Captain's Log Personal, 22h00: "The crew have been hard at work decorating the Enterprise with all kinds of decorations in anticipation of the big day. I have never seen so many Christmas decorations. The halls, crew quarters, even Dr. Phlox has sick bay looking merry. It's nice to see the crew joining all together, even Porthos has the Christmas spirit as some of the crew made him a pair of antlers that he wears constantly. He has spent more time in the mess hall drinking water out of the tree stand than I have helping to decorate the ship. I never did like Christmas or Birthdays, will this ever change.computer, delete previous, no wait save entry under Archer personal logs."

As Captain Archer finished his last word the computer beeped a response indicating that the log had been saved. Ever since his father passed away, he has never felt comfortable around the holidays, always feeling alone and wondering about his future holidays. He always thought that once he would fly his father's ship that all these emotions would somehow disappear, he was wrong. Instead, it strengthened his resolve towards the holiday season, being all alone in space was a very lonely experience, especially around the Holidays.

"Beep" The door chime was activated as Captain Archer was deep in though. "Beep" As Captain Archer finally realized that there was someone at the door he simply said. "Enter" The door slid open.

"Was I interrupting you Sir?"

"Not at all Hoshi! What can I do for you?"

"I'm just dropping of Porthos Sir. He might have to go to the washroom soon."

"Ah Yes! The Christmas tree again?"

"Yes Sir." After a brief moment, she noticed that the Captain was deep in thought. "Captain, I ah. don't mean to pry but is they're something bothering you?"

"No. Why?"

"You seem a little preoccupied, that's all Sir." He gave Hoshi a thin smile.

"Thanks for dropping off Porthos Hoshi." She returned his smile.

"Good night Sir."

The door slid shut as soon as Hoshi's frame exited the doorway. As Captain Archer looked down at Porthos who was wagging his tail side to side, he noticed that there was a note attached to Porthos's antlers.

"Did you find something else in the tree stand boy!"

The beagle just sat there wagging his tail, almost willing Captain Archer to take him to the bathroom. When the Captain was off duty he was always wearing a loose pair of pajama bottoms and an old T-shirt from his high school water polo team. He considered that T-shirt his good luck charm. As he bent over to pick up the note the door chime was again activated. "Come" The door once again slid open and there stood T'Pol. Captain Archer had his backside to T'Pol so all the Sub Commander could see was his behind. As T'Pol stood there for a brief moment, not knowing what to say, she crouched down to one knee and looked between Captain Archer's legs. The Sub Commander was not one to initiate a humorous moment but living with humans had rubbed off on her a little. She thought for a brief moment on what to say and then it came to her

"Is this the way you will be answering the door from now on Captain?"

As Captain Archer looked between his legs, he could see T'Pol's face, her glare was as it was always, cool, calm and without expression.


"Captain, your buttocks are showing."

"Oh! Judge a man by his rear do ya!"

"No Sir, I have no interest in your rear."

At this moment, Captain Archer new that T'Pol was trying to initiate a joke, her humor dry as always and in his current position, she had succeeded without question and had also managed to embarrass him enormously. As he raised from his doubled over position, T'Pol also matched his movement, wondering what would be his response. Archer turned to face her, she could see in his eyes that he was thinking of something to say.

"I believe the words you are looking for Sir are.Ha! Ha!

"I could think of a few others but I. what can I do for you Sub Commander?"

T'Pol could hear the uncertainty in his voice, knowing that he was now at her mercy and that he was in no position to pull rank. She decided to take Commander Tucker's suggestions that she should broaden her sense of humor.

"Captain, a message came through to you but we could not patch it to your quarters. I was concerned."

" I turned it off. I wanted to be alone." He paused for a brief moment. "You were concerned about me?"

"No Sir, I thought perhaps repairs were required to your COM system."

"Nice of you to care T'Pol. I feel so much better. What is the message and why couldn't it wait till the morning?"

"It seems that Admiral Forrest has been in a shuttle accident Sir!"

"What! When? Is he OK?"

"Sir Please, he is fine. It was a minor accident as there was only bumps and bruises. Admiral Forrest sustained the only major injury, a broken left leg. I also believe that the main view screen in the shuttle was cracked also."

"Who the hell cares about the view screen. Why wasn't I contacted!"

"Captain, you just told me that you deactivated your."

"I know what I said!" He blew air through his lips. "Sub Commander, I'm sorry for jumping down your throat, I have been a little on edge lately. I haven't been sleeping well and. T'Pol I'm sorry."

As Captain Archer finished his sentence, she could tell that it was a little more than just a lack of sleep or him being on edge. They had not encountered anything other than a class 2 star on sensors in the last 3 months. Why was he so stressed? She had noticed that the closer Christmas had come, the more he had become distant. He has been having breakfast alone when he always has breakfast with Commander Tucker and herself. Was he ill? Was this "Christmas" to blame?

"Captain, may I asked a personal question?"

"What is it Sub Commander?"

"Sir, I have noticed that this "Christmas" is causing you distress. To quote Ensign Mayweather, I guess it is not what it has cracked up to be."

"What are you talking about and what the hell is with that word."

"Commander Tucker suggested that I try and broaden my sense of humor, I told him that it was illogical for a Vulcan to concentrate on humor but he said that it would make the crew warm up to me. Was I in error Captain?"

It took Archer a few moments to chime in to what his science officer was trying to do.

"Sub Commander, Commander Tucker told you this huh? I will deal with him in the morning. Your sense of humor definitely needs practice Sub Commander. I really didn't think that my ass was that funny."

"Captain, if I offended you or embarrassed you I apologize. I meant no harm Sir."

"Actually Sub Commander, that was pretty funny and I'm not embarrassed."

"Then why are you blushing Captain?"

As Captain Archer stood there looking into T'Pol's beautiful hazel brown eyes, he began to think of what the Doctor told him about the sexual tension between T'Pol and himself, that he should just be aware of it and things would take care of themselves.

"Be aware of it, be aware of it." He whispered.

"Be aware of what Captain?"

"Uh! Oh just something the Doctor told me, to be aware of. that flashing my senior staff is not a good idea!"

As T'Pol looked at Captain Archer, he had a quirky smile on his face and was shrugging his shoulders. As she began to leave his quarters, she wanted to know if the Captain was going to contact Admiral Forrest.

"Sir, will you be contacting Admiral Forrest?"

"Yes I will and thank you Sub Commander."

As T'Pol activated the door panel, she walked just beyond the entrance and she turned towards Captain Archer.

"Captain, there is one more thing, I believe your lying requires as much practice as my humor does! Please make sure your door is closed, I would not want a draft to drift through the cracks!"

Archer looked at T'Pol with a cold glare that froze his first officer. Both of his eyebrows shot up!

"Good night Sub Commander!"

With those final words the door shut between the two officers, nearly hitting both of their noses. Captain Archer was amazed that his second in command was actually trying to make him feel better with humor. It was very dry humor but at least the thought was there.

"I can't believe she was cracking jokes. ah shit Jonathan! Now here I go about the crack of my ass."

After leaving the Captain's quarters, T'Pol made her way back to her quarters. She noticed that much of the corridors were now empty as it was late and much of the crew had turned in to prepare for the big day. As she passed by the mess hall, she noticed through the window that the Christmas tree lights were still on. As the door open to the mess hall, she was baffled how the Enterprise crew turned the mess hall into a beautiful room full of decorations, knick-knacks and multi-colored light. Then, her eyes focused on the Christmas tree. She found the site of the Christmas tree soothing to her eyes. The way that the fluorescent lights twinkled and flashed. As she approached the tree, she noticed that Commander Tucker had placed all of his gifts under the tree, as much of the rest of the crew. She to also had gifts to put under the tree but had decided to put them under on Christmas morning as she was up before the entire crew. The doors to the mess hall opened and in walked a crewmember with presents.

"Sub Commander? Is that you?"

As she turned to face the voice, she could not see who it was but recognized the voice.

"Lieutenant Reed, may I be of some assistance?"

"No Sub Commander, I'm just here to put my gifts under the tree. I didn't think there would be anyone here at this hour. Is there something wrong Sub Commander?"


"OK!" Malcolm said with a tone of uncertainty. After a couple of minutes of carefully placing the gifts around the tree, Lt. Reed stood up and turned towards T'Pol.

"There we go, all ready for tomorrow. I'm really excited, I love Christmas. What about you Sub Commander?"

"This will be my second Christmas among humans. I have no interest towards this event."

"Permission to speak freely?"

"Of course."

"Perhaps the reason why you don't have any interest towards this event is because you haven't spent it with humans the proper way. This is a day where all of mankind puts all their problems aside and join together to celebrate a very special day. The birth of our savior, Jesus Christ, and the presents are pretty cool too."

"I know all about the holiday, I have read about it in your database to prepare for tomorrow. It will be no different than any other day."

As Malcolm stood face to face with T'Pol he glared upwards and noticed that there was mistletoe hung from different parts of the ceiling.

"Did your research find that".

He pointed to the ceiling where it hung a little to the left of them.

"That Sub Commander is trouble."

"In what way?"

"It is human custom that if a male and female are standing underneath that little sucker, they must exchange a kiss. So for your own good I would recommend not getting caught underneath one of them!"

"Thank you Lieutenant, that is.important information."

As Lieutenant Reed gave her a smile and wished her good night, within minutes he had exited the mess hall and was on his way back to his quarters. T'Pol decided to follow his lead and return to her quarters. As she was about to leave the mess hall she activated a console on the left side of the door.

"Computer, decrease lighting in mess hall. computer, disregard."

As the door slid closed, T'Pol could still see the lights through the window of the mess hall door. On her way to her quarters, she could not stop thinking about what Malcolm told her just a few minutes ago. That this was a very important day for the human race. At that moment she decided to give these humans the benefit of the doubt and try to appreciate and understand this day, even though she still found it a waste of time. The first Christmas she spent among humans was nothing compared to what she's witnessed aboard Enterprise. To choose one day out of three hundred and sixty five in earth years made no sense to her. Now in her quarters, she prepared for bed. She was wearing a long flowing red robe that fit her slim figure. As she settled down to meditate she simply said to herself.

"This should be interesting."

Official Star Date time: Dec 25, 0230

"Trip, stop it!"

A female voice giggles with laughter, as she frolics between the sheets.

"Trip, please don't, I.I.don't do it Commander, I'm warning you!"

"What are ya gonna do, beat me?"

"You would like that too much, how about a shot in the rear with a phaser?"

"Ooooooh baby! I love it when ya talk dirty!"

"Yeah! Well guess what? It's after 0230 and we have a busy day today, so you know what that means Commander!"

"Yup, I sure do, you must be getting back to your quarters."

"Trip! These are my quarters!"

"Crap, your right! I guess a fella can dream can't he?"

"Commander get out before I'm forced to take action."

"Now you're talkin' my language!"

As Commander Tucker prepared for another assault on the helpless woman, the following warning was given.

"I warned you!"

As Trip bounced off the floor from a solid kick to the sternum, he felt his entire body go numb. As both officers looked at each other, pondering at what just happened, they both began to laugh hysterically.

"Are you all right?" She asked!

"Just remind me next time to listen to your warnin's OK!"

As Trip gathered his wardrobe, she was still laughing. With her aid, they made their was towards the door. The door slid open and Trip looked both ways to see if anyone was there, he turned and kissed Hoshi.

"Are you sure your OK Trip?"

"I'm fine Hoshi, I guess you could say that I have fallen for ya. The hard way I might add!"

As they both laughed for a few more moment, touching and caressing each other, Commander Tucker kissed Hoshi on the end of the nose and then ran down the corridor towards his quarters, hoping that no one seen him leaving Hoshi's quarters. As she watched him warp five it down the corridor in his blue underwear, she smiled and said to herself. "Oh Dear!"

Official star date time: Dec 25, 0400

Captain Archer could not sleep. He tossed and turned as nothing he was doing was helping him to sleep. On the other hand, ever since Archer brought Porthos for a walk and a bathroom pit stop, the beagle was sound asleep at the foot of Archer's bed. The beagle was still wearing the antlers but they were tilted slightly as Porthos slept.

"Son of a bitch, what the hell is the matter with me!"

At that moment, Archer decided to get dressed and go for a run. Archer had began running at night after everyone had turned in, he felt it helped him relax. He had been running now for at least 4 months and he was in excellent shape, along with a little weight lifting that he and Trip where doing, Captain Archer was fit as a fiddle and was the talk of the ladies aboard Enterprise. Even over hearing certain female crewmembers talking about how good the Captain looked. He was pleased that his hard work was showing but he wasn't doing it for attention. He was able to think more clearly and put things into perspective when he was working up a sweat.

"Porthos, stay! You know the routine boy, I'll be back soon."

As Porthos lifted his head, he let out a faint whimper and then rolled over on his back, all fours in the air.

"Must be nice!" He mumbled to himself and with that final word the door closed and off Archer went on his run. He would usually run between three to four decks, using the turbo lifts as a brief rest station as he would wait to arrive at the next deck. As Captain Archer made his way through his second deck, it just happened to be the mess hall deck. As he made his way past the mess hall, he noticed that the Christmas lights were still on. As he continued down the corridor he suddenly came to a stop.

"Who the hell left the lights on. What a waste of power!"

So with that thought, Archer turned around and made his way back to the mess hall. As the door opened, he was in shock at what he saw. It was absolutely amazing how the mess hall was decorated. He noticed the Christmas lights were made out of small glass nodes that are usually found in engineering. Also the knick-knacks that where hanging from the walls and ceiling. As he entered the room, the door slid shut behind him and he continued slowly into the mess hall and straight for the Christmas tree. The beauty of the tree took him.

"I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life."

At that time he had also noticed that there was music playing in the background, it was very low in sound but it was there. Christmas carols were playing; it brought back memories of his childhood. As Captain Archer stood there, looking at the tree, he began talking to himself.

"I wish you were here Dad! I miss you a lot. I think you would be very proud of what we've done with your ship. It was definitely worth the wait. I'm finding it hard to."

As Archer pondered what he wanted to say next, the music had stopped but then started up again. It was no longer Christmas carols but it was an old song that his father used to listen to all the time.

"Dad, your song is playing!"

He could barely finish his final word as his chin began to tremble and tears flowed down his face.

"Dad, there is something I want to tell you. Remember when you said that when I would fall in love with that special girl, that it would hit me without me knowing it. That she was to be treated like a princess, with all the love, respect and happiness that she deserves. Well I believe it has happened. She is smart, beautiful, and she is Vulcan Dad. I know you must be saying, Jonathan what are you doing but it's true Dad, she's absolutely everything I have ever wanted. Unfortunately, the feelings are not mutual and we all know that it would never work. Only an idiot would fall for a Vulcan. I'm sorry Dad!"

With a sigh, Archer lowered his head in self-pity, he never thought to check and see if someone else was in the mess hall. A soft voice replied with a comment

"I believe that your father would not want you to torture yourself for falling in love, that would be illogical Sir!

A startled Archer stood there is shock; he quickly turned to face the voice that overheard his final words.

"Who's there? How long have you been here?"

As the shadow approached him from the dark he could not make out who it was but as the shadow approached him, from the glow of the tree he was able to make out the contour of the frame. The frame was shorter that he was but it looked like the frame was wearing some short of robe or overcoat. He finally was able to see the face from the shadows. It was T'Pol.

"Sub Commander, you startled me. How long have you been here."


"Really!" Was his response with a high pitched voice.

"HHHM HMM!" As he cleared his throat. He noticed that T'Pol was wearing a red flowing robe that ended just above the floor. It hugged every curve of her body.

"You must miss him?"


He tried to deflect the question and see how long she had been there and how much she had heard.

"Your father."

"T'Pol, how long have you been here?"

"I overheard everything Sir. I did not want to disturb you as your conversation with the tree seemed to be very intense."

Once again, T'Pol's attempt at humor was very bad as she tried to ease the tension in the room. As Archer gasped for air, not knowing what to say next, he was stumped for words.

"I did not mean to interrupt you Sir, good night."

As she turned towards the door, he grabbed her by the left arm.

"Oh no you don't. You're not getting away that easy. "

"I have been here for over an hour Sir. I was unable to sleep. So I decided to come here."


"I find the sight of the tree is very soothing to my eyes and emits an air of tranquility."

"No, I mean why couldn't you sleep, usually you sleep just fine!"

As both officers stood there for a second or two, Archer noticed that his father's favorite song was still playing and coming to the end. As T'Pol noticed that Archer's attention was still on the final notes of the song, T'Pol decided to get his attention.

"I thought the song was appropriate Sir."

"What? How did you know that Louis Armstrong was my father's favorite artist?"

"Commander Tucker had mentioned it Sir. At one of the movie nights, this musical interlude was at the final of the movie."

"And you remembered. Well Sub Commander, you surprise me."

As T'Pol approach Archer, she could see that he had been crying and that his cheeks were still moist from the tears. She raised her right hand and with a gentle touch, she wiped away the tear stream from under his left eye with her thumb. He could feel the warms from her hand and it made him feel at piece.

"Permission to speak, Sir."

"Of course."

"Captain, you have made your father proud of you over and back, you have taken his ship and sailed it to great heights and out into the unknown. You should feel very proud at what you have accomplished. No one can take that away from you. Don't ever forget that!"

It was very unusual for Vulcan's to give compliments let alone show compassion but T'Pol was demonstrating both. She was very sincere and very understanding. As Captain Archer and the Sub Commander stood there, Archer could not stop starring at her, the red robe she was wearing was absolutely beautiful, and it hugged her petite frame. It had silk around the cuffs of the arms and along the bottom, inches from the floor. She was still getting closer as the two officers were now almost face to face. T'Pol raised her head slightly and Archer lowered his slightly. All of the different colored light were bouncing off of T'Pol's robe making her even more beautiful, her hazel brown eye focused directly into his.

"Is it true what you just said about falling in love with a Vulcan? Would I know this Vulcan?"

"Yes it is, she is all that I have ever wanted."

As the Captain continued, T'Pol raised both of her arms and grabbed Archer by both of his elbows, moving him slightly closer.

".And yes you know her Sub Commander, we don't always see eye to eye but I would be lost without her."

"Captain, you must know that it is illogical for a human to have this kinds of feelings for a Vulcan! That Vulcans and Humans and not biologically compatible, and the feelings would most likely not be returned."

"Yes it is illogical as you put it but I believe that this Vulcan is different from others and I'm hoping that she at least understands what I'm felling."

"I believe she does Sir."

"And how do you know Sub Commander?"

"Because she has similar feelings!"

As both officers stood millimeters from each other, Archer simply said. "Computer access Archer music file beta three." As the music began to play, T'Pol was not quit sure what would happen next.

"T'Pol, would you like to dance?"

"I would be in need of assistance, Vulcan's do not dance."

"I will take that as a yes and don't worry, I'll lead!"

"What is the name of this piece?"

"It's another one of my father's favorites, its called Lady in Red!"

"How fitting!"

As Archer wrapped his right arm around her thin waist and grabbed her right hand with his left, he kept a distance between them, as he knew that the situation was already uncomfortable for her and did not want to pressure her or make the moment more difficult. As the two danced, Archer realized that she was a quick leaner and they were dancing very fluently around the mess hall. They never broke eye contact, looking deep into each other's eyes, losing each other. As the music was nearing it's end, T'Pol had all but narrowed the distance between the two and now had both her arms wrapped around Archer's waist, her hands locked together behind his back and her head resting on his chest. Archer's head was slightly resting on T'Pol's, his arms now embracing her with love and compassion. It was a beautiful sight! The song now finished, they had almost stopped at the exact place they started. They still held each other even though the music had stopped. Neither wanted to let go but T'Pol lifted her head from the Captain's chest and looked upwards towards the ceiling. Finding what she was looking for, she moved them over. As she broke her hold behind his waste, her left hand still on Archer's back, she raised her right arm very slowly and pointed to the ceiling as her eyes were locked on his. As he followed her index figure, watching what she was pointing at, he was looking directly above them and they were directly under mistletoe.

"Oh boy!"

Was Archer's response, T'Pol had lowered her right hand behind the Captain's neck. With a gentle motion, she lowered his head, bringing his lips to meet hers. With Archer's heart racing, T'Pol could feel his heart beating fast and strong. As there lips now inches from contact.

"It is true what your father's favorite song says Captain!"

"What's that Sub Commander?"

"It is a beautiful world!"

And then it happened, they were as one, there bodies fit together perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. The kiss was absolutely everything they both had imagined and more. It was like a waterfall of emotions. Suddenly, Archer broke the kiss; not sure at what just happened. He looked into her beautiful hazel brown eyes and he could see the passion and fire she had for him. As they starred into each other's eyes, T'Pol broke the silence.

"Is everything all right Sir?"

"Yes or course, I just.ah.want to make sure that you realize that I.didn't want to make you feel uncomfortable."

"Captain, if I was uncomfortable would I do this!"

She once again pointed to the ceiling and engaged their intimate kiss. Archer was totally lost as he had being wishing, dreaming of this day, but what would happen now knowing that they both shared feelings for each other. Knowing that Vulcan's don't show their emotions, especially to humans, this was new ground, new territory and most definitely a new adventure he was most ready to tackle. After minutes of holding and caressing, they realized that it was getting close to shift change and that the mess hall would be receiving crew members soon for breakfast as the Alfa shift was about to relieve the Beta shift.

"Sub Commander, we'd better.can I walk you back to your quarters?"

"Of course. I would like that Captain."

As Sub Commander T'Pol and Captain Archer began towards the door, T'Pol held on to Archer's left arm with both of hers. Archer smiled at her and kissed her on the top of her pointy right ear. The door-slid shut behind them, once again, the Christmas lights left on. As Captain Archer escorted T'Pol back to her quarters, she still hung on to his left arm and on occasion would rest her head on his shoulder. No words were exchanged between the two until they had arrived at her quarters.

"Well here we are Sub Commander!"

"Thank you Captain!"

The door to T'Pol's quarters opened and T'Pol entered her quarters, unwilling to release her hold of Archer.

