Into the Shadows
By SparklyTree3876

Rating: R

Genre: Romance/Family

Pairings: Edward/Bella, Jasper/Alice, Emmett/Rosalie, Carlisle/Esme, Jacob/Leah, Mike/Jessica, and Eric/Angela

Author's Notes: Hi, readers. I would like to present a new Twilight fic. It is AU set during New Moon and shows Edward visiting Bella after the birthday party disaster and finding themselves giving into their desires and making love, but things change when Mike brutally rapes her in which she becomes pregnant. This idea came to mind when I wondered what might have been if Edward stayed with Bella instead of leaving. As a result, it was born. This fic will contain some lines from both the book and movie versions of New Moon. I am not sure if I will follow along with the rest of the Twilight Saga. If I decide to, then it will be a series of fics following each installment. It will be somewhat of a depature from my other fics. It will get dark in some places. Characterizations of several characters will be a little different from their original counterparts. I will warn everyone ahead of time that this fic will contain sexual content, rape, and abuse. Some of it may be intense. If you're uncomfortable with that, then I suggest you don't read it when the chapters containing it are posted. Otherwise, you may read at your own risk. I hope you enjoy this fic. Constructive criticism is welcome.


Chapter 1: A Need for Love

The late evening moon beamed its light on the Swan residence in mid-September. A gentle wind went through the trees in which it made their leaves rustle quietly. A barred owl sat on the tree branch closest to Bella's window. It turned its head while emitting a soft hoot. It blinked three times before looking upward. It opened its beak to flick its tongue twice. It flapped its wings to air them out.

Three hours had passed since Bella was injured when Jasper tried to attack her after she accidentally cut herself opening a present from the Cullens. Carlisle tended to her arm. Edward saw the danger he was putting her in and became even more uncertain about being near her. He did take her home and gave her a kiss outside her truck, though he remained distant. She pleaded with him to visit her later. He agreed albeit reluctantly. He left without saying another word to her.

Bella was reading Living Free while sitting in her bed. She finished a page and turned to the next. She looked toward the halfway-open window. She could see the owl. It turned toward her in which it seemed to make eye contact with her. It opened its beak and hooted softly. She whistled to it, causing it to let out two more soft hoots. It looked ahead before spreading its wings and taking off into the sky.

Bella shifted her attention back to her book and let out a heavy sigh. She wondered when Edward would come see her. She knew it was getting late and that she needed to get to bed as she had school tomorrow. If he did not see her tonight, she hoped he would be here to take her there. She enjoyed riding with him, though she felt his need for speed could be a bit much. At least she could take comfort in the fact he did not speed if there was a lot of traffic around. She did not want him to leave and was determined to make him stay.

Her thoughts shifted to Jasper. She knew he shouldn't have gone after her like he did, but she did not blame him. She was aware of his ability to sense and manipulate emotions. She had no doubt he felt the thirst of the others and was overwhelmed due to his being multiplied by several times as much. She was glad he was able to calm down after a while.

She started thinking about Carlisle, Esme, Emmett, and Rosalie. She knew any of them could have been in Jasper's shoes. She was grateful to them for not reacting the way he did. At the same time, she was aware their abstaining from blood for a very long time could make it difficult to resist going after any type, whether human or animal. The same went for Edward, especially when it came to hers.

Bella shook her thoughts out of her head. She closed her book and glanced at her clock. She saw it read nine-thirty. She sighed a bit annoyingly. She believed her boyfriend was not coming. She decided it was not worth waiting anymore. She laid her book on her nightstand. She reached for her lamp. She was about to turn it off when a loud thud came out of nowhere. She saw Edward standing in front of her window.

"Edward, I didn't think you were coming," she said as she got out of bed and went to him. She hugged him with a relieved sigh. "I am so glad you are here."

"I decided to wait until a bit later. It makes me less likely to be noticed," he said, letting out a long exhale. He wrapped his arms around her carefully. He gave her a light hug. They released their hold on each other. "How is your arm?"

"It's not hurting at all. I took some Tylenol a little while ago," Bella admitted and bit her lip.

"That is good," Edward said, giving her a nod. "I wish you were not so accident prone, though."

"I remember slipping on a tiny patch of ice while I was on my way to my truck not long after I arrived here," Bella responded and chuckled to herself. "I muttered about how ice did not help the uncoordinated."

