Book one in "of curses and daydreams" series

NORAH FITZGERALD grew up with high expectations upon her shoulders, as should she. Sired under an old bloodline and an even older catastrophic destiny that seemed to catch up sooner or later with every Fitzgerald that seemed to be born, she knew her path would always be deep intertwined with the curse that fell within her heritage – for not a single Fitzgerald has ever lived without despair, as power always came with a price, didn't it?

Every family has their own traditions, Norah supposed, if they're old and conservative as half the remaining magic bloodlines. After decades and decades of a surviving surname, there's bond to be some stories, traditions, little things to be passed down onto your children, an immaterial heritage powerful in the ways of memory. Unfortunately, for her, the Fitzgerald family had a slightly more concerning tradition than most.

She didn't know when had started. Maybe centuries ago, when magic itself made the way into humans; maybe a little after, when the first Fitzgerald bought a land in England and built his family upon bones, blood, and forbidden magic. She just didn't know, because honestly – what difference makes if you know when a curse started to run into your family?

Norah never met her grandparents. That was the thing about Fitzgeralds – they never lived long. Ever since she was born, she knew – like she knew the sky was blue and the sun can burn eyes – that she would be dying young, consumed by the powers brought into her bloodline by some ancestor whose name had been lost – or erased – in the genealogic tree they kept in the living room. She knew her life had been downed by the moment she was born – because no Fitzgerald lived enough – and her destiny was to walk knowingly into an early grave. A ticking clock, a deadline upon her head and her dad and her brother, all of them who shared a single drop of Fitzgerald blood.

Such a burden for young shoulders, would she think much later – not now. Because now, she has this dead set idea on her mind to do the best she could with her soon to be broken life, until the universe resorted to require of her the debt of her blood. She loved deeply, cried loudly and often, preferred to apologize over to ask for permission. What was to fear, when destruction is yourself, after all?

But when she lay her eyes upon a boy under a completely different curse, she suddenly understands that poison can came with many different layers, and debt can be paid by many means. What she never expected was to fall, again and again and again, until her heart is shattered.

and right there where we stood

was holy ground


but this one is already finished since... 2019 I think? But i never got the courage of doing anything with it so well. let's go. updating when i have time to proof-read some monsters chapters (i should find a beta, truly) but yeah
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