"I'm always yearning after that strong, shining glance,

Even if tears soak my cheeks, that's surely not weakness,

Don't sometimes count what you can't do, you should just walk,

There's no night that will continue forever, even if it's in the rain,

Though it's little by little, the scent of elapsing wind goes changing,

Yes, the path is continuing, because I'll never let go of such a sorrow as 'good-bye'

Even if the sunset brings darkness and comes, I'm not disheartened

We don't' have to think anything like 'I'll fight alone,'

In this world that continues to anywhere, I'm always near you."

Hack/Sign "Dawn" *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

Link wasn't sure how long he had been out, but when he opened his dark almond eyes, he found himself upon his back staring at a dark shady sky. Slowly, the boy sat up looking about him curiously. He was surrounded completely by fog, all scenes of the withering temple of time, the shores of the cold beach, and any signs of the fight between Kamo and the Stalfoes were no where to be found.

Slightly alarmed, Link began to wonder if this was all another dream. But it couldn't be as he felt the grainy particles of sand between his fingers and (annoyingly) in his tunic and boots. But then again, he had known his past dreams to be very realistic.

"Where am I? What's going on here?" The boy asked aloud, feeling the cold chill of the fog settle upon him.

"Take it easy Link; you're still on Isle of Ages." A male voice suddenly said from behind. Link couldn't help but give a jump, and spun around to come face to face with an older version of him.

Or at least that's what he thought. The youth that stood before him had Kamo's face, but he wore the same green tunic that Link did. There were a few differences such as the white cloth that covered the man's arms and legs, and the tough brown gauntlet and gloves. There was a large brown belt slung across his body, why he even had an identical matching hat to Links!

"Y, you're." Link tried to say but he was still too busy gawking at this new figure. The young man seemed rather amused and he gave a lopsided smile.

"Dream Walker? Yes, that's what you called me and I found it a much better title than Kamo." The man said lightly. After this, Link recomposed himself realizing that he must be acting really stupid right now. Once more he tried again.

"Thanks, I liked the name myself. But," Link's voice trailed off as he realized he didn't know what he was going to ask the man. Fortunately for the young hero, the man seemed to understand and he bent to one knee so that he was at Link's eye level.

"Don't trouble yourself Link, I can imagine you have many questions, and quite frankly I don't blame you. But first thing is first," The man bowed his head, a fist clenched over his heart. "I thank you deeply Link of Outset Island, because of you, I have been set free from Gannondorf's evil clutches."

As he spoke these words, faint disjointed memories flashed through Link's mind and he remembered everything. An unreadable expression crossed his young features.

"B, but wait, didn't you.I mean, when the Master Sword came down.And then she said your name was.." Link began to babble and he wanted to mentally kick himself for being so weird! But the man raised his head eyes glinted as if laughing a soft pensive smile upon his lips. And not to sound strange or anything, but Link found that the young man's smile was wonderful. It was so kind and gentle almost fatherly.

"Link, just as you have found out, my name is Link as well." The older Link revealed, and some how, younger Link wasn't as surprised as he'd first thought he'd be.

"I wonder if that means I was named after you.But I also wonder if you were."

"The Hero of Time?" The young man finished. "Yes, I was called that at one point in my life."

Now the first revelation young Link could handle, but THIS..

"So, that would explain how you knew all the stuff you did about the old Hylian language and about the old Kingdom of Hyrule." Link said.

At the mere mention of the lost kingdom, young Link saw the former flinch ever so slightly the smile dying out faster than a candle in a lake.

Of course, it didn't hit Link till a second later to realize that speaking of his beloved kingdom would pain the former hero.

"Link, Hero of Time, how did you come to be under Gannondorf's control? Is that why you didn't come to save the kingdom before when it needed you?"

The former Hero seemed to stem the pain with in and it was clearly visible on his face. Even if he was dead, the malice he held for the dark lord hand not waned a bit. Even centuries later. The Hero breathed in deeply before opening his eyes slowly.

"Young one you must realize that even the greatest heroes must abide to the law of time and my time on this world eventually did come to an end. When Gannondorf finally broke free from his prison those many, many years ago, I had already passed on."

