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"Tvs, Radios, and Text via book or newspaper... when those are around..."


And then brightness.

I sit up with a gasp, rapidly looking around my surroundings. 'wh-what where the hell am I?!'

Light peers through two small windows, causing the dust particles floating in the air to light up, an eerie creak echoes from the floorboards as I sit up.

I lay on a tatami mat, the room I am in is incredibly small and just... empty... if I had to guess I'd say it's about seven feet wide, six feet long, and six feet tall.

My hands shake slightly.

'wh- what the hell?!'

There is a sole door in the room, one that I am laid before and two small windows on either side of it, the blinds closed.

I have been kidnapped.

Holy shit I have been fucking-

*Do-dodododo do do do do-*


Is that the fucking Ocarina of time shop theme?

With a flash, a screen appears in front of me.

Congratulations! You have been randomly selected for reincarnation! No need to thank us!

You now have the illustrious job as a shopkeeper! Buying, selling, even bartering and trading! What fun!

What do you keep in stock and what do you sell? That's up to you!

We, as an interdimensional conglomerate agency corporation bureau monopoly, understand that this may be quite difficult to adjust to for you. Thus. We have given you some perks as the shopkeeper.

Firstly! Combat is prohibited inside the shop (unless you designate a spot where it isn't such as by purchasing a 'Coliseum ' in the shop.) Guns will not shoot, magic will fizzle out, and melee attackers will feel as if they are striking an immovable indestructible object. (While the target feels nothing).

Next, you are able to speak all languages for ease of shopkeeper-ing. This is a result of something else that your body has.

Third. You are granted an almighty appraise skill! You'd be a poor shop keep if you couldn't tell the value of items you are buying.

Fourth, the ability to convert money from one kind to another.

Fifth, the ability to convert money into shop upgrades and basic products that your shop has sold before. (And the ability to manipulate your shop as you see fit, moving shelves without touching them, moving entire rooms to the other side of the shop, etc~

Sixth, the capability and body to learn any skill or ability from *{ERROR} Ability censored for dramatic revelation. {Error}* through ample time and effort. Please note: while this gives you the capability of learning things, it does not give you talent, meaning that you will be painfully average at everything you manage to learn this way unless you put some true effort in.

Congratulations, yet again! Please have some starting money on us.

I watch as bills begin to flow out of a coin reader-like slot in the bottom of the screen, fluttering into my lap as I remain static at the sheer magnitude of my situation.

A spray of coils shoots from it, pelting my face like a shotgun blast.


I writhe on the floor briefly before taking a long breath and exhale.

The music stops with a record scratch.

As I crack open my tear-filled eyes, I can see the screen snap shut.

I rub my face and slowly sit up, grabbing some of the money I was given.

I frown down at the coins as a realization strikes me.

"Wait. Why is this Yen?"

I grab an item and place it in a basket. 'let's see here. Cup noodles...'

I grab a couple of more. 'let's get a few of these. Oh, they've even got a bento box? I'll grab a couple of these. If I don't sell them, I could always eat them. Then lets see here... I'll need some chip, surely, then some basic bottled water.'

I look at the basket in my arms.

It is surprisingly full for what it appears to be worth.

Differient from America. I guess that's a result of higher income tax.

Something that I get away with by living in another dimension entirely.

Apparently by looking out the windows you can see a floating island with not much on it.

That was spooky for a good ten minutes until I realized that when I opened my door to gaze into the endless abyss, I found myself looking at some alleyway.

No income tax on an island in the middle of the void, after all.

Anyways, I was basically given one hundred dollars to stock my store.

Fucking ridiculous, but alas, I guess I have to start somewhere.

Anyways, now I've got to pay and return to the ominous door in the alleyway.

I pause as I notice something. A newspaper.

"Kuoh Daily"

"Oh. You have got to be fucking kidding me."

I'm going back home... and then I'm just not leaving until I am forced to.

Pov: Elsewhere.

A... death game? Oh god...

A lone girl dejectedly walks through the streets, her head low, all around her people are screaming and panicking.

She wears a red shirt and brown leather chest piece, around her waist is a short white skirt.

Her brown boots thud on the pavement roads of the Town of Beginnings

There's a hollow expression on her face, this sort of thing wasn't supposed to happen.

Trapped in a video game?

Her friends...

Her family...


