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"Even the sea is unsettled," Bepo murmured softly as they both stared out into raging waters outside the sub, "Such a fierce storm,"

"An angry energy," Wyn muttered as she leaned into Bepo's side feeling glad that they'd managed to find a sailing pattern that allowed them a somewhat smooth ride.

Both of them winced in tandem as the door slammed open, Shachi shouted as he came rushing in, "Please tell me we're going to reach land soon."

"Not for another few days at least," Bepo answered as they both turned to look at the ginger haired man, "Shachi, what's-"

"Fuck!" Shachi groaned loudly, "We need to find land soon. That last battle with the marines cracked the hull, we patched it up well enough, but with the waters being as the patches are starting to fail,"

"Shit," Was echoed through out the room.

With the recent upset in the world, the Marines had been all the fiercer towards the pirates only for the same treatment to be returned. This had resulted in almost constant battles which often left many of them tired and heavily injured for all that they were highly skilled compared to some of those that tried to come up against them, the latest battle had put them at their witts end though. The battle had been fierce with everyone getting hurt even Law and Wyn due to not one but two vice admirals appearing including the lizard zoan that seemed to have a hard on when it came to fighting the thunderbird. The ship getting damaged wasn't that surprising with all the cannon balls and rocks being tossed about though for the hull to be cracked was alarming as that meant they were in danger even if parts of the ship could be sealed away should the water seeping in be bad enough.

"Wyn?" Bepo looked at her with a frown, "The log pose won't tell us anything. Can you-"

"Maybe," Wyn moved away from Bepo and went to take a seat in the rooms center point, "I've never tried to sense electromagnetic fields underneath the water before. I'll try though,"

"Do it," Bepo gave her a stern look, "We can't stay under for long if the ship's damaged like that,"

Giving him a small nod, Wyn closed her eyes and fell into that sense. It took her a long moment before she could tune into the electromagnetic field of the sub. Extending past it, she felt her head begin to ache though pushed past it as the world around her twisted just a bit. The ocean floor became visible to her alongside the various creatures that lived within it which sent pulses of pain through her skull. Forcing through the pain, she searched for any kind of land mass that they could dock at and found a small one towards the west that looked like a barely there island. With that found, she let that sense drop and felt extremely light headed.

Pressing a hand to her head, Wyn muttered, "I-I found one. F-five miles to the west, i-it's really small, but i-it should work-"

"Wyn!" A hand grasped Wyn's shoulder and her head was sent spinning making nausea well up as they jostled her, "Shit your nose,"

"I-I don't feel so good," Wyn swallowed rapidly as she fought the urge to puke as pin pricks of pain being to roll across her skull, "Shit,"

"Fuck someone go grab Captain," Bepo's voice came from by Wyn's side, "Wyn-Fuck, Hakugan, get the bucket, she's going to-"

Unable to help it, Wyn started to retch, but thankfully a bucket was placed in her lap. When the flow finally stopped, Bepo picked her up carefully as something was pressed against her nose. She groaned at the feeling of being moved and felt her stomach twist on itself though thankfully nothing came up. Hugging her to his chest, Bepo tended to her nose as Hakugan asked, "S-should I start adjusting the course?"

"After Captain's had a chance to check on her," Bepo's voice was a bit distant, "Wyn, can you hear me?" She nodded though immediately regretted it as the world was sent spinning again making her moan in protest, "Easy, Wyn. What happened?"

"I-I don't-," Wyn pressed a hand back against her head feeling it pound, "T-too much,"

A whine left Wyn's throat at the way her head pounded as it felt like Vernon was taking a hammer to her head. Law's voice sounded from beside her as whatever Bepo was using to dab her nose was pulled away, "Wyn-ya, where does it hurt the most?"

"M-my head. It hurts," Wyn practically whined as she struggled to open her eyes.

There was a low murmur around her, Wyn didn't understand any of it. Law spoke softly after a few moments, "Will you be alright if I give you something? It'll make you feel less pain though you might end up going unconscious. Are you alright with that?"

