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This story originated from my one shot "It Happened New Year's Eve" which takes place in New Moon before Jacob is aware of wolves and vampires. The short one-shot became the preface. Skip ahead to chapter 1, if you've already read it.


It happened New Year's Eve

December 31st, 2005

"Just be cool, and everything will be fine," Embry said, straitening his collar beneath the dressy holiday sweater he was wearing.

He and Jacob were approaching the decorated house, decked out with more than enough Christmas lights.

"It better be. I don't want to feel like I don't belong," Jacob said, battling his nerves over this being his first legit high school party.

"We're invited."

"He invited you."

"And he told me to bring some friends," Embry claimed.

Not long into the party, Embry left Jacob by himself while he went off to mingle. It was obvious he felt more welcomed than Jacob.

Two girls were talking nearby.

"I know he's always listening with one big, nosy ear for any news about her, and that's not fair. I'm his so-called girlfriend, and he doesn't seem to care how that makes me feel."

"Are you sure he's not just worried? I am."

"Look, I feel bad for her, too, but that doesn't mean I want my boyfriend always staring at her."

"Then maybe it's time to call him out, because it's not her fault."

Jacob loitered in the corner unintentionally eavesdropping on the two unsuspecting girls. He was wishing he hadn't let Embry talk him into crashing the New Year's Eve party where he knew nobody aside from his inconsiderate friend, especially after Quil bailed out in the last minute.

The kids were all older than him and Embry, but Embry was friends with the guy who was putting on the party while his parents were out of town. Their moms worked together. Embry looked right at home after an alcoholic drink or two, but Jacob didn't try any of those beverages because he was driving.

He roamed into the kitchen for a bottle of water. He was eying the snacks when the petite girl with a dickhead boyfriend, who he'd been listening to, came up behind him to refill her solo cup with the mixed punch setting on the kitchen island.

"Look where you're standing," said the other girl, pointing upwards.

Both Jacob and the short girl beside him looked up to see the mistletoe dangling from the ceiling. She rolled her eyes. "I'm sure mistletoe doesn't count after Christmas."

"Who said?" The host asked, entering the kitchen with Embry.

"Me thinks it does," said the cute dark-haired girl with glasses, wiggling her eyebrows and grinning at her friend.

"She's right, and I hung it there myself just for my New Year's Eve party."

"Kiss… kiss… kiss… kiss," a chorus of buzzed teenagers sang out.

Jacob felt himself warm and wanted to run his fingers under the collar of his button-up dress shirt but didn't dare move a muscle in front of the jeering crowd. He needed to play it cool or face a barrage of teasing from Embry, who was cheering along with amusement on his face, and whoever else Embry told.

Jacob was going to tackle him and roll his face in the dirt when they made it back to La Push, for contributing in making him feel like the butt of a joke.

Dropping his eyes to the short girl, he obeyed as she curled an index finger, giving him the "come here" sign. He bent, surprised at how forceful she was when she cupped the back of his head and pulled his face toward her, closing her blue eyes. He followed suit. Their lips connected, and Jacob felt a slight rise in his jeans as his tongue danced with hers. He tasted the sweetness of her mouth, tinged with the fruity beverage and hint of alcohol for one-one thousand, two-one thousand, three-one thousand, four-one thousand, five-one thousand, six-one thousand, seven-one thousand, eight-one thousand… Eight full seconds.

Cheers and claps rang out. They separated, and the girl curtsied to the witnesses. Jacob instantly noticed her voluptuous chest and tapered waist as he stood frozen for the moment until the crowd's taunting subsided and their eyes fell away. Embry slapped Jacob on the shoulder and said, "Nice!"

Jacob wiped a hand across his brow. "I got to take a piss." He left the kitchen, found the bathroom, and washed his face and his embarrassment away. He never imagined it would happen like this. But at least she was pretty… and hot.

He snuck out to the car afterward to regroup, but part of him thought he wouldn't make it back inside. He turned the ignition to warm up. Then he heard a pounding on the passenger side window. The girl was standing there, pointing at the lock. "Open it, dufus!"

He reached over and unlocked the door. She tugged the door open and slipped inside with him.

"You disappeared pretty fast," she said.

"Yeah, I'm just kind of not feeling it."

Surprise crossed the girl's face, then she relaxed into a grin. "Well, I just like to know the names of who I kiss, but ouch!" Carefree laughter spilled from her punch reddened lips, and Jacob replayed their kiss in his mind.

He realized his insult and was relieved he didn't offend her so much that she wouldn't give him a dazzling smile. "I'm Jacob Black. Sorry. The party. I didn't mean not feeling you. I was feeling you. Uh… I mean, I know I didn't literally feel you, but…"

By this time, she was giggling at him.