"Sub Commander, could I possibly have my arm back?"

"I'm sorry Captain!"

"When we are off duty, I would like it if you would call me by my first name and not rank."

"I would like that Jonathan!"

"As would I."

As T'Pol gave Archer one final kiss, she then whispered in his ear.

"Merry Christmas Jonathan!"

As Archer stood there for a moment, T'Pol entered her quarters and then the door slid shut. Archer could not believe what had just happened. Was he dreaming or did T'Pol actually initiate physical contact with him. This was all a shock to him as he had dreamed of this moment time and time again but knew that it would never come to reality.

"Merry Christmas T'Pol."

Was his final words, he began his way back to his quarters with a new found sense of optimism and hope as he actually thought that this might work out. But how would they keep something like this from the crew, especially that it was now officially Christmas.

Official star date time: 0700, Christmas Morning

"What can I do for you Commander?"

"High Doc! I kinda need your help."

"Of course Commander, please sit down."

"Ah. that's the problem, I can't."

It was now Christmas morning and Dr. Phlox received his first patient off the day. He wasn't expecting anyone until after supper as the eggnog was quit potent, so he heard. He looked at Commander Tucker and noticed the Chief Engineer was having difficulty walking and sitting.

"What do you mean you can't sit?"

"Just what I said, I. ah. hurt myself workin' out and feel on my butt."

"Well I can scan you standing if you prefer?"

"That'd be nice, thanks!"

As Dr. Phlox scanned Commander Tucker, he noticed how much discomfort Commander Tucker was in, it looked like he had gotten into a fight.



"Well I have some bad news and good news. Which would you prefer first?"

"News! It was only a kick to the.it doesn't matter."

"Well, the good news is nothing is broken but your sternum and your tail bone are bruised and you will be sore for a few days. The best medical advice I can give you is to tell your workout partner to be a little easier on you Commander!"

As Commander Tucker looked at the doctor with a cold glare, Dr. Phlox had a smile from ear to ear, Commander Tucker began to walk to the exit.

"Thanks Doc!"

"Anytime Commander, and Merry Christmas!"

Commander Tucker spun quickly and looked at Dr. Phlox. If he had not known better, he would have sworn that the Doctor knew what had actually happened.

"Same to you to Doc!"

Official star date time: 0900, Christmas Morning

As Captain Archer was making his way to the mess hall for Christmas morning breakfast, there was Christmas Carols playing in all of the corridors, obviously Hoshi had patched it through the COM system, crewmembers where wearing antlers and Christmas bows. It was nice to see that everyone was in the festive mood. As Captain Archer approached the mess hall doors, he could see all the people in the mess hall; the breakfast had already started. As the doors opened, a loud greeting echoed from the mess hall.

'Merry Christmas Captain!"

"Merry Christmas everyone."

Was his response, for the next several minutes, he was greeted by several crewmembers with handshakes and hugs. As the greetings started to diminish, Archer looked around the mess hall to see if any of his bridge crew had arrived. Lieutenant Reed, Ensign Mayweather and Commander Tucker had a table with 3 empty chairs still at their table. Obviously for T'Pol, Hoshi and himself. The Captain was the first of the final three to show. He was wondering where T'Pol and Hoshi were. As the Captain approached the breakfast table, he noticed the phenomenal spread of food that the chef had prepared, he had outdone himself.

"Have a seat Cap'n"

"Thanks Trip!"

"So what do you think of the menu?"

"Chef has certainly outdone himself this time."

"Where's T'Pol", the captain asked.

"I believe that Hoshi was meeting her" Commander Tucker replied.

The mess hall doors opened and in walked T'Pol and Hoshi. As they entered the mess hall, they were as well greeted with hand shakes and hugs. As Archer watched the events unfold, he watched T'Pol mingle with the crew. One of the ensigns put a red Santa hat on T'Pol and a green hat on Hoshi. Archer had finally noticed that all the females in the mess hall had Santa hats of different colors on their heads. It made the mess hall even more colorful then it already was.

"Come sit on Santa's lap." Mumbled Trip.

"What did you say?" The Captain asked?

"Oh. ah. nothin' Sir."

As Archer watched Trip, he noticed that Trip watched every move that Hoshi made. Archer was looking at his chief engineer with an unusual look. As Trip's focus shifted to the Captain, he simply said.


"Nothing, nothing at all Commander."

"I like her hat, that's all."

Hoshi and T'Pol finally made their way to the table, Trip pulled out a chair for Hoshi and Malcolm pulled out a chair for T'Pol. Hoshi was sitting beside Trip as he would not let anyone sit in that chair, he had pretty much reserved it for Hoshi and T'Pol sat between Travis and Malcolm. The Captain calculated the seating arrangement and figured out the seat where he would not have to sit beside T'Pol. He did not want anyone to get suspicious, especially now that he knew how she felt and that it would be hard for him not to show any affection towards her.

"Good morning Ensign, Sub Commander.

"Good morning Captain.".Hoshi replied

"Good morning Sir." T'Pol tilted her head slightly.

"So when do we open the gifts?"

"Trip, you might want to finish your breakfast first."

As the crew began to laugh at Trip's comment, Archer noticed that T'Pol was looking at him. It was not a cold glare but a warm and gentle glare. It looked like she was trying to tell him something without speaking. He could tell by her look that she wanted to be with him but knew that they must keep their distance, especially today as the entire crew would be in and out of the mess hall. Ten minutes passed.

"All right, I'm done. Let's open some presents."

As Trip pushed back his chair, Malcolm and Travis followed suit. All three men were like little children as they all headed towards the tree in anticipation of what their secret Santa had gotten them.

"Don't you dare open your gifts without me Commander! Captain may I be excused?"

"Of course Hoshi."

"Trip hang on a second."

As Hoshi rose from her chair, she bolted towards the tree in an attempt to stop Commander Tucker. T'Pol and Archer were the only two at the table. As the silence was almost defining, Archer decided to brake the barrier.

"Good morning Sub Commander."

"Good morning Captain."

By this time Archer had moved seats and was now sitting beside T'Pol, on her left to be exact. As the two officers just sat there watching everyone enjoy their Christmas morning, it seemed like no one noticed the Captain and the First Officer. T'Pol reach over very slowly and grabbed the captain's right hand which was under the table on his right knee. She held his hand gently and once the captain realized that T'Pol was again showing affection towards him, he put his left hand on top of hers.

"Sub Commander, you look absolutely beautiful today."

"Thank you Captain, you look very handsome as well."

As T'Pol pushed her seat closer towards his, he was looking around to see if anyone had noticed the two of them getting cozy.

"T'Pol, remember we must be careful that."

As T'Pol looked at Archer, he knew that at this moment she didn't care who saw them, she just wanted to be with him. She placed her right index finger on his mouth to hush him.

"Jonathan, I believe that the crew already have some kind of idea, I just want to be with you. I know that this is illogical but last night was something that was wonderful and surprising as Vulcan's never link emotionally to humans but some how it is different between us. We are I tune with each other and hopefully today things will be different as well, with your permission of course Sir?"

"Permission granted."

T'Pol placed her head gently upon his shoulder and he gently placed his right arm around her shoulders. They had now official shown there affection in public for the first time and they did not care who saw. As Hoshi returned to the table to get her drink, T'Pol and Archer had not moved, the cat was finally out of the bag so why would they hide it any longer.

"I knew it!".She said.

"I knew that you were and item, this is so cute!"

Hoshi was so excited that she had forgotten why she returned to the table. She just jumped up and down with glee. She never thought that the two of them would become a couple. But stranger things have happened.

"Does anyone else know?"

"Well Hoshi, I would imagine that the crew have an idea at what going on."

"Sorry Sir, I'm just really happy for the both of you."

"Hoshi, get over here, you gotta see this."

Commander Tucker was acting like a kid, he was yelling for Hoshi like a child would for his mother on Christmas morning.

"Sorry Sir, I'm needed. You too are just too cute. Hi Hi!"

As Hoshi left the table to rejoin Trip, Malcolm and Travis, T'Pol and the Captain watched as Hoshi skipped away.

"I believe that she is more exited that we are together than we are Sir."

"I would have to agree. You know something T'Pol, I said something last night that I would like to correct."

"What would that be?"

"Since you overheard my entire conversation with the Christmas tree last night, you must have heard what I said to the tree when I first walked in the mess hall last night."


"I had said that it was the most beautiful thing I had ever scene, well I would like to correct that. You are the most beautiful thing I have ever scene."

As T'Pol shifted the Santa hat from the left side to the right side of her head, she was speechless, she had no response. He gazed into her eyes with fire, passion and desire. To his surprise again, she was looking at him with the same intensity and the same emotions.

"Perhaps we should open our gifts Sir!"

He nodded. "Sounds good to me."

As T'Pol and Archer rose from their chairs and started to walk towards the tree making their way between tables and chairs, T'Pol grabbed Archer's hand as they made their way through the maze. He looked at T'Pol then down at their hands that were joined together. He looked up at her, tightened his grip and smiled.

"Sub Commander, let me show you the proper way to open presents!"

They finally arrived at the tree, Commander Tucker was pretending to be Santa Claus. He was sitting down with Hoshi's Santa hat on his head. Hoshi was his little helper. The only way that any of the crew would get to open any of their gifts was to sit on Santa's lap. This brought a laughter that was heard though out the entire mess hall. Commander Tucker was quit the Santa Claus; he was getting a kick out of playing the part, as was the rest of the crew. Even T'Pol cracked a grin as to what she was seeing.

"Ho! Ho! Ho! Now let's see who's next to sit on Santa's lap. Ah thanks elf Hoshi. Ho! Ho! Ho! Well looky here, this one is for Cap'n Archer. Come now, where's my big boy, Jonathan where are you?

As Captain Archer was trying to remain in the shadows, T'Pol gave him a slight hip check that sent him forward.

"Ah, there's my boy, Ho! Ho! Ho!"

As Archer regained his balance, he turned to face T'Pol. She simply said. "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

By this time Hoshi had grabbed the captains left arm and was escorting him directly to Commander Tucker. He was somewhat reluctant to sit on his chief engineer's lap but it was Christmas and with his new found happiness he figured that it was part of the fun of Christmas. As he finally sat down on Santa's lap, Santa gave him a big hug.

"Boy oh boy, you've grown, getting a little heavy are we. Ho! Ho! Ho!"

The crew began to laugh at Commander Tucker's comments; Archer leaned back and whispered.

"Don't push your luck.Santa!" A quiet response followed. "Yes Sir!"

As Archer sat and opened his gift, the two officers's shot insults back and forth, bringing the volume of laughter to a new high. It was Travis's idea that the computer picks names and that is how that person would be a secret Santa. It was a way to socialize with the crew but the crew would only find out who they're secret Santa was at the Christmas supper later on. The secret Santa would only give one gift. If any crewmembers wanted to give more it was at their own discretion.

"Well someone knows you pretty good, it's a brand new water polo ball. Well thanks Jonathan for coming to see Santa, now could you please get off as you are startin' to hurt me!"

As the crew started once again to laugh at the two officers, Archer smacked Commander Tucker in the chest with the polo ball. The ball connected directly in the same place that Hoshi's foot did

"Ugh.no. *sigh* problem."

As Trip tried to regain his breath, Hoshi's face began to turn a reddish color as she remembered flooring him last night. As Trip looked over towards Hoshi, he noticed that her face was turning to a deeper red and that she had began to laugh. With a sharp and direct comment, he simply asked her a simple question.

"Whose next elf Hoshi?"

As the Captain finally made his was through the crowd of people back to his chair, T'Pol was no where in site. He looked around, trying to find her in the maze of people. The mess hall was starting to fill even more as the morning began to become afternoon.


"Yes Ensign?"

"I was informed to give this to you Sir."

"Thank you Ensign."

As Captain Archer looked around once more to see if he could find his First Officer, he was unable to find her among the crowd of people. The Ensign had given him an envelope that had one word written on it. "Aisha! What the hell does that mean?" As he opened the envelope, he began to read the letter that was inside. After a few moments, he finished the letter and stood there, not knowing what to make of what he just read. Archer started towards the exit. As crewmembers greeted the Captain on his way out, he started to think where he would find her. As the doors to the mess hall closed behind him he said to himself.

"Where are you T'Pol?"

As Captain Archer began his quest to try and find his First Officer, he was trying to figure out what she was up to. He had never seen this kind of behavior from her before. Could it be that all this time living among humans was starting to wear her Vulcan believes down. Either way he had to find out. As he began to ponder where to look first, he walked up to a console on one of the corridor walls.

"Computer, location of Sub Commander T'Pol."

A diagram appeared on the console's screen; she was in his quarters. He began his journey towards the turbo lift. "Deck A." The turbo lift began to move towards it destination, he was about to get all the answers he wanted and was wondering what could possibly be affecting his First Officer like this. He finally arrived, as he stood in front of his own quarters, he was hesitant to enter, not knowing what was waiting for him behind the door. Instead of entering his own quarters, he activated the door chime.

"Come in!"

As the door slid open, T'Pol was lying on the couch, her elbow was on the armrest and her hand was supporting her head. With her upper body elevated and her legs bent at the knees he could not believe his eye. To his surprise, Porthos was lying on the couch with her, he was wrapped up in a little ball with his backside resting against T'Pol's mid section. She was rubbing him behind the ears. She was watching a water polo game on his view screen that Archer was watching early this morning.

"What do you think?"

"Of what?"

"The game."

"Curious, all this players are trying to achieve one goal. What pleasure do they get out of this?"

"It's a team sport, you must play together to accomplish a single goal, much like aboard this ship."

"Illogical but I understand your comparison."

"It's to bad we don't have a pool on board."

Her eyebrows shot up.

"You wanted to see me Sub Commander?"

"Yes Captain, I believe we need to talk."

As Captain Archer sat on the couch beside her, Porthos did not move, as a matter of fact, he moved even closer to her.

"I see you have a new friend. He really likes you, as a matter of fact, he has liked you for some time."

"Your quadruped is quit content on human companionship."

"What about Vulcan companionship? Porthos, is not the only one that needs companionship T'Pol!"

As Captain Archer got up from the couch, he walked over to his workstation. Lying on the floor was a present that he had not brought to the mess hall.

"Here Sub Commander, this is for you, I wanted to give it to you in private."

As T'Pol changed her position on the couch she was know simply sitting, Porthos had jumped down and jumped up on the bed.

"What is it?"

"I'm not going to tell you, that's the whole idea of Christmas, to surprise people that you care for with gifts."

"I believe that Christmas is not just gifts Captain!"

"Well, that's true but the surprise part is."

"Human feelings towards this day are highly illogical but I understand how a race inferior to us can."

As Captain Archer began to sqwarm in his chair, he cut off T'Pol and simply said."Just open it!"

As T'Pol began to open her present, she gave the captain her regular cold stare. She was not happy at being cut off in mid sentence. T'Pol finally had opened her present and looked at the captain and arched her eyebrows.

"Captain, where did you find this?"

"I purchased it last time we encountered the Vulcan's. Remember when Dr. Phlox and yourself were trying to get you a cure for you're Pa'nar syndrome, well I had time to do a little shopping down on the planet and I found it in a small gift shop."

"Thank you Captain, this is very hard to find, the only time that I can find it is when we are in contact with Vulcan's. It keeps my skin from drying. For you to find this is. a SURPRISE in deed!"

Little did Captain Archer now that the present he gave T'Pol meant a little more than he thought. This present was a very sensual gift among Vulcan's. The severity of this gift could even be thought to be that the giver was initiating a mating ritual.

"When ever I'm around you, I can smell the delightful aroma and I have a hard time concentrating."

"I was not aware of that. I'm sorry Sir, I will stop wearing it."

"NO! NO! Please don't, I like the aroma, it relaxes me and makes me feel at piece."

"Captain, do you know what the meaning of this gift is?"

"Ah. to my knowledge it's a Vulcan perfume."

The Sub Commander just sat there for a moment. She knew that the captain did not know the meaning of the gift he gave to her which made her feel very warm inside. Knowing that he was not initiating a mating ritual and that he gave her this, as a simple gesture of caring was very comforting to her. She rose from the couch and approached where the captain was now sitting. The captain was sitting on the edge of the couch with both of his hands resting on his knees. T'Pol grabbed both of his hands and moved them. In their place, on each side of him were her knees. She was now sitting directly on the captain's thighs. As the Captains face was now just inches away from hers, she wrapped her arms around his neck, locking her hands behind his head. He followed by wrapping his arms around her waist, locking his hands behind her back.

"Thank you very much Jonathan, this is a very caring gesture!"

"Your welcome T'Pol. Is there more to this gift that I should be aware of?"

"In time. I have never received a Christmas present, this celebration is new to me and I'm having difficulty understanding all these emotions."

"Emotions huh! I thought that you Vulcan's where able to suppress emotions?"

"Of course but we can still have them if we wish."

"Well. what do you wish for?"

"I wish for this!"

She began to narrow the distance between their faces, as their noses where now touching, the heat was now at an all time high. They felt chills run down their spines.

"Jonathan, I need your help! Will you help me!"

"Of course T'Pol, what ever I can do, you know that!"

"This is all very new to me, these feelings and emotions that I have for you are something that makes me very happy but I'm scared because I have never explored feelings before and I'm still having problems with the incident with Tolaris. I'm still having difficulty dealing with what he did to me. Jonathan, please help me!"

"T'Pol, I know that he forced himself on you and that if I could have stopped him I would have. I understand that you are having difficulties with these emotions and if you want to take it slow or would rather not explore these emotions, I would have no problems and would understand even though I. would be disappointed."

"I knew your where going to say that but the truth is that I need to explore these emotions to cleans myself of what he did to me. Are you sure that you want to help me?"

"What do I need to do T'Pol? You tell me and I will do it!"

As T'Pol face, still inches away from his, she now brought her arms around his back and gave him a hug. He could feel how close she drew him near to her, almost wanting to be apart of him. He knew that she was in terrible pain and he wanted to help her desperately. He now had his arms around her as well as the two embraced.

"Do not let go, please!".Her voice was trembling.

"I'm not going anywhere T'Pol. I promise."

The Captain and Sub Commander were unwilling to detach from their embrace, an hour had passed by without either of them realizing. There was a silence in the room that seemed to embrace the two of them. T'Pol never thought that she would turn to a human for help in this matter but she was amazed the way that Captain Archer responded to her. He was caring, loving and he was very understanding, all the things she knew that humans were able of. The Captain had know idea what T'Pol was going to ask of him to help her heal from her ordeal but he did not care. All he wanted was to be with her. At all costs!

"So how do I help you get over this terrible act T'Pol?"

"Before you get ahead of yourself Jonathan, sex is not the answer. I cannot give myself to you without knowing your thoughts, that you are sincere. Vulcan's must be mated and as you know I terminated my marriage to Koss. We must be bonded, mind, body and soul. This is our way. I know that among humans, sex is very powerful and that that is the human way, not the Vulcan way."

"Uh. I knew that! I wasn't even thinking about sssex!"

"Jonathan, I can feel your pulse racing. When I touch you I can feel your thoughts."

"You can! I knew Vulcan's were telepathic."

"Actually, Vulcan's are touch telepaths, some more than others. I must be touching you to be able to see your thoughts, feel your feelings."

"So every time I've touched you in the past, you were reading my mind?"

"No, I have mental barriers that stop the transfer of thoughts."

"Oh!" Archer had a look of uncertainty. Did she already know how he felt about her, that he had strong feelings?

"I have the ability to block out thoughts. I would lower my mental shields at let you see what I see and I would see what you see. We will learn all about each other in every way possible. This will be very hard for you to deal with, as Vulcan emotions are very strong. This will not be easy! It is not customary to have a Vulcan and a Human bond but for some reason it is different with you. I cannot explain this!"

"T'Pol, nothing in this universe is ever easy, whether it be a relationship or settling a piece treaty but in the end it is all worth it. I'm already in to deep to stop now. I'm with you no matter what, I promise."

The two officers still had not moved from their position and almost two hours had past. She would not let him go. She was afraid that if she did that he would not want her or that he would not help her. She was afraid that sex was the first thing that he would want but that was becoming evident that wasn't the case.

"T'Pol, we have to report to the bridge in 10 minutes, we should get ourselves together for duty. Don't get me wrong, having you in my arms is a lot better than bridge duty but I am the Captain so I really don't have a choice. How about after Christmas supper we explore how we share our thoughts."

"Are you sure you want to do this Captain."

She did not have time to finish her sentence when the Captain locked lips with her. Her lips where soft as rose pedals. He could feel the warmth just rushing into his body, as the kiss became even more intense. They where holding each other so close that it looked like there bodies had melted together.

"Does that answer your question?"

T'Pol gasped for air as she was blown away, every time they kissed she felt a rush that she never felt before and could not get enough of. She was now breathing heavily when she responded. "Y.yes. could we meet in my quarters tonight?"

"Supper is at 1700 hours and then there is the Christmas dance at 2000 hours, so how about we make it 2200 hours."

" That will be acceptable."

"Oh.before I forget T'Pol, I need a date for the dance tonight and I haven't asked anyone yet as I was not planning on sticking around long but I was wondering if."

This time is was her turn to cut him off mid sentence, they once again engaged in a kiss that was even more intense than the last. As T'Pol broke the lip lock she replied with a simple. "Yes Sir!" She unlocked her hands and got up from on top of his legs, straightening her attire and trying to control her breathing; she gave him one last kiss and headed towards the door. She stood there in her customary stance with her hands behind her back and said.

"See you on the bridge Captain, will there be anything else Sir?"

"That will be all Sub Commander."

She activated the control panel and the door opened as she made her way outside his quarters, before the door closed behind her, she turned to face the Captain and said with a soft and caring voice.

"Thank you Jonathan!"

"Your welcome. T'Pol. I know how hard this is for you, asking a human to help with your emotions but I'm honored that you picked me. In that regard, I thank you!"