Whimper leaving her, Wyn tried to nod only for the world to go spinning again and the warm tears that she'd only belatedly started to notice falling from her eyes return. She almost screamed out, "Yes. Please just making it stop hurting so bad."

There was a prickling feeling at her neck followed by a rush a coldness, Wyn only really noticed her body beginning to become numb as the pain coming from her head finally started to dissipate. A heady sense of tiredness followed the numbness and she found herself slowly slumping against Bepo as all the strength fled her body. Breath growing heavy, she blinked at Law as he murmured, "Wyn-ya, does that feel better?"

"Mhmm," Wyn struggled against the cloud settling over her mind as she murmured, "I-I feel so heavy...why is everything so heavy?"

Head feeling slightly cloudy as she began to wake up, Wyn's eyes slowly opened to see the infirmary's familiar ceiling and felt a bolt of confusion ripple through her though it passed as the foggy memories of what had occurred before she'd fallen into unconsciousness came into shattered focus with the faint remnants of pain. It was distant enough that she could focus though the unsettling foggy feeling that seemed to have settled over her body made it hard to feel any relief. Shifting as her body sluggishly responded, she slowly started to sit up and belatedly heard someone shouting seconds before a hand was pressing against her shoulder.

Head tilting slowly, Wyn saw Clione giving her a look of concern. He spoke as the fingers on her shoulder clenched somewhat tightly, "Wyn, how are you feeling?"

"Foggy," Wyn's voice was scratchy like she'd been asleep for a long time, "Wha-how long was I-"

"Captain'll be here soon and explain things," Clione released her shoulder, "Do you remember what happened? Anything?"

"I...I used my one ability," Wyn's head ached in a sharp way, "Extended it in ways I've never done before...too far," She pressed a hand to her head at phantom light headedness that followed, "I found...Did we get somewhere safe?"

"Yeah, we did," Clione nodded earning a low sigh from Wyn, "Wyn, you...what happened with your power, it hurt you,"

"I felt it," Wyn closed her eyes, "H-how bad?"

"I...Let captain explain things alright?" Clione's voice was hesitant making Wyn's eyes open as confusion curled through her.

Mouth pulling into a frown, Wyn went to press him only for the man to back away and out of sight. Tired and mind fogged as she was by whatever Law had given her, she couldn't force herself to go after the man. Breathing through her nose in annoyance, she laid back against the bed and let her eyes close once more. She opened them as a scraping sound came from nearby and saw Law approaching the bed. Moving to sit up, she let out a low grunt as he immediately pressed a hand to her shoulder and pushed her back down non-too gently.

"Don't get up," Law gave her a stern look, "Clione-ya shouldn't have let you sit up until I had a minute to actually check you over,"

"Wha-Why?" Wyn asked feeling a bit confused.

"You a very bad seizure," Law's tone was blunt and somewhat cold, "To put it bluntly, Wyn-ya, that trick you pulled with your power nearly fried your brain,"

Going a bit cold at that, Wyn swallowed heavily and stopped the slightly resistant that she'd put up against him having her stay laid back, "Shit."

"Indeed," Law snorted softly, "So I would appreciate it if you'd let me get this exam done sooner rather than later,"

"Y-yeah," Wyn didn't nod since she doubted that Law would appreciate it.

Having to deal with Law's rather thorough medical exam was a tiring though she blamed that on the fact she'd apparently hurt herself, Wyn blinked away spots as Law pulled away the flash light he'd used on her eyes. Nodding to himself, Law spoke as he wrote something down on the chart in his hand, "You've improved quite a bit. Not enough for me to release you from the infirmary, it's good enough that I won't need someone monitoring you constantly."

"That's good, right?" Wyn asked him in a soft tone.

"Yes," Law set down the chart and took off the gloves he'd been wearing, "Now that that's taken care of," Wyn let out a sound of surprise when he pulled her into a tight hug, "Next time you want to experiment with your powers, I will be there. Understood?"

Nodding slowly against his shoulder as she curled her arms around him, Wyn murmured, "Yeah...I'm sorry for worrying you."

