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Finding a lost love.

Fuu floated back down to the piece of rock. Then she remembered something, Umi! Diving downwards, she met the Water Knight with a smile. "Hey, damsel in distress?" Fuu joked.

"Well, I'm no super hero. Unlike someone here who could fly." Umi replied raising an eyebrow as Fuu held her hand and both of them flew back up. Hikaru embraced both of her friends tightly as soon as she saw them. "She took Unmei!" she added fiercely, her blood drenching their clothes. Fuu healed everyone with her new magic, 'Healer's Swirl' proved to be more effective than 'Winds of Healing' as they felt revitalised as well.

A shadow seemed to take form as all three of their shadows merged and from the ground someone rose. "Alria, we meet again." Umi said in disgust. "What a fiery temper... behave girl!" Alria replied smug as anything.

"You're weak now, the most powerful moves you have are gone! They can only be used once! Face me now Magic Knights!" She finished hurling a fireball at them. "Winds of protection!" But the defence wasn't even close enough to match the attack as the invisible shield simply melted down. All three were scorched and burns covered their bodies. Wincing as she struggled to get up, Umi used her sword as a staff, using it to support herself. Fuu and Hikaru followed Umi's lead.

"Haven't you had enough?" Alria snorted as she saw the disheveled knights getting up. "We're not giving up." Hikaru replied gritting her teeth, almost falling back down. They supported each other, arms around each other's back, walking towards Alria together. They were so close to collapsing yet the determination in their eyes stayed strong.

"Water Dragon!" Umi cried out, using the last bit of energy to summon her attack, and fainted. This dragon was weak; the water was close to falling apart. Alria deflected the attack with a shield of her own. But the dragon kept on attacking her as if it would never give up. "Emerald Cyclone!" Then the Wind knight fainted as well, she felt so weak... The cyclone merged with the dragon making it larger and stronger but still weak, but now the wind prevented the water from falling apart. Seeing both her comrades fell, Hikaru knew it was up to her now. Closing her ruby orbs and breathing deeply, she concentrated on what she had to do. 'If the dragon can't get through because she expects it to, then what if I do something unexpected?' Opening her eyes, she muttered, "Grant me strength now. Fire Arrow!" The flames disappeared from sight. Smiling, Hikaru closed her eyes. Then all was black...

The dragon moved closer and when it was deflected from the shield it opened its mouth. It breathed flames, the wind helping it to create bigger flames and the water heated up. Even though the knights had already fallen, their determination kept the attacks going. Alria's shield finally gave way, she shrieked as she was burnt by scalding water. Her face was disfigured and the fire had taken away her vision. Blind and injured she stumbled and fell over the rock, where thousands of gleaming icicles awaited. As she fell tears left her eyes, she deserved it after all." Princess Emaurade..." were her last words just as she hit the bottom. Never to open her eyes again.

As Alria's magic wore off, Unmei found herself free. She still couldn't believe that women didn't do anything to her; instead she had given her a letter. Running to the three knights, she was so startled when she saw them that she broke down crying. "Fuu! Hikaru! Umi! WAKE UP!" (She's only 6 remember?) The flames around them flickered and died and the icicles melted to form a river taking the remains of Alria's body with it. The cyclones, tornados vanished, letting the sunlight stream through. The stone was transformed into a piece of greenery, grass swaying to the rhythm of the wind.

Her tiny body collapsed among the knights, she had been through too much...

~5 days later~

Fuu awoke to see a familiar head of green hair greeting her. She smiled, Ferio had fallen asleep holding her hand next to his head. She used her other hand and lightly caressed his face, then she ran her hand through his hair, it felt so good being next to him again. She had been surprised that when she felt like she was dying, the last person she wanted to see was Ferio. Finally waking up Ferio stared at her in shock, "I can't believe I fell asleep!"

"Don't you have anything else to say?"

"Well there is this one other little thing that keeps nagging my mind..."


"Would you Fuu Houoji, the smartest, kindest, most gentle and the most beautiful person alive-"

"Flattery gets you nowhere you know," Fuu replied but her heart had fluttered at his compliments.

"I was trying to say, before you interrupted, which is not so nice by the way," Ferio answered wriggling his eyebrows, but soon his expression changed to a solemn one. "I was trying to say, that if you were..."

"Yes?" Fuu asked, her heart pounding away, her instinct told her something big was going to happen soon.

"Are you willing to marry me?"

She was so startled that she fell out of bed. Ferio had to catch her for a second time. "If-you-don't-want-to-just-say-so-I-don't-mind." He rambled on. "Well I didn't exactly expect this..." She paused and stared into his eyes, and then she kissed him. Ferio broke apart, and for one horrible moment he thought she would say no, "Is this an consolation?"

"Nope, this is an yes." she answered, kissing him again. Ferio whispered into her ear, "You have just made me the happiest man alive Fuu."

Fuu whispered back, tears streaking down her face, "And you have just have made me the happiest girl alive Ferio."

-In another room-

Hikaru awoke to a pair of amethyst eyes. "Lantis?" she whispered. "I'm here Hikaru."

