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I, the author, apologise for I'm not the best at writing summaries. So, to set your expectations, I'll summarise it as though I'd be telling it to a friend:

Basically, our main character, an OC called Sascha, is abducted and turned during the time our beloved red-head Victoria is building her newborn army with Riley, causing havoc in Seattle. However, Sascha manages to escape way before the battle and follow Riley without being noticed, which leads to her getting tangled up with the Cullens.

So we, both you the potential readers and me the author, follow her point of view (don't worry it's NOT 1st POV) of all what's going on and watch her trying to adapt and learn the new life thrust upon her. She also comes to form strong bonds with Alice and Jasper.

We're following mainly the narrative of the movie adaptions when it comes to dialogues, starting from around the first quarter of Eclipse. For background info I am also oriented towards the books.

I've finished my swing at Eclipse with this OC up to 99% - so it's all sitting nicely on my laptop, ready to be posted. Don't fret about only few chapters being up.

Now you know what to expect. If you choose to read it, I hope you will enjoy it

I'll add chapter warnings before every chapter so you know what to expect. In general, if violent stuff is mentioned, it's very canon typical and to the extent that is seen in the movies. If it should be exceeding that, I will tag it accordingly in the respective chapters.

Chapter Warnings:

mentions of → abduction, death, blood, torn off limbs
escaping, being chased, language


Sascha hated everything about the situation she was in. Mostly, because none of it made any sense. Much less the behaviour of the… beings around her. Sure she could feel the burn in her throat too. But ever since she had realised that even on the 18th day of going without water she was actually not dying, she didn't understand the frantic need to kill and drink these people every now and again. Especially after she had noticed how many of the others were more often than not losing a limb in the fight for a bite.

No. She'd have to make do without this. Though, she did feel getting over all weaker, less energised.

She was distracted most of the time anyways. She needed a way out of this situation. She had been in this god forsaken ruin of a stone building for a little more than half a year now. The guy who brought her kept bringing others. The screams of their agony being replaced by the next heap of victims.

Riley. A name that felt like bile to her. He made them fight each other. If not, you'd be punished by not getting to „feed" as they called it. Sascha let out a dry breath at the thought. What a wonderful incentive. No, that wouldn't be getting her into bashing others' faces in. Though, she would like nothing more than to bite his face off. Literally. She had actually made it a point to not look him in the face directly. Even from the start. She had good self control, but when it came to that arsehole she didn't think she could keep herself together.

She did cave a few, very seldom times when she felt on the brink of… of what exactly? She knew it felt akin to fainting, but without the release of actually being able to do so. Though even then, she never drank anyone dry or to the point of death. Only ever very little. She felt foreign in her own skin when she tasted the blood on her tongue. It felt right and wrong at the same time.

She got startled out of her thoughts when a person plopped on the floor next to her. It was a young girl, her name was Anna. She was cradling her wrist to her body. Sascha could see the cracks along her hand.

Sascha nudged her with her shoulder. „Rough fight?"

Anna only whimpered miserably. Sascha reached out carefully and pulled her hand to her lap, stroking it softly as she knew from previous times it would help Anna feel better. Like always she could feel a stinging in her own hands, but she ignored it. Everything was off anyway.

„Luckily it was over quickly. Riley ended fights early again."

„He left."

It wasn't a question, yet Anna nodded shortly, eyes trained on her dirtied shoes. Sascha hummed absentmindedly.

After a few beats of silence, Sascha's hands stilled and Anna pulled her arm back to herself. The former noticed the cracks were gone, and probably so was the discomfort. Whatever they were, their healing was something else. For whatever reason.

Sascha pushed herself to her feet and looked around. It was getting dark, which of course was no bother to her anymore. She spotted Riley as he walked out the ruins they inhabited. Just as she was about to move after him, Anna grabbed her wrist.

„What are you doing?"

She sounded so scared. So vulnerable. She didn't deserve any of this. Well, probably none of them did. But she was so young.