Probably wouldn't care that she's stuck here.

She had noticed that her school friends were becoming increasingly distant. Secretly creating group chats without her... only offering to hang out rarely... typically when they had forgotten their purse.

She had gotten into this god forsaken game in order try and get more friends... but...

Anyone who dies in Aincrad... dies for real.

She'll be lucky if her parents don't go into her room and tear her headset off for not doing her chores tomorrow. Not even noticing the fact that she won't get up in the morning or go to school.

This happening to her of all people is just... life kicking her while she is down.

She lifelessly continues trudging around, not even acknowledging where her steps are taking her.

She comes to a dark alleyway, snapping back to attention as she nearly bumps into the wall, her hands accidentally grasping... something?

She blinks owlishly, hand on some form of invisible object on the brick wall in front of her.

It feels... spherical? And it's pretty hard judging from a quick squeeze.

She feels around the wall briefly, it feels like a standard brick wall, but there's a small invisible raised piece and this object.

She finally comprehends what it is.

A doorhandle.

She gives the handle a slow turn, pulling back on the handle as she does so.

The wall peels back revealing a wooden door with a golden symbol at the top. One of those old timey weighted scales. One with two sides.

She opens the door and hesitates at what she sees on the other side.

It's small.

Really small for a shop.

Realistically it's only a countertop, there are no shelves or anything like that.

A black haired teen sits behind the counter looking absolutely bored, propping his head up with an arm as he stares lifelessly at the door.

Hearing a small jingle, his red eyes light up, rapidly erasing his boredom.

"Welcome to my shop. What can I get for you." He speaks, a kind smile on his face as his soft and calming voice causes the girl a brief pause.

After a moment of looking over her, he freezes in... shock? His eyes growing wide.

"U-Uh..." She blinks as she looks around and steps inside.

As she shuts the door behind her, a lance of pain shoots through her head several popups appear around her with dull flashes and blaring lights.

*Error. System malfunction. You have left the borders of Aincrad. Return or you will face termin-*


*Death timer negated*

"Are... you alright?" The teen in front of her asks, hand on her shoulder, he had jumped the counter and is now standing beside her, worriedly looking over her.

This place is... outside of Aincrad? What? That doesn't make any sense.

"Where... am I?" The girl whispers as she looks around the shop.

It is incredibly small, a little pathetic in fact, but... it's not in Aincrad?

She peers out the window, seeing a floating island. Nothing exists beyond it.

She opens the door in shock, revealing the alley she was just walking through.


She closes the door slowly, turning back to the boy who had clambered over the countertop. "Where are we?"

"Some extradimensional space of some sort. I come in through Japan. Judging by your clothes... I doubt that the same can be said for you." He frowns, a hand coming to his chin.

"Japan? You... come from Japan?! Please, you've got to tell somebody! Akihiko Kayaba trapped us in his game! If anyone tries to take off our nerve gear helmets, we'll die!


"Nerve... gear?" He blinks.

"Do... you now know about Nerve Gear? The newest video game console! The one required to play sword art online? The first true Virtual Reality game?"

"Doesn't ring a bell." He admits casually.


"You must come from another Japan... in my world. Supernatural creatures roam the world in a big ol 'secret society', making sure to keep normal humans out of their business via mind-wipes and creating miniature dimensions in to do their battles. Did your sister die in a car accident on the way to work? Sorry. What actually happened was a necromancer and a church exorcist got into a scuffle in the middle of the highway and she was collateral damage. Did that plane crash due to a 'fuel leak'? It hit a dragon. Get struck by lightning? Zeus got drunk, look to his wife and was all 'look I know your mad I fucked that woman as a goose, but watch THIS' then he promptly does a backflip and accidentally obliterates you as bolts of lightning fall out of that little quiver thing on his back."

"W-What?" The girl whispers.


"I'm not fucking with you by the way." The teen shrugs as he hops over the countertop, gesturing above his head.

There's nothing there at all.

He nods to the girl, causing her to look up above her.

Lisbeth - Lv 1

He opens the door and gestures outside.

It is noticeably not where she just entered.

She leans forwards, going to peek outside.

A crackling wall of hard-light appears in front of her, causing her forehead to thud against it


You are leaving Aincrad are you sure you wish to do this? In doing so your original body will be killed. You will be locked to this form, and you will be forevermore unable to enter Aincrad.

