As they walked through the doors of the most slammin club in the city

Sara looked up a saw snooky starring at her, smiling. As she turned around to

see Nikki walking through the doors. Sara and Derek went and ordered some drinks

and sat down. She heard her favorite song playing and whispered in Derek's ear

"Let's go dance". When they got down on the floor they started to move and saw a

crowd of people watching them and cheering. As they got off the dance floor Chenille

walked up and hugged Sara. Nikki came up to them and said "what is this white trash

doing at the Negro club". Sara stands up and says "I know you didn't just call me white

trash!" And anyway I don't see any Negro's here besides you. Nikki gets in Sara's face

and smacks her. Derek stood up and pulled Sara back and said Let's sit somewhere else.

"What's the matter white trash girl to afraid to fight me. Retorts Nikki " well if I were

white trash I would fight you but I'm not so come on punch me. As Nikki walks up and gets in Sara's

face she says "Move white trash!" Sara rolls her fist turns around and punchs Nikki in the jaw. And says

"thats for calling me white trash, girl". Nikki holds her jaw and runs to the bathroom and yells I'll get

you back white trash. Derek looks at Sara and starts laughing "I can't belive you just did that"."Well

nobody calls me white thrash girl". She leans over and kisses Derek. Later on snooky comes up, "What was that

all about". Sara looks at him and says "don't ever call me white trash girl". Snooky looks over

at Derek and laughs. Later on Nikki comes back and says "Sara you'll be wishin you never did that".

" Well I guess then maybe next time I won't be white trash girl". Then Snooky, Derek, Chenille and Sara

leave while Nikki is just standing there in disgust.