Miracle Ride OOO

Chapter 1

Ring lost. Medals gained.

Okay. My second attempt a Miraculous fic. I debated for a bit on which Rider to use for this and until I just decided "Screw it. I'll just go with my favorite Rider of all time." Now a couple things. I will attempt to add in the combos which were made since OOO ended as well as one of my own combos. With said, let's count the medals and... Let's kick it up!


Within the back room of a museum, a young man with blonde hair was tossing and turning on a couch. Within his dreams, he saw flashes of memory. The glares of a white haired man, the look of fear and shame from a girl wearing a red mask with black spots, and finally, a robot which had been all but destroyed and him looking and his own black gloved hand.

"No!" The blonde boy shouted before he shot up. "Just the nightmare again." He stated while trying to catch his breath before he look to see a cup of spilled tea before he took a moment to examine it. "Oh no!" He exclaimed before he ran off.

Meanwhile, two men in security guard uniforms were moving through the storage area.

"You sure that kid will stay out long enough?" One of the men asked.

"Don't worry. He should be out for at least three hours. We have more than enough time for this." The man's partner said.

"You sure about that?" The blonde boy asked from behind them.

Panicked at being caught, the two thieves rushed at the young man, using their mag lights to try and hit him. In response, the blonde grabbed the arm of the first attacker before kicking him in the stomach. He then spin kicked the light from his second attacker's hand before sweeping his legs. He then quickly got the dropped light and used it knock the recovered first man in the chin, causing him to fly in to a nearby sarcophagus before he turned around and threw the light at the second man's head to knock him out.

"Well. I better call the police." The blonde said before he ran out of the room to grab a phone, not noticing that the top of the sarcophagus had turned slightly and the impact had caused a small pile of coins to fall out. The red Hawk themed coin on the top of the silver coins then began to glow before the silver ones formed in to a hand which began to move to the top of the sarcophagus before turning it.

A large explosion then launched the lid and countless coins to be launched from the sarcophagus, several of the coins glowing different colors, the hand grabbing one blue, silver, green, and yellow coin with gold lining before escaping.

"Happy birthday to you." A man clad in a red suit inside and office began to sings as four larger piles of coins rose up and formed in to humanoid bodies. "Happy birthday to you." He continued as the robbers woke up too see a creature with a Rhino-like head and heavy legs, one with black shoulder and gauntlets with white dots and a Cat-like face with a red visor where his eyes should be and yellow growths resembling dreadlocks, one with a green chest guards, two blades coming off each green bracer, and green visor over his insect themed head, and one clearly female one with legs resembling Octopus tentacles, a cyan cape, and blue visor over her Orca themed head. "Happy birthday, dear... Greeed." He continued before the four creatures blasted the wall and began to leave the area. "Happy birthday to you!"

Some time later, the blonde boy, who had changed in to an outfit consisting of black pants, a white shirt, and a long purple vest was standing outside the museum along side a man in a suit.

"So, you say the explosion happened just after you left the room to call the police?" The man in the suit asked, getting a nod from the blonde to nod before the two robbers were wheeled passed them to an ambulance.

"They gonna be okay?" The blonde asked, being informed that the two robbers had simply suffered a few burns and broken bones in addition to the head damage he had done to them and were in to serious danger, gaining a sigh of relief. "So, what caused the explosion? Was it gas?" He asked.

"We're not sure yet. I'll need you're information for some followups if you do." The detective said.

"I don't have a phone and I'm kind of living on the move right now. But my name is Adrian Agreste." The blonde introduced himself.

"Well, Mr Agresste. Call me if you have any more information." The detective said before handing Adrian a card with his info and name, Shingo Izumi, on it. Adrian simply nodded before Shingo walked away and he began to do the same before feeling something and looking down to see another red Hawk coin.

"Huh. I've never seen a coin like this before." Adrian said to himself before simply just shrugging and putting the coin in his pocket, not noticing the hand which had now become red and black, had wings with green tips on its forearm, and had rings on its index and middle fingers.

As the the arm began to follow him two figures watched from the shadows.

"Sure you don't need my help keeping an eye on him?" One of the figures, a woman clad in a skin tight outfit holding an umbrella, asked.

"I'll be fine. You focus those guys in Paris. They need a lot more help than this group will." The other, a young man in lite armor replied, the first onlooker shrugging.

"Well, I suppose you'd know better than anyone." The woman said before turning as a portal opened up. "Call if you need me." She offered before leaving. The young man then moved to the edge of the building he was on before jumping down down, his armor then dissipated in a splash before he walked over to what appeared to be a vending machine and put one of the coins in it before it folded in to a bike with helmet in the seat. He then put the helmet on and rode out, now seen to be clad in a pair of black pants, a long sleeved cyan shirt, a silver, jacket, a blue vest, and a black pair of goggles.


The four monsters had gathered in an abandoned tunnel after their escape where the proceeded to look over themselves.

"I feel funny." The herbivore themed creature said a confused, almost child like tone before being comforted by the aquatic one.

