A/N This story came about as a request for FeralG3. I hope that they and you enjoy it.

Chapter 1:

He suddenly awoke. Wherever he was it was pitch black. Instinct took over before panic set in. Closing his eyes his only thought was to get out of where he was. A slight turn of his body and he apparated out of what held him.

First thing he saw was the stars. Millions of them. The air was slightly warm. Slowly he sat up. Looking around he noted that he was in a cemetery. The stone monument held a clue.

'James Potter'

He had been buried alive. Sort of. The one next to him hurt to look at.

'Lily Potter'

Since Lily had not appeared out of the burial like he had, he knew that somehow the ritual had not worked like she had thought it would. He needed more information, and he needed a wand.

Slowly he got to his feet. No one was out in the village as he made his way stealthy towards the cottage where he and his family had lived.

The destruction of the cottage had him almost running towards it. He had no idea what had happened, but he would soon find out. Instead of going towards the main entrance he made his way towards the kitchen entrance at the back of the cottage. A simple touch of his hand on the knob had him being recognized by the old wards that were still attached to the property, by passing whatever had been placed by whomever placed them after whatever had happened.

Inside the kitchen looked almost the same. Little was out of place. Even the dishes were still in the sink, waiting to be washed. Judge from the dust on the room, several months, if not years, had passed. That was not good. The ritual was supposed to be hours if not days. Somehow Lily had made a very deadly mistake. He walked through the kitchen into the lounge. Here was evidence of a fight. Furniture was tossed about and broken. A pedestal with a plaque on a section of the rug stated that this was where he had died. He had to snort at the thought. Looking at the wall that was also the staircase, he was pleased to see that painting and its frame still there. Reaching out to a certain point on the frame itself, he pushed the release and it swung open. Inside were both his and lily's spare wands, Muggle and wizarding currency, important papers, and three small vials of blood.

He quickly emptied the compartment, placing all but his spare wand into his pockets. He then quickly left the cottage, returning to the cemetery and to the graves. He needed answers and here was the place to start.

Raising his wand, he fired several privacy spells that only those in his profession would know. Once he felt the area was secure did, he slightly relax. Then set to work.

An hour later a very angry but controlled James Potter was on his way to find his son and find out why he was at the one place he wasn't supposed to be.

A rusty voice called out into the darkness "I need a Potter elf to come to me."

Within seconds, a small creature appeared in front of him.

"Who calls Mimsy?"

"I did."

The elf squinted and then exclaimed. "Master James! You is here!"

A small chuckle escaped him. "Yes Mimsy. I am."

"Where is Miss Lily and Master Harry?"

"Miss Lily has crossed over. Harry is not where he should be. We are going to get him now."


The unlikely duo arrived at a what was clearly muggle area. To James all the homes looked the same. None had any personality at all. Even the flowers were the same, right down to the color. He had to wonder how someone as vivacious as Lily could have been born into such a climate.

He was drawn out of his thoughts by Mimsy, who had stopped short of the front lawn to number 4.


"Master Harry be inside Master James."

"But?" asked James as he knew that wasn't what stopped the elf.

"Wards. There be Wards here using Master Harry and Miss Lily blood to bind them here."

A very cold fury came over him. Blood Wards! Highly illegal and very few had sufficient power to cast them. Several things clicked into place. One man had the power, influence, and cunning to pull this off. Albus bloody Dumbledore. Well revenge was a dish best served cold. He would deal with that after Harry was removed from this prison.

"Mimsy, stay here."

"Yes, Master James."

James slowly walked towards the front door. Using a special tool that Lily had given him when they graduated Hogwarts, he picked the lock and opened the front door. Leaving it open he used his magic to sense his son. Magic pointed him to a small cupboard under the stairs. Walking towards it, he noted that everything had its place, and they were positioned to show off. He snorted at the thought of how ambitious his in-laws were. He had never liked them just as they never liked him. But how they treated Harry would determine how bad his retribution was going to be. He had several ideas. Each more hurtful than the previous.

The locks on the door nearly had James pulling his wand and going upstairs to bring Hell itself down on the couple. A whimper from the door stopped him. Within seconds the locks were unlocked, and the door was opened. James' heart sank as he saw his fun loving happy go lucky little boy reduced to a scared quiet boy who was silently crying.


Those beautiful Green eyes that made him Lily's son looked right at him. Hope entered them as a whisper reached his ears.


All James could do was nod. Suddenly his arms were filled with a little boy who babbled like he did when he was little.

"Da? Where were you Da? Is Mummy here too? I needed you but you weren't here!" sobbed his little boy.

Wrapping his arms around the small lad James held him close, rocking as he did so. Nothing else was said as the two took comfort in each other. Within minutes James realized that Harry had fallen asleep. That was probably the best thing to happen so far. Standing with his precious son, he walked out of the house, leaving everything wide open. Let the neighbors see all because the world would soon know what these monsters did to his little boy.