Shattered Ice: Super Sailor Mercury

Chapter 46

Seiya Kou was having a stressful week. Not a unhappy one, admittedly, as he and his comrades had found their lost princess at last. But said princess was being very uncooperative, and worse was spending time in a very unsecured location. He was also trying to come to grips with the knowledge that Sailor Mercury was actually Ami Mizuno.

It was, frankly, embarrassingly obvious on reflection. But it still was oddly discomforting, especially since it had changed how he looked at the young lady. He found Ami quite charming, while Mercury inspired more... well, awe honestly. Mixing both was just strange.

As lunch came, Seiya watched Ami hurrying out. "Do you think the stories about her and Nurse Meiou are true?" Yaten wondered thoughtfully.

Seiya made a face, "I hope not."

Taiki gave him a sympathetic look, "You may have to accept it's not possible, you know."

"Besides," Yaten sighed, "we have bigger things to worry about."

"She's back," Taiki noted as Ami returned to class a few minutes later, "we should try to talk to her again."

"Care to join us for lunch?" Seiya invited, trying not to look too desperate.

Ami looked faintly amused as she walked with the three, "Still hoping that I'll talk my mother into sending Kakyuu back with you?"

"Hopefully," Yaten said with a charming smile.

As they headed to the cafeteria, the three men nearly growled as they saw Haruka and Michiru heading towards them. Haruka looked nearly as displeased, but she managed a smile as she said, "Could I talk to you?"

Seiya raised his eyebrows but nodded. "Join us for lunch?" he sighed.

They all picked up cafeteria trays and got their food, then claimed their usual table. "I'm Sailor Uranus," Haruka blurted suddenly.

"Smooth," Michiru sighed as the others gaped.

"As I surmised," Taiki noted.

"And you didn't tell us?" Seiya gave him a look in exasperation.

"As I said," Taiki calmly ate, "I surmised. I hadn't actually proved it to my satisfaction yet."

"Ugh," Yaten sighed.

Taiki nodded to Michiru, "Sailor Neptune, I presume?"

"Indeed," Michiru half smiled.

"And I assume Setsuna is Pluto," he added thoughtfully.

"You'll have to ask her," Haruka shook her head, "it's not our secret to tell."

Seiya managed to get his annoyance under control, but it was a effort. For some reason he and Haruka just grated off each other, like two angry cats. "All right, thank you for telling us," he admitted with a sigh.

"You're welcome," Michiru answered charmingly.

"I suppose we couldn't ask you to reason with our princess?" Yaten asked wryly.

"Do you see us having much luck reasoning with Ami?" Haruka noted.

"Point," Seiya laughed.

"Hey!" Ami pouted. "I am not that unreasonable," she complained. A pause and she added mournfully, "Am I?"

Yaten bit back a chuckle as she wrapped everyone around her finger with a masterful pout. He wondered where she learned that from... it didn't seem something she'd usually do.

The bell rang and everyone got up, knowing class would begin again soon. "I'd like us to talk after school," Seiya said, "we should do some emergency planning, at least."

"Will do," Michiru agreed as they all headed off.


The timing was interesting, to say the least. Two schools, both known for their academics and athletic programs, both with a high number of exceptional students. And both of them were attacked at almost exactly the same time.

Sailor Lead Crow smiled coldly as the phages rampaged through the yard as kids screamed and panicked. "Aluminium Siren," she used her communicator, "is everything going as planned?"

"Uhm, sort of?" Aluminium Siren replied.

Lead Crow tried not to sigh. "What happened?" she asked.

"Well, the phages transformed as expected, except I kind of got a little girl too," Aluminium Siren explained, "all she does is cry."

Lead Crow ran a hand down her face. "Just leave her alone, and carry on with the mission," she ordered tiredly.

"Right!" Aluminium Siren continued, "Uhm, she's kind of cute, actually. Kind of like a plushie. Can I take her home with me when we're done?"

"No," Lead Crow growled.

"Meanie," Aluminium Siren pouted. "Still no sign of the Sailors."

"Give it time," Lead Crow answered before hanging up.

As she watched the elementary school chaos continue, she wondered if they had hit the wrong schools? It was so hard to estimate the ages of the scouts... could be they were older? Well, either way this might at least draw them out.

The Sailor Phages were doing their jobs well too. Sailor Dryad was using her plant attacks to corral the children, while Sailor Anvil was serving as muscle. As they brought near, Lead Crow used her bracelets to reveal the children's soul crystals. They all were, so far, unexceptional but she had high hopes.

"Let those children go!" a commanding yet immature voice called.

Lead Crow turned, blinking as she saw a small, pink haired girl dressed in sailor fuku, holding a wand and trying to look imposing, Beside her was a girl who was a bit older, maybe very young teens, holding a very impressive looking glave like weapon.

"And you are...?" Lead Crow asked mockingly.

"I am Sailor Chibi-Moon, and I order you to stop this! School is a place for fun and education, not cruelty," the girl said defiantly.

"Nice speech," Lead Crow noted.

"She worked on it on the way here," the taller girl noted.

"Sailor Saturn!" Chibi-Moon bleated.

"Sorry," Sailor Saturn smiled, "but it IS true."

"Meanie," Chibi-Moon pouted.

Lead Crow had to chuckle. "You two are cute, but did you seriously think to accomplish anything?" she demanded.

"We make a great distraction play," Saturn said coolly.

Lead Crow blinked in confusion, then realized she wasn't hearing crying children anymore. Lead Crow sneaked a look behind her, then blinked in astonishment.

The two Phages were... chasing CATS?! Sailor Anvil and Dryad were clumsily chasing a black cat and a white one, and both were marked with claw scratches. More annoyingly the kids they were meant to be guarding had fled, probably because they were distracted.

"Oh you have got to be kidding," Lead Crow sighed. She looked over at the kids and asked, "Your pets I assume?"

"We are NOT pets," the white cat complained while dodging a swipe from Anvil.

"Pink sugar heart attack!" Chibi-Moon yelled

"Ack!" Lead Crow yelped as a stream of pink hearts bombarded her, driving her backwards. Then she really yelped in alarm as Saturn tried to take her head clean off. These two girls were fast and well coordinated, and worse they weren't letting her try to call up her attacks.

"Keep pressing her!" the black cat yelled even as she leaped and scratched at Dryad's face.

Lead Crow evaded another swipe, then decided that escaping might be a better idea at this point. "Anvil, Dryad! Ignore the cats and get the girls!" she ordered.

Both Phages abandoned trying to clobber the cats and charged at the school girls. Once Lead Crow was reasonably sure they were occupied, she hurried off. Using her communicator as she ran she said, "Aluminium Siren! Any sign of the Sailors?"

"Ow ow ow ow," she heard chanted through the phone. "It was Iron Mouse!" Aluminium Siren reported, "She's gotten a lot tougher since she switched sides."

Lead Crow bit back a growl. "Where were the other Sailors?" she said fiercely.

Aluminium Siren paused thoughtfully. "Well, it IS school hours. Maybe they're in class?" she offered quite reasonably.

Lead Crow bit back a sigh. She was probably right, at that. "Meet me back at Galaxy," she ordered, "we need to decide where to hit next."

"Right!" Aluminium Siren chirped cheerfully.

To be continued...