"It looks like we only have half of our Core Medals." The aquatic creature said.

"I think I saw Ankh grabbing some of our Cores when we escaped." The Cat Creature said, eliciting looks of confusion and rage from his companions.

"Ankh, huh?" Well, I'll deal with him." The insect creature said with seething rage in his voice as he walked away from the others.

Inside an upscale jewelry store a woman wearing excessive amounts of jewelry was in the process of buying.

"Gems and gold. A good desire." The insect monster said before taking a coin and throwing it at the woman before a slot appeared in he head as the coin went in. A pitch black creature wrapped in white bandages crawled out of the woman and caused everyone around to panic as it smashed through the glass and began consuming all of the jewelry before it eventually mutated in to a humanoid Mantis monster and leapt out of the store to where the other insect monster was waiting. "Find the core medals." He ordered before the monster nodded and hopped away.

(Back with Adrian)

The blonde was walking alone through the city while lost in his thoughts about the past before he suddenly.

"Why are you following me?" Adrian asked before he turned around to see the arm floating in front of him.

"My Core. Give it back." The hand said, getting a confused look from Adrian. "The red coin you took. It's mine." He explained.

"Oh you mean this." Adrian said before pulling the coin out of his pocket. Just as Adrian was about to hand the Medal to the hand, he felt the hairs stand on the back of his neck before he grabbed the hand by the wrist and rolled out of the way of six energy blades. The two then looked to see the Mantis creature. "Friend of your?" He asked.

"One of Uva's Yummys." The hand said with a growl.

"Ankh. Hand over the Medals." The Yummy said before blasting at the two, Adrian rolling out of the way and Ankh flying in the other direction.

"Okay. Not a friend." Adrien said before grabbing a railing that had been sliced by the energy blade and grabbed it to use as a weapon. He then ran at the Mantis creature only for it to be sliced apart and him to be slapped to where Ankh was. The creature then began to slowly approach the two before before being hit with several gunshots. Adrian then looked behind him to see Shingo aiming his gun at the unfazed monster. "Detective get down!" He called out before the Yummy shot more blades, Shingo barely managing to dodge them only for him to be caught in the explosion of the car behind him.

'No. Not again.' Adrian thought, as flashes of injured people played in his mind once more. 'I won't keep failing to protect people.' He thought before Ankh floated next to him.

"Adrian, right?" Ankh asked, gaining a nod from the blonde. "I have a way to get us out of this." He said before summoning the lock for the sarcophagus and putting it on Adrian's weist before it turned blue, black and silver before a silver belt, with a cylinder on the left side and a circular device on the right appeared from it.

"No. Not that." The Yummt said before trying to rush them only for Ankh to shoot it in the eyes with a blast of fire.

"Put these in the buckle then run the scanner along it." Ankh instructed, holding up the green and yellow Medals he had taken.

"Doesn't look like I have much of a choices." Adrian said before grabbing the Medals and placing them in buckle before tiling it. 'Here I go again.' He thought as he took the scanner and did as Ankh instructed before saying the word "Henshin."

"TAKA! TORA! BATTA! TA TO BA! TATOBA. TA TO BA!" A voice sang out as Adrian found himself coated in black armor with a center emblem depicting pictures Hawk, Tiger, and Grasshopper in their respecting colors, green boot, yellow solderpade, hand pads, and claws, and a red Hawk themed helmet with green compound eyes.

'Okay. That song was weird. But this feels really good.' Adriran thought before the claws folded down and he ran to fight the Yummy. The two of them exchanged several blows, Adrian being able get it in to a flow. He then used the the rhythm to catch the Yummy off guard and stabbed it in the gut before using the jumping power to double kick the Yummy in to a wall.

"Here. Use this." Ankh called out before throwing the silver core Medal to him. Adrian then swapped the Tiger Medal with it before scanning the Medals.

"TAKA! GORILLA! BATTA!" The belt called before the center part of the armor shifted to a silver Gorilla themed part with shoulder pads and massive gloves. He then jumped up high and slammed both of his fists down, shattering the Yummy in to a pile of Medals.

A small distance from the fight. The blue clad boy, having taken off his helmet to reveal brown hair with a blue stripe in it to look at the fight with the telescopic function of his goggles before saying "And so it begins."

(Meanwhile back in the office)

The red suited man was had been watching the fight.

"Splendid! He took to it incredibly!" He exclaimed before turning. "As expected of someone who has earned your respect... Kagami-Chan" He said to a girl with blue hair clad in a black shirt and leggings, a red tartan tie and skirt, and a white Jacket.

"I never expected him to be the one to get that power." Kagami said in awe at Adrian's use of these powers. "I'll go make contact with him, Uncle." She said before a woman in a white outfit and pink jacket handed a long box to her and she walked out.

Kakami's uncle then smiled before he began to sing. "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear... OOO. Happy birthday to you."


Well there you go, guys. I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Really hope to get some feedback on this one. I'm really hopeful for it. Unitl next time and as always... Keep on keeping on.