Leave Aincrad? {Yes} {No}

K-Kill her?

Wait... locked to this form? She would still be alive?

Before she can fully contemplate leaping from her old life into this new one, the shopkeeper closes the door.

She shakes her head as he returns to behind his counter.

His world sounds scary. She would go from a death game where she can be safe if she just cowers in the first city... to a world where anything could kill her anywhere any time.

"Yeah. My world sucks pretty bad. Why do you think I'm hiding away in here?" He gestures around the shop. "Admittedly, I sort of have to leave to restock, but alas. I'm just a 'normal human' all I gotta do is not draw attention to myself as I walk down the street to the nearest seven eleven. Buy stuff, then come back."

"So." He finishes. "What can I get for you, Lisbeth?"

The girl pauses as she realizes something.

Wait... if he has an pocket dimension in his own world, that's one thing that sounds hilariously 'normal'… but how is he crossing over to a game?

How is he making a game- and HER game character 'real' in his own world?!

Is... he like some form of g-god in his world?

"Lisbeth? You alright?"

She flinches before blinking around slowly. "Yeah... I'm... fine."

"Are you sure? You said that you were... trapped?"

"I'm-" the girl pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath and exhaling. "I don't know."

"Do you want to talk about it?" He asks quietly, propping his head up with an arm.

"I shouldn't bother you with my problems." The girl whispers as she guiltily looks away.

A silence permeates between the two of them before it is eventually broken by the girl. "So! You said this is a shop? What do you sell?"

"Oh, well I only had about ten thousand yen to buy stock soooo not much! But it's probably things that you don't have in your game." The store owner peppily hums as he reaches under the counter. "I've got Pocky, bento boxes, sodas- though they are only 'cool' instead of 'cold', as I don't exactly have a fridge around here, then I've got chips, cup noodles, and of course bottled water."

As he lists his stock, he takes them out from under the countertop, showing them off briefly before sitting them down.

He doesn't seem to notice the slight stress he is giving the brown haired girl as she is repeatedly flashed with status screens and notices.

She shakes her head and looks over the numerous objects.

"Do... you have any strawberry Pocky?" She whispers.

"I do." He nods once, grabbing the box of chocolate pocky and putting it back under the counter and pulling out a box of strawberry.

Strawberry Pocky:
An otherworldly snack food, in the world of Aincrad this is one of a kind.
Reduces 'Hunger' by 15.
Increases all stats by 1 for 4 minutes.

"How... how much?"

He tilts his head, looking over the girl, his eyes glow an unearthly amber coloration as he seemingly stares into her soul.

"You use... Cor? Or is it Col?"

"It's Cor." The girl replies.

"Five Cor for the pocky." He announces.

That is... five times the cost of bread you can get in the shop.

But... technically speaking, Pocky tastes a LOT better than the bread, plus it gives a stat boost! The bread only gave like plus one health regeneration every thirty seconds.

She'd be forced to kill five pigs to get that money back.

But it's only five pigs.

She killed that many earlier!

Of course... she died earlier when she tried to fight more than one at a time, but luckily that was before this turned into a death game, so she respawned.

With higher stats, she should be safe, right?

"Okay." She slowly nods. "Can I get the Pocky and... how much for a soda and that bento?"

"Bento's twenty, and the Soda is three."

She can afford that. The players of SAO were given one hundred starting Cor and one weapon of their choice after completing the tutorial.

Bento Meal:
A healthy meal consisting of many flavors, all sure to make you satisfied.
Reduces 'Hunger' by 120
Regenerate 2 additional health every 5 seconds for 8 minutes.
Increase Strength, Vitality, Agility, and Dexterity by 2 for 8 minutes.

Woah... two health every five seconds? She has one hundred and fifteen health total. She could go from zero to full in just a couple minutes with this. A healing crystal that heals for one hundred costs fifty Cor!

Admittedly the potion also works instantly, but this is a good, cheap, healing option for when she's not fighting things!

And for the soda?

A refreshing Lemon-lime soda that quenches thirst
Reduces 'Thirst' by 70
Increases movement speed by 10% for 5 minutes.

"Oh, I also have a couple lighters if that sort of thing interests you."

"a lighter?" The girl mutters.

He brings out a lighter with a bright smile. "Sure. I don't know if you have anything that allows you to easily start fires so this could be useful."

