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So, I wrote and published this story years and years ago but after I lost my nan in 2018 my love for writing disappeared. I reread this story recently and remembered that I loved it. But I decided to rewrite it completely. Some things will be the same but I am changing a lot about it.

Hope you enjoy it.

Disclaimer, these characters - apart from a few OCs - belong to Stephanie Meyers.

Chapter 1

There Goes My Life

There goes my life

There goes my future, my everything

Might as well kiss it all goodbye

There goes my life

(There Goes My Life - Kenney Chesney)

I sat on my bed, tears rolling down my cheeks, hands shaking, holding the offending object my right hand while my left squeezed the small hand of my grandmother.

"I can't do this, grams," I whispered, my voice shaky and sore from the hours of crying.

Grams sighed. "Honey, you don't have a choice. What's done is done." I dropped my chin to my chest and grams let go of my hand, reaching up to stroke my hair. "It's gonna be hard, and no matter what I'll be here for you, we all will. But you still need to tell him."

"But"–I began to argue.

"Isabella Marie, he needs to know," grams cut me off, her voice firm but loving.

I knew she was right, but how do you call someone you haven't spoken to in over a month and tell them something like this?

I took a deep breath and lifted my head, staring into my grandmother's eyes, the color the same shade as mine, and my father's.

I'm sorry, dad, I thought, knowing I'd let him down. I may have been too young to really remember him and my mother, but I knew this wasn't the life they had envisioned for me.

Taking another shaky breath, I grabbed my phone from beside me and went onto my contacts, scrolling down until I got to 'E'. Hand shaking, I clicked on the name before I could talk myself out of it and put the phone to my ear.

Here goes nothing.

Hope you liked the first little taste of it.

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