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~ I never really believed in fairy tales. I remember when I was just a small child and my mother would read them to me. How I would dream that one-day my prince would come and rescue me. But, come on, this is no fairy tale. Six months.




I have gone through six months of these things, plus one.


It has been six months since my 'father's' funeral, and I actually feel free. No one can hold me back now, no one can insult me, and no one can make me cry. No one. Ever.

I pinch the petal of a daisy's in-between my thumb and pointer finger before letting it go and examining the floral in my hands. An assortment of flower that I wouldn't mind taking home with me and putting in a vase but that's not what they're for. A small smile graces my lips as I stare transfixed at the beautiful colors and I bring the bouquet to my face and smell the soft, relaxing scent of them. I sigh deeply before taking them away from my face, to my hip. I look at the violet-eyed boy besides me.

Inu Yasha.

He looks back at me and gives me one of his lopsided grins. "You ready to do this Kag?"

"Now or never." I say to him. I reach for his hand and he squeezes mine gently. We walk through the gates with the sign overhead reading 'Tokyo Cemetery.' I look at the tombstones in the corner of my eye, silently praying for those who have passed away and their family and friends. Inu Yasha soon pulls me from the trail onto the grass where the graves are. We walk pass many of them, taking precaution not to step on them (it's disrespectful) until we stop at one with a name I recognize.

Higurashi Toshio

I kneel down besides it while Inu Yasha stands behind me. I place the flowers upon his grave and give a quick prayer. Just because he was always cruel to me doesn't mean that I should turn into him. Placing my hands into my lap, I open my eyes and look up at the grave as the last few months' memories flood my mind.

I remember the breakdown I had after we found his body, I faced a few more after that one. The nightmares I had, waking up screaming in the middle of the night.

I remember the memorial service held for him. I had started laughing and I couldn't stop. Everyone looked at me as if I was insane and I actually think I was at the time. One of my father's co-workers was up on the stage saying what a great man he was. I just ignored it, they didn't know him the way I did. When he said what a dedicated father he was I just busted out laughing and no matter how hard I tried to stop I would just end up laughing even more. Everyone glared at me but I didn't care, it was so hilarious, my old man must have been a great actor if he had all of those people fooled. What poor, helpless souls, being dragged around like that for Gods' know how long. I ended up having Inu Yasha, Sango, and Miroku take me out of the church while I still laughed like I was some crack head.

That night I sat on my new bed which was in Sango's guestroom, my new room, and stared at nothing, clutching a pillow protectively, like it was my lifeline. A giggle had escaped my lips and before I knew it I was laughing like I was crazy again. A while later I wasn't laughing, but crying hysterically into the same pillow I had been holding and laughing with moment ago. I cried myself to sleep that night.

When I went to school the next morning I wished that I had just stayed home. Everyone thinks that if someone dies that it is their responsibility to make their friends and family feel better. All day long people would come up and give me their sympathy. I know that they meant well but I couldn't stand it. I would paste on a fake smile and give my thanks. I know that some people do like the attention but I would rather everyone leave me alone but I just couldn't snub them when they were trying to be nice. I don't think I had ever been happier when I finally got home and was left alone, with Sango with me of course.

When they held the funeral, it was raining down hard and I thought about not going but decided it was the right thing to do so I bared my teeth and went. It wasn't the rain, I love the rain and especially love being outside when it rains. It was just the thought of seeing him lowered into the cold ground. I have been to funerals before and I had accepted their fate and dealt with watching them being lowered away but this time was different. I guess I was in some sort of denial over everything. I thought that it was just some sick joke, that my father would jump out of the casket, alive and well, and start to beat me, in front of everyone and no one would do anything about it. They would just stand there and stare at me blankly, as if none of them had any mind of their own, like they were just robots or something.

Watching the casket hit the bottom of the hole and dirt being thrown over it gave me relief and I let go of the breath that I didn't even notice I had been holding until then. That was the moment I realized that he couldn't hurt me anymore, that I had been freed. I had been holding my breath all my life, until that moment.


I snapped out of my dreamlike state to feel Inu Yasha's hands grasping my shoulders sternly yet gently.

"You ready to go?"

I stood up and turned to look at him. "I like it better when you're in Hanyou form." I say, tugging at his human ears. "The doggy ears are much cuter."

"When did I start going for the cute look?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Since I said so."

"Oh then I must do it."

"I've trained you well."

"Feh." He wraps his arm around my waist and guides me out of the cemetery. I do the same and wrap my arm around his waist and lay my head on his shoulder.

"If there is anyone who has anyone trained it's me." Inu Yasha smirked.

I look at him with a where-in-hells-did-you-get-that-from look. "How do you figure."

"Just admit it, I got you around my little finger."

"How bout I bite your little finger off?"

"You can try. You know I'm write, I can get you to do whatever I want you to do." He said smugly.

"Oh yeah."


In one-tenth of a second Inu Yasha is on the sidewalk, with 3 huge bumps on his head while I'm dusting my hands off.

Never, let me repeat, NEVER, has a male won a fight with a female, this is proof of that.

"What was that for wench?" Inu Yasha growled and jumped up, glaring daggers at me.

"What was what for?" I ask innocently.

"You know for."

"I have no idea what you're talking about."

He mumbles something under his breath which I can't hear and starts walking. Oh, how very mature.

"Jerk." I yell after him and stick my tongue out.

"Wench." He yells back, not stopping.




This stops him and he turns around and looks at me. "So you finally admit it huh." He says and starts walking over to me.

"I never denied it." I say matter of factly and cross my arms. He chuckles and wraps his arm around my waist.

"Yeah, but you're my bitch." He whispers in my ear. I scrunch my nose at it.

"Don't say it that way, you make me sound like you're my pimp and I'm your ho."

"Oh but you are."

I looked away from him. "Jerk."

He pulled me closer. "What you gonna do bout it?" He quickly grabbed my chin and kissed me before I could defend myself.

"Jerk." I muttered again when he pulled away. He chuckled and led me down the street.

I looked at the trees that surround the streets and smiled. A Sakura blossom fell in front of me and I caught it easily and examined it. Sakura blossoms are the signs of a new beginning. I guess in a way, this is a new beginning, hopefully it'll turn out happily ever after like in the fairy tales Momma use to read to me when I was young. Maybe my life is a fairy tale, horrible in the beginning but in the end, everything is fine.

I leaned my head on Inu Yasha's shoulder as we walked on and the Sakura blossom fell from my hand, landing on the sidewalk, joining the other fallen blossoms.


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