A consumable item that allows you to start fires with great ease. Does not function when wet.
50/50 Charges

He's right... that could be useful.

"How much?"

"Twenty Cor." He states.

"Alright." She slowly nods

With a flash, numerous copper coins appear on the table. "I'll take them."

He nods slowly, taking the objects she didn't purchase, like the cup noodles, off the countertop.

With a wave of his hand, the coins transform into Yen bills and coins.

"A pleasure doing business with you. Please come again to Fortune's Favors~" he hums as he snatches up the money and places it in a nearby cash register.

"I will." The brown haired girl nods slowly as she turns to leave only to pause. "Hold on... you know what to call me, but I don't think I ever got your name."

He opens his mouth to say something only to pause.

"Huh." He hums as he scratches his chin. "I... knew I was forgetting something."

"Uhhhhh you may call me... Argo? Hrn. That will have to do for now. Argo. I'll think deeper on it. Ask me again when you come back.

"Alright. Argo. I'll be back soon."

"Stay safe." He calls out as she opens the door and steps through the threshold to the other side.

Well. That was... shocking.

Honestly, she has been faced with so much traumatic shit in the past twenty four hours she has looped back around to being completely and totally calm.

Maybe it's the fact that she now has access to incredible buffs for cheap.

Or maybe it's the fact that if she gets tired of this, she could leave it all behind, go into the shop, and start a new life elsewhere.

Would she keep the strength of her character?

That's more than enough of a reason to try and get as high level as possible before she gives up.

An Extra skill has been acquired.

Crossroads Wayfinder: 1/1000
Points you in the general direction of the nearest door to Fortune's Favors.


Maybe Argo is a god after all. To influence the system of SAO and all.

Pov: Returned.



That damned music is back again.

I let out a long breath and read the message I received.

You have reached a sales milestone! You have been granted a reward!

1 Sale: Extend the shop 1 foot in any direction, Gain one free 'Shopkeep's room' room.

My eyes gleam as I look around slowly, cube-like shapes appear on the ground, creating a large checkered pattern on the floor.

Instinctively... I know what I can do.

I point a finger to the side and watch as the wall slowly creeps outwards. The ceiling and floor creep out as well to keep everything protected from the elements.

I turn to look behind the counter and point there as well, a sole wooden door appears on the wall.

I calmly hop the countertop and approach the door.

With a quiet creak and a gentle push, it swings open

Instantly I am caused some psychic damage.

The room is basically just a small rectangle.

A small, thin, walkway leading up to a shower.

There's a toilet in the shower.

Why was I given a two-in one shower and shitter?

I look to the side to see a sole bed bunk imbedded into the wall, like you would see in a submarine.

Why must I live in such squalor?

Is this punishment for selling Lisbeth a lighter at literally twenty times the standard price?

I won't fucking apologize. I need to be money hungry as fuck!

Most of my shit is ridiculously overpriced anyways, a Cor is roughly equal to a dollar. A twelve pack of lighters is about twelve dollars, a box of Pokey, about one and a half, the soda? About five dollars for a six pack. the Bento? Surprisingly that was the best deal, I bought it for twelve and sold it for twenty.

Fuck you system! I'll rip off even more people just so I can remove that toilet from my shower!

I NEED money to stop living such a genuinely fucking cursed life.

I look over my haul. Forty seven 'Cor'.

About five thousand yen in total.

Just under half of what I was given.

In one sale.


Alright, maybe this won't be as bad. But, to get a legitimate room?

Cost for 5 star hotel room: 610,000 USD

I almost choke on my spit.

Why so expensive? Because it's five stars? Why are you even showing me that? Show me a cheaper room!

Cost for Regular Hotel room: 77,500.

That is... still ridiculous but a lot more manageable than half a million.

Wait... if I can get multiple hotel rooms... could I technically turn this place into an Inn?

Huh. Food for thought.

Anyways, I figured out what number six was trying to say. I can learn any ability from any world despite not being a 'human' from that world. I could get Aura from Rwby despite not being originally from Remnant, Haki from One Piece, Ki from Dragon ball.

But it requires something I probably won't be able to give much of while working in this shop...


Pov: Elsewhere.

A tiny blonde quietly observes a brown haired girl from the bushes, her yellowish eyes glowing under the effects of an observation skill.

A camp?

She... actually made a camp?