"I'll take the worry if it means you're alive," Law grunted at her earning a soft laugh, "Go back to sleep, Bepo will be by with some food in a few hours and I'll get your medication taken care of then,"

"Alright," Wyn released him though Law kept his grip on her for a few moments longer before moving away, "Law?"

Shaking his head, Law stood fully from his position leaning over the side of her bed, "I'll tell you later. Get to sleep, Wyn-ya."

Recovering from the incident with her power took a bit longer than expected even with magic, Wyn took things slow and didn't shift into her Thunderbird for a week even after Law had cleared her. She could tell by the glances she'd caught him giving her during that time that he was pleased by her choices. Everyone tried to baby her a little bit though they weren't that successful especially since she insisted on going into her work room and actually preparing remedies. She'd had to kick out several people for 'checking in' on her outside of the hourly check ins that Law insisted on to ensure she was recovering alright. While it was somewhat irritating, she understood and adapted to the actual check ins as needed.

Head tilting as she took in the winter island they'd found themselves at, Wyn held out a hand and let the snow flakes fall onto her open palm as she glanced towards the dark clouds overhead. Excited chatter sounded behind her as everyone discussed the possibility of having a snowball fight, she turned her head as a door opened revealing Ikkaku. The female mechanic whistled in appreciation at the snow already collecting on top of the deck, "Damn, we might actually manage to have a snow ball fight."

"Should be fun, I haven't had one since-" Wyn's lips twisted into a frown as if she was struggling to remember something, "I...I think it's been awhile,"

"Well, you'll be able to have one with us," Ikkaku clapped a hand on Wyn's shoulder, "This'll be the first one we've actually been on together barring the one where we picked you up,"

"True," Wyn looked back at the island with a slight smile, "Though I might have to ask Law if a snow ball fight is okay..."

"Right," Ikkaku squeezed Wyn's shoulder, "Even if it isn't, we can have plenty of fun doing other things," She dropped her hand with a grin, "I hope it'll take a couple days for the log pose to set. I want to enjoy myself,"

Starting to feel a bit cold, Wyn tugged her jacket a bit tighter over herself feeling glad she'd had the forethought to nab a thick winter jacket off of Shanks' ship before they'd parted. She shook her head, "I will be so very happy when my body finally decides to acclimate to the island's climate."

"You know that a boiler suit would make things so much easier," Ikkaku snickered as Wyn rolled her eyes.

"Not a chance," Wyn turned away from the view ahead of them, "I am going to warm myself up while we're heading towards the dock,"

Getting permission to join the snowball fight went fine though Law warned them that Wyn was to pace herself and come inside if anything felt wrong, she quickly agreed and was dragged into the somewhat massive snowball fight that quickly spawned. It transformed rather quickly from a playful snowball fight between crewmates to one that involved almost the entire town they docked in after some kids and teenagers joined in. Backing off as the cold got to her, she slipped into the inn they were staying as the Log-Pose was taking over a week and a half to set. Stamping the snow from her boots and shaking it from her clothes, she quickly headed to the bar/kitchen area to grab a cup of hot-chocolate before going to take a seat in the common area.

Finding Law sitting on one of the couches with a rather thick medical text, Wyn smiled slightly and moved to sit next to him. She spoke as he jolted a bit when she'd settled into the couch beside him, "I've had enough of the cold."

"Considering the fact it's practically emanating from you, I can understand," Law reached out to tug at a slightly curly part of her bang and she rolled her eyes, "It was quite loud for a bit,"

"They managed to drag the town into it," Wyn snickered at the surprised look Law gave her, "A couple teenagers and kids joined up first only for things to spiral from there," She took a sip of her hot chocolate and sighed deeply as heat finally started to seep back into her body, "I managed to hit pretty much everyone on the crew. Bepo's a fucking ninja even with that orange suit of his,"

Chuckling at that, Law shook his head as he curled an arm around her shoulders earning a surprised look, "He's always been sneaky especially when it comes to the snow."

"Law?" Wyn looked at him with a questioning gaze.

