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Life is hell, many people discover this in their teen years. Not me, I discovered this when I was 5. From all the pain I've endured over the past 10 years it would be painful for you just to hear about it. It's hard to trust, and painful to love, not that I would ever love mind you. You're probably wondering who I am. Hello, my name is Higurashi Kagome, nice to meet you.

~~ Kagome's POV~~

'Another day of hell' I think as I walked home. Another jerk ruining my day. Who is this jerk you ask? Well let me tell you. He has long black hair, violet eyes, and makes me sick. His name is Hanyou Inu Yasha. Gods, that name makes me wanna gag.

As if my life couldn't get even more difficult. First off theres the tiny detail of, my father beats me. Why does he do this? Well, my mother and and unborn brother were killed when our house burnt down. I was five. My father toke up drinking and started beating me.

I have one friend, Sango. I can't help but smile when I think of her, and I rarely smile, she's the only one who's ever seen me smile acually. She's been my only friend, and I hers. We've known eachother ever since we could walk. She's the only person I trust, the only person I let in my head. She's more then a friend, hell she's more then a sister could be. It's as if she's apart of me, like she is me.

Well, since you want to know more about Inu Yasha I quess I'll tell you. He is the biggest ass on the face of the planet. I swear his life is to insult me. It's always something about my money, my housing, my clothes, my lack of friends. Give it a rest freak. I can't stand to hear his name, much less his face.

Can you believe someone acually said that us two would make a cute couple. Me. Him. No way in hell. I swear I'm scared for life. I should of ripped that persons throat out for just thinking that. The nerve.

He's rich, I'm not. He's popular, I'm so not. I'm independent, he depends on his daddy's money. I have goals, his are to get laid. Not tht he easily couldn't since most of the girls at that damned school fall over him. Disgraceful.

I walk up the old stairs to my apartment where my dad is probably passed out on the couch. Same old same old. I open the door that's unlocked like usual, he doesn't even have enough sence to lock the door. Oh look, there's my dad passed out on the counch, now how did I know that. That's a toughy. I walk into my room and lock the door behind me. I'm not as stupid as him. I fall on my mattresse which has no frame, just a lonely mattresse on the floor. I put on my headphones and turn on my discman. Atleast I have my music, and what's left of my sanity.


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