They don't get any fire-starters until like floor three. When the large multi-floor elf wars quest begins.

A Camp in sword art online is one of the first easily accessible transportable crafting stations... and not only that it gives some fairly decent buffs.

While at a camp, you regenerate a staggering two percent of your health for every five minutes spent resting. It also lowers the speed your hunger and thirst dips, then there's the fact that it can be used as a crafting station for chef recipes that require thirty mastery or under, such as grilled vegetables or grilled kababs.

There are no decent chef crafting stations until the first town in floor two... and even then, they are typically overcrowded by people who see one of the first crafting professions and want to 'grind it to a higher level'.

The same can be said for Blacksmith and Tailor as well.

How the hell did this girl manage to get a camp site this early? The first day isn't even up yet.

The blonde haired girl holds out her hands, creating a box with her fingers.

*Click-Vzzzz* the sound of a polaroid camera echoes through her head as she takes a snapshot of the girl.

Now all she needs to do is send this to the one person who possibly knows this game better than her.

*Opening Group Chat*


Argo {20:32}:
*Attached Image*
"Explain, Kiri-bou."

Nothing happens for a long moment, the small checkmark beside the two messages showing that they had been read.

Kirito {20:33}:
"Is that a camp site?"

Argo {20:33}:
"P. Sure it is."

The girl's eyes widen, and she takes another picture, this time zoomed in.

Argo {20:34}:
*Attached Image*

Kirito {20:34}:
"Is that a bento? Don't you need some rare ingredients to craft that? And a fairly high profession cooking level? I didn't expect to see one so soon. Not until like floor 5 or 6 when buff foods really start to kick off."

Argo {20:34}:
"Decreases Hunger by 120, buff duration 8 min, grants 2 Hp per 5 sec, Increases Str, Dex, Vit, and Agi by 2."

Kirito {20:35}:
"Holy shit. I never got a bento in the beta. Are you telling me that its stat boost is worth more than 2 and a half levels? People would have to be lucky to get to level 3 before floor 2."
"You have GOT to find out where she got that stuff. It could save our lives."

Argo {20:35}:
"Doneso Ki-bou. I'll be on the lookout from now on. See if you can grab me an Anneal Dagger, and we'll call it evens."
"Yes. I know what you are doing. Who was the one to discover that quest, after all~"
"You should be able to run it twice before anyone else gets there, once to get their only sword, and once for the dagger."
"Normally I'd do it myself, but y'know, I've got bigger fish to fry."

Kirito {20:36}:

She ends the group chat with a slow nod. Now all she needs to do is stalk this girl and watch her like a hawk.

She's not going to get any sleep tonight, is she?


A blonde girl peers around the corner of an alley her target just walked into.

It's a dead end. So, there's no reason for her to be here.

She tiredly rubs a dark circle under her eye and lets out a long yawn, her stealth skill making sure she remains unnoticed by her target.

She watches her target hold up a hand, a small holographic compass appearing above it.

"What the fuck?" The girl lowly whispers. "What sort of skill is that?!"

She watches the brown haired girl, still holding that strange- almost magic-looking- skill and approach the wall.

She prepares her hands to snap a photo, doing so as she flinches.

Why does she flinch exactly? The wall peels back to reveal a door.

A door to a shop.

The blonde girl quickly rushes forwards, making sure to keep her skill active, taking a mental note of where the door is as the brown haired girl opens it and walks inside.

The door closes behind her, the brick wall seemingly enclosing back around the door and hiding it from view, causing the blonde information broker to fall silent, perturbed frown on her face.

Nothing happens for roughly two minutes, then, the door opens yet again, and the girl walks outside looking over her shoulder, she calls out into the shop. "Thanks, Argo."


But that's her name.

She watches as the brown haired girl closes the door, the brick wall folding inwards and the door turning invisible, said girl turns and walks out of the alleyway.


Let's see what this place is.

I let out a quiet yawn as I run a hand through my wet hair, I had just gotten out of the shower when Lisbeth came to get some more items.

A decent little profit of twenty-ish dollars. She bought two more bento boxes and some sodas.

I stretch my arms above my head. 'Well, that's about all I'm probably going to sell today. I should have made the Bento boxes even more expensive. My bad.'

I'm going to bed no-

The door opens with a jingle, causing me to blink in confusion and look over.