"You need warmed up," Law shrugged his shoulders while pulling her closer, "And this is more comfortable for both of us,"

"I...I guess," Wyn slowly leaned into his side and found herself relaxing into the warmth of his body.

Legs shifting to curl up on the couch as she shifted to get a bit more comfortable, Wyn finished off her cup of hot-chocolate though didn't make a move to get up as she laid her head on Law's shoulder. Setting her empty mug onto the coffee table, she hesitated before wrapping an arm around Law's waist. Contentment settled in as her eyes started to slip close, she soon found herself dozing as the only sounds within the room were the fire place and the turning page of Law's book.

There was a slight buzzing in Wyn's ears that she really couldn't ignore even as the warmth of her dreams called, she shifted and let out a low groan feeling her neck twinge at the movement. Steadily waking as her neck continued to ache and she realized that her shoulder was aching, she slowly opened her eyes and spotted a blurry mass of lilac not far away. Blinking slightly at that, she tried to figure out what that was even as a somewhat large blob of orange and white came into view. Rubbing at her eyes as sleep steadily lost it's hold on her, she realized with a slight jolt she'd fallen asleep in the common area of the inn they were staying in.

Pushing herself to sit up, Wyn yelped as she was quickly pulled back against something rather warm and her face flushed as a low groan sounded right above her head. Law groaned softly as he muttered, "Go back to sleep, Wyn-ya."

"Holy fuck," Shachi's voice came from right where she'd seen that lilac blur.

"I told you!" Penguin hissed loudly, "I fucking told-"

"Shut the fuck up," Ikkaku hissed at them, "Wyn's awake,"

"Oh shit," Was muttered by the entire crew as Wyn's face turned the same color as Shanks' hair.

"Wyn-" Bepo's voice was soft.

"Leave us be," Law ordered in a rather sour tone as his grip on her waist lightened enough for her to get free, "If you cannot allow us to nap in peace while being in the same room, you can leave,"

With loud yelps, everyone scattered save for Bepo who shifted about a little. He spoke as Wyn quickly stood from the couch, "Captain, Wyn, are you two together?"

"Yes," Law slowly sat up and ran a hand through his messy hair, "I would have preferred it if this would've remained a secret for a bit longer if only for Wyn-ya sake, but-"

"Shit happens," Wyn finished for him earning an eyeroll from Law.

Bepo surprised Wyn by pulling her into a tight hug, "I'd thought that was what was going on, but didn't want to press. I'm happy that you're happy. You're happy, right?"

Bepo looked between Law and Wyn with a careful look only to recieve two nods in return. Wyn patted his back, "We're both happy, Bepo."

"Good," Bepo set her down, "I'll go make sure they don't annoy you two for a bit,"

Giving them a light smile and wave, Bepo headed off towards the stair case where everyone had pretty much fled. Wyn rubbed at her face, "Well...we didn't exactly plan to keep it a secret forever."

"No," Law eyed her, "Are you alright?"

"Just startled," Wyn let out a sheepish laugh, "I almost transformed into my smallest form to try and hide myself. All because this startled me," She blinked as he held out a hand though took it and let him pull her to the couch they'd been napping on, "Are you alright? With what happened?"

"While I would have preferred it to have happened because they figured it out on their own without something like that as a key indicator, I am pleased," Law wrapped his arm around her waist, "After all, it means that I will be able to show more affection towards you barring when we're in hostile areas,"

Cheeks flushing at that, Wyn pressed a kiss to his cheek before asking, "How long do you think we were asleep for?"

"Merely an hour though you were asleep for a bit longer than I was," Law replied before chuckling as her stomach rumbled, "Hungry?"

"Always," Wyn pulled away from him, "Want to go hunting for a restaurant to eat at?"

"Might as well, we should stop at the bookshop just off the main road on our way back," Law stood up as she did the same, "I need to get more medical texts,"

"I think there was a herbal shop next to the bookshop, so I'll definitely have to stop in there afterward," Wyn headed towards the door with Law at her side as they pulled their coats on, "While I'm not running low on anything, I'd like to see if they've got anything island specific,"