„I have got to check something."

„You know we're not allowed to leave!" Anna's voice was hushed, yet full of panic.

„I know." Sascha moved her hand to gently grab Anna's, stroking her thumb over the back of her hand. „Take care, yeah? Keep your head up."

And with that she gave Anna's hand one last squeeze before she dove into the shadows. Light on her feet, making no sound at all. Barely even audible to her own ears. She was out of the ruin walls confining them in seconds. Luckily the others were busy with feeding once more - no body cared to even notice her.

Out in the dark, she let her eyes roam a little until she spotted Riley vanishing in the tree line of the nearby forest. Sascha just needed to know what was going on. He never told them anything more than they „needed" to know for the day. Sometimes not even that. And she could feel that all this ruckus wasn't his plan. He was a middle man. He had to be.

Sascha made sure to always keep more than enough distance between him and herself. She could not risk being spotted by him. However, a bitter thought invaded her mind, would it really be so bad to be killed? She shook her head quickly, as though to erase her thoughts, and continued on.

She followed him through patches of land devoid of most civilisation, off roads, through woods. At some point she had to wait a little longer as he waded through some water. Surely the splashes would be too loud if she followed as she had before. She waited a few minutes more before she dove under, swimming instead of walking to avoid as much sound as possible. She'd have to rely on her nose to find him again.

When she emerged she could barely make out Riley's scent and followed it cautiously. Tense. She knew if she was any slower, she'd soon lose his trail. Luckily it didn't come to that as his silhouette appeared in the far distance again.

It seemed as though they were closing in on a town again. They had passed several so far, some smaller ones, some bigger ones. She never knew where exactly they were though. All she knew was that they were in Washington.

Sascha watched carefully, perched on top of a tree, and followed Riley with her eyes only for the time being. Her brow furrowed when he jumped up to a window of what looked to her like a random house. The sole light coming from the house appeared to be the living room. It was already dark, the sun had set a while ago. Not yet night. She observed as Riley entered through the window and vanished from her sight. She rose only a little from her crouched position, almost feeling like an animal waiting to pounce. On second thought, wasn't she a little?

She decided to wait until Riley left the house again, which he would have to after a while. She nimbly climbed down the tree and opted for waiting on a roof instead. It would give her more shadows to hide in. Sascha was thankful that she was able to stay behind the wind. By now he surely would've been able to pick up her scent as well.

When Riley finally did reappear from the same window, holding something in his hand, Sascha quickly pressed herself down on the house's roof, vanishing behind the brick chimney and held her breath. Riley left without a sound. He had not spotted her.

Sascha stayed there, bated breath and still like a statue, feeling weird that her heart was not beating in her chest frantically. The moon was getting higher at some point. She dropped herself off the roof and rushed over to the house. What was so special about this one? What had he grabbed from here? She didn't get a close enough look.

She sneaked around the house, searching for anything of interest. Yet aside from the obvious smell of humans and… beer, she found nothing. She huffed. Oddly feeling quite like herself for once.

What was she to do now? For a dreadful moment she felt quite lost. Though she was free, she didn't know what steps to take next. She wouldn't go back, that was for sure. With a start she realised she wouldn't even know how to. But considering the state that she was in now, or rather the thing she was now, she could definitely not just go back to her home either.

How long has it been exactly? Oh god, Papa… Suddenly she felt a burn behind her eyes, the strong need to cry building up in seconds. She already very well knew she couldn't.

However, before she could delve any further into the depths of her growing anxiety, she heard the engine of a car closing in. Her head snapped up as she looked around frantically and decided on an impulse to run into the woods which were close to the house.

Her curiosity got the better of her as she stupidly decided to remain in ear shot. Sascha needed to know who was living in this house. A person entered through the front door and was greeted by a gruff sounding voice. Their conversation was muffled as she stood waiting some distance away. Sascha could only guess as she couldn't see the house anymore from the thick of the forest. From the atmosphere it sounded like a conversation between father and daughter. Then suddenly a knock. Another person. Their voices were clearer then, probably talking on the front porch.