"Black ice is so thin that you can't even see it," Edward commented, snorting softly. "It is only noticeable when you hit it."

"Oh, yes," Bella agreed. "Ice is really dangerous on bridges and overpasses. It forms at those places first."

"Very true," Edward murmured and cleared his throat. "There have been so many stories of people suffering accidents on ice-covered roads that I have lost count."

"In your days as a human, cars did not even have seatbelts," Bella pointed out truthfully.

"Deaths in car accidents were a lot more common back then. If death did not occur, permanent disability was often the result," Edward explained, frowning. He would cry if he could shed tears. "It's tragic to see people full of life be reduced to vegetative states."

"I know," Bella agreed. "Seatbelts reduce the risk of death significantly. At least you do not have to worry about dying without your seatbelt on."

"Being a vampire does have its advantages," Edward said, a small smile crossing his lips. "That's for sure."

Bella suppressed a yawn and smacked her lips. Edward looked away and emitted a loud sigh. He ran his hand through his hair. He swallowed hard before running his tongue all over the inside of his mouth. He returned his attention to her. She clasped her hands together.

"About Jasper—" Edward started.

"Edward, I do not care about what happened with Jasper," Bella said, shaking her head. "You are not going to leave me."

"Bella, it is too dangerous for you to be around us," Edward insisted, a heavy sigh leaving his mouth. "I can never forgive myself if one of us killed you by accident."

"I understand you want to keep me safe, but you can't protect me from everything," Bella said in a calm yet firm voice. "It is not possible at all, even for vampires."

"I see what you are saying, but Jasper still should not have gone after you," Edward pointed out seriously.

"I made some observations. Since he has the ability to sense and manipulate emotions, he felt your thirst and that of the others. He became overwhelmed and went after me. If it was just him, I believe he would not have done that," Bella explained.

He raised his eyebrows. "That does make a lot of sense."

"Any of you could have been in his shoes," Bella pointed out matter-of-factly.

"That is true," Edward commented and lowered his head in shame. "I should have not told him to keep his distance. I should have encouraged him to befriend you."

"It is all right," Bella whispered in much comfort. "I understand you were trying to get him to be careful."

"Thank you," Edward said, smiling.

She winked at him. "You're welcome."

Bella wrapped her arms around Edward's neck. She kissed him in a tender way. She made it passionate. She slipped her tongue into his mouth. He slipped his arms around her waist. Their tongues wrestled for control as groans left their mouths. Suddenly, he pulled away and shook his head. She groaned in frustration.

"Bella, we should not do this," Edward said.

"You won't hurt me," Bella insisted. "I promise."

"But—" Edward started.

"Edward, make love to me," Bella pleaded, tears shining in her eyes. "Please."

Edward shuddered as he stared at his girlfriend. Though he was afraid of hurting her, he did not want to deny giving himself to her. He had wanted her the second he laid eyes on her. He did not care if premarital sex was frowned upon anymore. After all, it was more accepted nowadays. He cupped her face in his hands, his breathing low and heavy.

"Okay. We will do this," Edward relented and swallowed hard. "If I start to lose control, we will stop. Deal?"

Bella nodded at him. "Deal."

Edward kissed Bella tenderly. It did not take long for the kiss to become passionate. They wrapped their arms around each other. They tried to get as close as possible. Their tongues touched, making them groan. They wrestled each other for control. Her heart began to pound against her chest. It seemed about ready to leap out and land on the floor next to her. Electricity went up and down their spines before speeding through their bodies.

He turned her away from the window and pressed her against the wall. He kissed her jawline before going down to her neck. He buried his face in the latter. He alternated between licking at and sucking on it. He wanted to bite down on her to mark her as his, but he was not about to turn her into a vampire. Even if he held the venom back, he could not do it forever. She leaned her head to the side, giving him better access. He traveled up to her ear. He traced it with his tongue before nibbling on her earlobe. She tried to hold back a moan, but she couldn't help herself.

She grabbed his black t-shirt and began pulling it upward. He pulled back to raise his arms. She removed it, tossing it aside. He ripped off her white tank top. He leaned down to bury his face in the valley between her breasts. He kissed it before giving it a hard suck. She leaned her head back, moaning in much delight. She ran her fingers through his hair.