"How long have I been sleeping?"

"Five days now, sleepy-head!" Another voice answered. "Eagle? Is that you?"

"Why does it feel like you asked me this before Hikaru?"

"I'll go get some water." Lantis put in. It felt awkward in there.

"Wait-" Hikaru tried to say but her throat felt hoarse.

"Let him go. He has been so worried for you he hasn't eaten. He hasn't slept in five days. I was afraid before you woke up, he would have collapsed."

"Lantis..." she whispered to herself.

"So how are you feeling now?" Eagle asked, cheerfully.

It brought a smile to her face. "I'm fine, thank you Eagle."

"I see Lantis is back, I'll leave you guys alone then."

"Thanks Eagle." she answered gratefully.

"Can you give me a drink Lantis?"

"Sure..." he replied pouring her a cup of water and propping her up so that she sat upright.

"Thank you." Why did it feel so damn hard for her to speak to him now! After all she had already confessed her love to him and he to her! Why did it feel so awkward? She felt like crying. Without realizing it, she was.

Lantis stared at her with alarm, why was she crying now? He hated it when she cried. Using his hands he tried his best to wipe away her tears. She held his hand to her face. "Don't cry Hikaru."

"Don't leave me Lantis, don't ever leave me! When I fainted I thought I would never see you again!" The thought crossed his mind so many times. His worst fear was she leaving him, yet hers was just the same. Freeing his hand, he cupped her face and forced her to look at him. He embraced her, promising both him and her. "I'll never leave you Hikaru. Never." Her sobs stopped and she fell into his embrace.

-In another room, labeled Asmi. The castle has plenty of rooms! -

(WARNING: This is the Asmi version.)

Umi felt something wet on her forehead. She woke groggily, meting a pair of emerald eyes. "Ascot?"

"I'm right here Umi!" he replied taking hold of her hand. "How do you feel?"

"Dizzy. Tired. Happy."

"You're tired and dizzy but happy?" he asked brushing away loose strands of her hair.

"Well, I got to see you." Ascot smiled. Umi lifted some of his brown fringe to take a good look at his eyes. "Your eyes are so beautiful that I think the brown hair is such a pity. Then again, I'm the only one who can admire your eyes!"

"Your eyes are the one who are truly beautiful Umi."

"Thank you Ascot." she replied blushing.

"You're welcome." he answered kissing her.

"We should do this more often, you kiss better than I thought."

"Well I would just have to change your opinion of me then." Then he kissed her again.

-In another room now labeled 'Clemi'-

(WARNING- this is the Clemi version)

Umi looked around for the familiar lavender hair. She felt disappointed when she couldn't see anyone anywhere. She looked down. So that's where Clef was! He was staring so intently at her. "Hey Clef!"

"You finally noticed!" he joked.

"Very funny. Clef," she paused. "It is true that you love Sierra?"

"No." He smiled fondly at her. "My heart is already taken by another."

"Would you believe if I said I fell for a old man who looks like kid?" Umi asked referring to him. He stared at her sadly. "I don't think so."

"Well, I did. I love you Clef. I know you may not feel the way I do but I needed to let you know."

Tears glazed her eyes. Why was she crying now? Then she blinked. Clef was now her height, extremely bishonen and way sexy! "Is that you Clef?"

"Yes. I wanted to be whom I would expect the man of your dreams to look like. I love you too Umi."

"You're already the man of my dreams Clef." she replied smiling sadly.

"I'm so glad you're okay." he said. He longed to take her into his arms and wipe away her tears. Why didn't he have the guts to do it? She took his hand and placed it on hers. "Can you hold me now? I think I need someone to do that. I can still remember the last time after you made me cry, you held me till I fell asleep. That was one of my most sweetest memories."

Clef held her tight. "I promise to never make you cry again Umi!"

She placed her head on his shoulders. "And I promise never to make you mad again." He held her tighter and although she couldn't see it, he smiled. It was the first true smile he ever had on his face since Cephiro had so many troubles.

~Several days later~

The forest was silence with the exception of the light-hearted chirping of the birds and the sound of water passing them by. Unmei opened the letter with trembling hands. Zazu gave her a reassuring smile. The content went:

~ To my daughter, Unmei

If you open this, you would discover the biggest secret of your life. Your parents' identity.

I'm your mother; I have cruelly abandoned you 6 years ago when I left the castle of Cephiro. I do not ask for you to forgive me. I just want to tell you- I'm sorry.

Your father is none other than the person who forced me to leave the castle. He is... Master Mage Clef of Cephiro.

I have failed in my duty as a mother.

Alria. ~

Tiny moist spots smudged the writing as Unmei held the letter close to her heart. Zazu placed a hand on her shoulder. She smiled. Then she folded it into a heart shape and placed it gently on the small stream, letting the water carry it away.

Umi was walking by her favorite spot when she saw a piece of paper folded into a heart shape flowing by the river. Curiosity got the better of her and she pocketed the piece of paper. Then she headed back.


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