A tired looking girl slowly walks into the shop, dark circles under her eyes, she wears a dark cloak and has a yellowish shirt, a leather chest piece atop it similar to Lisbeth's.

A small smirk crosses her lips.

"So. What do yah sell?"

My eyes flick upwards.

Argo - Lv 1

"One of us is going to have to change our name." I blandly comment, causing the girl's smile to grow.

"Judging by your clothing and that name atop your head, you are currently trapped within a game called Sword Art Online, correct?"

"And what if I am?"

I let out a low hum as I nod. "Welcome to Fortune's Favors. My personal interdimensional shop that is for some reason connecting my Japan to your death game."

She closes the door only to let out a groan as she clutches the sides of her head. She shudders for a brief moment, eyes clenched shut.

After some time, she cracks open an eye, glancing around at the numerous popups in her vision.

"Interdimensional shop, eh? That better not have melted my mind out there."

"Oh, no. That'll only happen if I open the door to my home and you walk out the door there. You'll hit a barrier and get another warning that you have to confirm, though. If you do, you get bound to your avatar and can more or less do whatever you want from that point on... without Aincrad's system, of course as your old body dies horribly. Your mind now inhabiting your new body with no issues."

"Oh? So I can run away from SAO right this second if I wanted to?"

"You could, I wouldn't recommend it, though." I shrug. "My world is hellish with supernatural creatures and shit. I'm not joking with you here. Basically, all religions are real, and humans are at the bottom of the food chain."

"Hrn. Alright. I'm sort of down to believe you considering you don't have a name tag. So, Argo two, what can I buy here?"

"Lighters, food, drink, other things when I get enough money to buy them."

Her eyes glimmer slightly as she pulls out a pen and paper. "Whatcha got, Guy-Argo? I want to list the effects down."

"Well, first off, you look like you could probably use some of this." I begin as I pull out a recent purchase and sit it on the desk.

She stares frozen for a long moment, her eyes slowly trail up to meet my own.

The label reads "5-hour energy."

"How much?"

"Fifty per."

Judging by how she doesn't flinch at the price which I not so subtly multiplied by twenty,Five-hour energy must be pretty damn decent in game.

With a flash one hundred Cor appears on the table, she takes two of the mini bottles and opens one instantly.

I notice her dark circles lessen slightly as she lets out a low huff of exhaustion. "Alright. So. What have you got?"

"The real question you should be asking, lesser Argo." I begin slowly. "What could I very easily get at the supermarket from my own world?"

She opens her mouth, gaping for a second, then cups her chin in thought. "Can you get me... a medical kit?"

"Alright." I nod slowly. "I'll see about getting that soon enough. Anything else?"

"A fishing rod, hook, bait, and tackles."

I give her a confused look.

"According to the official guidebook, the fishing profession doesn't open until floor twenty. Though, we never saw it ourselves during the beta." She admits. "As for the medical kit, first aid is an extra skill you are able to learn on floor five from either of the two elf faction's forward operating bases. That is the sole place on the lower floors you can get medical supplies which is needed for the extra skill. Buuuut players transferring down the supplies allowed people on the first few floors to learn the skill on their own."

"But doesn't using a med-kit take time? Time which you are open to attacks, and the potential you won't even be able to get to a player before they die."

"Ah. That's true... but why do you think that the healing values were genuinely massive? Far surpassing any potion or healing crystal." The girl impishly smirks.

"Alright. I'll see what I can do... why do you want fishing anyways?"

"Cooking- which has been made possible with your lighters- Exp, secret enemies, alchemy ingredients, that sort of thing."

"Wouldn't secret enemies fished up with a minimum floor twenty item... typically be level twentyish?"


"That'd be a lot of EXP." The girl mutters under her breath. "Can you get us bows and arrows as well."

"I live in Japan. I can't just walk out somewhere and get a bow and arrow."

"Tch- Damn." She curses. "Can you get me pots and pans. They can turn a campfire into a cooking station that can be used to cook dishes of up to mastery two hundred."

"I can. But this is going to be really expensive, I hope you know." I point out.

"Please." The girl who shares the same name with me. "I know how to make money."

I can already see this as a very profitable transaction.

Alright, so I posted two chapters to my snippets recently and to staggeringly positive reviews (I mean, really, both parts got like 100 reviews each) I've decided to make it a legitimate fic due to popular request.

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