Edward returned to Bella's lips for a kiss. He pushed his tongue into her mouth in which it made her groan. He brought his hands to her breasts. He proceeded to fondle them. He rubbed her nipples against his hands, causing them to harden. He resisted the urge to squeeze them. He took the right nipple into his mouth. He rolled it with his tongue before blowing on it hard. She let out an ecstatic scream. He turned to the left nipple to lavish it with the same amount of attention.

He dropped to his knees to kiss her stomach. He sucked on it. She was unable to hold back a moan. She ran her fingers through his hair. She tapped his head in a gentle manner. He stopped his ministrations and rose to his full height. She kissed him in great passion. She turned their bodies and pushed him against the wall. She slid her hands over his chest and stomach. She traced every muscle that lined them.

Bella trailed kisses to Edward's neck. She moved between licking at and sucking on it. He moaned while grabbing at her head. He grabbed fistfuls of her hair. She planted kisses all over his throat. She brought her hands to his nipples. She teased them with her thumbs. She took the left one into her mouth and sucked on it. He hissed in much huskiness. He groaned at her giving the right nipple the same amount of attention. He wished he was human, so she could leave marks all over his body.

Bella licked at the spot over Edward's heart. She kissed it before blowing on it. He ran his fingers through her hair. She trailed kisses back to his lips. They engaged in passionate kisses. They wrapped their arms around each other, not wanting to let go. Their tongues fought each other for dominance. Groans came out of their mouths. He moved her hands to his shoulders. He held back the urge to squeeze them, fearing he would break them.

"Mine," Edward growled in much seduction. "You are mine."

"Yes," Bella agreed with a fierce growl. "You are mine as well."

She dropped to her knees and proceeded to kiss his stomach. She traced the muscles with her tongue before giving them a gentle blow. She sucked on it, making him groan. He slid his hands into her hair. He felt the urge to rip it out, but he resisted it. She stood up to kiss him once more. He put his hands under her armpits and lifted her upward. She wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to the side of the bed and laid her down. She unwrapped them, and they dangled off the edge.

Edward ripped his girlfriend's gray sweatpants to pieces with a lustful growl. He threw them aside. He repeated both actions with her blue underwear. He took off his black tennis shoes and white socks. He unbuttoned and unzipped his light blue jeans. He removed them as well as his white underwear. His erect cock sprung free. She stared at it, blowing softly and swallowing hard. She shifted her attention to him, her breathing coming out in shudders.

He looked her in the eye as he brought his hand to her entrance. He rubbed it gently before increasing the pressure. She gasped delightfully at his fondling her wet folds. He stroked her clit with his thumb, and she emitted a soft moan. She moved her hips with his motions. She moved faster when he upped his pace. She cried out pleasurably while coming. She forgot to breathe due to being so lost in it.

She came down from her high, and a sated feeling went through her body. He formed a smile on his face. She realized he wasn't done yet. He got on his knees and gazed at her left inner thigh. He started kissing it. He nibbled on it, followed by licking at it. He felt an urge to bite down on her coming on, but he resisted it. Her breathing came out in pants.

He looked at her right inner thigh to lavish it with the same amount of attention. She let out a soft yet excited moan. He shifted his attention to her entrance. He rubbed his face against it. He ran his tongue up and down the flesh three times. He used his tongue to tease it. He pushed it inside her. He proceeded to fondle her wet folds. He went slowly at first, but he became ravenous. In fact, his ravenousness got to the point that it seemed he would lap every bit of her up.

Bella whimpered as she grabbed at the covers. She got louder when Edward used his tongue to mess with her clit. She found herself moving her hips with his motions. He went faster, a lustful growl leaving his mouth. She increased her pace as she closed her eyes. She gasped as she came. She couldn't breathe, being so lost in it.

Her high ebbed away. The same sated feeling went through her body. He rose to his feet and kissed her. She opened her eyes as she tasted herself on his lips. She was surprised at how sweet it was. She pushed her tongue into his mouth, wanting more of it. They kissed with much passion for a minute before breaking apart for air. They looked at each other, intense expressions lining their faces.

"I need to be inside you right now," he said urgently.

"Then enter me. Make love to me," she whispered. "I am so ready for you."

Edward smiled. "Good. Move back on the bed. I should warn you that this could hurt."

Bella blew hard. "I do not care."

Bella sat up and turned her body in which she placed her legs on the bed. She laid down as Edward moved over her and slipped in between her legs. He made direct eye contact with her as he aligned his cock with her entrance. He began moving toward it. He was about to enter her when he pulled away. She giggled as she could tell he was teasing her. She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.