As T'Pol stood in the door, she was looking at the Captain. What he just said was unexpected. It seemed that he also could sense what she was thinking when they touched but she knew that was impossible. She simply raised her eyebrows and gave him a nod with her head; the door slid shut as she exited the room. Archer still knew that there was more to this whole situation than met the eye. Why was T'Pol all of a sudden showing all of these emotions. She never showed any emotions on board. At least not the kind she was demonstrating. Since she had come aboard Enterprise, he has been brushing up on Vulcan beliefs and their ways of life. Never in the history of the Vulcans that a Vulcan and a "Terran" as the Vulcan's called humans, bonded! It was unheard of! It was a melding of minds. So what was she doing? She broke off her marriage to Koss and decided to stay aboard Enterprise. Over the last few months, she has been displaying more and more affection towards him. When she first started showing affection towards him, it was a simple touch of the shoulder. Vulcan's do not touch, so he passed this off as her picking up human traits but as time has progressed, she has obviously become more comfortable displaying these emotions though she still has problems talking about them. Perhaps that is where the bonding aspect comes in. If they were going to be sharing each other's thoughts, it would be easier then talking about them. All he knew was that this would be a night that would change his life and hopefully hers forever. As Archer made his way toward the door of his quarters, he turned back at looked at Porthos.

" I know boy, I like her to but don't get to comfortable on that couch." The door slid shut behind him.

Official star date: Dec 25, 1630 hours

As Captain Archer returned to his quarters after a brief tour of duty on the bridge. The crew was working shorter shifts in there designated areas. This way all of the crew could enjoy Christmas and no one would miss out. Archer begun to get undressed as he was going to take quick shower and then get dressed. It was a formal Christmas dance so that meant that there would be no uniforms. He had already seen what Hoshi and Trip were going to be wearing but he had no clue what Travis, Malcolm and T'Pol were wearing. As he dropped the towel to the floor and entered the shower, within seconds, the door chime had been activated. He could not hear the door chime as he was signing in the shower and the sound of the shower itself was loud enough to prevent him from hearing the second chime.

"And I think to myself, what a wonderful world!"

A knock on the shower door startled the Captain and terminated his signing.

"Who's there?"

As the Captain looked over the shower door, he could see the person who entered his room without authorization.

"Sorry to bother you Sir but you didn't answer the door."

"It' called privacy Trip! So that give you the right to barge in while I'm taking a shower?"

"Sorry Cap'n but I needed to speak to ya!"

Commander Tucker was standing in front of the shower door. What ever he had on his mind must have been important, as the Commander would not break in without a cause.

As he gasped for air."Give me a sec Trip."

"Thanks Cap'n. I'll wait on the couch."

As Archer wrapped a towel around his mid section, he grabbed a second towel and began to dry his hair. As he approached Trip, he could see that he was very deep in thought. He was now standing beside Trip. Shaking the towel on his head, trying to dry his hair, he asked Trip.

"So what's so important Trip that couldn't wait till the party?"

"That's the problem Sir, the party."

"Trip, your not making any sense. Start from the beginning."

"Sir, you know that me and Hoshi, well we've been getting pretty close lately and."

"And." Archer replied!

'Well you see Sir, I think I'm fallin' in love with her!"

"Oh!" He raised his eyebrows in amazement! "So where do I come in to this?"

"What do I do. I mean I.I have never been in love before. You know me best Sir. What should I do?"

"Well Trip, the first thing you should do is let me finish my shower then will talk about it at the party."

"Cap'n, this is important, you just can't tell me that."

As Archer began to laugh at the sight of his chief engineer, he began to think that Trip was losing his mind. He has seen his Chief Engineer prevent warp core breaches, fend off several intruders but a single woman was turning him into a nervous wreck. That Trip was making a big deal out of something that should be enjoyed and not stressful, he must really be falling for Hoshi.

"Trip.I." He tried to control his laughter. "It's OK to feel this way. Anytime that you explore new emotions, its going to be scary, even right down nerve racking. But you must follow it through as it could be the most beautiful experience of your life and if you don't, you could be sorry for the rest of your life!"

As Commander Tucker looked at his Captain, he was amazed how much his words soothed him. It was exactly what he needed to hear.

"Jeez whiz Cap'n, you just sounded like T'Pol. Thanks Cap'n, that's what I needed to hear. I'll see ya later; Hoshi's waitin' for me. We'll save ya a seat."

"Make it two!"

As the door slid shut, Archer chuckled to himself as he made his way back to the shower. As he entered the shower, he began to think at what he told Trip about falling in love. Was he feeling the same way Trip was but was hiding it better or was the fact that his relationship was more complicated than his Chief Engineers was?

Official star date: Dec 25, 1645 hours

The mess hall was in one word, beautiful! It was lit up to perfection. Everyone was dressed in his or her best and without further inspection, the mess hall looked nothing like a starship. It had a very warm, inviting and friendly feeling. Captain Archer was on his way to meet and escort his date to the dance. As he stood in front of the Sub Commanders door, he made sure that his attire was all in check. He was wearing a beautiful dark blue dress shirt with a black silk tie that was given to him by the crew on his birthday. He was wearing a black pair of dress pants that from afar also looked silky; the black color from his tie watched his pants to perfection.

"Calm down Jonathan, its not like you haven't seen her in years. Calm down!" He whispered to himself. He finally raised his left arm and activated the door chime. A soft voice responded to the chime. "Enter." As the door slid open, he had not entered the room yet, he looked in to see if he could see her but she was not to be seen, at least from outside her quarters. He finally entered her quarters and the door slid shut behind him.

"Hello, anyone home?"

"I will be right there Sir. Please have a seat."

As Captain Archer sat down, he had to admit that her manners had improved since she first boarded Enterprise. She never used to say thank you or please. She was still direct but with a little less firmness and a little more finesse in her tone. She had even lost some of her Vulcan accent and began to pick up a human accent. He wasn't the only one who had said this but she just denied it. As he sat waiting for his date, he started to remember the first time he met the Sub Commander. It was when a farmer shot Klang with a plasma riffle. The Klingon was at Starfleet medical and he met the Sub Commander out in the hall. He wasn't very polite with her, even to the point of telling her that he was inches away from knocking her on her ass.

"Ouch, I wonder if she remembers that!" He mumbled.

"If I remember what Captain?"

He shot up out of his chair, as if an Admiral had entered the room. He stood they're for a moment then he turned towards her.

"Oh. nothing I was just wondering if.my God T'Pol, you look beautiful!"

That was all he could muster up to say. He was speechless. He looked at her like it was the first time he had ever seen her. He couldn't believe his eyes.

"Is there something wrong Captain?"

"Nothing.Nothing at all Sub Commander."

At that moment he approached her, grabbing her left hand and raising it to his lips. With a gentle kiss to her palm, he said again.

"T'Pol, you are so beautiful."

Archer lowered her left hand and raised his right arm. "May I have the honor of escorting you to the dance my lady!" She gently wrapped her left arm around his and they began towards the door. If he hadn't known better, it looked like the Sub Commander was blushing. Every complement he gave her was answered with a simple nod of the head. He knew that Vulcans where not use to receiving compliments so he hypothesized that this would be their response. As the door opened, Archer continued with the compliments.

"Please, after you fair lady!"

Another nod of the head from the Sub Commander was the response. As they both stood in the hallway. She looked at the Captain with a puzzled look. She had never seen him dressed as formal as he was. She looked at him as if she was running scans on him. She raised her eyebrows with a quick up and down motion; she was definitely checking him out.

"Is there something wrong Sub Commander?"

"Nothing Sir. You look very handsome tonight."

"Thank you. Shall we?"

He once again raised his right arm and she again wrapped her left arm around his, this time she was much closer to him as they walked towards the mess hall. She was wearing something that female Vulcans would probably die for. Vulcan women have been known to wear long flowing robes during important ceremonies or events. Well this was unlike any regular Vulcan robe. With help from Hoshi, they had transformed the Vulcan rob to an elegant gown. It was a light brown with black Vulcan markings throughout the gown. All of the black markings on her gown where silk and the brown was a soft fabric from her home world of Vulcan. It was a long sleeve gown that also had the same black Vulcan markings all down the sleeves. The black markings blended in with the brown portion of her gown making it quit attractive. Attached to each of her wrists was another part of the gown, it hung from her wrists and dropped down to about her knees then looped up attaching behind her back. Her hair was also different; she had brushed her hair back exposing her forehead and making her look younger and even more beautiful. Archer was at a loss for words but by the way he was walking down the halls, you could see how proud he was to be escorting T'Pol to the Christmas party.

"Well here we are Sub Commander. Are you ready for your first official Christmas dance?"

She had been reluctant to attend ever since the announcement was made that is was mandatory for everyone that was off duty to attend. She did not like socializing and dancing, as she felt very uncomfortable.

"Jonathan, must I dance this evening?"

"Only with me. That's an order!"

"I cannot disobey a direct order from my superior officer now can I?"

"I wouldn't recommend it and besides, you look so beautiful that I want everyone to see how lucky I am to have you as my lady this evening. Promise me you'll try and have a good time!"

"I will. try Sir. I'm putting my trust in you that you will take care of me this evening!"

As she took one last breath before entering the mess hall, she looked up at the Captain and gave him a nod notifying him that she was ready to enter the mess hall. She tightened her grip around his arm and they entered the mess hall. She was still very nervous but never showed it as her Vulcan training was working overtime. She looked cool and calm as she did every other day but there was something different about her eyes. As they made there was through the crowd of people, there was crew members dancing. Trip had rigged up some multi-colored light that was shinning on the dance floor. It felt like they were back at some nightclub back on earth.

'Cap'n, overhear!" Shouted Commander Tucker as he directed them with his voice. They had a table reserved and there was two seats remaining at the table.

As T'Pol and Archer approached to table, Hoshi and Trip both got up from their seats to welcome the new arrivals.

"Merry Christmas Cap'n'!" Trip reached out and gave Archer and handshake and a manly hug.

"Same to you Trip."

As Captain Archer made his way around the table wishing everyone a Merry Christmas, T'Pol was following his lead.

"Merry Christmas Sir!"

"You to Hoshi, you look absolutely stunning tonight!"

As Hoshi smiled, she gave Archer a big hug. She held him for a few seconds a whispered in his ear.

"What do you think of the gown?"

He returned the whisper.

"Thank you, I owe you one."

He then kissed Hoshi on the cheek and escorted Hoshi to her seat like a true gentleman. In the mean time T'Pol was just finishing her round of the table. The last person that she had to wish a Merry Christmas to was Commander Tucker. As she approached the Commander, he looked at her and at how different she looked.

"Well I'll be. Sub Commander? You look terrific!" She looked at him with an uncertain look. "Really ya do!"

"Thank you Commander, you look very handsome as well!"

Commander Tucker was beside himself; she was so polite and warm. She gave him a compliment, which was very surprising. He grabbed her left hand and escorted her to her seat beside the Captain.

"Thank you Commander."

"Anytime Sub Commander."

As the Captain and T'Pol began to socialize with the tables manifest, she was watching and listening to every word that Captain Archer was saying. She was soaking in every little bit of information that she could. As time past and the bridge crew began to feel a little more at ease with the help of a few drinks, Captain Archer filled all of their glasses. Once he was finished filling the glasses, he stood and said with a stern and loud voice.

"Can I have your attention please! Will you all please raise your glasses, I would like to propose a toast!"

As the crew around the table and the mess hall all grabbed their glasses, they stood to match Captain Archer.

"Before I begin there is something I would like to say. Since tonight is a formal party, there will be no talking of work and everyone will address each by first name basis. Is that clear?"

Commander Tucker replied."Yes Sir.I. ah. mean John."

"Now I would like to propose a toast to the best that Starfleet and the Vulcan High Command have to offer. It's an honor for me to serve and explore with all you fine people. I couldn't have asked for a better bunch of people to sail my father's ship. I would place my life in anyone of your hands and not be worried because we are a family and family look out for each other. So, please raise your glasses to the Enterprise and her crew, safe journey and Merry Christmas!"

"Safe journey!" Echoed around the mess hall as everyone connected glasses. T'Pol turned to the Captain and added something to the toast. She said it softly so that only he could hear.

"And to new beginning!"

There glasses clinked together and Archer stared at T'Pol. He simply replied."To new beginnings!"

Official star date: Dec 25, 2130

The Christmas party was well underway, by this time most of the crew was dispersed throughout the mess hall. The dance floor remained full as Trip was elected to provide the music. He was an avid music lover, especially from the year 1940 and up. He did a lot of homework on what people used to request. The dance floor remained packed, as when one couple would leave, another would take their place. His selection of music was a success but his choices for the slow dances were an even greater success. He must have been a romantic at heart.

"Oh! Oh! I love this song, come dance Trip!" Hoshi grabbed Trip by his right arm.

"T'Pol, may I have this dance?"

T'Pol looked and Jonathan to get his approval but he simply responded with."Go ahead T'Pol, you don't need my permission."

"In that case, I would Travis."

As Travis got up from his chair, he reached out for T'Pol's hand. She placed her hand is his and Travis escorted T'Pol to the dance floor. As the Captain watched his two officers make their way towards the dance floor, he was impressed how T'Pol was handling herself. She was attentive, friendly and polite. Well as polite as a Vulcan could be! As Travis and T'Pol disappeared into the crowd, Archer was tapped on the shoulder. "Excuse me Captain." It was Dr. Phlox.

"Doc, what are you doing here, I thought you were not coming?"

"Well Captain, I thought that I should stop by for a brief moment, just to see how things are progressing and to see how many potential patients I will be visited by later on tonight."

"I'm happy you could stop by. Please have a seat."

"Thank you Captain!"

As Dr Phlox pulled up a chair towards the table, they were the only two at the table, the rest of the original members of the table were now either dancing the night away or were socializing amongst the rest of the crew.

"So Captain, how are things progressing with the Sub Commander? I understand that Ensign Sato helped the Sub Commander with her attire this evening?"

"She looks.how did you know that?"

"It's a small ship Captain, word travels fast."

"Huh! I didn't know!"

"That's because you were not suppose too. I must confess Captain, I never thought that I would see the Sub Commander having a.good time! I believe that you are to be congratulated!"

"For what? She's the one who has opened up to me Doc. I had nothing to do with it!"

"Captain, you humans do not give yourselves enough credit. The reasons why she has opened up to you are because you care for her. To my knowledge, Vulcan females take relationships very seriously and do not just give away their love Captain. It must be earned through respect. As illogical as that seems, you are the perfect mate for the Sub Commander."

Captain Archer looked at the Doctor with a puzzled look. The Doc obviously knew more about Vulcan cultures and customs then he did.

"Doc, do you know what 'Aisha' means?"

The Doctor gave Archer a smile from ear to ear, as he knew exactly what that word meant.

"Captain, I believe that you should ask the Sub Commander that question. If you'll excuse me Captain I must be getting back to sickbay."

"Doc, wait a second. How much do you know about Vulcan relationships?"

"I know enough not to get involved."

With those final words, the Doctor had gotten up from his chair and made his way towards the mess hall doors even before Archer could mount a response. As he looked over towards the dance floor, a new song had started and now Commander Tucker was dancing with the Sub Commander. The last two songs that had played were more upbeat and quit loud, or perhaps it was the alcohol that was starting to take effect. In any case, this evening was getting more and more interesting by the minute. As the Captain finished another glass, he noticed that Travis was returning to the table alone.

"Travis, where's T'Pol?"

Travis smiled at the Captain and pointed towards the dance floor. Archer spun his head towards the dance floor and saw T'Pol standing there alone. She lifted her right arm and motioned to him with her index finger for him to come to the dance floor. A new song started playing, it was a slow medley and Archer knew exactly what the song was and who had requested it. As Archer made his way toward the dance floor, T'Pol did not take her eyes off of him. She watched his every move. They were now face to face and T'Pol broke the silence.

"Jonathan, would you like to dance?"

"I would be honored T'Pol, but I would be in need of some assistance as humans don't dance."

"Don't worry, I will lead."

" I guess my taste in music is rubbing off on you a little."

She looked at him and raised her eyebrows. "Perhaps!"

As the two joined together for their first dance of the evening, she had locked her eyes on his and she did not sway from them. The music played and it seemed that this was all a dream, that none of it was real. Who would have thought that he would be dancing with her on Christmas with all these people as witnesses? At first, they kept a distance between them but as the song progressed, the distance was now gone. She was resting her head against his chest. She could feel his heart beating and could feel the warms from his body. This was very soothing to her as she wrapped herself in his arms. It felt like they were the only ones dancing in the room, like they had been transported to another world.

"T'Pol, I have to ask you a question."

She lifted her head slowly from his chest and look into his eyes.

"Of course Jonathan."

"What does Aisha mean? When you gave Ensign Moore the letter to give to me earlier, you wrote that single word on the envelope."

"Aisha is a Vulcan word meaning.be-loved!"

"Be-loved? T'Pol I. don't know what to say!"

"There is nothing to say. When Vulcans mate, it is for life. These events have happened for a reason unknown to the both of us but I will not ignore these feelings any longer. To do so would be.illogical!"

T'Pol lowered her head back on the Captain's chest. He tightened his grip as the thought of letting her go was too painful to bare. The song was nearing its end when Trip made an announcement that the next dance would be a spot dance. This was an old earth custom that at the end of the song, whom ever was in a designated area, would win some sort of prize. As the next song began to play, it also had a slow beat. T'Pol and Archer had not broken their hold of each other and continued to dance. Back at the head table, most of the bridge crew had made their way back. They were no longer sitting in their original seats and the topic of conversation was one of mutual interest.

"Son of a bitch!"


"I mean that in a good way. Who would of thought that the Sub Commander and Captain were gettin' it on!"

"Well I think it's cute and they are not getting it on!".Hoshi replied.

"She really has changed hasn't she? Remember when she first came on board. I have seen ice cubes warmer than she was."

As the entire table just looked at him, he replied with."Ah come on you guys, your tellin' me that she was friendly at first!"

Malcolm and Travis began to laugh as Trip was talking non-sense. The alcohol had taken over and he was now a mess.

"Come on Trip, let's dance."

Hoshi grabbed Trip by his arm and escorted him to the dance floor. On their way, they passed T'Pol and Jonathan who had just finished their second dance and a new song started.

"Cap'n, would you like to dance?" This brought a semi smile to T'Pol's face. Trip was absolutely the talk of the hall. He was having such a great time that everyone in the mess hall couldn't help but notice.

"Come on Cap'n, it's are song!"

"Trip, I don't think 'The Twist' is our song."

This once again brought a semi smile to T'Pol face. She had no clue who sang that song or how it went but it's title alone brought a smile to her face.

"Trip, shut up!" Hoshi shouted!

As Hoshi and Trip make their way to the dance floor, T'Pol and Jonathan finally arrived at the table. Malcolm and Travis were still sitting at the table but other crewmembers had joined them. As Archer looked around the mess hall, he was absolutely taken by the friendship caring that was apparent. It was truly a classy ship with an even classier crew.

"T'Pol, your very pretty when you smile."

"Vulcan's do not smile."

"I don't get to see you smile much, actually I think that was the first time ever."

She looked at him. "Perhaps!"

She was once again focused on his baby blues. She could not tear herself from them. They captivated her like nothing ever has. Archer had also locked eyes with her and he could tell that she was trying to tell him something.

"T'Pol, are you okay?" He said with a tender and caring tone.

"I'm fine, just a little tired."

"Do you want to return to your quarters?"

"You are having a good time and I do not want to inconvenience you by leaving."

He looked at her with a puzzled look. He wasn't sure what she meant by her last remark but he wanted to make things clear.

"T'Pol, the only inconvenience here is that we had to come here tonight, I would rather be spending it with you alone. Curled up together, underneath warm blankets in my quarters. Shearing feelings, emotions and planning our future but that's just me!"

"Perhaps we could stay for one more dance?

Archer reached out for her hand. Kissing the top, she felt a chill travel down her spine. Just a touch from this Terran sent her into frenzy. She had no explanation why! He understood her like no one ever has and this was very appealing to her as well as quit sexy.

"It would be my pleasure T'Pol!"

Hoshi and Trip had finally returned to the table as Trip was still doing the twist. Trip was well on his way to a major hang over. This wasn't the first time that Archer saw his Chief Engineer let his hair down but each time he never knew what to expect. He was such a pure and good man that Archer would give his life to protect his best friend. Trip was a very respected man amongst the crew and in Starfleet. This was his charm and he wouldn't want it any other way.

"Come on Hoshi, twist for me darlin'."

"Let's sit down first ok?"

As Trip sat down at the table, it was obvious that he was intoxicated. But he still knew when enough was enough. He remained so active during the evening that he would work off whatever alcohol was still in his system. He began to hick-up and the giggles were followed closely there after.

"Hoshi, I.I.I."

"The table broke out in laughter as the site of Commander Tucker was just to funny. Once Trip realized that they were laughing at him, he also started to laugh uncontrollably. It was now 2315 hours and T'Pol and Archer were still in the mess hall. They were supposed to meet earlier but time seemed to fly by. The Christmas dance was scheduled to wrap up at 0200 hours on Boxing Day morning as clean up had to be done for breakfast. As the pace of the music slowed once again, Archer looked at T'Pol and asked.

"How about that last dance?"

"Of course Jonathan!"

As they made their way towards the dance floor one last time, Hoshi and Trip were watching them.

"If she hurts him, I'll kill her."

"Trip, I think the Captain knows what he's doing!"

"Hoshi, I.I.I think I'm drunk."


"What was I sayin', Oh ya.she better take care of him. Did you know that he's my best friend?"

"Yes Trip, you've told me over and over."

Hoshi couldn't help but laugh at Trip as he was repeating himself but still found him adorable as she could tell that he truly loved Jonathan. They where very close friends. She remembered stories about when they first met during the warp 2 project. They formed a bond that could withstand anything. Archer told him that if he ever got his own ship, that Trip would be the first one that he would take on board.

"I think the Captain has finally found the thing that will make him truly happy."

"I hope so to cause he deserves it. I didn't think it would be a Vulcan but.what was I saying?"

