One Call Away

Summary: A fateful encounter meant that she accidently saved the life of the local mob boss. Now, he'll do anything to get his hands on if she didn't have enough on her plate. Rated M for Bella's short-temper.

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I wasn't sure how I ended up here.

One minute I was walking back from the store and, the next, I was laying down on a bed with an IV attached to my arm. Was I in a hospital? It looked like it but it certainly wasn't your ordinary room - after all, what hospital do you know has a couch nearby?

My body felt stiff but I knew something was wrong and I had to get out of here. Forcing myself to sit up, I pull away the covers from my body to see I was clad in a hospital gown. Where were my clothes? I wince, suddenly feeling an ache in my shoulder and pulling down the gown just enough to see it had been bandaged.

What happened to me? I felt my frustration build at my inability to remember as I pulled off the IV - all I knew was that I had to get out of here. I didn't remember much but if my clothes weren't here, it means they definitely found the knife in my jacket and well...I rather not risk the fact of them calling the police on me to investigate.

I noticed a small cupboard in my room and immediately stood up but wobbled, feeling a wave of dizziness hit me which caused me to grip the edge of the bed to try and stabilise myself. I closed my eyes, managing to re-adjust myself and walking more slowly to the cupboard to find my clothes in a plastic bag - thank god.

I stripped myself of the gown, ignoring the ache in my shoulder, and quickly pulled on my jeans, t-shirt, and my jacket. "Fuck.." I hissed, struggling to get my left arm in but I somehow managed and quickly pulled out my phone but, of course, it was dead. This was no good - I needed to get someone to pick me up.

Looks like I'd have to make a call from here.

The hospital was just humming to life - with medical staff bustling through the corridors and I walk through, heading to the reception desk - seeing the board behind her. Cullen's Royal least I knew where I was.

I looked towards the receptionist and caught her attention. "Excuse me? I was brought in last night and my phone's dead. I was wondering if I can make a phone call?" She handed me the phone and I thank her before inputting the digits, holding the phone to my ear - Rose would surely be awake.

As I did, I noticed two men emerging out of the elevator - one clad in a doctor's coat and the other wearing a formal suit and tie. The latter having the most vibrant green eyes and his copper hair styled messily, but why did he look so familiar...? "Hello?" Rose's voice finally chimed in and I look away from the man, shaking my head.

"Hey, it's me."

"Bella? What happened to you - do you know how worried we all were?"

I sighed. "I'm trying to figure that out. Look, I'm at Cullen's Royal Infirmary - can you pick me up? My phone's dead."

While Rose was giving me an earful over the phone, I turned my back to the men as I was close enough to hear their conversation. "You're telling me she saved you from getting stabbed?"

My body automatically was on edge and I felt the need to pull my hood up, because surely they couldn't be talking about me.

The man sighed. "I'm serious - his men surrounded me, and if it wasn't for her, I'd be the one in the hospital right now. She collapsed on the spot and she didn't even have her ID on her. Did she wake up at all last night?"

I caught the doctor's frown over my shoulder. "Not that I know of - the nurses said she slept peacefully through the night. I was just about to go check in on her now."

Their conversation muddled me to no end.

Stabbed...? My hand subconsciously went to my shoulder, is what why I got bandaged up?

"Bella? Bella!" Rose's voice snapped me back to reality and I shook my head.

Shit. What was she saying? "Sorry, I was...distracted, look, can you just pick me up, please?"

"Alright, it'll take me about fifteen minutes. Meet me outside." I look at the time on the phone 8:59AM. Got it.

I hung up the phone and thank the receptionist who took her phone back and my palms suddenly felt sweaty. I had to get out of here before they noticed I was out of my bed. I turned too quickly, however, and bumped into that very same man. His hands around both my arms and I had to resist the urge not to wince. "Are you alright?"

I nod, bowing my head. "I'm fine, thank you...sorry, that was my fault for not looking."

"Not at all." I could have sworn I saw a crooked grin but shrugged it off and stepped away from him.

"Well...excuse me..."

