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Chapter 6: Tony

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Nine months later, Nora and James were in their house just relaxing. Nora's belly had grown nicely, and the baby would be coming any day now. At that moment she was in the nursery, looking over everything.

"Everything's perfect." she told herself.

With the money from James' job and raise they were able to afford the necessities for the baby, and even some extra things for themselves. Looking out the window, she noticed it was pretty nice out.

Nora left the nursery, and went to the living room where James was reading.

"Hey, James, it's such a nice day why don't we go to the park?"

"I don't know, you're almost ready to pop. And the hospital's in the other direction." James told her.

"Ah, James, It'll be fine. It's just a walk in the park, and besides I'm not due for another few weeks."

James then agreed, and the two left the house.

It was a nice day to be in the park. The sky was blue and clear, the sun was out, but it wasn't too hot, and the birds chirped. As Nora and James walked they took notice of the other patrons having fun.

Nora's eyes caught a family having a picnic. The kids were playing and the parents were lounging together.

"(Chuckles), that's going to be us soon, James." Nora said.

"You got that right." James agreed.

As they sat down on a bench, Nora suddenly felt something.

"Uh oh. James."


"I think it's time now."

That made James freeze.

"Seriously? Now?"

"Yes, now."

James then started to panic a little.

"Okay, okay. We have to get to the car."

He helped her up, and they quickly went to the exit to the park. When they got out, they saw the spot where their car had been parked was empty.

"What happened to the car?" wondered Nora.

James suddenly noticed the limiting parking sign.

"Short term parking only. Any cars staying longer than forty-five minutes will be towed." he read.

"Oh no." whispered Nora.

"Okay, okay, don't worry we can call for a ride." James assured.

He took out his phone from his pocket, and tried to make a call, when he noticed it was dead.

"I knew I should've charged this before leaving."

"Let me try mine." Nora told.

She reached into her purse, to pull out her phone, but it slipped out of her hand, and she dropped it. The screen cracked, and James quickly picked it up. He gave it back to Nora, and she tried make a call but it began acting up.

"Oh no, it broke."

The two looked at each other, but before either could speak, a contraction hit Nora. She groaned in pain, and as James tried to comfort her, a red box rolled up. And from the box, Baymax appeared.

"Hello, I am Baymax your personal healthcare companion. Hello Nora and James."

"Baymax, thank goodness you're here." said James.

"I heard sounds of distress, judging by your past medical record, Nora, you are in labor."

"Yes, Baymax. But we lost our car, and we need to get her to a hospital." James explained.

"I will help you." Baymax told them.

The two looked relieved, and Baymax helped Nora walk around.

"Do not worry, Nora. There's still time before the baby arrives. How far apart are the contractions?"

"About five minutes." she answered.

They looked around, and then Baymax spotted a familiar face, it was Jared.

"I see someone who can help." he informed.

And they went over to him.

Jared had been on a date with Theresa.

"That was a nice lunch, Jared." Theresa told him.

"I'm glad you liked it. Wish you could stay longer."

"Hey, your mom needs your help. We'll see each other at school."

Theresa smiled at him, and kissed his cheek. Then she walked off, leaving him. When Jared turned around, he saw Baymax with James and Nora.

"Jared, we need your assistance." Baymax told him.

"Baymax? What's going on?" Jared wondered.

"This is Nora, another one of my patients. She's having a baby and we need to get her to the hospital." Baymax explained.

"Uh, okay."

"Do you have any transportation?" Jared thought for a moment, and then spoke.

"This way."

He led them to the edge of the park, and they came to a bus stop.

"My dad's a bus driver, his bus comes by here. He can help get you closer."

Just like that, the bus came up. After Jared explained the situation to his dad, the couple and Baymax got on board.

They rode for a while, and then another contraction hit Nora.

"Remember to breathe, Nora." Baymax told her.

"Yeah, just like we did in class." added James.

Nora breathed deeply, and waited for the pain to subside. When the bus stopped again, Jared's dad turned to them.

"You'll have to get off here. The next route I have to take goes in the opposite direction of the hospital."

"It's okay, we can find another way there." Nora replied.

The three got off the bus, and started looking around for another form of transportation.

"Maybe we can find a taxi or something." thought James.

"But I don't see any." Nora told him.

Baymax looked around, and saw some other patients of his. It was Addison with her parents, and they were getting ice cream.

"This was a great idea, Dad." Addison said.

"I thought we could use this." Michael told her.

Suddenly, Audrey saw Baymax coming towards them with Nora and James.

"Hey, there's Baymax." she called.

"Addison, I am glad we found you." Baymax said.

He explained the situation to them, and the family agreed to help. They got into their car, and Baymax followed them in his red box.

After a while of driving, there was another mishap. The car got a flat tire, and had to stop on the side of the road.

"Oh no, now what?" wondered Nora.

"We've got a flat." said Michael.

"Do you have any spares?" James wanted to know.

"I'm afraid not." Audrey admitted.

Nora then groaned again. Baymax got out of his box, and looked at Nora.

"Nora's contractions are getting closer. We must get her to the hospital soon." he informed.

As everyone debated on what to do next, they heard a dog barking. And it wasn't just any dog, it was Buddy and Milo. They were out for a walk, when they stopped.

"Baymax?" asked Milo.

"Hello, Milo, Buddy." Baymax greeted.

"What's going on?"

Everyone explained what was going on, and Milo offered his help. He got a tire from a nearby store, and changed it out for them.

"Thanks, Milo." replied James.

"It's no problem." Milo assured.

With the tire fixed, they continued on their way.

Soon they were at the hospital.

"Oh thank goodness." sighed Nora.

Michael parked the car in front of the ER entrance, and James and Baymax helped Nora out of the car.

"Now we just need to get inside." Nora said.

But the second they got into the building, they all got a little cramped.

"What's going on here?" wondered James.

"There was a car crash." said a voice.

They looked and saw Daisy, another one of Baymax's patients.

"Hello, Daisy. It's important I get Nora to the front. She's in labor." Baymax told her.

"No problem." Daisy assured.

She told them to stay behind her, and she would clear a path. Using her strength, she managed to push through the crowds of people in the waiting room.

"Excuse me, pardon me, coming through."

Daisy told as she used her strength and skills to push through. And then they came to the front desk, where the receptionist was shocked.

"Excuse me, but this woman is in labor." Baymax explained.

Though still stunned, the receptionist got on it.

Nora and James were taken up to the maternity ward, and Baymax followed. He wasn't allowed in the delivery room, so he contacted Hiro and Cass to tell them that he was at the hospital with a patient.

After a while, Nora finally had her baby. The doctors decided to let Baymax in, and he saw Nora with her small little baby boy.

"Congratulations on your new baby." he told the couple.

"Thank you, Baymax." James told him.

"Yes, thanks for everything." added Nora.

"Your baby is very adorable. I will scan him now."

And he did.

"Scan complete, baby boy is quite healthy, no signs of any illness or conditions."

"That's good to hear." replied James.

"What is his name?"

"We're going to name Tony." Nora explained.

"That is a nice name."

When Baymax got back home, Hiro and Cass were waiting for him.

"Baymax, we got your call is your patient okay?" Cass wondered.

"Yes, Nora delivered a healthy baby boy named Tony." Baymax explained.

"You delivered a baby?" Hiro asked.

"No, I helped deliver Nora to the hospital." Baymax verified.

The End