The older man stopped a bit perplexed. And Link couldn't blame him; it must be strange to talk about yourself that way. After a second of awkward silence Link continued. "My final resting place resided deep within the Sacred Forest and the Kokiri children became my eternal guardians, but when Gannondorf broke free, he ravaged the sacred woods along with the Hyrule Kingdom. And it was then that he came upon my resting place."

Now a dark look crossed over older Link's fine features and the young hero already knew where this sad tale was headed, but he ended up finishing the sentence that the former hero could not.

"He desecrated your remains didn't he? And he resurrected you." Link himself began to feel a rise in his heart, and he loathed the evil lord even more so. "And that's how you became a mockery to the world."

"I don't know how he did it, but he was able to summon my spirit back to this plane because it made his revenge against me the more sweeter and there was no other spirit that could assimilate perfectly with the body. Once he had my spirit, he looked into my memories, and life, trying to find where the Triforce of Courage and Master Sword lay hidden since at that time the Sacred Temple had already been completely destroyed while he searched for it."

The young hero began to understand and the pieces fell into place.

"And he couldn't find either of them because they were hidden AFTER you had passed away." The Hero nodded.

"Gannondorf was furious but there was really nothing he could do for his powers were still sealed by the Master Sword. Because of this, he could not fully control my spirit, and when I was put into the body he reconstructed from my remains, he had next to no control over me."

"That's why he kept you in the chamber. But I don't understand if you were so defiant, why did he put up with you?" Link asked. "Why didn't he, ummm, you know, destroy you?"

The former hero shook his head slightly and said; "He casted an intricate spell upon me that was to slowly but surely take over my spirit but it would take years for it to be completed. For you see, he decided that once the spell was completed, he would send me out in search of the Master Sword so that I would break it's seal upon his powers." The Hero explained. "He also hoped that with my looks, I would lure the descendant of Princess Zelda out and seize the triforce of wisdom from her. And some how, track down the triforce of courage, since I had once been it's owner."

Link's mind filtered everything that the Hero had told him thus far, it was such an elaborate and devious plan that only Gannondorf himself could hatch. So Gannondorf used the Hero of Time like a tool to achieve his own means..All these years..

But the Hero wasn't done yet as he said; "I fought as long as I could every waking second, but I knew that I wouldn't last. So I waited for a suitable soul, a new hero of the realm to come forward. I knew one was destined to come forward because I foresaw it in my dreams." At this the older Link smirked. "Gannon may have chained my body down, but my mind was in some senses free. And he never did realize that I possessed the power of dreams. It was a substantial gift I had when I was about your age. Though fortunately Gannon never found out about it."

Link thought this over for a bit and then replied; "So if you had known all along, why hadn't didn't the dreams come sooner?"

"Because I needed a homing beacon, an anchor if you will something with sentimental value that I had once held."

"Like the Master Sword?" Link asked.

"Or something of a collective sentience of an essence of that which it represents." The Hero said and upon seeing the terribly bewildered face of his younger peer he elaborated raising his right hand to his eye level. "I can only guess that you have only a piece of that or I would have been able to make a stronger connection..."

It was then that the boy finally understood what the Hero was getting at, and he pulled out the shard from his pocket almost forgetting that it was there.

Yes, now that he recalled, everything DID begin to happen when he came into contact with the first Triforce shard.

Link's large eyes flickered upon the golden piece in his hand to the hero before him.

"So, all those images that I saw, those were~"

"My memories. When I first was able to make a connection to you, I used your mind as a safe keeping for all my memories. Whenever Gannondorf robbed me of my memories, I had that 'anchor' in you that kept drawing my dreams back to you, thus I could always regain what I had lost."

Okay, now that was just plain weird, and Link had to really try hard not to let his discomfiture show. So that pretty much explained everything, and the boy turned it over in his mind. It was just so amazing, Link didn't know if he could share this with anyone let alone believe him! Well there was the King of Red Lions, but anyone else.

"Excuse me umm, Hero of Time sir." Link began uncertainly. The other inclined his head slightly.

"Please call me Link."

"Link, was this really the only way to save you? Did you have to die? I thought that, I mean, I promised you that I would save you, and I didn't. " The boy said and the young man could only smile that warm smile though albeit sadly.