However, their conversation was brought to an abrupt stop. She listened intently as the guy seemingly noticed that something was wrong. Their voices got a little more muffled as they re-entered the house.

What she could make out though was that the guy, Edward was his name if she had heard correctly, realised that someone had been in said house. How did he know?

Sascha tilted her head in confusion and gripped the tree she was standing behind a little too forceful. „Bloody hell?"

„Someone's still here." That was that Edward guy's voice again. Sascha flinched when she realised her mistake.

Shit. He must've heard her.

Frantically she looked around herself, panic rising when she heard him calling someone on the phone. Telling them to come help him look. She ran. Not knowing where. One thought cursing through her head.


Her tiny slither of hope that maybe she would be able to escape was crushed when she could make out footsteps running at the same speed as hers. Others like her. Not a good sign in her books.

Unfortunately her orientation when panicked seemed to be shit as well. With dread she realised she wasn't moving away from the town anymore, but had apparently managed to circle back to it. Like a headless chicken.

Sascha skidded to a stop, chunks of grass and earth flying as she did, and cut a turn. Misery clung to every movement she could muster.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she was flung to the side by a massive boulder of a person. She crashed into a tree, which crumbled immediately upon impact. Without so much as looking, Sascha jumped to her feet again, pushed herself into the air and grabbed the closest branch she could find and swung herself away before she tumbled back to the ground again. Two were after her. She could see that in her attempt of escape.

„Go left!" The voice was deep and raspy with anger.

They were surely trying to corner her somehow, flanking her. A desperate noise tore through her throat as she pushed herself to run faster. But anyone who has ever even played a harmless round of „tag" knew that you would always be the slower one if you didn't know where you were running.

Sascha tried to cut more corners, tried to be as unpredictable as possible, yet she was still able to see the others in the periphery of her vision.


And as it had to happen, one of them was finally able to grab hold of her yet again. Sascha felt a grip like a vice on her shoulder and she was yanked to the ground forcefully. Leaving a huge dent in the forest floor. Before she could collect herself, she was grabbed once more, by her throat this time, and thrust into a boulder. It crumbled around her back.

The guy in front of her was wild with fury. She could tell. His black eyes wide, blond hair messy from the chase. „Who are you?!" This must be Edward. She recognised the voice.

Sascha was too overwhelmed with panic and fear. She clawed at the guy's hands instead of answering, trying to get free.

He slammed her into the boulder again, rubble falling around them. „Answer me!"

Suddenly two others appeared in her line of sight. One of which was undoubtedly the other guy who had rammed her to the ground before. He was indeed a giant of a person. The other was way more lean, though muscular still.

Sascha's eyes were trained on the tall one, a crack snapped through the air and suddenly she wasn't standing in a choke hold anymore, but stood in the latter's place instead. Whereas he was now the one being choked by Edward.

The giant sputtered in shock. „What the fuck?"

Edward immediately let go of him as they both whirled around back to her.

„Wait! Please-" Sascha didn't get to finish. A mere half second passed as the lean one lunged at her as well.

Out of instinct, she dodged and raised her fists to block him. She could tell he was surprised, even if only for a fraction of a moment. Both got a few hits in, with Sascha leaning more on the defence side, before he managed to grab her neck with one hand and one of her wrists with the other.

Then, another crack. In her place stood Edward suddenly and she was back next to the giant. Her head snapped to him, eyes wide in fear.

„Please wait, please!" Her words stumbled in her mouth with speed. She raised her hands to cover herself quickly when the big guy formed a fist to try and punch her down once more, though she saw a slither of hesitation. His eyes flitted over to the other two, who sped over to them, successfully cornering Sascha from all sides.

Sascha glanced around, desperation more than visible on her features. „What's going on?"