"Nothing Trip!"

Hoshi reached over and rubbed his cheek with her hand.

"Hoshi, let's.dance! I'm getting' my second wind!"

"Yes Sir!"

The music once again had increased in beat and Hoshi and Trip made their way towards the dance floor. T'Pol and Archer had already made a discreet exit and slipped out pretty much unnoticed.

"Do you think they noticed?"

"I do not believe so."

"T'Pol I wanted to thank you for a lovely evening, I truly enjoyed your company."

He was waiting for a speech about the whole evening but she simply responded with a simple.

"Your welcome Jonathan. To be honest, it was a tolerable experience."

As the two officers continued to talk, it seemed like seconds but hey had arrived at T'Pol's quarters. As T'Pol detached her arm from his, she opened the door to her quarters. They both entered and the door slid shut.

"Please Jonathan, have a seat and I will return shortly."

She gave him a kiss on the cheek and then disappeared into the joining room. He was growing increasingly nervous. He had no idea how this night was going to progress. Should he tell her everything or wait. His mind began to race beyond control.


That single word broke his trance and brought him back to reality. He turned towards her and noticed that she had changed her wardrobe and was now wearing a ceremonial Vulcan robe.

"I'm sorry T'Pol, my mind was.it doesn't matter."

"Jonathan, I can sense that you are nervous. Would you rather not continue our evening?"

"No.ah I mean Yes.ah I mean.I want to be with you tonight T'Pol!"

"Jonathan please, you once asked me to trust you. This time I'm asking you to trust me."

"I trust you Aisha!"

"I see you still remember what that means. Good, this will make our journey together easier. There is a ceremonial robe in the back room. To complete the ritual, you would need to put on the robe as well Jonathan."

"Ok, I'll be right back."

As Archer walked past T'Pol, she reached out and grabbed his hand. "Jonathan, relax!" She knew that he was nervous but never doubted his intentions. He would stick by his word no matter what. This as well reassured her that he was the only one that could help her. After a couple of minutes, Archer entered the main area.

"T'Pol, I thinks it's a little big. I never realized that Vulcan males where so.tall!"

Archer looked lost in the robe, he was standing still and the only part of his body you could see was his head. It was quit comical. As Archer rolled up his sleeves, He noticed that T'Pol had prepared her meditation candles along with soft pillows on the floor to kneel on. She had lowered the lighting in the room so only the light from the candles presented a relaxed environment.

"Jonathan, please!"

She motioned to him to kneel. She had already taken her position on one side of the small table. He would have to kneel directly across from her. He had absolutely know idea what was about to take place but he knew that if it would help T'Pol that he would do anything.

"Are you ready to began Jonathan?"

"As ready as I will ever be!"

She could still feel that he was nervous and very tense. She reached across the small table and placed her right hand on his left cheek.

"Relax Aisha, trust me!"

With her gentle touch and her soft-spoken words, he felt a heavy weight lift from his shoulders and began to feel at piece.

"I'm ready T'Pol."

"Very well but before we start I must remind you that Vulcan emotions can be quit overwhelming. As I lower my mental shields you will feel and experience things that you never have. Do you understand Jonathan?"

"Yes I do T'Pol. So your saying that you will be able to see all of my thoughts, dreams and feel what I feel."

He face began to turn red.

"Jonathan, you are starting to blush. I will not judge you on what I see in your mind. I will embrace what I see. Just remember that I dream as well!"

He looked directly into her beautiful hazel brown eyes. He knew exactly what she was trying to say.

"I hope you don't judge me from my dreams?"

A smile replaced the redness on his face.

"We shall begin, please extend your left arm and make a fist." He lifted his left arm and made a fist as she requested.

"Now extend your index and middle finger and close your eyes." He once again did exactly what she said.

She now extended her right arm and met his index and middle with her index and middle finger. Their fingers were pressed gently together. Jonathan still had his eyes closed and was ready to begin. She looked at him one last before she closed her eyes and began the ritual. She whispered to herself "Aisha".

"Hello, is anyone there?"

Archer felt disoriented and dazed. He could feel a presence but did not know who it was. He felt lost, like he was in a dream and could not wake up.

"Jonathan, follow the sound of my voice."

He began to walk toward the voice. He didn't recognize the voice but somehow it made him feel calm. He was looking around but everything was distorted and blurry.


"Who's there? Answer me!"

He could now see a figure in the distance. The figure was blurry but he now knew that it was this figure that was calling his name. As he approach the figure, it became clearer and clearer.

"Aisha, is that you?"

"Yes Jonathan, we will now begin!"

The two officers remained kneeled on their respective pillow. Still connected by their figures, they had now begun to share their thoughts, feelings, emotions and dreams. T'Pol was still in control of the link but she to was having difficulty. She was lowering her mental shields slowly to prevent an overload of emotions toward Jonathan.

"Where are we Jonathan?"

"We're in a small bar back in San Francisco. I used to come here a lot with Commander Tucker during my training to relax."

It had been hours now and they were still connected by the gentle touch of their fingers. T'Pol had lowered all of her mental shields and Archer had exceeded her expectations. He was enduring this grueling ritual all most as well as a male Vulcan would. Even though tears would flow from his eyes during their connections, he was doing quit well.

"Please have a seat T'Pol"

They where now inside the tavern, they had taken shelter in a quiet corner of the bar. As the bartender approached them, he asked what they wanted to drink.

"The lady will have a mint tea and I'll have an ice tea with lime."

The bartender acknowledged the order and made his way back to the bar. By this time, Archer had become more stable and could control his emotions even more.

"T'Pol, this is incredible. It feels so real, like we are actually here!"

"We are here. This is more real than you can imagine. Every thing you have seen, and witnessed all happened for a reason. I have been able to figure out everything except this place."

"That's because along time ago, I witnessed a friend of mine do something that I thought I would never do. He sang to his girlfriend and that was the beginning of their life together. I would like to do the same thing."

"You're going to sing to me?"

"Is that a problem?"

"No, I.No one has ever sang to me before."

"All I want you to do is listen to the words, and just a word of caution. I might be a little rusty in the vocal department."

"I will be the judge of that!"

As he pushed back his chair he walked over to where T'Pol was sitting. He kneeled down on one knee and whispered to her. "I'll be right back!"

She was now sitting alone at the table. The dimming of the lights in the tavern and a single spotlight that appeared attracted her gaze. It was directed at the middle of the small stage. She could see that Jonathan was speaking to the bartender. She could not make out what they were saying but the bartender was agreeing with what ever Jonathan said. All of a sudden a voice echoed through the tavern P.A. system.

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen. The 602 tavern is please to present to you the soothing vocals of Mr. Jonathan Archer."

There was mellow applause heard throughout the tavern. As Jonathan approached the microphone, the lights dimmed even more. The single spotlight now focused of him alone.

"Good evening, this song goes out to a special lady in the audience this evening."

T'Pol just sat there, she was unable to put thoughts into words. What was he doing? She had no idea what he was going to sing. The entire tavern was wrapped in a silent hush before the music began. She watched and listened to him with all over her attention. This is what he sang to her.

Taking You Home
By: Don Henley

I had a good life,
Before you came,
I had my friends and my freedom,
I had my name,
Still there was sorrow and emptiness,
Till you made me glad,
Oh in this love, I found strength, never knew I had.

And this love, this love, it's like nothing I have ever known,
Take my hand love, I'm taking you home, I'm taking you home.

There were days, lonely days when the world wouldn't throw me a crumb,
But I kept on believing, that this day would come.

And this love, this love, it's like nothing I have ever known, Take my hand love, I'm taking you home, I'm taking you home where we can be
with the ones who really care.
Home, where we can grow together, keep you in my heart forever.

Oh and this love, this love, it's like nothing I have ever known,
Take my hand, I'm taking you home, I'm taking you home.
Yes I am.
Taking you home.

As the music began to decrease in volume, the tavern broke out with applause. "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Jonathan Archer." As Jonathan made his way down off the stage, the applause continued. He made his way back to where T'Pol was sitting, She watched him approach from afar. She had not moved a muscle ever since he told her that he was going to sing to her. As Jonathan sat back down at the table, the silence was deafening.

"T'Pol, are you okay?"

As T'Pol raised her head, he noticed that she was crying. Without warning, Jonathan felt a severe pain in his stomach and an unbearable headache. It was so intense that he yelled out.


Within seconds he broke contact! He fell backwards and hit his head on the corner of the chair with great force. Their telepathic link has been disconnected, as their fingers were no longer touching.

"Jonathan, are you all right?"

T'Pol got up quickly from her knees and rushed over to where Archer was laying. He had hit his head so hard that he had busted open a pretty nasty gash.

"I don't now. What happened?"

"You're bleeding, we must get you to sick bay to treat your injury."

As T'Pol helped Archer up from the floor. He was still very confused and distorted. He was having a hard time getting to his own feet. Within minutes they had arrived in sick bay. As the Doctor approached them, he could see the flow of blood coming from Archer's head.

"Over here Sub Commander!"

Archer had one arm around her neck and T'Pol had both of her arms supporting the Captain. She helped him up onto one of the beds and then backed off a little as the Doctor began his examination.

"How did this happen Sub Commander?"

"It was an accident Doctor, the Captain lost his footing and hit his head."

"My guess would be that he must have tripped on his Vulcan robe."

"You are aware of our ceremonial robes?"

"Don't worry Sub Commander, your secret is save with me!"

As the Doctor gave T'Pol a smile from ear to ear, he began to clean up the gash on Archer's head.

"Ouch! Careful!"

"Captain please, you must stop moving so I can treat your injury. Sub Commander, would you please stay with the Captain. I must retrieve my soochure kit."

As Doctor Phlox walked away towards one of the back rooms in sick bay, Captain Archer finally began to clear the fog from his head.

"T'Pol, where are we and why am I full of blood?"

"You are in sick bay Jonathan and you had a little accident but it's nothing that you should be concerned about."

"T'Pol, what happened?"

"What do you remember from the last few hours?"

"Well, I remember Trip coming to my quarters to shower.I mean I was in the shower and he needed help with something. Then, getting ready to attend the Christmas dance with you. We danced, we cuddled and then. you were crying!"

T'Pol wanted to ask him more questions about what he remembered but the Doctor had returned.

"All right Captain, this will only sting for a couple of seconds."

Archer had hit his head hard enough to cut his scalp pretty deep and that was why the Doctor felt that the proper course of action would be with stitches. Within minutes, Doctor Phlox had closed the gash with 10 stitches.

"I would like to keep him over night Sub Commander. Just for precautionary reasons."

"No thanks Doc!'

"Captain, I would feel better if."

"I will take care of him Doctor." T'Pol interrupted.

"Alright Sub Commander, you are responsible but I want to see him first thing in the morning."

"Understood Doctor."

"Oh, just one more thing. Please be careful that he doesn't trip over his gown again!"

T'Pol looked back at the Doctor with a cold glare. She helped Archer off of the bed and once again supported him with both of her arms. As the doors to sick bay closed behind them, Doctor Phlox knew that this was the beginning of something special, painful but special.

"T'Pol, where are we going?"

"We are going to your quarters Jonathan!"

"Can we go to your quarters instead?"

"I believe that would be a bad idea!"

"You heard the Doctor, you have to take care of me remember!"

"I will help you settle in and clean you up then return to check on you every half hour."

Captain Archer was still in a daze from the effects of the sudden break in their link. But he was starting to remember what had happened over the last few hours.

"Why were you crying?"


"Crying, you were crying at a bar."

"Jonathan, you need some rest, we will talk about this in the morning."

"I.I.sang to you didn't I?"

"Yes you did!"

"Was I any good?"

"Jonathan you must try and conserve your strength."

"Did you at least like the song?"

By this time they had arrived at his quarters. He was walking much better but still needed help from T'Pol. As the door slid open, T'Pol helped Archer towards the bed.

"T'Pol, I'm hot. Could you please take this off and get me a T-shirt please."

He motioned towards one of the compartment doors. She grabbed him a T- shirt and she also found a pair of pajama bottoms for him to wear. She wasn't sure what he wore to bed so she took a gamble.

She had finally removed the Vulcan robe he was wearing and began to prepare him for bed. She had gotten a cloth and a bowl with warm water to use to clean up the blood that covered him. When Vulcans mate, they are not influenced by physical appearances but by the attractiveness of the minds. So when T'Pol undressed Archer, there should have been no emotional response. She was wrong. She found his body very attractive. She had overheard some of the female crewmembers talking about him in the mess hall a couple of weeks ago. About how good the Captain was looking. She never paid any attention to what they were saying but it was true. She studied every curve of his body, every detailed muscle as he now lay on the bed only in the underwear. Her breathing began to accelerate, as she was becoming sexually aroused. But with a quick shake of her head, the sexual feelings where cleared and she continued to clean and prepare him for bed.

"T'Pol, I remember! The Tavern, I got up on stage and sang to you. That's why you were crying and that's why our link was broken. What happened?"

"Tomorrow Jonathan."

"No, tonight!"

His head was becoming clearer and his memory was also returning.

"Your song triggered an emotional response that I was unable to control with my mental shields. It must have felt like you got hit by a shuttle pod."

"I just remember seeing you cry, everything else is a blur."

He was now wearing his T-shirt and shorts that she dressed him in and she was lifting the covers for him to enter into.

"Please Jonathan, you need your rest, you have had a busy evening. I will be back in 30 minutes to check on you."

"Stay the night?" He mumbled.

"Good night Jonathan."

As she began to head towards the door, he asked her again but this time it was more powerful.

"Aisha, please don't leave, stay with me!"

She paused for a second or two. Then with a quick nod of her head, she responded.

"Since the Doctor has placed your recovery in my care, I find this request to be acceptable."

"I'll take that as a yes. Thank you!"

"Your welcome. I must return to my quarters for a brief moment. I will return shortly."

"If you're going to get a change of clothes, I have plenty of clothes you could wear here. Please, don't go!"

"Alright Jonathan, I will not leave. I will sleep on the couch so you can get a good night sleep."

As she re-entered the same compartment that she got his T-shirt, she grabbed a T-shirt and a pair of long pajama bottoms. She decided that this would be acceptable to wear. She walked to the rear room to change. When she returned to where he was laying, he had moved over to the other side of the bed and had the blankets opened for her. She grabbed the covers and tried to pull them back on his frame but he stopped her.

"The couch is not very comfortable, why don't you sleep in the bed with me. It's a lot more comfortable. Trust me!"

"Jonathan, I believe that you should sleep alone."

"Alright, I thought I would offer but don't say I didn't warn you."

She once again grabbed the blankets and covered his body. She made sure that he was comfortable and that he was tucked in properly. Once she was happy and reassured that he would be fine for the night, she walked around to the other side of the bed and gave him a kiss on the forehead.

"Good night Aisha!" She whispered.

He was almost asleep; he was minutes away from losing consciences but managed to whisper four small words.


She watched him fall asleep. She wanted to make sure that he would get a good night sleep so she grabbed the spare blanket and walked over to the couch. She was now wrapped up in the blanket and was also finding out why Jonathan said that the couch was uncomfortable. She just sat there and watched him breath. Watching the blankets rise and descend. She found his breathing very relaxing. T'Pol got up from the couch to stretch as her back began to stiffen on her. She had not fallen asleep yet as she was watching and monitoring him. It had been a couple of hours since he had fallen asleep and she now was getting very tired. She noticed that he still left the side of the bed that he offered her was still empty. She knew that she shouldn't sleep beside him because when she slept, her mental shields dropped and she is unable to control her dreams, thought and feelings. She decided to take him up on his offer but she would sleep on top of the covers and use the blanket she had on the couch to cover herself. As she got on the bed, the movement woke him up.


"I'm here Jonathan, are you alright?"

"I was scared you left me alone. I'm happy you're still here."

She was now sitting on the bed beside him.

"I told you I wasn't going anywhere. How do you feel?"

"Very tired but my headache is gone. I feel much better, thanks of course to your tender care."

"I will take you up on your offer Jonathan, I will sleep on this side of the bed."

"Wait a minute."

He opened the blankets so she could get in with him. When she touched the sheets, she could feel how warm they were from his body heat. This was very soothing to her as she was getting very tired.

"Jonathan, I."

"I know what you're going to say so don't even." He was cut off,

"How did you know what I was going to say?"

"I could hear it in my head."

"Our minds are linked Jonathan. I wasn't sure if a Vulcan and Human would be able to complete the ritual. Once again, you have surprised me."

"What does this mean T'Pol?"

"We are now bonded. I'm your mate and you are mine."

"Well your mate is telling you to get in this bed because you're letting all the heat out."

This brought a small smile to her face. Finally, she would be with someone by her own choice and not because it was arranged. As she entered the bed beside him, she now knew all that she wanted to know about him, which was everything. She knew about his childhood years, his Starfleet academy training, and the death of his father and his first years in Starfleet and promotion to the rank of Captain. The more she found out, the more she fell in love with him. She now could give herself to him as mates do but she still was very aware of the potential problems that would follow. She was afraid of what might happen. How would the High Command react, how would Starfleet react, her family, his family, and the crew? These were all valid questions and concerns that they would have to deal with very soon. Thanks to Jonathan, she had purged herself of the terrible events of her violation at the hands of Tolaris and she now was ready to move on. As she entered the blankets, she shuffled over beside him. He was lying on his back. She rested her head on his right shoulder and place her right arm across his chest and her right leg across both of his. He curled his right arm so that he supported her head and upper back. He pulled the blankets over the both of them. Their bodies fit together perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle. For the fist time in her life, she felt love, happiness and affection like no other Vulcan had.

"I love you as well Aisha!"

Archer grabbed T'Pol's right had with his left, lifting it towards his mouth. He kissed her palm then rested her hand on his chest, which was still locked with his.

"Merry Christmas T'Pol."

"Merry Christmas Jonathan."

With those final words, T'Pol and Archer were fast asleep. Their minds wrapped together as well as their bodies. At this particular points, Porthos seized this chance to jump up on the bed and wrapped himself into a ball against T'Pol's lower back. With one final sigh, Porthos let out a faint whimper and fell asleep.

Official star date: Dec 26, 1130

Captain Archer had the best sleep he had had in months. He was well rested and felt rejuvenated. After his little accident last night, the Doctor had ordered him to stay off his feet and relax for a few days, which meant no bridge duty. T'Pol was not scheduled for bridge duty today as well, giving her chance to spend the whole day with him.

"Good morning T'Pol."

"Good morning Jonathan. How did you sleep?"

"Very good actually. And it's all because of you."

"It was from the sedative the doctor gave you, I had nothing to do with your having a good nights rest."

"You just staying the night was all I needed. I never realized that the Vulcan mind was so fragile yet so strong all at the same time. It's an incredible feeling being connected to you. It is something that I have never felt in my life."

"I told you that it would be a powerful experience."

"I can still here what you are thinking!"

"What do you mean?"

"You're hungry and would like breakfast. Since chef is busy in the mess hall and we have missed breakfast. I will take care of breakfast."

His head was still a little sore from the gash but besides that he was feeling much better. T'Pol still lay in bed, watching him stumble around his quarters trying to prepare breakfast.

"Are you in need of assistance Jonathan?"

"No no, I fine, thanks."

Porthos was still lying on the bed and was watching T'Pol's every move. She was looking into his brown eyes and wondered what he was thinking. Porthos remained absolutely still until she spoke with a calm and soft voice.

"Come here Porthos!"

Porthos waddled over to were T'Pol was lying, tail wagging in circles. She was now sitting up in bed with her back against the wall. She began to pet and rub his ears. It was no surprise that Porthos liked T'Pol, ever since the first time she was in the Captain's quarters, he always would go to her. Archer found it funny as she would not want anything to do with him.

"Jonathan, I believe that Porthos needs a bath!"

"Bath, that sounds like a good idea. T'Pol, I'm going to take a quick shower, breakfast will be ready in about 10 minutes."

He smiled at her then went into the bathroom and closed the door. T'Pol finally got out of bed and made her way into the back room where Jonathan had prepared the table for breakfast. He had flowers on the table and two candles. Opened flames were not allowed on board but no one would question the Captain. The table looked very nice. As she began to prepare for breakfast, she could here Archer singing from the shower. As she approached the bathroom door, she recognized the song. She opened the door slowly and began to look around. The shower was in the back portion of the washroom and she couldn't see him from the bathroom entrance. She entered the washroom and closed the door behind her. She walked towards the sound from the voice. When she finally turned the corner, she could see him in the shower. He had his back to her. The glass doors had designs on them so you could not see through them clearly. She could see from the navel up and from his knees down. He was having a hard time washing his hair as the soap and pressure from the water was hurting his repaired skull. He had soap in his eyes and couldn't find a towel to clear the soap from his face. T'Pol walked towards the shower and grabbed a towel. He was reaching around blindly with his right hand and she held it in mid air. He finally came around to where she was holding the towel.

"Ah finally, there you are."

As he wiped away the soap from his face, he could feel a presence.


At first she was reluctant to answer but with their link growing stronger, she knew that it would be only a matter of time before he realized that she was just outside the shower.

"Yes Jonathan."

"Can I help you with something. For some reason, I have been having problems taking showers in private."

She reached out to him through their link, at first she was a little upset that he would consider her a distraction but then she realized what he was talking about, her mouth began to form a small grin.

"I never realized that Commander Tucker and yourself were so close. Perhaps we should terminate our relationship since Commander Tucker has already seen you in the shower."

Once again her dry humor was creating quit a stir between them. He started to laugh in his mind. T'Pol, feeling his thoughts also began to show signs of another brief but rare smile. Archer replied with words and not thoughts.

"Your humor is improving T'Pol!"

With a frown on her face, her eyebrows shot up then descended just as fast. She headed towards the exit; Archer watched her thin and extremely sexy frame exit the shower area.

"Jonathan, behave yourself." Echoed in his mind. He returned a thought to her. "Sorry Aisha!"

"Please hurry, breakfast should arrive any moment."

