Advisory Tactics

by WSJ

WSJ:....This was inspired by my sister. I don't know why. *sweatdrop*

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It was the same old, same old at Doctor Ono Tofu's clinic. That is to say, Ranma had come in for hot water twice already, Nabiki had come through, dragging a wounded Kuno behind her, and Kasumi had stopped by on her way to the market. Of course, after Kasumi's visit, Tofu's memory was a warm, fuzzy blank.

He was startled out of Kasumi Land by someone waving a hand back and forth in front of his face. "Hello? Anyone home in there?" Tofu blinked, and looked down at a short figure with a head of pink hair, who couldn't be any older then twelve. "May I help you little girl?" he asked politely.

The girl looked like she couldn't deside whether to be annoyed or pleased. "I am, actually, older then I look. I came to pick up the potion I called about earlier."

Tofu frowned. "I'm sorry, I do do small dealings in potions, but I haven't had any calls for them this week. Maybe you mean to go to the Nekohaten? I think Cologne-san does a lot of potions. It's two streets over, you can't miss it."

"That must be it. Thanks," the little red-head said, heading for the door.

Doctor Tofu made a face, somewhere between terror and amusement, and asked quickly "It's not a love potion, is it?" He'd just had a disturbing vision of yet another suitor chasing after Ranma, and the picture wasn't pretty.

The girl stiffened and turned back to face him, her face unreadable. "Actually, it's a mind-control potion my *ahem* daughter made me run out and get. It's one of the few I can't make myself. Why would I want a love potion?"

"There seem to be a lot of love triangles in Nerima," Tofu said, sweatdropping slightly. "Hexagons, even."

The girl looked as if she suddenly understood something difficult. "So that's what the Galactic Atlas meant by 'beware affairs of the heart' in the Nerima entry!" She looked sharply at Tofu. "What about you? What's her name?"

Tofu felt himself blush as unbidden Kasumi's face rose up in his mind's eye. "K-kasumi."

She studied him for a long time, her hand on the doorknob. "Look, I like you kid. You seem sensible. You look like you have the potential to be a great doctor someday, maybe even the best. Don't go ruining it with love." She looked away from him, something like regret clouding her face. "I learned that the hard way..." She shook her head and opened the door to leave. "Science is better then love could ever be."

And strange enough, she spoke like she didn't believe her own words.

Long after she'd gone, Doctor Ono Tofu sat in silence and thought about the truth in Little Washu's words.