He growled and resumed moving toward her, his breathing soft and steady. He entered her quickly. She gasped at his taking her virginity. He started thrusting in and out of her immediately as he didn't want to wait for her to adjust to him. She moved her hips with his motions, a soft moan coming from her. Their grunting and groaning mingled together.

He kissed her passionately. He nibbled on her jawline before tracing it with his tongue. He gave her a possessive kiss. Their tongues wrestled each other for control. He made his way to her neck to lick at it. He gave it a gentle blow. He went to the pulse point. He nibbled on it. He sucked on it. She moaned in great delight. She got louder at his running her tongue over it and blowing on it.

He returned to her lips for a hard kiss. He shoved his tongue into her mouth, and she groaned loudly. He tasted every inch of it. His thrusting grew harder and faster. She broke away from him to kiss his neck hungrily. She traveled up to his ear and nibbled on it. He moaned in much delight. He grabbed at her hair somewhat tightly.

Bella turned her and Edward's bodies until she was on top of him. She leaned her head back, sighing in much ecstasy. She kissed him passionately while starting to move up and down on him. She put her hands above his shoulders. He took hold of her hips to help her move on him as he met her movements with his. He could feel the fire climbing higher within him. He didn't doubt it was doing the same in her.

She pressed another kiss to his lips. She traveled to his ear and proceeded to nibble on it. She licked at it before giving it a gentle blow. He groaned loudly as he took hold of her shoulders. She planted kisses all over his throat. She traveled down to his chest. She sucked on the spot over his heart. He let out a throaty groan. She teased his right nipple with her tongue. He growled intensely while anchoring her head to him. He got louder when she sucked on it. She focused her attention on his left nipple.

Edward felt the fire within him reaching its peak. He slid a hand downward to massage Bella's clit. She moaned with much pleasure. She gripped the covers so tightly that it seemed she was about to rip them. She closed her eyes while whimpering softly. They kissed long and hard. Their tongues fought each other, and they groaned in a loud manner. She tore away from him to stare into his eyes.

"Damn. I can't—" Bella started.

Edward sprung up into a sitting position to grab Bella's hips. He moved her harder and faster on him while clenching his teeth and emitting a loud hiss. He thrusted up into her just as hard and fast. They let out lustful growls. The world started to fade around them. They couldn't see the room. It was just the two of them and nothing else.

"Come for me, Bella," Edward ordered in much fierceness. "I want you to come right now!"

Bella moved faster on her boyfriend. She threw her head back at his taking her left breast into his mouth and sucking. She moaned a final time. Her climax took her in which it triggered his. He gave her breast a hard suck as he came with a muffled moan. Their bodies spasmed against each other. They held each other close as they waited for her heartbeat to return to normal.

Edward laid down on the bed in which he took Bella with him. He positioned her to where he remained inside of her. She laid her head on his chest. She ran her hand over his stomach. He twirled a strand of her hair around his finger. Their breathing was soft and steady. It became mingled together ten seconds later.

"That was incredible," she said.

"It sure was," he agreed. "The best part is I did not lose control."

"I never imagined my first time to be like this," Bella squealed in delight.

"Me neither," Edward said with a smile. "At least my first time was with you."

She took her head off his chest to look at him. "The same goes for me with you. I do not care if making love is rough or gentle. I just want to do it with you."

He smiled. "I am glad."

The lovebirds shared three tender kisses. He touched her forehead and stroked it with his thumb.

"I love you so much," Edward said softly.

"I love you just as much," Bella responded in a loving voice. "Come here."

Bella kissed Edward with much passion. She slipped her tongue into his mouth as she began moving up and down on him. He slipped his hands into her hair, gripping it tightly. He sat up, maintaining his grip on it. He thrusted upward into her roughly and quickly. Her heart began to beat faster. Electricity went up and down their spines.

"You are so beautiful, you know that?" Edward said, seduction lining his voice.

"I do," Bella agreed. She leaned her head back when he kissed her neck. She moaned at his sucking on it. "Oh, do not stop!"

Edward sucked harder on his girlfriend's neck. He kissed her as he pushed her on her back. He thrusted rougher and faster into her with lustful growls. She slid her hands up and down his back. She traced every muscle that lined it. The world faded around them as they engaged in another round of lovemaking.