Author's Note:

This is AU. This is set in the middle of New Moon timeline. Sam is not imprinted with Emily. Sam broke things off with Leah. Emily confronted Sam, but Sam lost control and mauled her face. Paul was close by and was able to take to the hospital, in the midst of all the chaos, Paul imprinted on Emily as well.

This story will be much shorter than my other stories. Things will go pretty fast. There will no imprinting on children. Claire is the same age as Quil.

Chapter 0

I was consumed with this burning rage. I screamed as I felt my bones twist and turn. Out of nowhere, my scream turn into a loud roar. I collapsed on the ground and heard myself whimpering. My head was pounding and I felt my senses heightened to the max. I can hear and smell everything.

Is this a nightmare?

My body was aching, and when I tried to move, I knocked over my couch and chairs with my new developed wolf? body. I winced as furniture fell on the ground. Everything just sound so damn loud. I opened my eyes and blinked. I looked around vision was perfect.

How is that possible?

I lived with prescribed glasses since 2nd grade. I felt my head was heavy. I tried to stand up, but I couldn't. When I looked down..there was..there was white paws.

What the fuck?!

I turned around and I saw I had a white fluffy tail. My hind legs were laid on the ground. I was standing in my front two legs, and when I concentrated hard enough to use my back legs to stand up that's when I heard my twin sister, Leslie calling out for me.


I blinked. Right. I was in a middle of arguing with Leslie when..when I transformed into a wolf? I started to remember little what happened before I exploded into a wolf.

"Alexia! Por favor, lets just go home." My Leslie said, begging me.

"No! Dejame en paz (leave me alone)!" I shouted angrily. I normally wasn't the angry one in the family, but the past few weeks, I have been getting this explosive rage moments. I grew few inches taller, and I even filled out as well. The weird thing was it was happening to Leslie as well, but she was handling it much better than me for some strange reason.

"Abuela Cecil nos lo va a explicar cuando volvamos a California ( Grandma cecil is going to explain it to us once we get back to California)" Leslie said frustrated as she slammed her hands against the kitchen counter. The anger was getting to her too.

We just finished the fall semester at University of Settle. Leslie went back home for the winter break. As in for me, I wanted to take a vacation to New York for the winter break. I didn't want to go back to California. Every time I go back home, I get constantly compared to la perfecta Leslie. Abuela Cecil loves her because Leslie was the only one who gave a damn regarding being part Quileute. I didn't. I left home to get away from Abuela Cecil because I was tired of not living up to her expectations. Then, when I started mentioning my symptoms the past few months to Leslie, she had to blab to Abuela about it. Out of nowhere, Abuela Cecil started demanding me to return home.

Fuck no. I already pay the airplane ticket to New York. I already went to the doctors regarding my weird outgrowth and they didn't have a clue what was going on either. I was going to start seeing a neurologist once I get back from my vacation. Tonight was my flight and as a last ditch effort to convince me to come back home, Abuela Cecil sent Leslie to stop me.

I really didn't know what Abuela's deal was. When Leslie told me how much Abuela and Mom was worried for us, to guilt trip me. That was when I exploded in anger and fur."

I was brought back to the present with Leslie coming toward me. She had her hands held out as she approached me cautiously.

She said, "it's okay. Everything is going to be okay, Alexia. Abuela Cecil said this may happened and that is why she was trying to get you back home..but it happened earlier than expected."

What! She knew and didn't say anything about. I gave a warning growl toward her and she stopped. she sighed and put her hands on her hip.

She said shaking her head, "I know you are pretty pissed at us, Alexia and, you have every right to, but we need you to phase back into a human before the others get home."

Shit, I forgot about Margret and Abby. They'll return to our townhouse any moment now, and it'll be hard to explain to them. I looked around and I saw that there were scratches all over the ground, and I guess I somehow thrown a chair onto the dining table in the midst of my transformation, so the dining table is on the ground.

I whined. Leslie eye's softened as she spoke gently to me, "remember the stories that Abuela used to tell us about where we came from?"

I vaguely remember Abuela telling us bedtime stories that her people supposedly came from wolves and there were vampires in this world. Seeing that I am wolf now, it all makes sense now..

But shit ! I didn't think she was telling the truth, I thought she was just telling some Quileute fairy tales. Damn, maybe I really should've pay more attention to learn where I came from. I started to feel really guilty from the way I treated her lately..

Suddenly, the front door was ripped open, and I was immediately brought with this sickening sweet smell mixed with bleach. I gagged when my nose was covered by that smell. Whoever threw the door open, the door was thrown across the kitchen knocking over the candles that we had lit. The candles proceed to catch fire in the ground, and I yelped when I felt the fire reaching my paws. I backed away and I was up against the wall. Smoke started to circulate in the room. I looked to see what happened to Leslie, and I see that she had turned around to see who it was. She was shaking terribly like the way I was before I 'phased' into a wolf.

By the door, stood a beautiful woman. She had long curly red hair with red eyes. She was pale and she gave a creepy smile. She said in a velvet-like tone, "well well, what do we have here?"

Leslie growled at the red-hair chick, "if you value your life, you should leave now before I get really angry."

I was bewildered with what was going on. Then, I heard Leslie shouting, "Run Alexia!" while she phased into a beautiful white wolf with streaks of black fur across her black down to the tip of her tail. I see the wolf Leslie snapping her jaw at the red-hair chick, but..she was too slow for the red-hair chick. The chick kept on dodging Leslie 's bite and I stood there, speechless. I felt the urge to go defend for my sister and kill whatever this creature was, but the shock was overpowering. I simply stood there , watching like a by stander.

Then, The red-hair chick gotten her arms around leslie's neck, and gave a tight squeeze. I heard a painful snap and Leslie yelped as she was thrown on the ground. Her wolf-like brown eyes stared at me until ..I saw the light in her eyes slowly faded away and her body stood still.

She..she was dead…and it was because of me..

Before I get the chance to grieve for the loss of my sister, the red-hair chick started laughing hysterically. When I looked at her and see the fire blazing powerfully behind her, I felt powerless against her. There was no way for me to win against especially when I saw her taking my sister out and she was the more levelheaded one compare to me.

I whimpered and tucked my tail behind my legs. I was trembling and I was completely frightened. The red hair chick gave one last look to my sister's corpse, and she turned to me.

She said with a maniacal look in her eyes while sneering, "this is my warning to those la push mutts. Give up the Swan girl or else you'll be like this pathetic mutt here. Run little puppy and don't disappoint me."

I heard a voice speaking powerfully in my mind.


What the voice said snapped the shock out of me, so I turned and ran straight through the living room's window. I felt the shards of the window piercing my wolf snout and some parts of my back. I howled in pain and fell into the ground. With adrenaline pushing through my veins, I forced myself to stand up and run toward the forest. I turned around and I see the townhouse falling down with the red-chick's laughter being heard across the neighborhood.

I howled in despair as I continued to run deeper and deeper into the forest. I didn't know where I was going, but I didn't care..

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