And to conclude this I bring you the epilogue!!

Epilogue- Sky So Blue


"Anzu wait up"

Anzu turned around seeing Ryou running up to her. "Hey Ryou" she called back happily. He nodded back "Am I late?" he ask. She shook her head "Of course not but…wish I was…." she replied nervously. Ryou gave her a sympathetic smile. "Don't worry, you'll do fine" he encouraged as they walked into the building where the large crowd awaited her. She gulped while Ryou gave her a light kiss on her cheek "Will be here" he spoke while his dark in spirit form only snorted in response as her other friends waved to her, holding billboards of "Anzu rocks" and "we love Anzu" displayed on them.

As she took her place upon the stage her body moved and danced to the music becoming one with it while the cheers of people and her friends cheered her on. Through her dance the last four years replayed through her mind. She indeed came a long way ever since the incident but it felt like a dream, she had overcome the nightmare, and was able to move forward to the future. As the music accelerated she moved aggressively preparing her body for the outstanding finale as she set off her signature dance steps and the crowd roared wildly.

She bowed panting while a genial smile pasted on her face. She let out a cry while Jounouchi and Honda lifted her on their shoulders, parading her around the building. She laughed with the others and was let down after a good twenty minutes. Her love embraced her from behind and a sigh escaped from her.

"You were wonderful"

"Thank you" she spoke back. Isis and Rishid went back to Egypt after it and weren't heard from ever since and Ryou and she began an deep relationship, with Bakura along for the ride of course. "We've gone a long ways haven't we?" Yuugi spoke from behind.

"You can say that again" Jounouchi agreed. Anzu nodded in agreement "But…we all here fore each other like we're all here for you" Ryou spoke. Anzu felt her eye's water "Oh you guys…" she began and noticed someone spying on them.

"Hello" she spoke. The young child look around before realizing she was talking to her. He came up to her with his head bowed while the other look at him strangely. The boy had dark skin with blond locks crowning his scalp. He took a deep breathe and raised his hand holding a flower. Anzu smiled at him taking it "You're so sweet, thank you" she said. The boy blushed refusing to look at her embarrassed.

"I….saw you dance…." he finally replied. Her smiled grew "Thank you, what's you name?" she ask. The boy looked up as gorgeous lavender eyes brim full of light "Maliku" he chirped. Before the conversation could continue a voice calling for him came.

"Oh, big sister is calling me, I have to go now" Maliku said quickly. He waved them good bye before running to the woman nearby.

"Maliku stay near"

"Sorry Sis, where's Uncle Rishid?"

"He's getting us some ice-cream"


"So lets go"

As the group watch the two chat happily the older woman stop and looked to them a smile broke unto her features until she was being pulled away by her little brother.

"Hey was that…?"

"It couldn't be…could it?"

"Anzu…was it…?" Ryou asked. Anzu only looked to the clear blue skies above.

"What do you think?"

Shattered end.


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