I want to thank all of the people who've followed me on the writing of this work, and giving repeat reviews, which really encouraged me. I like the commentary and speculation, it gave me some ideas, as some scenes were written after comments. So you reviewers have contributed to this fic, not just as morale boosters. Cheers!

I want to give credit to Coppola's "Godfather" for my interpretation of the ineffable Blaise Zabini. I wanted him to be a Michael Corleone with a repressed romantic streak and a gentleness that he never gets to display because of his station as one of the more dangerous Slytherin. Cookie points and my respect to those who translate his "pickup line" to Hermione at the wedding. Blaise also channels Don Vito Corleone occassionally. Crabbe and Goyle are warped versions of Lucca Brasi.

Of course, I credit veela and the whole HP universe to JKR. For my interpretation of Draco's particular secondary form, I credit Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and Animal Planet for giving me footage of ostriches, emus, roosters, cranes, storks, information on pheromones and bird behavior in general. I also credit Steven Spielberg's "Jurassic Park". Draco's predatory form would be a attitudinal, prettier, anthromorphic Velociraptor, with the same sorts of noises. It is also where I got the idea that Veela can change genders.

I credit Snape's encounter with Harry at the wedding with trivial cocktail knowledge I've picked up somewhere and my affection for Snarry!fanfiction. Though this Harry does happen to be heterosexual. The irony of him losing his virginity to Draco.

Hermione and Ginny's planning I credit to watching "Father of the Bride" with Steve Martin too often for my own good.

My interpretation of laid back Harry came from before Book Five came out. He deserves a free year from Voldemort anyway. His quirkiness I credit to Xelloss from the anime Slayers. Hermione is the busybody I can be, only I'm too cynical and a procrastinator to care for any endeavor as much as she can.

As for Narcissa... Well. I woud never get myself hitched to a first class louse like Lucius, but I'm a female too. I've also read "The First Wives Club". And she is part veela. Tadaa. Vicious Grace Kelly and Situational Dominatrix.

As for Ron and Draco... What can I say. Rare, and with a bit more comic potential than a Harry and Draco pairing.

I'm not about to stop writing, but it will be a long time coming, as this story started as a pwp scene in my head first. Rest assured, Ron and Draco will be around and I will be experimenting with rare pairings.

Thanks to all.