Chapter 2: Addison

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One morning in the suburbs of San Fransokyo, a nine-year-old girl was getting ready for school. She was light skinned, had red hair in a ponytail, and green eyes. She put on a red t-shirt, black pants, and red shoes.

"Well another day today." she said to herself.

She grabbed her backpack, and went downstairs.

When she got down to the kitchen, she saw her mom and dad. Her mom, Audrey and dad, Michael were in a rush. They were both tall, and had red hair and green eyes like their daughter. Audrey had glasses, her short red hair was worn loose.

She wore a white blouse underneath a black jacket, black skirt, and black heels. Her dad had on a yellow dress shirt, dark gray tie, and black shoes.

"Morning, Mom, morning Dad." Addison greeted.

But they didn't answer, Michael was busy on his phone, and Audrey was speaking into her ear piece.

"Come on, Audrey we're going to be late." said Michael.

"I'm coming." Audrey replied.

They then noticed their daughter.

"Hi, Addison. We have to get to work now, but there's cereal in the pantry." Audrey told her.

"Have a good day, sweetie." Michael added.

They both patted her on the shoulder, and then left. When the door closed, Addison just sighed. This was nothing new, her parents were CEOs of different companies, so obviously their jobs took up a lot of their time.

While Addison wouldn't gone to the kitchen and gotten her breakfast, but for some reason, she didn't really have an appetite. In fact she hadn't felt like eating her dinner last night. But she just brushed it off, and went to the bus stop.

As she waited for the bus, she suddenly felt a pain in her stomach. She groaned in pain, as she held herself. Just then a red box rolled up to her, and Baymax came out of it.

"Hello, I am Baymax your personal healthcare companion." he told her.

"Baymax? What are you doing here?" Addison asked.

"I received the call for medical attention when you groaned. I will scan you now."

He looked her up and down.

"Scan complete. Your body temperature has risen to 99.8, and you're experiencing abdominal pain caused by inflammation of your appendix. Diagnosis, appendicitis."

"Appendicitis?" wondered Addison.

"The only treatment is surgery."

Addison couldn't believe her ears.


"We must get you to a hospital immediately."

"B-but I have no way to get there. And I have to go to school."

"Leaving this untreated, your appendix will continue to enlarge, and eventually will burst. Which will cause severe infection and in the worst case: death."

That made Addison freeze.

"I will call for an ambulance."

On his front screen, he dialed 911, and called for an ambulance.

"An ambulance will be with your soon." the operator said.

As Baymax stayed on the line, the school bus pulled up. The bus driver opened the door, and spoke.

"Are you getting on, Addison?"

"Addison won't be going to school today sir." Baymax told.

The bus driver just shrugged, and drove off.

"We'll also need to contact your parents." Addison rolled her eyes.

"They won't care."

Before Baymax could probe her, the ambulance arrived. Two EMTs came out, and were a little surprised to see Addison and Baymax. But after Baymax told them everything, they examined Addison, and came to Baymax's conclusion that she may have appendicitis.

In the ambulance, Baymax continued to talk to Addison.

"Why won't your parents care?" he asked.

"They're too busy with work. They practically ignore me, and I'm on my own a lot." Addison explained.

"Be that as it may. They should know you're going to the hospital, and about to have major surgery."

When they got to the hospital, Addison was taken to an exam room, and was looked over by a human doctor. He took her temperature which was now up to 100.5, and an ultrasound did show an inflamed appendix.

"Do you know your parents work numbers?" the doctor asked.

Addison handed the doctor her phone.

"But don't count on them answering."

Sure enough when the doctor and nurse called, all they got was voicemail.

"What are we going to do?" a nurse wanted to know.

Baymax happen to overheard the conversation between the nurse and the doctor. Being the helpful robot he was, he went up to them.

"Excuse me, perhaps I can be of assistance." he offered.

"Oh, well I don't know what you can do Baymax. Addison is a minor, we need her parents approval to operate." the doctor informed.

"Since this is a threat to Addison's health, I will go find her parents."

"That's a nice offer, Baymax. But..." the nurse went on.

But before they could say anything else, Baymax got in his box, and rolled out of the hospital.

Baymax had scanned Addison's voice, and knew the location those numbers belonged to. He came to a large building in the heart of the city, and rolled inside. He emerged from his box, and looked around.

There were many people in business attire, talking on their cell phones, looking at papers, or talking to other workers. Baymax then went up to a receptionist, who was busy filing her nails.

