Shattered Ice: Super Sailor Mercury

Chapter 47

"You did WHAT?" Ami was having a bit of trouble processing what happened. The blue haired girl had come home with friends, and had heard about Usagi's adventures in a excited babble. Her and Setsuna were both almost incoherent, they were so excited.

"Luna?" Setsuna asked the cat, her long black green hair shimmering as she sat at the small kitchen table.

The little black cat looked amused but was somewhat cooler. "It's been a rough day," she apologized. "We got a alert that two elementary schools were under attack by Phages, so we went to check it out," she apologized.

Ami shook her head ruefully as she asked them, "You didn't consider calling us out from our classes? Setsuna could have made up a medical excuse."

"We didn't know for certain it was a attack," Artemis shrugged as the white cat sat nearby, "besides, if it went very bad we had a plan to get the kids clear."

Ami was rather sceptical about that, considering this was two cats. On the other hand, things HAD turned out okay. Mostly.

Setsuna looked at the cats intently as she asked, "Do we know why the targeted schools?"

"They didn't say anything," Usagi noted, a bit miffed at being ignored. The little pink haired girl continued, "They did hit two schools at once, so they might have been looking for something in particular."

"Or someone," Iron Mouse pointed out, the white haired girl sitting on the counter nearby. "They may have figured out you're school age."

"Just not the right school," Ami made a face at that realization. "This is going to make things complicated," she muttered.

Setsuna patted her shoulder, "I think we can handle it. At least nothing else has gone wrong."

Just then there was a hammering on the door.

"You HAD to say that," Iron Mouse sighed.

Ami exchanged glances with Setsuna, then walked over to the door as Setsuna took up a on guard stance, just out of sight. You never knew...

Ami opened the door, then blinked in surprise. "Mother?" she asked.

Nicole Mizuno stood in the doorway, a harried look on her face, the attractive older woman actually looking slightly messy. For the normally crisply dressed and in control doctor, such signs spelled disaster.

Setsuna blinked and walked forward, even as Iron Mouse swiftly bailed out a window. Her being there would raise questions they might not want to answer. "Are you all right?" Setsuna asked her gently.

"Oh thank goodness you are here too," Nicole puffed out a breath, "It'd be awkward talking to Ami about this."

"Oh?" Ami asked as she led her mom in. She was amused to see Hotaru and Usagi had retreated to Usagi's room too.

"What's wrong?" Setsuna prompted as she put on some tea.

"It's...," Nicole paused, as if trying to figure out what to say. Finally she sighed, "Princess Kakyuu slept with me last night."

It took a second for Ami to process that piece of information. "Slept as in, slept or...?" she asked her mom tentatively.

"Or," Nicole gave her daughter a slightly pained look, "Definitely or. I would even add VERY or, so to speak."

Setsuna did her best to contain a laugh at her lover's expression. Getting her own reaction under control she patted her on the shoulder, "I take it this is new for you?"

"Oh gods, yes," Nicole admitted as she softly confessed, "I've never DONE anything like this before."

Ami was doing her best NOT to look mortified, but it was hard. Her mother was in her kitchen, discussing SEX. Ugh.

Setsuna gave her a sympathetic look. "I think we're out of cookies," she said, "could you go out and get some, love?"

"Will do," Ami agreed, quickly grabbing her wallet and heading to the door. "I'll be back in..." she paused.

"Half a hour or so?" Setsuna suggested.

Ami nodded, "Will do." And with that, she fled.

"Nicely handled," Nicole noted. "I was so shaken I hadn't really though of how uncomfortable Ami would be."

"No child ever wants to know their parents have sex," Setsuna noted, "they'd rather believe they were found in a cabbage patch."

Nicole snickered, "True enough."

"So, you and Kakyuu?" Setsuna smiled slightly, "I had rather suspected from how she looked at you, when we all met."

Nicole blushed faintly. "I was aware she liked me," she admitted, "and I knew I was very fond of her, but I didn't realize I felt so much."

"You're okay with this?" Setsuna probed.

"Okay? I'm ecstatic," Nicole smiled. "It's just... I got to thinking of all the complications."

"Coming out at work?" Setsuna offered.

"Alien princess from another planet," Nicole answered dryly. She shrugged, "I'm a experienced, well trained doctor, I can get work anywhere if I come out and there's a fuss."

"Ah," Setsuna smiled back. "As to the Alien Princess thing... I expect there may be difficulties. Especially with her guardians. But if needed we'll help out."

"Oh gods... meeting them again will be like meeting the fami;y," Nicole sighed.

"Now you know how I felt," Setsuna teased and Nicole laughed.

"I wasn't THAT bad, was I?" Nicole asked, batting her eyes.

"You scared the hell out of me," Setsuna admitted.

To be continued...

Notes: Yes, I got sick of having Kakyuu and Nicole pussyfoot around each other.