who wrote one of the best Battousai fics I've ever read. Thank you Dove for your inspiration.


Black all engulfing night was the perfect time of day. At least that was what the lithe man moving through the shadows thought. The night held him in her dark embrace, shielding him from good and evil alike. No calm, whispering blade of evil would ever slit his throat while he was so entwined. No victorious slice from good would ever undo this manslayer while her was so protected. On this night when the moon had hidden, perhaps from the creeping killer's presence, the Battousai was called out for a peculiar mission. No blade would descend to cleave men's skulls tonight, unless of course they foolishly challenged the hitokiri.

Tonight he was sent to capture a person, but not the life. He was sent to take the daughter of a very high ranking, and also very corrupt government official.

'It would be so much less hassle to simply kill the man' thought the silent stalker. 'But, I am just a simple assassin, not a politician and cannot make that choice.'

As he drew closer to his victim's residence he could hear the snores of a few lazy guards. 'Fools!' he thought viciously. The "guards" were passed out drunk. This assignment was becoming very elementary. Despite the fact that the hitokiri didn't really need to use his stealth to enter the house, he kept his senses high just in case. He easily entered the house through the front entrance, without a sound or resistence.

'What protection is this?' scoffed the Battousai. 'I could have easily killed the entire household by the time they noticed they had been asleep on the job.' He was disgusted by their incompetence.

This was no challenge for him and found himself becoming bored with the mission. Despite this, he used all of his training and skill to enter the victim's room unhindered. He only killed when necessary and, considering the negligence of the guards, no blood would spill on this night.

Hitokiri leaped cat-like into the target's chamber, through the open window. The room was well-sized, with soothing beige paint. A dresser, bed, and bookshelf were the only major pieces of furniture in the room. Books, paper, pens, and apparel lay in a pel-mel fashion all over the chamber, giving the place a cozy lived in feel. The Battousai's mind only registered important details. The fact that a rope ladder, fashioned from sheets curtains, and other fabrics, was hanging from the window, registered to him. Another detail that struck the hitokiri was that the target was not sleeping, as most honorable young women were at this hour of the night. She was standing at the dresser fully clothed in travel apparel, with a sac of, presumably supplies, slung over her shoulder. As she turned toward him the Battousai noticed a detail that he normally didn't bother with. She was lovely. Even in the masking darkness he could see her lush lips, soft, curved body, stubborn chin, and eyes. She had eye's like the night he loved so deeply. Deep penetrating azure, shining softly in the night.

'No,' he thought with an unnerving grin. 'I will not be bored at all.'

Her eyes scanned over the spot where the killer stood, never seeing him. He grinned silently to himself. If he did not wish people to see him, they wouldn't. This particular target was no different.

"Who are you?" Her lilting voice echoed in the still night.

She had sensed him! Only the greatest of assassins could ever sense him, and this child was surely no killer. A look of shock passed fleetingly over his features, replaced instantaneously by the unyielding Battousai mask. This face, that haunts the dreams of those few who live to remember it, stared resolutely at the target, who was still scanning the room.

As she turned her back on him to stare desperately into the blackness, the hitokiri silently snaked one arm around her body to pin her, and the other up to cover her mouth. As soon as his cold, calloused hands whispered against her skin, all her muscles went tense. His cold, calculating mind immediately took in the fact that she had well toned muscles that could be a slight annoyance, should she choose to fight him.

"You will come with me." his deep voice coldly commanded.

Kamiya Kaoru stiffened even more at the sound of his voice and his warm breath on her skin. Something in the pit of her stomach told Kaoru that if she resisted that voice she would soon take her last breath. Kaoru rarely listened to her common sense. She immediately became dead weight, dropped, kicked backward with all her strength, and ran.

This amused the Battousai. He had felt he muscles involuntarily clench in preparation, and was ready for an attempt at escape. He was surprised, a rare occurrence, by the amount of power charged from her kick. Despite his earlier assessment he was not expecting that much force from a victim so slight in frame. He was also amused with the direction she ran in. She did not run into the house, as he had predicted, attempting to wake the guards. Instead, she jumped strait out the open window and onto the rope ladder. She evidently had a great will to escape more than just him.

He would let her have her hope. Battousai calmly strolled down the hallways, past the guards, and settled himself in the woods right beyond the target's window. 'Perfect timing.' He thought smugly as he watched her petite feet connect softly with the ground.

'Free! I'm finally free!' thought Kaoru joyously as she jumped to the ground and took off toward the wood. 'Who was that strange man? What was he doing in my room? He was probably another one of father's guards' Kaoru snorted contemptuously. 'More like bar-room sweeps. One disgustingly showy dress and a few cups of sleeping draft diluted in sake and they couldn't care less. But that man had a aura of power about him I've never sensed before. It felt as if he could have commanded me to do anything and I would have had no choice, but to obey.' She shook herself mentally. 'If that was true Kaoru you would be with him and would not have kicked him. Who knows what he might have done.'

Suddenly she collided with something soft, yet firm. Scolding herself for not looking where she was going, Kaoru looked up.

A man stood before her. He had a cold calculating face. His eyes burnt her, cold, beautiful, terrifying gold. As his hands snaked, one around her body, the other over her mouth, she realized this was the same man from before. He was defiantly not one of the guards.

"you will come with me." He commanded once again. "I will not repeat myself again."

Despite the quiet tones of his voice Kaoru could hear the implicit threat beneath them. She trembled. He smiled very marginally at the fear that now shook his captive. As he looked back into those blue orbs her saw, not fear, but rage. She was pissed. This also amused him. She would be very interesting.


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