As Archer turned off the shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and used another to dry his upper body. As he was wiping off the mist from the washroom mirror, he began to feel lightheaded. His vision began to blur causing him to call for T'Pol. Even before he could get a single syllable out of his mouth, she had rushed in and knew exactly how he was feeling. She wrapped her arms around his waist, as his legs were about to give out.

"Jonathan, I think we should get you back into bed."

Having difficulty concentrating, he replied with a simple, "That's a good idea!" She was much stronger than she looked. But Vulcans were known for their exceptional strength. She carried most of his weight back to the bed. He was now sitting on the edge of the bed, only wearing the towel that was wrapped around his waist.

"Please Jonathan, you must lay down!"

"Give me a few seconds to get me breath. I guess the mild concussion prognosis by the Doc is no longer out of the question but is now a reality?"

"I suppose so. I will contact the Doctor to update him on your condition, in the mean time, you should rest."

"In a towel?"

"Is there something wrong with that?" She was looking at him with a sexual demeanor.

He opened up the link between them and sensed that she was enjoying the site of him half-naked. This shot his hormones into chaos.

"I won't move. I promise."

Fifteen minutes had passed and Archer woke suddenly. He looked up and he was still in his bath towel but he noticed that the Sub Commander had showered at put her uniform back on.

"I will be back momentarily, I must update the Doctor on your condition. Do you require anything before I leave?"

"Not now but thanks! I thought that the Doctor wanted to see me first thing in the morning?"

"I contacted the Doctor earlier this morning and told him that you were sleeping. He told me to let you sleep. I will be back soon."

T'Pol exited the room in somewhat of a rush as she wanted to see the Doctor as soon as possible. She could feel Archer's pain through their link. He was not one to complain but she had to tell the Doctor what kind of shape he really was in. It seemed like only seconds had passed before she entered sickbay. She had opened up their link to check on his condition. As the doors opened to sick bay, T'Pol was greeted by Doctor Phlox.

"Good morning Sub Commander. How is the Captain feeling today?"

"I believe your original prognosis was correct Doctor."

"Where is the Captain now?"

"In his quarters."

"Did he get a good night sleep?"

"He did make a remark this morning in regards to that matter."

"Ah, well then I would need to run more extensive neurological scans to see what grade of concussion he has."

"Very well, I well bring him down for the examination in 20 minutes. Thank you Doctor."

As T'Pol was about to leave sick bay, she was stopped by the following question.

"Sub Commander, did you have chance to talk to the Captain about your.future condition?"

With a very uncertain but direct response, she responded to the Doctors question.

"No.I haven't!"

"I would suggest that you do so because your last examination showed higher levels of pheromones and estrogen. The medication that I had prescribed is not having the same effect as before."

"Then we will double the dosage!"

"I would highly recommend against it. We are already at the maximum dosage Sub Commander."

"The Captain is the one who is in need of medical attention at the moment. I can control my.condition a little longer with the medication and meditation Doctor."

"Sub Commander, do you believe that the Captain would want you to put your life at risk? According to my last scans, you have another week a best before your condition becomes a major concern if not.treated!"

"Thank you Doctor for your concern. I will bring the captain down as soon as he is ready."

Phlox smiled at her and she nodded back to him in acknowledgement. The doors slid shut behind her. She knew that the Doctor was making a valid point about her condition. Over the last few days, she has felt the urge beginning to take control. How would he react once she told him that her life was in danger if he does not help her? He has already been through a lot the last forty-eight hours. Would he be able to push the envelope?

"T'Pol, where are you there?" He opened the link between them.

"Yes Jonathan, are you alright?"

"I just wanted to know where you were. Are you okay, I can feel that you are tense about something."

"We will discuss it later."

"What did the Doctor say?"

The door to his quarters opened, T'Pol entered and made her way towards his uniform compartment.

"The Doctor is expecting you in sick bay. We must get you dressed. I do not think it would be a good idea to bring you to sick bay in only a towel!"

"It could be interesting?"

Her left eyebrow shot up, as she was not amused. "Perhaps!"

She helped the Captain get dressed in uniform and began to escort him to sick bay. He was still shaky on his feet but she didn't have to support him as much as last night. She only had one arm helping you instead of two. The doors to sick bay opened, T'Pol noticed that the Doctor motioned to her to put the Captain behind the curtained off area.

"That will be fine Sub Commander, I believe that I can take it from here. If you have other matters to attend to, please feel free to do so. There are a few tests that I would like to perform. Shouldn't take more than a couple of hours."

"Would it be possible for me to stay."

"If you wish but it is not necessary Sub Commander!"

She paused. "I will stay!"

"As you wish."

She decided that she would stay with him throughout the examination. She would be able to help him mentally and this would also give her time to figure out how she was going to ask him for his help. Again! It was no secret that the Captain did not like to be in sick bay, let alone a patient himself. He was not the ideal patient as was apparent by his present situation.

"Captain, please you must stay still so the scan can finish. If you do not stay still, we will have to start all over again."

He wasn't enjoying the scan. The confined scanner area was enough to make anyone a little claustrophobic. "Once again Captain, please do not move." T'Pol stood beside the Doctor and watched as Archer's body passed through the scanner.

"Just as I thought, the frontal lobes of his brain have suffered trauma. Which of course would explain his symptoms."

"Explain Doctor."

"Well my initial diagnosis was correct. The Captain did suffer a mild concussion from his.fall. The trauma was caused by stress to the brain. At any point in your link, was it broken suddenly or without warning?"

"As a matter of fact, it was."

"That would explain his symptoms. Fortunately, there is no permanent damage but he will have a headaches for a few more days. Since my authority overrules when it's a medical situation, I'm placing you in command Sub Commander till the Captain has medical clearance to resume his duties."

She looked at him with an unexpected command.

"I will notify the Captain of my decision. I'm sure he won't be thrilled. If you'll excuse me Sub Commander."

"Of course, I will inform the rest of the crew. I will return shortly."

She gave the Doctor a small nod of the head, by watching his response, she knew that he understood. She started to make her way towards the exit when Archer yelled out.

"Sub Commander, where you going?"

She walked back towards where he was now sitting. He was sitting on the edge of the bed with his arm on each side of his legs. They were supporting his upper body and his head was slightly leaning forward. His chin was resting on his chest.

"Yes Captain!"

"Where are you going Sub Commander?"

"The Doctor has a couple more tests to run and I must go to the bridge."

"Is everything alright?"

"The Doctor will explain. If you'll excuse me?"

She approached him and gently put her hand on his. Her touch reassured him that everything was going to be fine. He watched her exit sick bay. He was drawn to her; he studied every curve of her body until the sick bay doors broke his stare.

"Captain, I have some news on your conditions."

"What ever it is, I'm not missing any bridge duty!"

With a huge smile, the Doctor simply replied. "Will see!"

Captain Archer knew that it didn't matter what he said, that he was officially on sick leave until further notice.

"Great! Just great!"

Official Star Date time: Dec 28,1500

The Captain was resting in his quarters. He had his music playing at a very high volume. He inherited his love of music from his father. He would sit and listen to old music for hours with his father. Surprisingly, he had a pretty good voice but no one ever knew about it, as he was to shy to let others hear him sing. He was walking around his quarters like a caged animal. He wasn't used to having this much free time on his hands and since the Doctor restricted his physical activities for the next couple of days, he was bored. He hadn't seen T'Pol for a couple of hours but she kept their link open so she could check up on him. She felt his boredom growing and had reassured him that everything would be fine. He just needed to relax for a few days. They exchanged thoughts and emotions all afternoon. Commander Tucker could have sworn that he saw a brief smile on the Sub Commanders face but thought otherwise. She had taken a short shift on the bridge as she informed the senior staff and the rest of the bridge crew that she would be in command for the next few days as the Captain had sustained a minor injury that requires a few days rest. As Captain Archer began to clean up his workstation, he noticed that there was some sort of old book. There was Vulcan markings on the front and on the back there was simply a symbol. He could not read the cover and had no clue what the symbol meant. At that moment, his door slid open and in walked the Sub Commander.

"May I ask what you are doing with that book?"

"Nothing, I was just going to clean up my workstation and I found it under all the PADD's. Honest!"

She could tell that he was not lying. That was one of the bonuses of having such a strong link. He or she could tell if the other was lying which in this case, he wasn't.

"I never accused you of anything Captain."

"Sorry, I thought that you might think I was going to look inside."

"Even if you would have, you would have not been able to read it. It's in Vulcan."

"What is it, some kind of diary!" He said with slight laughter in his tone.


"Oh, I didn't think that Vulcan's kept diaries."

"I never said it was a diary!"

He shook his head; she was very good at side stepping direct questions or comments. Misdirection was one of her stronger traits that she used to perfection.

"How are you feeling Captain?"

"Not bad, the headache is gone."

"Yes I know, I heard the music from down the hall. I believe that there was a noise complaint registered with security in this section. Would you have any information about this incident?"

He frowned and looked at her with a suspicious look. She looked at him with her usual stern Vulcan look. He still had a hard time to figure out when she was joking or being serious. Her face rarely changed expression but her eyes had become softer within the last few weeks, especially since they had bonded.

"Sorry Sub Commander, I can't help you!" He smiled.

"For some reason, I do not believe you!"

She walked over to where he was standing; she tilted his head downwards and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Why were you crying?"

"I thought we had agreed to talk about that at a later time?"

"I want to know now! Did I do something wrong?"

"No you did not."

"Then why won't you tell me. You haven't opened your link the last few days, at least for an extended period of time. I feel lost here alone in my quarters. What's going on T'Pol?"

"Perhaps we should talk to the Doctor, he can help explain the situation."

"Why? Are you sick? Is you Pa'nar syndrome causing you problems again? Damnit T'Pol, talk to me!"

Archer had become agitated. He was looking for answers but she wasn't given any. She knew how he felt about her, how deep his love for her was but she still would not let him in.

"Perhaps this was a bad idea!"

"What do you mean Sir?"

"Maybe we shouldn't have pursued a relationship."

"Is that how you feel?"

"Open your link and find out. Of course that is not the way I feel and I understand that Vulcans don't show their emotions but I can feel that there is something you want to tell me but you won't. You asked for my help, now I'm asking for your help. Help me understand what is going on."

She reached out and grabbed his hand.

"Very well, follow me!"

She escorted him out of his quarters, still holding on to his hand; she was going to sick bay. Archer began to think that maybe he was right, that maybe she was sick, maybe her Pa'nar syndrome was incurable! The doors to sickbay opened and Dr Phlox met them as they entered.

"Ah Captain, how are we feeling today?"

"Not bad Doc!'

"I was just going to contact you. I thought that you might like to get back to work!"

"What do you mean?"

"I'm giving you a clean bill of health. Congratulations!"

"Doctor, the Captain and I are not here for his physical. It is time that he be informed about my condition."

The Doctor folded his arms and a small but caution smile appeared on his face.

"Ah yes, your condition. Well Sub Commander, how can I be of assistance?"

"Perhaps you could explain to the Captain about my condition for starters."

The Captain had a puzzled look on his face, he had absolutely no clue at what the Doctor and Sub Commander was talking about. But what ever it was, he knew that the blunt of the situation would fall on his shoulders.

"Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on here. Since you have given me a clean bill of health, that should mean that what ever is going on, I will be able to deal with it. Correct?"

"Yes or course Captain, we just want to make sure you understand the severity of the situation!"

"What situation? Is T'Pol's Pa'nar syndrome acting up again?"

"No Captain, I have that under control. This has to do with."

T'Pol interrupted the Doctor.

"Jonathan, do you remember some time ago when I had made a suggestion that the crew needed shore leave? That efficiency was down three percent?"

"Ya, and you said that the crew needed to release their sexual tension, that it would relax the crew if they were to go on holidays. What about it?"

"Do you also remember when I told Commander Tucker and yourself that Vulcans only need to mate once every seven years?"

"I. Yes I do remember. Do you need to release some tension?"

She just looked at him, his blue eyes willing to help her anyway he could but she just couldn't ask him. There would be too many complications if she did.

"Sub Commander, just ask him!" Phlox shouted as if he were shouting orders to cadets!

"Jonathan, every seven years, if Vulcan's do not quench the blood fever, we die! The fever is very powerful and consumes us for weeks. My fever has been growing and is becoming very hard to control. The medication that the Doctor has been using is no longer having any effects and it is now only a matter of days before the fever begins. Do you understand what this means Jonathan?"

He reached out for her; in return she wrapped her arms around him. She had opened up their link and he could feel her pain, her fever growing and her shame in asking him to save her life. As all these emotions flowed through him, he now understood why she had closed their link.

"Yes I do, we need to get you to a Vulcan ship as soon as possible. They must have some kind of medical." He was interrupted.

"No Jonathan, there is no time. I'm asking." She sighed. "I'm asking you to relieve my fever."

He sat there for a brief moment, pondering what she had just asked him. As he looked at the Doctor, his arms were still crossed but the look on his face had changed. It was now a look of distress and uncertainty. He was very worried about the Sub Commander. He no longer could help her medically. It was now up to Jonathan to save his First Officer, the woman he loved.

"I.ah.don't know what to say. If I understand what you're telling my Doc, that if I don't make love to T'Pol, she's going to die?"

"In a nut shell, yes! That is exactly what we're telling you!"

Captain Archer was at a loss for words. In his worst nightmare, he had never dreamt of something so horrible. If he were to do this, the reactions from Starfleet and the High Command would be off the charts. That a Vulcan and a Human had mated sexually would most certainly be a first. It was bad enough that they had bonded mentally and that they still had not contacted their governments and families about their bonding. This was a major step that could have serious repercussions towards their careers. But how could he let the woman he loved die, he would not be able to live with himself. At that moment, the decision had been already made. He would not let her die! Sickbay was silent as the Doctor and Sub Commander were watching Archer ponder at the situation. Finally, as he looked at the Doctor and Sub Commander, the look on both of their faces looked grim. He was about to change that.

"There is no way that I'm going to let the woman I love die, especially if I can prevent it! T'Pol I told you that I would help you anyway that I could and I still mean it. I know that this could lead to a court marshal but it would be a very small price to pay in order to keep you with me. I love you and don't ever forget it!"

Doctor Phlox was stunned as was T'Pol!

"Captain, do you understand what will happen?"

"It doesn't matter what the High Command of Starfleet says. This is my decision and that's final!"

"Very well Captain. We must prepare you for the events that will take place."

"Events, what do you mean events?"

"Jonathan, matting amongst Vulcans is very demanding physically. Since Vulcans have superior strength, this is usually not a concern but with a Vulcan and a Human, there must be some precautions taken."

"What kind of precautions?"

The Doctor hoped up on one of the bed and listened to what T'Pol had to say.

"Well first of all, restraints will be required as once the fever actually takes over, I will need you at that moment. I will be very aggressive and for your own safety I recommend the restraints. I will have no control over my emotions and all I will want is to relieve the fever."

"That sounds like a good safety feature. I wouldn't want anything broken while we."

Archer began to blush as the mere thought of T'Pol and himself engaged in lovemaking. Even though it was something that he had thought about but never thought it would become reality. He wanted it to be of both their own free will and not a life of death situation.

"The fever will become weaker after the first week of mating."

"First week! T'Pol, I'm not a machine. How many times do we have to relieve the fever?"

"Usually among Vulcans, it usually takes between three to four times a day for the duration of the first week. After that, the fever is controllable to only once a day. After three weeks, the fever has completely been relieved."

"Holly shit! How can I."

The Doctor interrupted him.

"Captain, I can give you a injection that will elevate your hormonal levels and help you be. prepared!"

"How many injections would I need to help me through a week?"

"I would start with two a day, then we could see how you react to the injections."

"I see."

A look of concern washed over his face. Would he be able to relieve her fever and save her life? This was a lot of pressure to put on someone's shoulders. She looked at him and she could see and read his expression. She walked over to him and reached out for his hand. He also reached for her hand.

"T'Pol, I don't know if I can do this. What happens if."

Doctor Phlox interrupted him.

"Captain, I have already compared the Sub Commander's DNA to yours. Vulcans and Humans cannot procreate but there is no medical finding that says that Vulcans and Humans cannot be sexually active with each other. There is no biological chance of any harm coming of this. Except for the physical aspect of course."

"I must ask you once more T'Pol, are you sure you want.me?"

"Yes I am Jonathan! I trust you Aisha!"

Aisha, that word soothed his emotions over, knowing that she was willing to put her life in his hands was something he would ever forget. As the Doctor finished with his final scans of the two officers, he gave T'Pol the restraints they would need to ensure the Captains safety. As both officers were about to leave sickbay, the Doctor reminded the Captain about his injections and then the sickbay doors closed. As they made their way towards her quarters, they had not spoken a single word. The silence between them was concerning to her. As the door to her quarters opened, she began to enter but Archer stood still. She reached for his hand. He looked down at her hand, which was extended, and he in return grabbed her hand. She tightened her grip and pulled him into her quarters. The door closed behind them as they prepared her quarters.

Official Star Date: Dec 28, 2100

Captain's personal Log: I have just returned from sickbay where I just received my first of many hormonal injections from Doctor Phlox. The Doctor says that these injections will make my sexual drive work overtime. I thought that my normal sexual drive was powerful enough but we are talking about special circumstances. Sub Commander T'Pol has been informing me over the last few hours what to expect from her during her Pon'farr. She has told me that she will become very aggressive, out of control and even very emotional which is hard to grasp. She has also told me that biting; scratching and even physical contact have been known to occur during Vulcan sexual encounters. I'm happy that we have a Doctor close by. I'm still very hesitant about this whole ordeal, as the life of the woman I love hangs in the balance. What happens if I cannot cure her fever?"

"Beep!" The door chime had been activated.

"Computer pause. Come in."

The door slid open and there stood Ensign Sato.

"How are you feeling Captain?"

"Hoshi! Please come in and have a seat."

"It's nice to see you up and around Sir. Especially after your terrible accident."

Captain Archer looked at Hoshi with a suspicious look.

"My accident?"

"Yes Sir! The Doctor and Sub Commander told us everything."

"Did they! Well what exactly did they say?"

"They told us how you had to much to drink at the Christmas party and you tripped in your quarters and hit your head."

Archer gasped for air.

"Really?" Well I was feeling kind of funny and of course, yes I remember now!"

"Don't feel bad Sir, Commander Tucker was worse off than you were. He was all over the place. He must have made half the ship pee their pants. That's how much they were laughing!"

"Good old Trip!"

"Well Sir I should be getting on my way. I just wanted to check on you. Good night Sir."

The door slid open and she was about to exit the room when Archer spoke.

"Hoshi, is they're anything else on your mind?"

She turned to him and looked at him with plenty to say. Should she even ask her Captain these kinds of question?

"Captain, I need to. speak to someone about."

"I'll get the coffee Hoshi, have a seat."

"Thank you Captain!"

She re-entered his quarters and the door slid shut behind her. He knew exactly whom she was talking about and what she wanted to talk about.

"Here you are Ensign."

"Thank you Captain."

As Hoshi sipped her coffee, Archer began the conversation.

"So what has he done this time?"

"Well Sir, I know that you and Commander Tucker are very close and I was wondering if he has spoken to you about."

"As a matter of fact, Trip did stop by a couple of days ago."

"And what did he have to say?"

"If I told you what he said then I wouldn't be a very good friend now would I?"

"I understand. I don't know where this is going. Is he serious or is this just a fling. I'm so confused!"

Hoshi dropped her head into her hands, pushing back her hair; she looked up at the Captain who in return had a big smile on his face.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing. Commander Tucker came to me with the same questions and uncertainties. He was a nervous wreck just like you are now."

"Captain please, what did he say?"

"Alright Alright! Since this will benefit the both of you, he asked me what he should do about his feelings towards you. He told me that he was falling in love with you but wasn't sure if the feelings were mutual. He really cares for you Hoshi. It might be worth giving this a chance. You might be surprised what he's capable of."

She looked at him with a small smirk. She was hoping to hear what he just told her because she also had the same feelings towards Commander Tucker.

"Thank you Sir, this is what I was hoping to hear. Sometimes Commander Tucker can be hard to read but this most definitely clears things up. Thank you for the coffee but I should be going."

"Anytime Hoshi!"

Ensign Sato rose from her chair, as did Archer. He escorted her to the door and activated the console to open.

"Thanks again Captain!"

"Anytime, just don't tell Trip that I told you!"

"Yes Sir!"

Hoshi smiled and left his quarters. He felt a little uneasy as he wasn't sure how Commander Tucker would react to him telling Hoshi what they had discussed a few days ago but he was pretty sure now knowing how Hoshi felt about him that there shouldn't be any serious problems. As he was preparing for an early evening, he decided to watch a water polo match before he would go to bed. He was scheduled for his first bridge duty shift since his accident a couple of days ago and now that T'Pol was off duty, it was up to him to try and keep his crew and ship in order. Even though the next few weeks would be the most challenging he has ever encountered.

"Good night boy, it's back to work tomorrow!"

Porthos looked at him, rolled over and went to sleep. Archer decided to follow his dog's actions and turned off his water polo match. Right before he turned off the lights in his quarters, he could feel T'Pol open their link. She opened it just enough to sent him a message. "Good night Aisha" was all that he could hear in his head. Just those three words. Nothing more, nothing less. He returned a response before she closed the link. "Ashaya du. T'Pol!" She was deep in meditation. He wasn't sure if she heard his final thoughts. He had replied to her in Vulcan. He had been brushing up on his Vulcan as the Doctor had told him that when the blood fever takes over T'Pol, that she would be talking in Vulcan. She would have no control over her vocabulary and seeing that Vulcan is her first language, the Doctor thought it might be a good idea for the Captain to understand a little Vulcan. "Good night T'Pol" he mumbled as he rolled over and drifted off the sleep.