"I should probably shut up now," Jacob said.

"Aww. You're fine. The mistletoe surprised me, too, but I believe in going with the flow. There's nothing wrong with playing along sometimes and having a little fun with it."

He didn't know what made him want to explain it to her, but he said, "It's just that. I've had little experience in the girl department. I mean, I have kissed a couple of girls before, but I never really had a girlfriend, so…"

One girl. He'd kissed one girl, a virgin, tongueless kiss. Nothing like the way she'd just kissed him inside. He wasn't skilled in making out. She didn't need to know that, and he wished he'd just shut up, like he said he should.

"Oh? How old are you?" she asked, lifting an eyebrow.

He decided not to tell her his current age. He didn't want her to regret their spontaneous moment. And since his birthday was in two weeks, he said, "Sixteen." After saying it, he felt more ridiculous. She probably thought something was wrong with him.

He thought he should have been more experienced for his age, but there wasn't a lot of things for teens to do in La Push. Not really any places to go for dates. Plus, the La Push community was small, and half the people were his relatives, distant relatives, and the responsibility of his home life took a lot of his time because his dad was in a wheelchair.

She didn't seem disturbed at all. She said, "You definitely look older than sixteen. I'm surprised you've had no girlfriends. You're hot!"

That compliment flattered him, but he wasn't too astonished by it. He knew he was handsome by how girls looked at him; still, he never considered himself as hot, so he laughed then explained, "It's just that the high school population in La Push is tiny, so there are only a few girls to choose from."

"But you have a car…"

"There's that." He grinned, but he was feeling like a true loser now and came out with the major reason he didn't have a girlfriend. "There is this one girl I've been crushing on for a long, long time. I guess maybe I've been holding out for her."

"She doesn't like you?"

"She doesn't know I exist. Well, she does, but until recently she was in a horrible relationship with a freak. She doesn't know how I feel, is more accurate."

Now she was just broken. So, he was still waiting for her. Pining for her. Still keeping tabs on her by listening in on the private conversations his dad held with Charlie, becoming more worried about Bella with each passing week. "We're friends, but I'm waiting for her to get over him, so I could let her know my feelings."

"Such a shame because she's missing out. But that's why you'll make an amazing boyfriend. From what I could already tell, you're patient, considerate, hot, and a good kisser."

He chuckled. "Did you really think so?"

She nodded.

What was it about this little brown-haired person with big, bright, blue eyes that made him feel so comfortable? Was it her kind face, bubbly personality, nonchalant demeanor, honest smile? He only knew her for five minutes and one amazing kiss, and yet, he felt like he could tell her anything.

She pinched her fingers together. "Just a little more practice and you'll have the ability to make any girl fall madly in love from a simple kiss."

He recognized she was teasing him, but like she said; there was nothing wrong with going with the flow, playing along, and having a little fun with it.

"And would you be the person to practice with?" He figured she wouldn't be outside getting to know him if she wasn't down for it.

She laughed and said, "I am an expert in the field, and exceptionally talented from what I've heard."

Didn't he know it.

Who wouldn't be attracted to confidence like that?

He decided he needed all the practice he could get, so he wrapped his arm around her. She leaned into him, lifting her face, but as he was about to kiss her, he remembered the conversation he'd overheard and asked, "But, don't you have a boyfriend?"

"Not after tonight." She reached her arm around his neck and pulled them together for the second time.

Time was flying by, and Jacob was enjoying every minute of her, until his door jerked open, causing his heart to skip a beat. Embry said, "Okay, horn dogs. Hate to cut this session short, but there's a cocky letterman-jacket inside looking for her." He directed his next words to the girl. "My buddy, Tyler, said to warn you."

She huffed, about to open the door, but paused then reached into the small purse on her lap, brought out a pen, and asked, "Do you have a piece of paper?"

Jacob fumbled for the junk mail on the visor and handed her a random envelope. She scribbled something on it and gave it back to him. Having calmed his breaths, he asked, "Are you going to be all right?"

"For sure. It's just time that a cocky letterman-jacket jerk is kicked to the curb." She winked, then grinned at him. "If you ever need a bit more practice?" She pointed at the envelope in his hand.

As she exited the car, Jacob thought, am I really such a douche? "Wait! I never asked your name?"

"I wrote it down."

Jacob watched her walk away, liking what he saw, and knew that he'd be taking her up on her offer soon.

Embry traded places with her, falling into the passenger seat, closing his eyes, and letting out a tired sigh. "It was time for me to leave, anyway. I think I drank enough."

Jacob turned on the overhead light to see the envelope. Along with a phone number, he read her name.

Jessica Stanley.

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