Link didn't know where he was, as far as he could see was total darkness. It stretched out far and beyond. He could see himself though; there was a light above him emanating from somewhere.

And then, as if on cue, he could faintly hear noises. Very faint at first, seemingly coming from the far distances, but they were getting louder, and fast. Soon he could distinguish them, but they came to him like a flash flood, crashing into him. Link covered his ears in pain, wincing.

The noise was all around him now, so many noises. Through the din, he could hear what sounded to be like millions of people shouting and swords clashing. The pounding of horses hooves the tore into the ground like thunder, could be heard. Then he heard evil sinister laughter and at this point, opened his eyes. To his surprise the dark landscape was replaced by a grey sea of haunting mirages. Faces floated before him, scenes, pictures, but they were gone and replaced in a blink of an eye, so he could not distinguish what he was looking at. But he tried his damn hardest still, and eventually managed to get a few glimpses of people and scenes.

He held on to this memory as if his life depended on it. Before he even began to wonder about the meaning of it all, he heard a faint melody coming somewhere behind him. It was soft but clear. And its music was airy suggesting it was a wind instrument. He turned to look behind him and as he did so, the ghostly mirages faded away to a foggy scene of gray.

Link could still hear the music and he focused his attention in that direction. He squinted his eyes as if to pierce the fog, to find the source. The music like the mirages before seemed to get louder. Who ever or what ever was playing was slowly coming towards him.

"Who's there?" The boy called instinctively tensing every muscle. But only the soft and haunting melody came back to him. It was a little sad, and strangely familiar to him. Strangely, because he never recalled ever hearing it before in his life, but some how, he felt as if he should know it.

Or that he had known it at one time.

After this thought, he began to relax as it seemed that who ever it was, posed no threat. Certainly not one of Gannon's evil minions could produce such a beautiful music that could court his soul the way this song did.

Soon after a bit of anxiety and fear, a shadow appeared within the fog. From the outlines, Link could distinguish that it wasn't a monster, but a human. And it wasn't Gannon for this one wasn't bulky but a slight yet well- built young man. Considerably taller and well equipped Link surmised from the rough outlines.

But that was all he could see, the dark shape outlines. The fog made it hard to see and he dared not to step from his spot. The figure kept walking steadily, all the while playing. It was like the figure was speaking to Link through the notes in its music. Link listened and could feel the song in every part of his body. It was gentle and yet commanding, sad, yet sweet, playful, yet full of meaning. Before he knew it, Link had one hand swaying each way, a finger playing as the baton. It was as if he were conducting the winds. And the mysterious performer only too happily obliged its music flowing more spiritedly.

In this strange place, music surrounded the two, Link continued to conduct, never wanting the song to end, and the performer played to the young boy's content. But soon, the song drew to an end, and Link was faced with the shrouded performer who now stood in front of him. And while Link was sure he was a friend and not foe, the figure never dared to cross the small barrier of fog.

He looked up to this strange friend, a slight smile on his face. He couldn't see the features of the young man (at least Link figured he was a man) but Link felt that he was smiling in turn. And slowly, the stranger held out his hand to Link within the foggy barrier.

"What? What is it you want?" Link asked uncertainly. The figure only kept his hand outstretched, and it was then that Link realized that there was something in his hand, but he couldn't make it out. "Who are you?" The boy asked again. "Are you some one I know? What's your name?" But the figure remained silent, only offering his small gift.

Finally, after gathering a bit of his courage, Link timidly raised his own hand and reached forward, his eyes never leaving the dark figure.

Link blinked in that second and found himself hurtling back through the darkness, flying at neck breaking speed on wings that he couldn't see, guided somewhere he didn't know.

He could feel himself being drawn back to reality after only a few seconds of flying, wildly looking around in the dark landscape, he blinked again and caught a glimpse of the shrouded fog field, and of his mysterious visitor bathed in the gray and white, standing alone.


Link's eyes snapped open.

"Link! WAKE UP!" King of the Red Lions ordered. The small boy wheezed trying to catch his breath. It was one intense experience. He sat up finding that he was in a boat. Link weakly smiled at his concerned boat.

"S, sorry about that, "Link apologized. He noted the concerned look upon the wooden lion's face and asked, "Did I scream or anything?"

The Red Lion shook his head, rocking the boat a little. "No, but you were thrashing around a bit murmuring things in your sleep, that must have been one heck of a dream!"

Link leaned upon the side of the boat allowing his hands to trail into the ocean waters; the cool salty breeze gently tousled his blond hair.

"Yeah, it was." The boy said. "It felt strange, like it wasn't a dream. And there was somebody there."

"Somebody?" His companion asked a little interested.

"I don't know who." Link said eyes never averting from the sea. "He was surrounded by fog. But he played this song, it was so bizarre." After awhile, the boy sighed and faced his mystical companion, a light smile on his face. "Oh well, it was probably nothing, it was just a dream. But I just can't get this song out of my head."

Hero Genkaku: Ah, hoped you liked this fic so far, sorry to end it right there, it seems most inappropriate doesn't it? But I'm going to keep building it and if you don't understand what's going on now, you will soon. ^^