Author: Catgurl83

Title: Shocking News

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Rating: G

Author's notes: This is it; the end. Or at least the end of this story. There will most likely be a sequel soon.

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Ruthie looked around her hospital room. The cards were gone from the dresser and walls. All of her games had been taken from the room. A bag sat at the foot of the bed filled with clothes, toiletries, and other items.

This had been her room for months now. The hospital had been her home during that time. She'd gotten used to it, become attached in a weird sort of way.

Now, she got to go home. She'd get to spend tonight in her own bed for the first time in three months. Oh how she'd missed her bed. The hospital bed just wasn't comfortable.

She'd miss the hospital to a certain extent. She'd become close to a few of the nurses and volunteers and had made friends with some of the other children who were patients here. But she was glad to be leaving.

She was looking forward to seeing the twins, her grandparents, Peter, and all of her friends. It had been so long since she'd seen them in person.

The door opened and her mother stepped into the room. "We've filled the paperwork out. Are you ready to go?"

Ruthie stood. It felt so good to finally be wearing jeans and a T-shirt again. She'd spent the last three months wearing either an ugly hospital gown or a pair of pajamas. She knew that a lot of people thought that it'd be cool to just lounge around in pajamas all day. She had news for them; it got old and uncomfortable real fast. "Oh yeah," she answered.

Her father stepped into the room followed by a nurse. The young nurse was pushing a wheel chair.

Ruthie grimaced. "Do I have to?"

Tina, the nurse, smiled cheerfully. "Yep. Hospital policy. All patients must leave in a wheel chair."

Ruthie sighed in resignation as sat in the chair and leaned back. Her parents grabbed her things and they were off.


"Will they be home soon?" David asked from the window.

"They'll be home anytime," Simon answered patiently.

"They need to hurry," Sam whined.

"I'm sure that they are," Matt assured his brother.

The room lapsed back into silence.

Mary glanced around. A 'welcome home' banner hung on the wall. They had made it that morning in order to keep the boys busy. The banner had been done in a variety of colors. The twins had drawn all sorts of animals all over the butcher paper.

Flowers from friends and family were interspersed throughout the room. They lent a sweet fragrance to the room.

The odors of some of Ruthie's favorite food wafted in from the kitchen.

The twins jumped up and ran toward the foyer. "They're here!" David called over his shoulder in case anyone hadn't guessed.

Everyone else followed the boys to the door but at a slower pace.

Sam had already pulled the door open and both twins had run out onto the porch.

Matt watched as his father helped Ruthie out of the car. She still looked weak but she was so much better than she had been. And she looked happier than she'd looked in months.

As Ruthie took in the sight of so many of her loved ones standing on the front porch of the home that she loved so much, her face lit with a bright smile.

Ruthie walked up the path as quickly as her parents would allow her to. Once she stood on the porch, the twins wrapped themselves around her legs. She chuckled.

She hugged Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Sarah, Kevin, and her grandparents.

Her eyes fell on the baby in Sarah's arms. As her eyes misted, she asked, "May I hold her?"

"Of course," Sarah gently placed her daughter in Ruthie's arms, her own eyes filling with tears.

"Hi Charlie," Ruthie said to the one-year-old. "Do you remember me? I'm your Aunt Ruthie." She kissed her head. "Thank you for saving my life," she whispered.

A tear trickled down Sarah's face. She was so glad that she'd allowed Charlie to be tested, that she'd allowed the transplant.

Charlie still in Ruthie's arms, the group made their way inside so that Ruthie could sit down. She still got tired very easily but she was going to be okay.

As she entered the house, Mary stopped in the foyer. After she was sure that everyone had passed by and couldn't see her, she pulled something from her pocket.

Opening the envelope, she dumped the shredded remains of the letters that Ruthie had written into the trashcan. "Thank you God," she whispered before joining her family.