Edward snarled. „That's something you need to answer as soon as possible if you want to keep your head on your shoulders."

Sascha's thoughts were going a mile per second, a tremor in her limbs with tension. Suddenly though, Edward's features turned from fury to angered confusion. He turned to the lean guy.

„Jasper, calm her down."

Sascha snapped her head in Jasper's direction, fearing what that might mean, when suddenly a wave of serenity came over her. Her thoughts slowing down as she relaxed ever so slightly. „What…"

„Who are you? And what are you doing here?", repeated Edward.

Sascha hesitated, despite feeling a little less on the verge of a panic attack. Could she even trust them? Who could she trust at all really…?

„It doesn't matter if you can trust us. If you don't tell us soon, you'll have other things to worry about."

Sascha was hit with another wave of calm, distracting her from her confusion as to how he had just answered a mere thought in her head. She pushed it aside for the moment. „My name's Sascha. I- I don't-", she breathed out in frustration, not finding the words fit for the situation. „I got kidnapped a couple months ago. By some dude. He turned me into this." She gestured down herself. Surely they understood she didn't mean the still drenched, dishevelled state she was in. „I don't know who he is. I followed him here from where they held us. I don't know what's going on."

The three of them looked at each other for a moment. Edward nodded after a few seconds and continued.

„What was he doing here? Do you know where he kept you?"

Sascha shook her head quickly, swallowing on nothing. „I don't know. He was in some house, and took something. I didn't see. I don't know where it is he went back now." She suddenly remembered where the sun had set earlier. „He left in the direction south-west of the house."

Edward looked at the other two once more. „Follow his trail."

They nodded and sped away with a gust of air.

Sascha whipped her head back to the blond guy, eyes shifting around. Should she run?

„Don't even try. You're coming with me. My family and I have some questions."

His voice was stern, no room for discussion. And quite frankly, Sascha didn't feel like she had any energy left to fight back anyway. It had been too long since she had even a little fill of blood.

At that, Edward's brows pulled together in an even deeper scowl. „When was the last time you fed?"

Sascha shrugged. „About two months ago." She could feel her anxiety creeping back up her spine slowly but surely.

A humourless laugh escaped the guy in front of her. „And your first thought was not to drain everyone in this town?"

„Why should I?"

Her reply seemed to startle him so much, his mouth snapped shut immediately. But it seemed to have caused some shift. She saw his shoulders relax ever so slightly.

„My name's Edward." Sascha nodded in response, more to herself. „Follow me."

He reached to grab her upper arm, from which she flinched away immediately. Was this safe?

„Safer than going out alone again. Come on."

She gave in and sped after him. Though his hold on her arm didn't give her much room to do anything else.

They returned to the house where it all started. A small woman was waiting for them there. She had short, spiky hair. Eyes a dark amber shade.

„I'll take Bella to the house. You take this one hunting." Edward almost shoved her in the direction of the new person.

Sascha glared at him over her shoulder. „I already told you my name. I am not a bloody animal."

„Excuse him", a voice soft like a fairy sounded next to her. „He doesn't do well under stress."

„Meet us later." And with that he went around the house and vanished.

Sascha hugged her arms to herself as she turned her attention back to the woman. Hunting?

„I'm Alice. Don't worry, okay? Everything's going to be fine."

Sascha couldn't help the scoff that escaped her, though she couldn't bring herself to feel sorry for her slight rudeness either. „If only that were true."

To her surprise a slight smile spread on the pixie's face. „You'll see. Come with me."


„Exactly. I'll show you."

Sascha dropped her arms and nodded curtly, which Alice returned in a kind manner and sped off. Checking over her shoulder that Sascha would be following her.

End Notes:

Also, just know that "Papa" within this story is meant to be pronounced the German way, instead of the English. Read it as you wish, though.

Comments are very welcome. I'd appreciate to know your thoughts, and I'm also very very curious about your opinions.

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