"Don't you see Link? You did save me, and in doing so you inadvertently saved your world from a terror that no one saw coming... Had you let me live, I would of remained a threat to you and your cause. Besides, there only can ever be ONE Link destined to save this realm.It is in our blood, it is our fate." At this, the old hero's expression grew sad and his eyes reflective. "Though it was my wish that Gannon be sealed away forever, for I never wanted anyone else to experience what I had to. But now I realize that can never be this is destiny."

As the former hero said these words, Link knew that the time had come to part ways, and he thought he felt a shift in power, though he couldn't explain this as it was something he only FELT. But there were still so many questions he wanted to ask him, especially;

"Link, can I ask you something?"

"Ask of me what ever you wish."

"Are we, you know, with the names and all, are you my.relative or something?"

At this the other chuckled as if it were the funniest thing he'd ever heard. And it was then that he motioned the younger to come closer. Link did and the hero leaned over to whisper softly so that only he could ever here.

"Dekxadw Sui Jkef Kxo Vcen Ev Kamo Eh Kxo Fujjadw Ev Wodohukaedj, Rik Kxo Vuko Suhhaot Nakx Ad Mo Rceet Cado Odtihoj Kxo Huluwojev Ucc Kxo Oouhj, Ak Jihlaloj. "

When he pulled away, Link had just gotten over his initial shock to replace it with frustration.

"Wh, what?! Hey! That's not fair Link! You can't speak in that language! I don't understand it!" The boy fumed.

The other only laughed. "Oh well maybe next time eh?" He suddenly closed his eyes, and Link felt a chilling breeze flow by caressing his small face to billow around the former hero who stood then.

"Link.Hero of Time." Link said softly. "It's almost time isn't it? I wish you didn't have to go, that there was a way you could stay."

"Young one, do not mourn for my passing. Shadows of the dead don't protect your loved ones, YOU do." He replied gently. Link understood fully what he meant, but couldn't help but feel the sadness. The former hero opened his eyes again and glanced down at him. "Say, could you do me a favor?" And when the younger nodded he asked; "Could you do something about all this fog? I really want to see your world, with my own eyes."

It was a request easily fulfilled as Link raised his Wind Waker. The other watched with something of interest and the boy was only too happy to perform before him. He conducted the Ballad of the Winds and as summoned, strong currents of air came, swirling about the two to expand till it covered the whole area. Little by little the fog began to lift till the rays of the sun broke through to shine warmly upon the cold sands. A sound of the ocean was heard, and even the squawking of seagulls floated down to them. The Temple of Time stood still suddenly exposed and the Master Sword glinted gently in the light a few feet behind them.

But the younger Link wasn't watching this, as his attention was to his predecessor.

The Hero of Time stared at this vast body of sparkling blue ocean spread out endlessly before him. His eyes became clouded and seemed as if they were going to spill tears, but he closed them quickly and raised his face to the sun soaking in it's blessed rays.

"Was this the only future that I could leave you? Were the endless plains and mountain ranges fated to be nothing more but a mere memory forgotten? And the Kingdome I fought hard for and spilled blood for destined to be lost?" He asked as if to himself. Link said nothing as he knew the old hero was lamenting for the days long gone.

"Link! Don't be sad!" A small voice suddenly said causing the two to look about them. There was a soft sound of bells heard and from the corner of his eyes Link spotted a small object that glowed brightly and moving fast circling them.

"A fairy?" Link asked, but the hero cried out happily;

"Navi!" The hero raised his hands to the air as if to embrace it.

"She's not the only one here! How dare you forget us!" Another voice came, and the younger boy watched as two more fairies appeared and circled around the hero. One was a dark color and the other a pink.

"Tattle and Tale!" The Hero said as they rested in his outstretched hand.

"Navi? Tattle? Tale?" Link asked confused.

"Better known to you as the stalfose!" Navi said. "I'm so happy you set our Link free! I knew you could do it!"

Link narrowed his eyes at the small fairy and then suddenly realized something. "HEY! You're the fairy I saw in my dream!" The fairy flew from Link's hand and bobbed up and down.

"Me and Link were partners in the old days." Navi said. "When he waited for your coming, we heard his voice calling us in our dreams because we had such a strong bond with him. But in his current state we could not be near him unless we changed our appearances."

