Title: 42
Author: Willow
What's the answer?
Spoilers/Episode: Nothing specific
Characters: Josh, Jed and Leo
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Josh, Jed & Leo belong to Aaron Sorkin, 42 belongs to Deep Thought.

"Would Rogerson come over if Adams and Mercer agree to a compromise?" Jed asked.

Josh shook his head, "Rogerson will do what Hewitt says, he always does. I really don't know how he keeps getting elected, you'd think the voters would have noticed by now," he sighed.

"They probably don't care," Leo told him.

Josh stifled a yawn. They'd been sat in the Oval Office for three hours, it was 2.45 in the morning and they were no nearer solving the problem now than they were when they started.

"So what's the answer?" Jed asked.

"42," Josh replied without thinking.

Leo looked at him, "What?" he asked.

"Sorry," Josh smiled, "it's late."

"42?" Leo asked.

"42's the answer to everything, Leo." Jed stretched and rolled his shirt sleeves down.

"Life, the universe and, well, everything," Josh smiled.

"What the hell are you two talking about?" Leo asked.

"Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy," Jed replied. "You have no idea what it is, do you?" he laughed.

"I've heard of it."

Jed smiled at his friend. "You've never read Peanuts, you've never read or seen Hitchhiker's. You need to get out of the office more, Leo." He looked at his watch. "We should get some sleep and come back to this tomorrow," he told them.

"Good idea," Josh agreed, closing his eyes and leaning his head back on the chair.

Jed looked at Josh and shook his head, with a faint smile. "At home, Josh. You should get some sleep at home."

"I can't just sleep here then?" Josh smiled, as he stood and collected his files, "Goodnight, Mr President."

"Goodnight, Mr President," Leo echoed.

Josh and Leo walked into Leo's office, Leo sat behind his desk and started looking through some papers, but Josh remained standing, knowing that if he sat on Leo's couch he'd fall asleep.

"You've never read Peanuts?" Josh asked.

"I've seen it, I've just never.... I'm not getting into this again," Leo smiled. "Go home."

Josh looked at his watch. "Hardly seems worth the effort," he said. "You know, it's times like these, I miss the days when you forced me to go home at 9."

"Was suppose to be 6," Leo pointed out.

"Oh yeh."

"Go home," Leo repeated.

"Night Leo," Josh replied. He left Leo's office and headed to CJ's, to spend what was left of the night on her couch.