Official Star date Dec 29: 01000

Captain Archer had been on the bridge for a couple of hours now. He had informed the crew on his condition and of the news that the First Officer would be not at her post for at least a week as she was ill. Since he woke this morning, he felt nothing from T'Pol. She had not opened their link in the least. Not even to check on him as she had been doing ever since they were linked. He was unable to open the link either, which made him feel uneasy. He had gotten use to hearing her in his head and now it was very quiet. They would have entire conversations and no one would know. He missed those tender moments where she would let her Vulcan emotions show for a moment. It just made him love her even more.

"Captain. Captain?"

He had been staring at the view screen and was lost in thought.

"Yes Ensign?"

"We're being hailed Sir. It's Admiral Forrest."

"Put it up!"

"Admiral! How are you feeling Sir?"

"Pretty good John. Please thank your crew for the flowers that were sent to Starfleet medical."

"Were glad no one was seriously hurt Sir. Although I was looking forward to signing you're cast!"

"Very funny John! I was wondering if we could speak in private?"

"Of course Admiral, please stand by!"

And with his final word the view screen went blank.

"Hoshi patch it to my ready room."

"Yes Sir!"

As he sat down in front of his view screen, he activated it and once again Admiral Forrest was in front of him.

"What's up Admiral?"

"First of all John, let me wish you and your crew a belated Merry Christmas and congratulations on the fine work your people are doing. Your all making us very proud back home."

"Thank you Sir but I get the feeling that there is something else you want to discuss."

"Actually there is John. Sub Commander T'Pol's family have been in contact with us John and they have brought something to our attention that is very disturbing."

"Oh! What is it?"

"To make a long story short, Vulcan's mate once every seven years and Sub Commander T'Pol is suppose to be entering something called."


"Yes, that's right. How did you know that?"

"Doctor Phlox has informed me of the Sub Commander's condition."

"And what is she doing to resolve this matter. Is it really life threatening?"

"Yes it is Sir."

"Her family is very worried! Ever since she desolated her marriage to stay aboard Enterprise, they have been worried. What should I tell them?"

"Tell them that T'Pol will be absolutely fine and will contact them when her Pon'farr is done."

"John, are you alright?"

"Yes of course. Why?"

"You're sweating. I can see it."

"It's been a busy morning Sir."

"Are you sure everything is OK?"

"Of course Admiral! I will contact you in a couple of hours with an update on the Sub Commanders condition."

"Alright John, I will contact her family and let them know that she is in your hands."

"You have now idea!" Mumbled Archer.

"What was that John?"

"Nothing Sir. Talk to you in a couple of hours. Archer out!"

The view screen was black. What was wrong with him? He was sweating profusely. He had no idea what was happening but needed answers. It felt like his skin was burning. He could feel the beads of sweat run down his back. As he exited his ready room, he darted directly for the turbo lift.

"Mr. Reed, you have the bridge."

"Yes Sir."

As he walked in to sickbay, the Doctor was waiting for him. The Doctor knew exactly why he was there.

"What the hell is going on Doc, I'm sweating like crazy!"

"Yes Captain, I foreseen this being one of the side effects to the injection from last night."

"Doctor Phlox took out his scanner and ran it over Archer's chest.

"Ah good!"

"Good what?"

"The injection is working perfectly Captain. If you would please sit down, it is time for your second injection."

The Captain sat on one of bio beds as Phlox went over and grabbed the injector. He had already gotten it ready for the Captain.

"And there we are. All done Captain."

"What's in this injections anyway?"

"No need to worry Captain."

"Could you tell me anything else about Vulcan mating Doc?"

He grinned.

"Actually Captain, I have been reading up on Vulcan mating and it's very fascinating. When a Vulcan male and female prepares to engage in Pon'farr, all of their senses are heightened. The mating itself is very.how could I say this.it's very animalistic!"

He had a hard time to swallow. He just looked at the Phlox as the Doctor gave Archer a glass of water.

"I also suggest you start drinking a lot of water Captain."

"Thanks Doc. Do you know when T'Pol will be taken by the fever?"

"Any day now. She has been in heavy meditation trying to prepare herself. That is why she has not contacted you. She told me to tell you that."

"I understand, thanks again Doc."

"Please come back at 1500 hours for your next injection. With three injections, you should be ready to jump into action when called upon."

Archer turned around and gave the Doctor a very cold glare. The doctor had a grin from ear to ear. As the sickbay doors closed, he began to laugh and prey that she didn't hurt him. Archer returned to the bridge and sat down in his chair. The sweats had stopped much to his approval but he now could feel the tension beginning to build between his legs leading him to cross them.

"Captain, how is Admiral Forrest doing?"

"Fine, just fine. His clothes come off in a few weeks.. I mean his cast comes off in a few weeks!"

Hoshi just looked at him, seeing that he had something else on his mind, she began to put things together. At that moment, Commander Tucker entered the bridge and walked over to the engineering station.

"Cap'n, could you take a look at this for a sec?"

"Sure thing Trip."

Archer walked over to the console where Commander Tucker had the schematics of the warp narcells displayed.

"You see these areas here Sir, if we could drop out of warp for a few hours, we could re-align the plasma in-take and we could get an extra little bit of juice outta her Sir. But I would have to strip her down for a few hours. "Strip.I sure would like her to strip.I mean for you to strip her.just proceed with the upgrades Commander."

"Yes Sir."

Commander Tucker looked and the Captain and began to wonder what he was talking about. He could see that his friend was in serious distress so he though that he was in need of being saved.

"Cap'n, how about some lunch?"

"Thanks Trip!" he mumbled. "Of course Commander!"

They entered his ready room. As soon as the door closed, Captain Archer fell to one knee.

"Cap'n! You all right?"

Trip helped up the Captain and escorted him to the nearest seat.

"Thanks Trip! I'm jus a little light headed."

"Maybe you should go see the Doc!"

"I'll be fine, just me a second to gather myself."

"Here Cap'n, drink this glass of water."

Within seconds he had grabbed the full glass of water and emptied it.

"Another one Sir?"


In the captain's mess, after lunch and glasses of water, his head began to clear up.

"Thanks for saving me out their Trip!"

"You'd a done the same thin' for me Sir."

"So Trip, how are things going with Hoshi?"

"Good. She made me breakfast this morning and was very affectionate."

Archer smiled as he wiped his mouth clean. His little info session with Hoshi had obviously paid off.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing, I'm just happy to see things are going well, that's all!"

"Cap'n, permission to speak freely?"

"Of course Trip."

"If noticed that you've been actin' really weird the last week or so. Is everythin' all right? And I'm not talkin' about your so called fall in your quarters neither. Something's changed and I haven't figured it out yet."

Captain Archer was about to tell his good friend what was going on. He had to tell someone, it was eating him up inside. He knew that he could trust Commander Tucker and he was sure that T'Pol would understand if he told him.


"Archer here."

"Captain, Admiral Forrest wishes to speak to you Sir."

"Put it through here Ensign."

"Yes Sir."

Archer moved over to the view screen and activated it. Admiral Forrest's face appeared on the screen.

"Good day John, was I interrupting?"

"Not at all Sir, what can I do for you."

"Are you alone?"

"Actually Cap'n, I need to get back to work. Nice to see your feeling better Admiral."

"Thank you Commander."

Commander Tucker exited the Captain's mess.

"Alright Admiral, were alone now."

"John, what the hell is going on out there?"


"I just spoke with the Sub Commander's family and they told me that if she does not mate with someone within the next 24 hours, that she is going to die. According to last nights logs you sent us, you are no where close to a Vulcan ship!"

"Yes Sir!"

"Did I make myself clear? Look John, I know that your not a fan of the Vulcan's but."

The door slid open and the Admiral was cut off in mid sentence."

"I believe that I can explain Admiral."

"T'Pol, what are you doing here?"

"I believe that the Admiral has been kept in the dark long enough."

"Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on?"

"Admiral, there is something you need to know. It won't be easy but I would rather tell you in person than you hearing it through the grape vine."

"All right John, go ahead but this better be good!"

T'Pol was very pale and it looked like she was having a hard time with her balance. He got up from his chair and helped her sit down in the chair that he was just sitting in. He pulled up another chair so that the Admiral could see both of them as they explained the situation.

"Are you OK?"

"Yes, I'm fine, thank you Jonathan."


"I'll explain Admiral. Ever since we first started on this mission of exploration, we knew that we would meet new civilizations and that in the future, there would most likely be relationships with this other cultures. Correct?"

"Of course John but what does this have to do with the Sub Commander?"

"Let me finish Admiral. The first alien culture we encountered was the Vulcans and for a century, we never thought to open up to them that they were holding us back from space travel. Well Admiral, as you know, I was one of those people but since I have been in space, the Vulcans had good reasons for holding us back. I won't lie to you Sir, but it hasn't been a picnic out here. We have found out the hard way that not everyone is interested in piece and exploration."

"What's your point John?"

"What Jonathan is trying to say Admiral is that the first interspecies relationship between a Vulcan and a Human has occurred."

Admiral Forrest looked at both of them with a very puzzled look. He had no idea that things aboard Enterprise had gotten this interesting.

"Do you two have any idea what this means? The High Command and Starfleet will have a hard time accepting this."

"Admiral, they will have to accept this because I will not stop my relationship with T'Pol. I love her and if Starfleet takes my command away then so be it!"

T'Pol turned and looked at Archer. For him to risk losing his command for her was something she did not expect. This was another reason why she had chosen him for her mate.

"John, what about the Sub Commander's condition?"

"It's. under control Admiral."

"You two are aware that I have to give the High Command a update on your condition Sub Commander."

"Jonathan and I will take care of letting the High Command know about my condition. I thank you for looking after our best interest. If you will excuse me Admiral, Jonathan, I will return to my quarters."

Captain Archer helped her up out of the chair and escorted her to the door. She looked at him for a brief moment then gave him a kiss of the cheek. Archer returned to the view screen.

"Is there anything else that I should know about John?"

"No, that's pretty much it!"

"This could get you in big trouble John?"

"I'm aware of that Admiral. She is definitely worth the risk!"

"Alright John, I'll back you on this. You've been doing some excellent work out there and to have all that work tarnished by love would be.illogical!"

"Well said Admiral."

"I will discuss this matter with Starfleet Headquarters. I'm sure you know what their response will be! I will try and make then understand that this chain of events was bound to happen sooner or later and I couldn't think of anyone else that I would want to break this barrier. Good luck John; I'll be in contact soon. Forrest out!"

"Holly shit! That wasn't easy!" Archer said to the empty room. The Com system in his ready room was activated.

"Archer here, go ahead."

"Good afternoon Captain, it is time for your next injection. Please report to sickbay."

"On my way Doc."

It seemed like the morning had just begun but he was already at the end of his shift. It had been a very interesting day to say the least. He wasn't sure how Starfleet was going to react at the fact that he was in a serious relationship with his Vulcan First Officer. He was happy that Admiral Forrest was on their side, if anyone could make Starfleet understand it would be him.

"Ah Captain, how are you feeling?"

"Honestly Doc, I have been better. I'm ready to crawl out of my skin. I just told Admiral Forrest about T'Pol."

"Oh! What was his reaction?"

"He was.surprised!"

"I see, well it's better this way, at least you no longer have to keep it a secret."

"We still have to tell the Vulcan High Command and that will not be easy!"

Dr Phlox placed the injector on Archer's neck.

"Perhaps you should worry about T'Pol and yourself instead of what other people think. Love is a very powerful weapon Captain, I believe that things will work out fine. Trust me."

"God I hope so Doc. Hopefully she doesn't kill me neither."

Doctor Phlox injected the Captain with his third injection. He was now ready to relieve Sub Commander's blood fever. He asked T'Pol if she could control her fever until the Captain had at least three injections. She was able to but told Dr Phlox that once the third injection was given that it would only be a matter of hours before she could no longer control her fever through meditation. Captain Archer was now ready.

"Captain, you are now physically ready to help T'Pol. Be ready from this moment on. Remember what I told you about her state of mine. Her Vulcan language, her being very direct and physical and the restraints, remember to use the restraints. For your safety of course."

He gave the Captain a small but warm smile. He knew that he would be having a patient soon. That T'Pol was probably going to beat him pretty good so he decided to be prepared for the inevitable.

"Thanks for the reminder Doc!"

Archer left sickbay; he was going to have supper as it was already 1800. By this time, he was a walking volcano. He was on edge and he was having a very hard time hiding it. He could only imagine the agony that T'Pol was going through. To have something that should be enjoyable be able to kill you were something that astonished him. He was now sitting in the mess hall. He rarely had supper in the mess hall but he thought that all the noise and commotion would take his mind off of things for the time being. He was sitting at a corner table when Ensign Sato entered the mess hall. She noticed the Captain sitting alone so she grabbed her tray and headed over to his table.

"Is this seat taken Captain?"

He looked up at her. "Please!" He motioned for her to sit down.

"Funny seeing you here Sir."

"I needed a change of scenery Hoshi."

"So Captain, are you going to the New Year's party?"

"I really don't know Hoshi. I have some personal matters to take care of and it's really not a good time right now."

"Does this have anything to do with Sub Commander T'Pol?"

"No it doesn't. A friend needs my help and I said that I would help her.him!"

Archer's voice level rose about five decibels. He was trying to be as discrete as possible. He knew that Hoshi already knew about their relationship but that was the extent of her knowledge.

"How are things going with Trip?"

"Good thanks to you Sir. After our little discussion, Commander Tucker and I had a late dinner. Captain we talked for over 2 hours about our pasts, the present and our futures together. It was a very beautiful evening."

"I told you that he would surprise you."

"Beep." Hoshi looked at Archer's arm.


"Captain, your arm is beeping!"

Archer looked at Hoshi then at his arm. He unzipped the arm pouch on his right arm. He pulled it out and flipped it open.

"Archer here."

"Jonathan, gol-tor!"

"Excuse me?" He replied. "Akali aitlu pon'farr. Jonathan!"

He finally realized that the language coming through the communicator was Vulcan and to make matters worse, Hoshi understood everything that T'Pol just said. Her eyes were wide open with amazement.

"I don't want to know what she said."

"Dator huh'.Jonathan! Please hurry."

Her voice trailed off and the communicator was silent. He looked at Hoshi at put the communicator back in his sleeve.

"Sir is everything alright?"

"Fine, just fine Hoshi. Umm, will you excuse me, I need to be somewhere."

She nodded and within seconds he was out of the mess hall running towards T'Pol's quarters. It was time for him to save the woman he loved but would he survive this ordeal.

"What the hell was that all about?" Hoshi said to herself and then continued with her meal.

"Can't be.already. Impossible! I'm going get killed."

Archer was mumbling partial sentences on his way towards T'Pol's cabin. There was so many things going through his head at the same time that he couldn't handle it. Especially now that the third injection had begun to affect him. Sitting with Hoshi at dinner was torture for him; he could smell her perfume that he usually never smelled as his sense of smell had been heightened by the injections. He would look at her and imagine cold shower, very cold shower. He had been having this problem ever since the injections had started; his groin could no longer take the pressure as it was taking over his daily routine. He tried to stay as far away from the female crewmembers and away from T'Pol. When she entered his ready room to inform Admiral Forrest, he could have just stripped her down naked and taken her right there. But knew that he must control his urges until T'Pol needed him at that time had come. The moment finally arrived; he was standing outside her cabin door. He put his ear against the door and just listened for any sign of her.


He heard a low tone voice mumble something but he could not understand what was being said. This time it was louder.

"Kic'blu svi'. It means come in Captain."

The door to her cabin was open and he just stood outside her door looking in. It was very dark inside and he could not see her from the entrance. He slowly entered her cabin and the door slid shut behind him. He heard it automatically look. He still could not see her, as there was no lights on in her cabin.

"Anyone home?" Was all he could muster up to say? He was terrified, excited and very sexually aroused all at the same time.


He could have sworn that he heard a growl come out of the darkness. This was beginning to become a matter of security so he though but as soon as that thought had entered his mind she spoke.

"I'm right here Aisha. Do not be afraid. I have been waiting for you. You have no idea how much I.bolaya du!"

"Need you! I understood what you just said, you said you need me. T'Pol I need you as well, please show yourself."

He heard a scratch and a simple light illuminated her cabin. She was holding a single watch in her hand. All he could see was her face. She looked really intense, he could tell that the pon'farr had her.

"Can you smell me Jonathan? I can smell you. You are ready, I can sense it!"

"Yes I can T'Pol. It's been driving me insane."

"Then you understand pon'farr better that you think, it is hard to keep everything in order." She was having a hard time concentrating on what was coming out of her mouth. "I' bolaya du. Akali.bru-lar.aitlu. Dator huh."

"T'Pol. T'Pol!" He shouted. "I can't understand what you're saying, slow down!"

"The fever has taken me over Jonathan. I can now longer."

The match was about at its end when she whispered one final sentence.

"When this match goes out, dator huh" pon'farr."

And then she was gone, the flame was extinguished. He could still smell her. It was like an animal instinct, her could tell where she was without actually seeing here physically. She was now growling at him as she was approaching him in the dark. His scent was strong; making her even more aroused. He just stood there waiting for something to happen then he felt that something.

"Jonathan." She whispered in his right ear. She was directly behind him. Her scent was driving him into frenzy. As she started to run her hands up and down his sides, he was now erect. Her touch alone was enough to make him aroused but now that his senses were the way they were, the waiting was killing him inside.

"Aisha, what about the restraints?" She was now directly in front of him.

"You will not have time for restraints Jonathan." And with that final word, she grabbed his uniform in the chest area with both of her hands and threw him across the room. He landed against the wall and table that was now smashed to pieces.

"Jonathan!" She yelled at him." The fever had now taken over her completely. Mind, body and soul. She had no control over anything. She was a wild animal, just like Doctor Phlox had said. She immediately picked up his scent and she sprung across the room where he had landed. She grabbed both of his arms and pinned him up against the wall. She began ripping off his uniform. He tired to fight her off but the more he would fight, the stronger she would come at him. The uniform posed little challenge to her, as all that was left was pieces around his feet that she also took care of. He was sitting against the wall with his back against the wall. She was sitting on top of him. She was kissing his neck and his ears when she bit his neck, causing blood to run down his chest.

"T'Pol!" He shouted but it had no effect on her. He put both of his hands against her shoulders and pushed her back sending her to the floor.

"Ah Aisha! Now you understand. Take me!"


Archer was now naked standing up. Her scent attacked him. His nose was acting like radar, he could tell exactly where she was. Without a second thought, he balled his right fist and just shot it out into the darkness connecting with the left side of her jaw, making her fall to the ground.

"Shit, are you okay T'Pol?"

"Thank you."

"For what?"

"During pon'farr, the male must prove he is worthy and must show that he can protect his mate. Aisha, you have done well."

She rose from the floor and approached him but with a slow and gentle walk. She placed both of her hands on his shoulders. Feeling his skin and his chest hair as she lowered her hands, she began to kiss his chest with the odd bite thrown in for good measure. He had never been this aroused in his life. This was something all new to him as it was to her as well. Her hands were once again on his shoulders, he grabbed the bottom of her shirt she was wearing and pulled it over her head.

"T'Pol, is this my sweatshirt?"

"Yes it is. It keeps me safe when your not around. It keeps me close to you."

"T'Pol, I.ashaya du!"

She stopped for a second or two to answer him. He was rubbing her face with his hands when he said.

"T'Pol, you're crying!"

"I love you to Jonathan."

At that moment, she lowered his head and her lips now covered his. All of her shields were down. As they kissed, all the emotion she had, the love she felt for him, he now knew how she felt and it was a welcomed feeling.

"I want you Aisha. I want you know."

T'Pol jumped up on him, wrapping her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist. He could feel her breast against his chest. Her silky smooth skin turned him on even more, if that was even possible. They continued to kiss as he carried her over towards the bed. He laid her down and pulled down her under pants she was wearing. She now had a firm lip lock and both of her hands had now made their way towards his erect penis. The heat in her cabin was unbearable; it drove them both into a sexual frenzy. He now positioned her underneath him.

"Now Jonathan, please help me! I can't anymore!"

She was becoming delirious. She was in a very dangerous position. She needed her fever relieved.

"Shaya tonat Aisha!" She said as she could feel the fever diminish. Their lovemaking was something they had both had dreamt about but could not bring them to even ponder their dreams.

"Aisha, you are crying again. Are you alright?"

"I am now Jonathan." She raised her right hand, touching his left cheek.

"I believe that you are crying as well."

"Perhaps, my love!"

Their lips once again were locked and they again continued their lovemaking. As they both approached their first climax, her fingernails began to sink into his back. As she neared her climax, he was also. Blood had begun to roll down his back and down his sides. At that moment, he didn't feel her nails digging into him. All he felt was she, for a moment he thought that he could feel her fever being relieved but knew that to be impossible. She continued to scratch and claw at his back. Biting his lips and ears along the way as she approaches her first pon'farr witch would save her life.

"Plak'tow I' abru'!" She screamed! For a brief moment, they both lied still. Both covered with beads of sweat and blood. They had both climaxed at exactly the same time. She had now removed her hands from his back and brought them to his face. Holding his face in her hands, she approached his face to hers, kissing him with a passionate kiss. She was not out of the woods by any stretch but she now knew that she would be safe as long as she had him around.

"T'Pol. Are you alright?"

"I'm not hurt. What about you?"

"To be honest, I have never felt better. I might have some problems getting back to my cabin."

"Who said anything about you going back to your cabin?"

"Why Sub Commander, are you giving me an order?"

"I was hoping that you would give yourself that order Captain."

"Well since I'm already here and I."

He had no time to finish his sentence as she had now flipped over and she now was on top of him.

"Besides Captain, the night is still young and I'm sure that you did not take those injections for nothing."

She was right, he still felt very aroused, as once he had climaxed, within minutes he was ready for her again. His hands now running up and down her back, all the way down to her buttocks. He was amazed how smooth and silky her skin was. She now was straddling his mid section. She grabbed both of his hands and placed them on her breasts. She began to thrust on his mid section, bringing moans and groans to the forefront. It was never discussed but they both knew that their lovemaking would last all night and most likely into the morning, which was of no concern. He was only due for bridge duty at 1100. He had asked Trip to take most of his shift as he had things to take care of. Trip did not mind. Any chance he had at sitting in the Captain's chair would not be passed on. Besides, he would be close to Hoshi as well.