The hero nodded smiling affectionately, "That's right, Navi, Tattle and Tale were my eyes and ears to what was happening on the outside would. They were the ones watching you Link. And it was They who kept reminding me of my past.Like you, I owe them much."

The Black and Pink fairy bobbed suddenly different tones of bells could be heard.

"Link, it took awhile, but can we return home now? We could of left years earlier but we didn't want to leave your side. And SHE would never forgive us if we ever did." Tattle stressed the word 'she' but the younger Link didn't have to ask to know who they were referring to.

"You don't have to be sad Link, it wasn't your fault that the world is this way, it's all that darn Gannondorf's fault! But don't worry! I'm sure the new age hero will give him hell for you!" Tale said and circled around the younger boy excitedly. "This future is safe in his hands! He's going to build a new future and he's going to protect it, so don't be sad!"

The Hero couldn't help but laugh and when he looked to Link all traces of the sadness was gone. "Well you heard them Link, give Gannon hell for us won't you?"

Navi flew around her beloved partner then. "Link, it's time to leave, but your spirit still has a few emotional ties here that you need to put to rest."

The hero nodded and reached into his pocket to produce a small blue instrument.

"What is that?" The young boy asked eyeing it curiously.

"It's called the Ocarina of Time Link, it was one of Hyrule's sacred treasures holding special properties if played ultimately commanding the flow of time. After this, I want you to return it to it's keepers, the Heir to the Royal family of Hyrule."

"Okay, I promise." Link agreed uncertainly.

"As a last request, would you mind if you conducted for me?" The Hero asked, and smiled as Link raised his baton only too happy to oblige. "Thank you." He said softly as he began to play. The baton moved slowly and on beat guiding the song.

It was a sad song, but in a way it was peaceful to Link's Soul and he did not doubt that it did the same for the spirit of the legendary hero. When the song was over Link saw the Hero's spirit fading, but his face could be clearly seen, content and when he looked back at him, it was full of promise and trust. The three small fairies one by one blinked out of sight the sounds of bells echoing softly like wind chimes.

"Link, please protect the princess." He said gently. Young Link walked forward as his apparition became transparent.

"Of course, but I won't do it because you tell me to!" Link replied sternly. This brought that beautiful smile back to the Hero's Lips.

"I know." And just before he completely faded from view his voice could be heard; "Thank you Link for everything, and please tell the King that I'll continue to play for him, even on the other side."

And then he was gone, his last words carried away with the mysterious winds to that place far away out of reach.

In his place Link found the Ocarina glinting as if haunted. Gingerly he picked it up and casting his gaze out to that far horizon, he embraced the Hero's last words in his heart.

~*~*~* Epilogue*~*~*~

That strange episode had been months ago, since then, Link has contended to finding the other pieces of the Triforce of Courage, up till now, he's found all except one.

Link fingered the precious artifact, as he kept it in his pocket where ever he went. It was like a lucky charm for him and he could always remember the courage and strength of the Hero of Time. He wanted to be just like him, and better. In his spare time he toiled over what the hero had said to him in that strange Hylian language. But even that eventually was solved with much help from the King of Red Lions, who had even begun to teach him the old language.

"Link!!!" The King of Red Lions called out bringing the boy from his thoughts. "Link up ahead!"

As the boy looked forward he spied a pillar of light towering up from the ocean's dark depths.

"That's gotta be it!" Link said excitedly, and he began to steer the boat in that direction.

All too soon the grappling claw was lowered into the spot where the light had been and an iron coral encrusted chest broke to the surface. Link could not keep his excitement in as he opened the old chest. Bright golden light exploded fourth and the boy automatically shielded his eyes briefly before leaning over to retrieve the last piece of the sought after Triforce.

Under the King of Red Lion's watchful gaze the boy pulled out his Triforce and like a puzzle fitted the missing piece into it's spot. Almost instantly all cracks disappeared as the Triforce reunited itself solidly. Power surged forth and Link could feel it flowing into his body, the overload was powerful and the next thing Link knew he had thrown his head back to stare into the dark night sky as the power over took him. Darkness pervaded his senses then and he struggled physically to open his eyes.

What was going on? Was it happening again?!? Link wondered bewildered.