I walked to the elevator and anxiously wait for the doors to open but was I crazy for feeling like his eyes were on me?

The doctor's fateful words then rang out. "Edward, she's gone."

It was comical really. I had made the foolish mistake of turning around but he was already staring right at me, and then everything felt as if it went to slow motion.

His narrowed eyes slowly widened into recognition as he turned back to face me, and his lips began to part, just as the elevator doors began to open from behind. "Wait!"

And I could have waited but, instead, I ran.

In seconds, I was pushing past the nurses and immediately began the journey of descending down the stairs. I didn't even realise I was on the fourth floor but he was right on my tail. "Wait!" His voice echoed but I could hardly listen as my fight or flight had kicked in - the adrenaline pumping through my veins as I made my way down the stairs.

I nearly tripped numerous times but had no time to even think, as I finally reached the first floor and pushed open the doors - startled visitors moving away from me as I hid behind inside a gift shop. It was 9:13AM and Rose should be here any second.

I hid behind the bags and looked through the tiny gap between the railings as I could see him outside the window, rolling up his sleeves and his jacket now hung around his arms - he had hardly broken a sweat, noticing the men approaching him. Security? No doubt talking about me.

This wasn't good. How was I going to leave now?

I took a moment to relax my breathing and suddenly looked around the gift shop. I didn't really have any money on me...a disguise would help.

He was probably describing my appearance to the guards and my jacket was a giveaway so that was the first thing I removed, leaving me in my t-shirt and I rustled my hair so it fell more naturally down my back, but I knew this wouldn't be enough. I looked outside, seeing the men had left and I venture outside, looking around as naturally as possible but still feeling awfully exposed.

I was slowly walking backwards and bumped into a rather bulky man, who turned back to face me. His facial expression growing from confused to knowing as he quickly wrapped me in his arms when I tried to make a run for it. "Ah-ah, not so fast. You must be the girl Eddie's looking for - c'mon Princess, we won't hurt ya." He had an easy-going grin on his face and I tried not to grimace.

"You have the wrong person..." I tried to play it off, noticing a pink vehicle outside and I knew it anywhere - Rose was here.

He shook his head. "Look, I don't know what you did but Eddie never chases after a girl so just - fuck!" It was then I turned in his arms and delivered a knee to where the sun definitely doesn't shine - it was literally a low blow and I watched as he doubled over in pain.

"Maybe another time." I tried to soothe him before quickly walking away from him, but of course he just had to open his big mouth.

"Over there!"

I turned around and glared at him, but of course the big goof just grinned and all of a sudden, I had guards chasing me.

I quickly ran straight for the exit, with them hot on my heels. I held my shoulder and winced as I ran, seeing Rose's car and breathing a sigh of relief. I rushed to the passenger side but of course it was locked and I bang on her tinted windows, and she finally unlocked the vehicle after putting her lipstick away. I just about get myself in and look at her.

"No thank you?"

I roll my eyes. "Just drive."

She smirked, already slamming her foot on the accelerator and away from the guards.

I watched as the hospital grows further and further from my vision and I sink back into the seat, holding my injured shoulder and wince. The car ride silent for the most part until Rose finally spoke up. "You do know whose hospital that is, right?" Upon my frown, she shook her head. "Really? Cullen - this is the first time you heard of them?"

My eyes were narrowed - why would I know anyone named Cullen? Cullen...

I could feel my expression stiffen. "As in...Cullen Enterprise?" Cullen Enterprise pretty much owned all the business' around Arizona. They even overpowered the Blacks with how much influence they had around here, and it was pretty much unheard of to cross them, but even so...

"Bingo, and I'd bet money that those guards work directly for Mr Cullen - you see those uniforms?" Rose suddenly pulled out her phone and showed me a picture was the same man at the hospital. "That's Edward Cullen - he's in charge of Cullen Enterprise. Honestly Bella, what did you do? Did you piss him off?"

I grunt, suddenly feeling disorientated as all the events of last night came rushing back and shaking my head. "No I...I think I saved him."

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