Four hours had passed and she had regained some minimal control over any of her emotions. It was four hours of love making that they both enjoyed a tremendous amount. Although he suffered a bleeding nose and a black eye, which he would find out about in the morning and scratches up and down, his back and arms.

"Just two minutes T'Pol, I need a glass of water. He got up off the couch; they had been there for over an hour. He walked up to washroom and poured himself a glass of water. As he drank the glass of water. He could feel his heart beating at one hundred miles an hour. The injections that Doctor Phlox gave him were definitely working. Without them, he would not have been able to save the woman he loves. He just put the glass down when her scent attacked him again. She jumped at him landing on his back. Wrapping her arms around his neck and legs around his waist. She sank her teeth into his shoulder as they fell to the ground. His scream was cut short by her lips that were now locked on his. She once again needed to relieve her fever and she would not let a glass of water stop her. Flipping her around so she landed on her hands and knees, she tried to turn towards him. The urge to bit him again was strong but he positioned himself behind her so he was out of harms way. At least for some time he thought to himself. He ran his hands up and down her back bringing goose bumps all over her wet body. He began to thrust and she began to speak in Vulcan yet again. The Doctor told him this as well. He loved listening to her talk her native language. It made him feel at piece. She was now screaming as she once again neared climax. This was the only way to relieve the blood fever. She did not know how her body would react to a human but she was pleasantly surprised. Bed, floor, standing, sitting or lying, it did not matter. They had spent the entire night making love, relieving her blood fever but also showing just how much they loved each other. It was now 0800 and they now both were lying underneath the warn blankets of her bed. He was lying on his back and she had her head rested on his right shoulder with her right arm across his chest as was her right leg across his.

"Good Morning Aisha."

"Good Morning Jonathan, did you get any sleep?"

He kissed her forehead and continued to rub her naked backside.

"A little. Someone kept me up all night!"

She raised her head and made eye contact, giving him her Vulcan stare.

"You have no idea how nice it is to see that look again, it's been awhile."

She knew what he meant by his comments and simply responded with, "You better get use to it Jonathan."

"So how long before you can leave your cabin?"

"Doctor Phlox said he would have a better idea after our first night together."

"Do you feel any different?"

"If you mean if the fever is gone? No it is not but it has been relieved enormously. Shaya tonat Jonathan!"

"Your welcome Aisha!"

The two officers lay there in each other's arms, holding feeling and sharing thoughts as her shields were still down. She began to fall asleep, he covered her with the blankets so she would not be cold and to make sure that she got as much rest as possible. He still had two hours before his shift but he had to make a stop by sickbay so that the Doctor could treat his injuries but he did not mind waiting for his stop at sickbay. He had the woman of his dreams in his arms and no one was going to take that away from him. The Doctor had told him to be in sickbay at 1030 so he could determine the extent of his injuries and to give him another injection. This was only the first night of many to come within the next week for the two of them and he wanted to make sure that he saved her. He was now asleep but he could hear his communicator chirping from somewhere in the room. He had asked the Doctor for a wake up call, as it was now 1030.

"T'Pol?" He whispered.

He didn't want to wake her. He knew that she hadn't been sleeping very well over that last few weeks so he was extra careful when he got out of bed. He had some difficulty getting out of bed but he finally succeeded without waking her. He now had a serious problem. He had nothing to wear; she had totally destroyed his uniform.


He looked around and spotted his sweatshirt that she had been wearing. He picked it up and put it on. He could smell her scent on the sweatshirt and now he needed some pants of shorts to wear. He could now feel all the scratch marks and cuts on his back. She had done quit a number on him.

"Ah the hell with it."

He walked into her bathroom and grabbed a large towel, wrapped it around his mid section and headed towards the door. He disabled the lock and turned briefly and looked at her. She was now sleeping peacefully.

"Sweet dreams my love."

And with one last breath, he began to run towards sickbay hoping not to run into any crewmembers. Seeing their Captain running down the halls in a sweatshirt and a towel would cause quit a commotion. He was almost there; he hadn't run into a single person. As he exited the turbo lift on sickbay deck he began to run towards sickbay but as he turned the last corner before the sickbay doors, he ran over Ensign Sato. As he looked down to see whom he had knocked down, he was as surprised as she was.

"Hoshi, I'm so sorry! Are you OK?"

She looked up at him and said. "Nice legs Sir!"

He smiled and extended his hand to her to help her off the deck.

"Is there a toga party going on this morning that I wasn't aware of?"

"A what?" He was out of breath; he was breathing heavy from the entire running he had just done.

"Captain, what happened to your face?"

She looked at him with serious concerns.

"It's all right Hoshi, I'm fine."

"Captain your nose has been bleeding and your left eye is black!"

She reached out to touch his cheek. She grinned and her teeth were grinding together.

"Don't say a word to anyone Hoshi. Please!"

"Captain, I." He stared at her with a more serious and commanding look. "Yes Sir."

"We'll talk later OK?"

"Yes Sir."

He finally entered sickbay. Doctor Phlox was already waiting for him. He was amazed at what he saw.

"Captain what happened to you. Did you use to restraints?"

He ran his scanner over his face and upper body.

"Captain, she beat the living daylights out of you. Why didn't you use the restraints like I told you? Please remove your shirt."

As the Captain removed his shirt, he could now feel the effects of his night with T'Pol. "Arrrrrrrrr. I.ahhhhh! A little help would be nice here Doc!'

He couldn't lift his arms over his head to remove the sweatshirt. He was an absolute mess.

"The lacerations on your back. The bit marks on your shoulders and neck look pretty painful Captain."

"You have no idea!"

"This might sting a little so be prepared."

The Doctor began to gently dab his wounds with a liquid that burned so bad that it brought tears to his eyes.

"I thought you said sting! Not burn! How the hell am I going to last a week Doc!"



"Do you love her?"

"Of course I do!"

"Love will give you strength to go on. Trust me Captain!"

As the Doctor continued to treat his numerous wounds and bruises, he held the Doctor's last word in his mind. All of the burning and pain he felt seemed to wash away as he began to reminisce about last night. It was brutal but some how it was also erotic to him. He shook his head as if to say to himself that he was sick for thinking that way but in reality, it was the only way that he could save her from certain death.

"I took the liberty of having a couple of your uniforms brought here Captain. I hope you don't mine as I planned ahead for this."

"Good thinking Doc."

It was now 1055 and the Doctor was just finishing up his repairs on the Captain. With a little cosmetic practice, he was able to cover every bruise that the Captain had on his face. He had treated all his wounds and sore muscles. He did not feel anywhere close to one hundred percent but it was better than when he first came in.

"All right Captain, I'm done for now. Here is an injection for the sore muscles and pain and here is the other injection for your hormonal balance."

Dr Phlox removed the injector from the Captain's neck and smiled.

"You're doing a very noble thing Captain. It's not everyone who would sacrifice their bodies in this manner."

"Love Doctor. Remember? It's all cause I love her. It's tough love but it's still love."

"I will be checking on the Sub Commander at 1130."

"She was sleeping when I left."

"That Captain is a very good sign! I will update you on her condition once I examine her."

"Thanks Doc!"

Archer placed his right hand on Phlox's left shoulder and tightened his grip slightly with approval of all the work he had done. "Ouch! I'm.fine." The Doctor helped Archer off the biobed. "Thanks!" As he began to walk towards the exit, he finished the last two buttons on his uniform. He reached out and activated the wall console to open the door. He turned and nodded to the Doctor. Phlox returned his nod and the sickbay doors closed.


The sound of the door chime was not answered.


"Sub Commander, its Doctor Phlox. I'm here for your check up!"

There was still no answer. Phlox began to enter in a security code into the wall panel. The door to the Sub Commander's cabin was now open. As he entered, he noticed all the broken furniture and the remains of a Starfleet uniform.

"Sub Commander?"

"In here Doctor." A faint voice answered.

As Phlox walked towards the voice, she appeared from the washroom.

"Good morning Sub Commander, how are you feeling?"

"Doctor, please take your scans and leave."

"Yes Ma'am!"

T'Pol crawled back into bed with help from the Doctor. All she was wearing was one of Captain Archer's Starfleet t-shirts. Whenever he wasn't around, she would wear an article of his clothing as it had his scent. It made her feel close to him when she needed it.

"Sub Commander, how is your Pon'farr symptoms?"

"The fever is still very strong but it has been relieved to. tolerable acceptance."

"I'm glade to hear that the Captain was able to." He was interrupted.

"Doctor, please contact the Captain."

"I just have a couple more scans I would like to take and then."

He was interrupted again with a yell that was heard through the entire deck.


"Everything else looks within acceptable range. I will contact the Captain immediately Sub Commander."

"Doctor, I'm sorry for my rude behavior."

"No need Sub Commander. I understand what you are going through. I will check on you again tomorrow at the same time. Good day Sub Commander."

"Good day Doctor."

She rolled over and within seconds, she had fallen back to sleep. Doctor Phlox activated his hand held communicator and flipped it open.

"Phlox to Captain Archer."

A second or two passed.

"Archer here."

"Captain, I'm sorry to disturb you but I have just left the Sub Commander's quarters and she wishes to speak with you."

"Thank you Doctor. How is she?"

"It's still to early to tell Captain but she is now sleeping. She hasn't slept in weeks so that is a good sign."

"Thanks Doc. I'm on my way. Keep me informed. Archer out."

As Archer looked around the bridge, he noticed that the only one looking at him was Ensign Sato. When she realized that the Captain was returning her stare, she looked down at one of her many consoles and began pushing buttons.

"Lt. Reed, you have the bridge."

"Aye aye Sir."

Archer rose from his command chair and walked towards the turbo lift. Hoshi's eyes were locked on him. Before he entered the turbo lift, he noticed again that she was looking at him. As his eyes met hers, he gave her a small but suddle smile. He entered the turbo lift and the turbo lift door closed.


Hoshi looked down at her communications console.


She put her earpiece in her ear and activated the flashing red light on the console.

"Bridge. Yes he has.yes.I understand." After a brief moment, Hoshi looked at Lt. Reed and simply asked.

"Permission to leave the bridge Lieutenant?"

Lt. Reed nodded at her request. She rose from her station and headed towards the turbo lift. Within second she was gone.

Archer entered the room not knowing if she was going to jump at him or if she was still sleeping. He looked around and quickly spotted her. She was still sleeping.

"T'Pol?" He whispered as he placed his hand on her shoulder and shook her slightly.


"T'Pol, you told the Doctor that you wanted to talk to me?"

"Yes I did. Will you stay the afternoon with me."

"I'm sure Malcolm wouldn't mind taking care of the bridge for the rest of my shift."

"Thank you Jonathan!"

She was lying covered in her bed. He pulled a chair close to the bed and sat. She turned towards him.

"So how are you feeling?"

"I have been better."

"I see. Was our attempt at relieving your fever a success?"

"It is still very strong but within tolerable means. I was unsure how a Human would help in relieving the Vulcan blood fever. You have once again surprised me."

"I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you!"

A brief silence entered the room as the two officers glared at each other. Then for a brief moment she smiled. He reached over and placed his hand on her cheek. Gently passing his hand over her forehead, he could feel the warmth from her forehead.

"Jonathan, you know that things will never be like they were."


Her eyes opened wide with surprise. She was caught off guard by his response, as was he.


He smiled and continued to caress her face. Her eyes would close every time he would pass his hand over her forehead. His touch alone made her at piece, she couldn't explain why but he just did.

"Jonathan, could you."

"Of course."

He pushed his chair back and rose. He headed towards the waterspout. Before he could grab a glass, a strong aroma filled his nose. As he turned to see if she was still lying down, he prepared himself. He had no time to finish his turn as she tackled him from behind. His head snapped back and the wall broke his fall. He turned and saw her standing only in his Starfleet T-shirt. If he would have known better, it looked like she was stalking him.

"Oh boy!"

She was once again talking Vulcan and was about to lunge at him when he decided to be the attacker instead of the prey. He waited for the right time when she would launch herself at him. At that moment he would make his move. She was now screaming at him as he was at her.

"Come on! Come get me!"

She launch towards him, he simply waited for her at caught her in mid air. His arms were around her waist and he then spun around and ran her backside against the wall.

"Jonathan, now.please!"

It was time again to relieve her fever. Before she could tear at him again, he sank his teeth into her shoulder. As he strengthened his bite, she began to tear at his uniform. She was much stronger than he was and he was aware of this. He was waiting to be thrown across the room at any second.

"Jonathan please help me!"

He lifted his head from her shoulder and met her gaze. Their faces were inches from each other but something was different. As he pulled his head back, he witnessed something that was absolutely unexpected. She was crying, not just a tear or two, a continuous flow of tears ran down her face.

"Sweetheart, are you okay?"

"I am now!"

At that moment she kissed him. They continued to kiss as he carried her towards the bed. He laid her down gently and released his hold so he could take off his uniform. As soon as he released his grip, the first two things to happen was a right cross and a kick to the gut. She grabbed the back of his uniform and threw him against the wall. He was fortunate enough that the night table broke his fall. He had no time to compose himself as she was all over him. Within minutes she had once again destroyed another one of his uniforms and managed to beat the hell out of him. She stocked him like a predator would its prey but this time she was even more aggressive, taking him down with swift and precise attacks. She finally had his uniform off and she had beaten him pretty good. As he lay with his back on the bed, she removed one of his T-shirt that she was wearing and wasted no time in relieving her fever. He could feel the warmth inside her as she began to thrust her hips. After several minutes, she began to pick up the pace, as she was about to reach climax. As she continued to increase her actions, she began to speak Vulcan. She grabbed both of his forearms and sank her fingernails into them. He could feel her climaxing as she was now having multiple orgasms. She was very wet and this was very pleasurable to him as it stimulated his sexual drive even more. Usually once human reach climax, they stop and mostly need a resting period but not Vulcan's. Instead of slowing her pace, she accelerated even more. Bringing him to the breaking point. He could no longer hold himself and even if he had asked for her to slow down, she would not have. She also enjoyed the sensation of having him climax. She watched his facial expressions. By them, she knew when he was about to climax. He began to bit his lower lip, at that moment; she lowered her head towards his and kissed him. As he reached his breaking point, she as well was once again at that point as well. As both their bodies, now covered with sweet continued to be as one, they both climaxed at the same time. This was an unbelievable feeling as they both yelled the same word. "Aisha!"

Official Star date: Dec 30: 0300

"I told you that already!"

"Told me what?"

"That the Sub Commander and Captain were close. For some reason she trusts him more than anyone. I can't explain it."

"We'll the Cap'n is a very trust worthy person."

"Yes he is but for a Vulcan to trust a human is.rare! Especially the way she trusts him!"

"I have an idea, let's stop talkin' bout the Sub Commander and Cap'n and talk about us."

"Trip, it's after three in the morning."

"I had no idea. I guess I should be going. I had a great time this evening Hoshi. Thank you!"

"We'll since it's late and you're already half naked, maybe you should stay the night?"

"Darlin' I would love to but I have an early morning and I wouldn't want to wake you."

"Trip, I would love to wake up in your arms. If that is alright with you?"

He smiled. "Sounds good to me!"

Commander Tucker looked down to meet Hoshi's stare. They were lying on her bed. He was propped up against the wall with pillows and she was lying on his chest. Their legs intertwined under the covers, she kissed the tip of his nose. Her kiss sent chills down his spine that made the hair on his arms stand.

"Trip, I love you! I have wanted to tell you that for a while now but the timing was never right."

"Hoshi, I feel the same way. I wanted to tell ya to but I wanted permission first."

"What do you mean permission?"

"We'll I know that you and the Cap'n are tight and he looks after you like a father so, I asked him pretty much if he would have any problems with us gettin' together."

"You did that? I never thought of our relationship like a father/daughter but I guess it's kind of like that. I love him with all my heart and I would do anything for the Captain. He is a dear friend and he deserves to be happy."

"Ya, I guess he's alright."

They both laughed at his last comment.

"So did Dad give you permission to court his daughter?"

"Actually at first he didn't but then I laid the Tucker charm on real thick and I had him eatin' out of my hand"

She looked at him with wide open eyes as her eyebrows arched.

"Okay, well maybe not out of my hand but he did say that I had better take good care of you!"

"Now that sounds like Daddy!"

They both continued to laugh at their comedic conversation; she turned towards the light panel and deactivated it, sending the room in total darkness.

"Good idea darlin'!"

Within minutes, their fatigue had taken them and they were fast asleep in each other's arms. Their relationship was now on the fast track and it couldn't have pleased them more. She had finally forgiven him about the princess incident and was now looking towards building a future with the man she loved, as was he.

"Jonathan. Jonathan, wake up." She whispered

His eyes opened but took a couple of minutes to focus properly.

"What time is it T'Pol?"

"It is 0700. I have good news."

He propped himself up on his elbow to meet her face to face. He cupped her face with his left hand and gently ran his fingers along the side of her face.

"Are you OK?"

"I just returned from my examination with Dr. Phlox and he informs me that the blood fever is no longer life threatening."

Tears began to form, he continued to caress her face with his hand. Tears were no flowing down his face, he lowered his head so she wouldn't see the tears but instead she placed two figures under his chin and raised his head. Looking into his eyes, she could see the relief, happiness and most of all the love that he was feeling. She raised her hand and began to wipe away the tears from his face. Every time she touched him, he could feel chills run down his spin.

"You saved my life Captain Jonathan Archer and for that, I will always be forever grateful."

"T'Pol, I." He was interrupted.

"Please let me finish. I know that this hasn't been an easy decision for you. Making sacrifices for a species that you have preconceptions about and to put your command in jeopardy. I feel like." He now interrupted her.

"Wait just a minute here. Let me make a few things clear. First of all I'm a grown man and can make his own decisions. It was no sacrifice to save the woman I love. You are not a species, you are a beautiful woman who has captured my heart, and there is no way that I could have forgiven myself if I didn't help you. And my command, well let's just say that if I had to chose between a life time with you or a career of. who knows how long with Starfleet, well I would want to be with you. I love you T'Pol and don't ever forget that!"

"Shaya tonat, Jonathan!"

"Your welcome."

As the silence of her quarters enclosed them together, they both were at a loss for words. They just held each other and were happy that the danger was now over. But what would happen now, would there be any consequences that would follow.

"T'Pol, what happens now?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean with us. Do we pretend that this never happened or do we try and make something out of this!"

"If you are talking about a relationship, I believe that it would be in our best interest to be very careful."

"I guess what I'm asking is do you still want me T'Pol?"

Without hesitation she answered. "Yes I do Jonathan!" "I'm happy to hear you say that. I was afraid that you would not want to continue are."

"The thought never entered my mind." She kissed the bridge of his nose.

"I have contacted chef and he is going to prepared breakfast for use. If you feel up to it, perhaps you might join me?"

"Nothing would please me more."

"Perhaps a shower and a visit to sickbay would be a good idea before breakfast."

"If you would have been a little easier on me them maybe I wouldn't have to go to sickbay."

Her eyebrows shot up and she gave him her cold Vulcan glare.


As he began to get out of bed, he wrapped one of the sheets around his waist and began towards the shower. She stood beside the bed and when he passed by she slapped his right butt cheek with the backside of her right hand.

"Sub Commander!"

She tilted her head slightly and looked at him. "Yes Captain?"

He could see in her eyes how alive she felt which brought him great joy to see her this way. It made him feel like they had reached a new level in their journey together.

"Behave yourself."

"Jonathan, you look like you are in need of help."

"How so?"

"I do not believe that you will be able to take a proper shower. With your permission, I would be willing to aid you Sir."

"Now that you mention it, I am having problems with my arms. Permission granted."

As Archer made his way towards the shower, she began to remove her uniform. She could now here the water from the shower and him moaning as the hot water soothed his muscles.

"T'Pol to the Captain's Mess."

"Go ahead Sub Commander."

"Please inform chef that the Captain and I will be late for breakfast."


"T'Pol out!"

She entered the shower area and dropped her uniform. She now stood behind him as the water bounced off of his shoulders and into her face. She began to wash his back as the dried blood began to flow down his back and then his legs. She was very gentle as she washed him, he was very happy she was because of two things. First of all he was in a fair amount of pain and secondly it was very erotic to him. "Jonathan, please turn around."

"It's OK, I can wash the front."

She could see that he was in a fair amount of pain so without warning, she grabbed his left shoulder and spun him, they were no face to face. She began to wash his upper body when she noticed that he seemed to be preoccupied.

"What is it Jonathan?"

As he looked down, she followed his gaze.


"I see that Dr. Phlox's injections have not completely run their course."

"I'm sorry T'Pol, sometimes it has a mind of it's own!"

The look on his face at that moment only made her want him even more. He looked so innocent and sweet that she wanted him at that moment.

"I believe I can be of assistance in this matter."

"Oh really?"

She began to kiss his neck and chest, he felt like he was going to explode. His heart was racing as was hers. She pushed him gently against the wall and placed her hands on his shoulders. She lifted herself up so they would be face to face. He placed both of his hands under legs. The anticipation was unbearable as he finally entered her. He could feel how warm she was inside and how wet as well. As the water rolled down their bodies, she had know wrapped her arms around his neck and was kissing him as she continued to thrust herself on him. Their body heat, along with the hot water was making the mist quit thick, as they continued with their love making, she gently whispered as soft but suddle message.

"I love you Jonathan!"

Official Star date time: 10:00am, Dec 31

Within a week, the mess hall had transformed from a Christmas paradise to a beautiful New Years setting. There were still lights in the mess hall but the multi color lights of Christmas were replaced with solid white lights that were on the ceiling, looking almost like a spider web. Each table was decorated to perfection. Once again Hoshi had outdone herself. Open flames were not permitted aboard Enterprise but the Captain had given Hoshi permission to put a candle centerpiece she had created on each table.

"Well Trip, what do you think?"

"I think you look great!"

"I mean the mess hall Commander!"