It was then that Link's eyes suddenly shot open only to meet a wooden ceiling. Confused the boy sat up suddenly wondering why he was lying down.

"W, wait this place." he said softly taking in his surroundings. Immediately he knew he was dreaming for he recognized the room as that in his dreams long ago, but this time it wasn't black and white, it was colored with healthy lively colors.

A small noise came from the door way and as Link looked on he saw a small boy with a strangely familiar face walk in. He wore Link's green tunic and long hat but had a belt slung across his chest.

But it was his face..The hairstyle and eyes..

"Link?" Link asked bewildered. The boy smirked and the young hero recognized the smile.

It was so amazing! This must be what the hero looked like when he was Link's age! Link marveled at how much MORE they looked similar. And that reminded him of something.

He hopped off the small wooden bed and approached the young Hylian.

"Hey, I figured out your stupid answer." Link said proudly. The other Link inclined his head slightly.

"Oh so? I didn't think you would it's totally pointless!" He replied

"What?! No it's not! It's important to me!" Link said defiantly. To which the other regarded him with curious eyes.

"Is it? Does it make you any better of a hero if you were related to me? Does it change anything?"

"Of course it does! I don't want to stand in your shadow! In fact, I want people to know that anybody can be a great hero! They don't have to WAIT for one. It all starts here." At this, Link pointed to his heart. "They don't have to depend on one person to come and save them or their future."

An uncertain look crossed the former hero's child like features. "Yes, that may be true but unfortunately out of all those possible heroes, YOU have been chosen to be this realm's savior, and you alone hold the light of the world's future in your hands. And it won't end with you, for as long as there are people like Gannon, the realm will continue to chose it's warriors."

This seemed to unsettle Link, but the boy shook it off as a determined smile crossed his features. "Well.No worry there then, This is what legends are made of! But I want my legend to be different than yours! It will inspire the next generation to stand and become guardians of our world just in case that 'new Gannon' comes along!"

This must of taken the other by surprised for his eyes were wide and unreadable. Suddenly he broke out laughing locked the other boy in a head lock.

"You're definitely one of a kind! You know, I wouldn't mind if the next hero would be called Link! Maybe we just started some kind of tradition?"

The young hero struggled under the formers lock. "Nah, that's never gonna happen! That would be too much of a coincidence. There's just one Link, and that's me!"

"My name's Link too!" The former hero pouted. The two would of gone on wrestling if a girl's voice hadn't called from out side.

"Link! Oi! Link!" The former hero stopped suddenly his features lighting up.

"Ah! That's Saria! Come on Link! I want you to meet them! Navi, Tattle and Tale are there too!" After he said this his expression became somewhat sly. "And you've gotta see princess Zelda, she's totally cute!"

A blush crept up Link's face but he shook his head then. "No way! Not cuter than MY princess Zelda!" He argued playfully as the other released him. But as the former Hero reached the door, Link asked some what more seriously.

"Hey Link," The former hero turned to find the other standing a few feet back eyes casted to the ground, fists clenched.

"Yeah Link?"

With out looking the boy spoke, "I'll make Gannon pay for what he did to you. If anything I want him to see your face staring back at him when I bring him down.That's why I just wanted to know, if I was related to you or not."

The other boy walked back to stand before him, they were even about the same size! Finally after staring the other in the eyes the former Hero raised a hand to rest upon the others shoulder gently.

"Weather we are related or not, I know Gannondorf will see me through your eyes. Because we share the same spirit."

"So does that mean.?" Link trailed off, as the other turned away.

Right as he reached the door, the former hero turned slightly. "What do you think?" He asked in return and with a laugh he disappeared outside.

Once again, he had avoided answering Link's question, but when the boy really thought about it, it really wasn't that important was it? The hero had already served as a great inspiration to his life, and now he had entrusted the future of his world in Link's hands. Link was determined not to fail.

But he wondered, if he was going to be the realm's new hero as the other Link had said, then what title could he bare? He hoped it wouldn't be the Hero of Time, for there could only ever be just one. As the boy ran out into the sunlight he wondered these things;

Would his legend be as great as the Hero of Time's? And would he really be the last?

*Nothing can Stop the flow of time

Or the Passing of Generations,

But the fate carried with in my bloodline

Endures the ravages of all the years, it survives.*

~ End ~

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