After a year they managed to get back to Cephiro. Love, hurt and betrayal. They realized that their loves had other girls. It's an all out fight to win back their loves or have hem only as their memories. F/F U/A H/L

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Umi Ryuzaki, Fuu Hououji and Hikaru Shido were three friends who met at the Tokyo tower every fortnight since their journey to Cephiro. They were the three legendary Magic Knights. However they had not been able to return to that world for almost a year. As usual, Fuu had arrived the earliest. Being the most polite out of the three, she still insisted addressing them with a Miss before their names despite being such close friends. Her blond curls cascaded down her back, her hair had grown a little longer adding that feminine touch and increasing her beauty. Her emerald eyes no longer hid beneath her glasses. She now wore contacts and even so, her eyesight was getting better due to her continuous practice of archery, a skill she learnt as a Magic Knight.
"Fuu! ", The sound startled her. The blond hair maiden turned around gracefully. A small smile grew on her face as she recognized that bright blue hair. The two girls embraced each other.
"Miss Umi! How are you? ", Umi hesitated before answering. One of the boys in her school wouldn't leave her alone and was stalking her everywhere she went. It was freaking her out.
"Fine but-", Umi stopped suddenly. She noticed Fuu's eyes which hid a trace of worry. That was just like Fuu to have hidden her own troubles from everyone . Umi was a forthright girl and she doesn't bottle things up. Despite the fact that Umi was pretty and rich and some what a snob, she had a good heart. She was also easily disgusted by things such as bugs. Being the fencing captain of her school helped in building her character. Fencing... a skill she had acquired in Cephiro.
"Confess Fuu, what's up?", asked the sapphire-eyed girl narrowing her eyebrows. The blond maiden blushed slightly but still remained silent.
"Ow! Oops! Sorry Fuu, Umi.", These words came from a redhead who just managed not to crash into them while knocking her arm against the railing. She was grinning as she said those words. Hikaru bounced around as lively as ever. This was the third knight, while being boyish she still had a sweetness within her. Her optimism was infectious yet like Fuu, she kept her worries to herself even creating a shadow of her heart- Nova. She glanced at their worried expressions. Her ruby eyes widen at that moment.
"Guys! Can you feel that magic?"
"The portal! It has opened again!"
"Miss Hikaru, Miss Umi look!"
All three of them glanced out the window. They could see the new Cephiro. No longer crumbling and ravaged by monsters it looked beautiful. Then with all their hearts they willed themselves back into that enchanted place. Where their loved ones were.
"Our clothes are different!". exclaimed Hikaru. Fuu had worn a silk green blouse which was long and draped down her arms, a while cotton skirt down to her knees. Umi wore a fashionable blue tube top with long black leather pants. Hikaru had on a pair of jeans (with several holes) and a red shirt.
They now wore exactly what they were wearing a year ago. Umi glanced around, they were outside the throne room.
"What are we doing here?" all three of them said at the same time. To their surprise they heard Clef's voice in their heads.
"Eagle is about to wake up, Hikaru. Your hearts has summoned you to Cephiro this time. But there has been some......changes. You are in the there because Hikaru has yet to wear the crown. She need not wear it now but she must soon. I must go."
"Clef! Clef!" they yelled. Then unable to contain their excitement they ran into the living room. A familiar yet heart-wrenching stood in front of them. Presea and Seara the two twins chatting with Clef. Caldina and Larfaga were talking with the pilots of Autozam including Eagle. The Chizetian were playing with Lady Aska and Sanyun. The old one looking close by.
Ascot, Ferio and Lantis each had a scantily dressed woman draped around them as if they had no bones. Clef's expression changed. He had sensed that the Magic Knights were here. Two sobs were heard as both Hikaru and Fuu burst into tears. As everyone turned to their direction, both the crying knights fled running aimlessly. Umi however had a different idea.
"Well well, what a warm welcome this is, I feel SO loved. To think I actually missed this place. I would have been better off not coming. I must have been crazy. You jerks! I better not see you or I will personally kick your ass." yelled Umi almost dripping her tears. She gave them all a glare. Then running as fast as her legs could carry her, she vanished, behind the door.
All three men were shaken by this. Ferio could have killed himself after hearing Fuu cry. Lantis has never ever expected Hikaru to act like this. He almost felt his heart break. Ascot ogled at Umi. She was so brave and strong looking at her hurt eyes was almost too painful yet they were as beautiful as he remembered it, maybe even more.
Clef sighed. He never liked those girls that they picked up.
"Ascot darling who was that?" cooed one of them. Caldina fumed so did Presea. How dare she ask this question?
Seara was the one who answered though.
"The magic knights, the ones who saved your lives!"
"Whatever." , The one beside Lantis answered. Eagle wished he could strangle Lantis that very second.