"Oh, I knew that. Looks good, should be blast tonight."

He tried getting close to her but she turned away.

"Hands off Commander or I will call security."

"Come on darlin', all I want is a kiss. Is that to much to ask?"

"Well OK, just a kiss!"

"Yes Ma'am!"

He wrapped his arms around her waist before she knew it. He was kissing her neck, which made her laugh and giggle.

"Trip, stop it!"

She was laughing as Commander Tucker continued his assault but the mess hall door opening interrupted them.

"Is this a bad time?"

They both recognized the voice. It was the voice of authority.

"No Sir, not at all."

Captain Archer walked in to meet his two senior officers.

"I would appreciate it if you two would not hide out in the mess hall."

"Sorry Dad, it won't happen again!"

"Trip!" She smacked him with a backhand.

"What did you say Commander?"

"Crap!" He mumbled. "What I meant to say was."

Hoshi and Trip began to laugh, as Archer still had no clue what they were talking about.

"Just make sure that you're not out pass curfew kids!"

"Yes Sir."

"Yes Cap'n."

Archer cracked a small smile in their direction.

"It's nice to see that you two are getting alone so well. Just remember that I've always been fond of the name Jonathan! Oh well, see you tonight."

As he exited the mess hall, Hoshi and Trip looked at each other. They both had a look of confusion.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"I hope not!"

"And what is wrong with that!"

"What do ya mean?"

"I think that our children could be very special."

"Son of a bitch! Look who's still in the window."

"Hoshi turned and saw Archer's face. He had a huge smile from ear to ear and was waving to them through the small window.

"I guess he got use didn't he?"

"He certainly did but you know what they say, paybacks a bitch!"

"What's your plan Commander?"

"I have to report to Engineering, we'll discuss it at lunch OK?"

"See you there!"

As Commander Tucker exited the mess hall, there was no sign of the Captain. He knew that the Captain was joking about Hoshi and Trip having a baby. They were not even a couple, officially that is but he would like nothing better to be able to say that she was his as his feelings for her were growing day by day.

Official Star date: Dec 31, 1830

Sub Commander T'Pol entered her quarters in amazement. It was now clean of all broken glass, tables and destroyed uniforms. Someone had entered her cabin and cleaned it. She had made quit a mess so it must have taken someone a couple of hours easy to clean. As she inspected the rest of her quarters, there was a note on her desk with a delightful bouquet of flowers. She picked it up and read the inside. It said.

Dearest T'Pol,

I hope that your quarters meet your requirements. I believe that things happen for a reason. Are we able to understand those reasons or do we simply accept them and move on. What ever the reason is that brought you into my life is still a mystery to me but I would not want it any other way. You have brought love to a heart that never knew love. You have brought understanding to a soul that needed to be understood and finally you brought patience to a man who was running out. Our journey together will need love understanding and definitely patience but that is what makes our journey special. I took the liberty of asking Dr.Phlox what kinds of flowers are on Vulcan. This is the best I could come up with in our hydroponics garden. See you tonight!

Love Always, Jonathan!

She folded the letter and placed it back on the table. She was discovering that he had many hidden talents and wondered how many more he had not shown her as of yet. She bent down towards the flowers and inhaled the scent. I was quit pleasant and relaxing. She opened their link and sent him a thank you for the flowers. At first, she was unable to here his response. He seemed to be far away but within seconds, he finally realized that she was trying to connect with him and he let her in his mind.

"Sorry T'Pol, I'm kind of busy in Engineering with Trip. I didn't realize that you were trying to call me, I guess I need more practice."

"It is alright, I just wanted to thank you for the flowers. It was a very generous gesture."

"I'm happy you like them."

"Cap'n? Cap'n?"

"T'Pol, I will talk to you later alright? You and Mr. Reed really gave Trip a lot to work on for his upgrades. He's having a baby down here!"

"Is Commander Tucker pregnant once again?"

Archer began to laugh out loud.

"You two are talkin' about me, are't ya?"

"Sorry Trip, We didn't mean too."

"I hate it when you two do that. You get real quiet then make weird faces."

"Do what?"

"You know, that whole telepathic link things you two got going on."

"Hey, don't knock it till you try it."

"I would like to but there is only one Vulcan on the Ship Sir!"

They both looked at each other and began to laugh. Archer grabbed Trip by his right shoulder.

"Let's get back to work."

"Aye Cap'n"

He sent her one last message before returning to work.

"See you tonight Aisha. I love you!"

She was sitting down when she received his final message. She let the words swim around in her mind. Soothing her emotions that were still out of sink due to her Pon'farr. Would they be able to make their relationship actually work? They were going to face a lot of adversity and negative feedback. She was deep in thought when she heard a scratching sound at the door.

"Come in."

There was no answer but after a few seconds she could here the same scratching sound again. She rose out of her seat and made her way towards the door. She activated the panel to open the door. There was no one there but she could smell who was. She looked down towards the floor and there sat Porthos wagging his tail.

"Porthos, what are you doing here? The Captain will not be happy that you are running loose."

The dog still sat there waiting for her approval to enter her quarters. At that moment, Ensign Brunette came running around the corner.

"There you are Porthos!"

"Is there a problem Ensign?"

"No Ma'am. The Captain asked me to walk Porthos. As soon as the turbo lift doors opened, he was gone. Thank you for stopping him."

"I did not. stop him. He stopped at my door."

Porthos looked at both of them as they spoke to each other.

"It is alright Ensign, I will take Porthos back to the Captain. You may resume your duties."

"Thank you Sub Commander."

She nodded to the Sub Commander and went on her way. Porthos was still sitting at the entrance of the door. He knew better to enter her quarters until she gave him permission. She looked down at him again and he waited anxiously. She turned sideways and Porthos knew that he know had her approval to enter. He ran in and jumped up on the bed. She walked towards the bed as the door slid shut. He was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at her. She calmly kneeled down in front of him and looked him in the eyes. Whenever she would speak to him, he would listen to her as much as he did to the Captain.

"What have I told you about coming to my quarters without Jonathan? You will get yourself in trouble if you continue this course of action."

Over the last few months, she'd begun to warm up to him.

"Do you understand Porthos?"

He now stood on all four's and extended himself. He licked the end of her nose then sat back down. She looked at him and said.

"You still need a bath!"

She rose from the floor and began to walk towards the door. He jumped down and followed her to the door. As she made her way to the turbo lift, he was right beside, matching her pace. As she approached the Captain's quarters she looked to see where he was, he was still right beside her. She entered his quarters as she now had full access, as did he to her quarters.


"In here Sub Commander. Is everything all right?"

He appeared from around the corner and saw a delightful sight. His best friend and the woman he loves. She was standing in her usual Vulcan stance and Porthos was sitting beside her feet.

"I figured he was with you. I saw Ensign Brunette on my way here. She says that everytime she walks Porthos on your deck that he always scratches at your door. Is this true?"

"I do not know, this is the first time I have been in my quarters when he scratched at the door."

"I'm sorry if he bothered you."

"It was no bother Sir."

Porthos was now lying down with his head resting atop her foot. Archer chuckled at the sight but T'Pol did not.

"What time are we going to the gathering this evening?"

"I thought that you didn't want to go?"

"That is still true but I want to be with you!"

"That's nice to know."

He smiled at her and she nodded.

"I will see you later tonight."

Archer approached her and grabbed her hand.

"Thanks for bringing Porthos back."

"Your welcome." She spoke with a soft and sincere voice. She pulled him close and gave him a kiss. Everytime they kissed, it was like a breath of fresh air that filled their bodies.

"Porthos up!"

He jumped up on the bed and continued his nap. They released their hand lock and she headed towards the door. Before she exited the room, she sent him a message through their link.

"I believe that Porthos requires another bath!"

He replied vocally.

"Thank You Sub Commander."

She exited his quarters. He stood there for a couple of seconds and then shook his head with a grin on his face.

"I think she like you boy!"

"Admiral, what do you know about Sub Commander T'Pol and Captain Archer?"

"What do you mean Ambassador?"

" I spoke to the Sub Commander earlier today and a lot of what she had to say was very interesting. I was wondering if you had any information you could share with me."

"I'm still not quit sure what you want me to say!"

"Admiral, she told me that you already knew about there relationship! When were you going to contact the High Command?"

"It was none of my business, besides they told me that they would inform the Vulcan High Command themselves."

"This is absolutely illogical. She is a Vulcan! This will not work Admiral! Once again Captain Archer has acted before he thought of the consequences!

"Ambassador, what is so wrong with this. Be honest with yourself, we both knew that it would only be a matter of time before our two species would began to form more than just a working relationship. Do I agree with their decision? Not entirely but who are we to tell two adults that they cannot love each other."

"Admiral, the Vulcan High Command will not accept this, she will lose her position with the High Command."

"They are both aware of the risks involved Ambassador. Captain Archer if aware that this could cost him his command as well. Starfleet is still deliberating how to process the situation."

"Love, a human emotion that we have no interest in."

"Is that really true Ambassador? Are you telling me that you have never loved someone? I believe that the Sub Commander is highly thought of within the High Command correct?"

"Yes she is."

"Well Captain Archer is also highly thought of in Starfleet. Could you possibly think of two better people to try and make this work? To ease some of the tension between are two cultures?"

Ambassador Sovol looked and the monitor in his office. Pondering what the Admiral had just said, the Admiral continued to speak.

"Ambassador look, I'm backing them on their decision. I believe that if we both were to back their decision then it would make our governments look at this situation with a clearer conscience. Don't you?"

"Perhaps Admiral, you do have some.logic behind your arguments. I will be in touch."

With those final words the view screen went black. Did he actually get his point across to the Ambassador, even though they still had major concerns with their decision?

"You'd better not screw this up John!" He mumbled to himself.

Official Star date Dec 31, 2100

The mess hall began to fill with people as the magic hour quickly approached. Some of the crew was putting some finishing touches on the decorations. There was also an oversized view screen that had been mounted against the wall. The Captain was going to send a live message back to the Starfleet New Year's party. Captain Archer made the request and Starfleet thought it was an excellent idea. He would give a brief speech back to earth. This was going to be a historic moment, as this had never been done before. It was an exciting time and things were only going to get better.

"Captain. Captain wake up!"

He began to regain consciousness as he opened his eyes. He was in a very deep sleep and he had problems focusing.

"Who. who's there?"

"Captain, it's me!"

He tried to clear the fog from his head but for some unknown reason his face unable to.

"Why can't I see?"

"I can answer that Captain."

"Who are you?"

"You don't recognize my voice Captain?"

"Silik! What the hell do you want?"

"I already have what I want."

His sight began to clear and he could see that they had T'Pol chained to the wall. He was also chained but against the opposite wall. He could clearly see her across from him.

"What's this all about Silik?"

"Well Captain, since you have meddled in my affairs once to many times, I thought that a little payback was in order."

Archer watched Silik draw his weapon and aim directly towards T'Pol.

"Do you have any last words for the woman you love Captain?"

"Silik, you don't have to do this. T'Pol."

"Aisha, I love you!"

Then he fired. Hitting the Sub Commander directly in the midsection.

"Cut them loose."

As T'Pol fell to the ground, Archer was now also loose. He ran towards her, picking her up in his arms; she was moments from her death.

"T'Pol, T'Pol can you hear me?"

"Jonathan, I'm sorry.never forget me.I.love.y."


He rose from his bed covered with sweat. He looked around quarters. There were no Suliban and no T'Pol. He reached out to her through their link and she was there, alive and healthy.

"T'Pol, are you OK?"

She was in her quarters getting ready for the New Year's dance. She closed her eyes and gave him a comforting response.

"Yes, I'm fine Jonathan. What's wrong!"

He closed his eyes as the severe pain he was feeling was beginning to disappear. She could feel the pain he was in and then she saw his dream.

"It's felt you real T'Pol. I never has never had a dream like that!"

"I understand what you are going through. This is one of the side effects of having a bond with a Vulcan. I told you that our thoughts and dreams were very powerful. You have now reached a higher development within our bond."

"How do I control this from not happening again?"

"Meditation, we must began to meditate together, this way we can control our dreams together."

He sat there from a brief moment; the quiet from his quarters soothed him, as his greatest fear was just a dream.

"Perhaps I should pick you up for our date this evening?"

He sent her his love and some small but meaningful sentiments. She returned his affection.

"It is ok Jonathan, I'm alright. I suggest that you take a shower. I will be ready in twenty minutes and I will come to your quarters."

"OK but if you could come earlier."

"I love you Jonathan!"

He smiled and made his way towards the shower. Their link was wide open as they continued to exchange emotions, feelings and thoughts. The injections from Dr. Phlox had begun to dissipate and he was beginning to feel human again and not like a machine. Twenty minutes had passed and Archer was still in the shower. Still trying to shake the images of her lying in his arms near her death was very unsettling. He did not hear T'Pol enter in his quarters. The hot water running down his back soothed his sore and tense muscles. He then picked up her presence. He decided too verbally communicate with her as he had a headache from his disturbing dream.

"Sorry T'Pol, I lost track of time."

"It's alright Jonathan, I passed by the mess hall to check and see if anyone was there. There was only a handful of crewmembers."

"At least we won't be late. I'll be out in a second."

She closed the bathroom door and made her way towards his bed. She sat down on the end and waited for him. She closed her eyes and tried to clear some of the disturbing images from his mind though their link. Archer was still unable to control the link as well as he would like but T'Pol told him that they would practice control but with all the distractions over the last few days, there hasn't been anytime. She was able to clear most of the images from his mind but she was unable to clear the sadness he still felt. Human emotions were still very new to her and she was still having a difficult time processing them. It was becoming easier because of their bond but she still had to be careful. He exited the bathroom area and walked in to where T'Pol was sitting. She looked absolutely beautiful, a sight for sore eyes. It was a huge relief to see her sitting their alive. She could feel the sadness begin to disappear.

"T'Pol it's really good to see you!"

"Jonathan, have you noticed any else about your dream?"

"I felt something making the horrible images go away. Was that you?"

"Yes it was. Remember, our minds are bonded and we can help each other mentally if the other requires it."

"In that case, thank you. I feel much better now. It's hard to describe what I was feeling. It was so real and there was nothing I could do to save you."

She got up from the edge of the bed and walked towards him. She was now standing in front of him. She looked up at him and placed her right hand on his face.

"Jonathan, you have already saved me. You saved my life and I will forever be grateful. But most important Jonathan, you have chosen me to be your mate and to Vulcan females, there is no bigger reward or promotion that could ever come close. I love you Jonathan, so like I said, in many ways you have already saved me!"

She continued to rub the side of his face as their eyes were looked into each other's.

"T'Pol, I don't know what to say?"

"I do. Get dressed, we are going to be late Jonathan."

He gave her a big smile and a passionate kiss. He began to walk towards his attire that he had already laid out on the couch. Before he could get two feet from her, her right hand shot out and grabbed his right arm stopping him in mid stride.

"You did not let me finish. As I was saying, we are going to be late Jonathan unless you want to be late!"

He could see the desire in her eyes, the wanting. She once again approached him but this time she grabbed at the towel around his waist. Pulling it off of him, she dimmed the lights so they could barely see each other.

"With your permission Captain?"

"Of course Sub Commander!"

He picked her up in his arms and carried her over to the bed. Within seconds, the floor was covered with her clothes. He was expecting a right cross or to be thrown across the room. This time was different; she was very caring and attentive. He recognized the lemon spice scent; it was from the perfume that he had given her for Christmas. "I'm sorry that I inflicted all these injuries upon you Jonathan!"

"It was worth it but just to let you know in seven years, we use the restraints!"


Official Star date Dec 31, 2230

The party was well under way but there was still no Sub Commander or Captain. Once again the mess hall was decorated to perfection. The dance floor was jam packed as Commander Tucker once again did a great job at picking out proper music.

"Where the hell is the Cap'n?"

"Perhaps he was delayed!"

"Ya, I'll bet!"


"Sorry Hoshi, that was rude of me to say."

At that moment, the Sub Commander and Captain walked into the mess hall. They were greeted by crewmembers. Hugs and handshakes were exchanged before they began to look for the head table. After a few moments, they found what they were looking for.

"Are these seats taken?"

"Of course not Captain!"

Hoshi gave the Captain a huge smile and rose and gave him a big hug.

"Happy New Year Captain!"

He looked at her with a stern look.


"Same to you Hoshi."

After a few moments of once again exchanging handshakes and hugs, Doctor Phlox entered the mess hall and made his way towards the Captain's table. After exchanging New Year's handshakes, he arrived at the head table.

"Excuse me, I was wondering if there was room for one more?"

"I thought you weren't comin' Doc?"

"Well Commander, I changed my mind. I missed the Christmas party but I was not going to miss this party. This is all very fascinating."

"Of course Doc, there is always room for one more."

Doctor Phlox wedged in between the Sub Commander and Captain. He could have sat anywhere at the table but decided to sit between them. Archer looked at T'Pol and rolled his eyes. As she returned his look, she simply shot up her eyebrows and gave him a simple nod of the head.

"Well since this is a party and there is people dancing, T'Pol would you like to dance?"

He rose out of his chair first and pulled back her chair. She wrapped her left arm around his right and made their way toward the dance floor. As they arrived at the dance floor, the song just finished and a new slow song began. This time, there was no space between them to start off as they were glued together. He held her so close that she could feel his heart beating against her chest.

"Jonathan, I'm OK!"

"I know, I just can't get those images out of my head. They keep reappearing and I'm having a hard time accepting that it was only a dream."

"Do you trust me Jonathan?"

"Of course I do, why would you ask me that?"

"Then hold me and everything will be alright. I promise!"

It was T'Pol this time who tightened her hold. She could still feel how painful the images were to him and that he was still having a hard time dealing with them. He would be able to control this once they had time to practice his part of their link. She was once again removing the images from his mind and replacing them with thoughts of the two of them. This brought a smile to his face and she could begin to feel him release the tension in his shoulders.

"Thank you T'Pol, what would I do without you. I would be lost."

She lowered his face to meet hers and she kissed him in front of the whole crew. This took him by surprise but he was not pushing away. As Hoshi and Trip watched their Captain and First Officer on the dance floor, Trip had his arm around Hoshi.

"Ah, how sweet is that!"

Trip looked at Hoshi.

"Ya, I guess they look pretty good together. I'm happy for the two of them. I hope it works out because she really makes him happy."

"Did you just give the Sub Commander a compliment?"

He looked at her with a puzzled look.


"Commander Tucker, you like her don't you?"

"Just keep it between us alright?"

"Yes sir."

The party continued without any distractions. The big moment was coming ever so close as Commander Tucker began to hand out noise makers and party hats. It was now 2330 and the crew was preparing for the big moment. Captain Archer put one of Tucker's hats on and T'Pol looked at him with a curious glare.

"Why do you put on such strange looking devises?"

"It's part of the festivities T'Pol!"

"To make yourself look ridiculous in part of the experience?" He grabbed another party hat and put it on her head. She looked at him as he pulled the elastic down around her chin.

"I guess you could say that!"

"Well then, you have succeeded as everyone looks ridiculous!"

The laughter around the table began with Commander Tucker and spread itself quickly. She was the only one not laughing but understood why they were.

It was now 2345 and most of the crew was now standing and ready to begin the countdown. The music was still playing as the moment was drawing even closer.

"Jonathan, why are we all standing?"

"It's custom amongst humans that we usually countdown the final seconds of the old year to welcome in the New Year."

She looked at him with a puzzled look.

"Just trust me on this one ok?"

"I trust you Jonathan but I still do not understand?"

"All humans consider this time a time of new dreams and hopes. Some humans might have experienced bad moments and like to think that the New Year will bring new optimism and wipe the slate clean. Look at us, who would have thought that we would be together. I can't wait to see what the New Year will bring us."

She raised her hand and gently placed it on his cheek. He tilted his head slightly so his face was resting in her hand.

"I also look forward to see what the New Year will bring us Jonathan."

"Everyone, can I have your attention please? The countdown is now under five minutes!"

Hoshi was standing on a chair in the middle of the mess hall. This way, everyone could see her and prepare himself or herself. Archer grabbed T'Pol's hand and escorted her to the middle of the dance floor for the final countdown. She stood in front of him not knowing what to do. Everyone around them was laughing and hugging as the countdown drew even closer.

"Jonathan, I have a request to ask of you?"

"What is it T'Pol?"

"Since we are bond mates, we must complete this union with the proper ceremonies."

As the sound in the mess hall was quit loud with laughter and chatter, he stood in front of her in silence. She looked into his eyes and could see the emotion that he was feeling. She opened the bond to it's fullest.

"Alright everyone, there is less than two minutes left!" Hoshi yelled.

"Are you saying what I think your saying?"

"One minute!" Hoshi cried.

He reached out and grabbed both of her hands with his and placed them on his chest. She approached him in anticipation of what he was going to say.

"Fifty seconds!"

"Are you sure this is what you want?"

"Forty seconds!"

Noisemakers were taking over the sound of the mess hall as everyone was now getting into the mood.

"Thirty five seconds!"

"Ask me and find out."

"Twenty seconds!"

He could feel how much she loved him through their bond and that she wanted to be with him forever. Her eyes began to fill with tears as all of his emotions washed over her.



"Will.you.marry me?"

"Two.One.Happy New Year!"

Was screamed out as the entire mess hall broke out in celebration. Streamers and confetti was falling from the ceiling as everyone was signing, hugging and exchanging New Year wishes. Archer and T'Pol stood in front of each other, not saying a word but sharing thoughts and emotions. She placed her hand behind his head and lowered it. Their lips now inches from each other, she could feel him tremble, as he was not sure what she was going to say. She pressed her lips against his; he could feel the heat from her as all of her feelings flowed through him like a river. As she broke the kiss, she continued to look him in the eyes.

"I would be honored to be your wife Jonathan!"

A huge smile appeared on Archer's face, as this time it was him who initiated the kiss.

"Happy New Year Aisha!" He heard in his mind.

As they continued their kiss, she replied.

"And I you Jonathan!"