"Excuse me, where might I find the CEO of this office?"

"On the 20th floor." the receptionist replied.

"Thank you."

He then got back in his box, rolled over to the elevator. When it opened, and others got off, Baymax rolled in, got out of the box, and pushed the 20th floor button. The elevator went up, and Baymax listened to the sound of the elevator music.

When the elevator stopped at the 20th floor, he got back in his box, and rolled out. After rolling the offices, he found them. Audrey and Michael were in a conference room with glass walls, leading a meeting.

To get their attention, Baymax tapped on the wall. Everyone looked at him confused, but they just went back to work. But Baymax wasn't one to give up, so he went into the room.

"Excuse me, I am looking for Audrey and Michael."

Everyone stared at him, and Addison's parents spoke up.

"We're Audrey and Michael." Audrey pipped up.

"I am Baymax. I came to inform you that your daughter, Addison is in the hospital."

Everyone looked surprised, while Audrey and Michael were shocked.

"Uh, excuse us, please." Michael told the other workers.

The couple quickly grabbed the robot's hand, and dragged him out.

They went to Audrey's office, and locked the door.

"What do you mean Addison's in the hospital? She's at school." Audrey told Baymax.

"She is at the hospital. The doctor and nurse called you both." Baymax replied.

Audrey and Michael pulled out their cell phones, which had been on silent mode. Both saw they had missed calls and voicemails. Audrey looked at her work phone, and saw that there was a message on the line.

Feeling uneasy, Michael went to his office to check his phone. And sure enough, there was a message.

"You must get to the hospital immediately. Doctors can't operate without consent."

"Operate?" the two asked in disbelief.

The two quickly said they had a family emergency, and left the building.

When they got to the hospital, they were given the news from the doctor, and they quickly gave their consent for surgery. As Addison was being wheeled up to the operating room, she'd gotten worse.

Her temperature was rising and the pain was getting worse. As she looked around, she saw her parents.

"Mom? Dad?" she croaked.

But before Audrey and Michael could answer her doctors pushed her into the operating room.

Baymax watched from the observation room, as the doctors removed Addison's appendix. When the procedure was over, the doctors needed someone to inform Addison's parents that everything went okay.

"I will inform them." Baymax told, and he went to the waiting room.

In the waiting room, Audrey and Michael waited anxiously. They were also feeling worried and guilty. Then Baymax walked up to them.

"Audrey and Michael, Addison's surgery went very well. And she is now being moved to a recovery room, where she'll sleep until the anesthesia wears off.

"Oh thank good." sighed Michael.

"How could she get appendicitis?" wondered Audrey.

"Appendicitis is actually quite common. Usually symptoms can be spotted. Has she shown any before this morning?" Baymax told.

The two tried to think. Michael remembered last night Addison didn't really touch her dinner, but he was busy with some phone calls. And Audrey recalled while she was working late on her laptop, she thought she heard someone throwing up in the bathroom.

But being so caught up in work, she didn't pay much attention.

"Oh my gosh. We've been so busy we haven't paid enough attention to Addison." Michael said.

"What kind of parents are we?" Audrey asked herself.

Baymax sat next to the couple.

"All people can get wrapped up in their work sometimes." he comforted.

"You don't understand, Baymax. We're Addison's parents we're supposed to take care of her. And we haven't been doing a good job of that." Audrey explained.

"You may be parents but you're also people, and all people make mistakes. The important thing is you learn from your mistakes, and do better in the future." told Baymax.

Michael and Audrey looked at each other, knowing what needed to be done.

About an hour later, Addison woke up. At first her vision was fuzzy, but then the images of her mom and dad became clear.

"Mom, Dad?" she croaked.

"Addison, sweetie." gushed Audrey.

"What are you doing here?"

"You just had major surgery, honey. Where'd you think we'd be?" Michael wanted to know.

"At work."

"No Addison. Your father and I are really sorry we've been neglecting you."

Addison was surprised to hear this.

"We called our company and told them that we're taking some time off."


"The doctors said it'll take you about two weeks for recover from surgery. And after that we have a lot to make up for."

"We want to make amends with you. So we're ready to give you the love and attention you need and deserve."

Addison smiled warmly, and the family shared a hug. Baymax was watching the scene from outside. Addison caught his eye, and smiled at him.

That evening, when Hiro came home, he saw Baymax wearing a surgical cap, and a surgical cover gown.

"Baymax, were you performing surgery?" he asked him.

"Actually I was observing surgery." Baymax clarified.

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