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Mob Boss

Chapter One - The Offer

Bella Cullen

I climbed the elegant and newly constructed marble staircase which led up to the south wing of our Seattle beach house. My new manoloblahnik white satin jewel buckle pumps clicked against the smooth even surface of each step. The guard posted just below the staircase was no doubt getting quiet the tasty view given I had left my thong in my bedroom and was now completely naked beneath my white satin robe, a view that would no doubt cost him his job should Edward ever learn of it. The hem of my robe barely reached half way down my thighs which were freshly waxed for Edward to enjoy. We were on day five of our vacation to Seattle and I hadn't seen him since the night we arrived. Edward had treated me to only the best, he had the crew on our private jet have our champagne on ice for us arriving along with chocolate coated strawberries. After that they plugged in their earplugs and were paid generously to stay behind the cabin curtain for the duration of the flight. During which Edward introduced me to the mile high club and multiple orgasms thirty thousand feet in the air, what made it all the more delicious was the fact that I kept my heels on for the entire flight. However since we landed on our chopper upstairs, Edward had been absorbed with work denying me the romantic getaway he had promised me. I had waited long enough and was now on my way to confront him.

As I rounded the top of the stairs I looked down the long lit hallway of the south wing finding two of Edward's most trusted henchmen posted at either side of his office door. I held my head high as I made my way towards them, both Marco and Dante careful to keep their eyes to the ceiling and not look at me in my robe, knowing what would be the consequence if they did. Both of them were dressed in their typical black Armani suits, with matching ear pieces and no doubt at least four if not five guns on each of their person. When I got close enough Marco opened the door for me and I stepped inside finding Edward on the phone. There was an unwritten rule that no matter what Edward might be doing that I was never to be denied access to him, even if he was in the middle of business, no door was shut off to me as his wife. Many families Edward and I had been introduced to since we entered this new lifestyle did not have the same rules, Edward and I knew what worked best for us and we ensured that the staff understood this.

The air conditioning was on so high all over the house that my nipples were practically piercing through the thin material of my robe. But there was no controlling the growing moisture between my thighs that only the sight of Edward could bring. I watched his eyes travel down my body all the way to my heels making him smirk in delight of it. The heels were a gift from him, after years of being a total uncoordinated klutz Edward had a team of specialist correct the issue and fix my alignment which helped correct my balance. Now that walking in heels was only a mere discomfort and a not complete impossibility I wore them more often, although I would always find true comfort in my flats. However seeing the look in Edward's eye whenever he saw me in heels, it always made me pulse below.

Edward remained on the phone as he watched me reach for the ribbon of my robe, undoing the knot effortlessly before raising both hands between my breasts and parting the robe open to reveal my naked body beneath. I made my way towards him before Edward could say a word about it, taking my time to make sure I punished him, swaying my hips side to side before reaching up and parting my hair to one side making Edward lick his lower lip at the sight. I walked carefully in my heels around his desk taking in the sight of him studying my body like he was seeing it for the very first time. Edward didn't flinch or hang up the phone as I sunk to my knees before him and reached for the buckle of his belt. I wasted no time in unzipping him and lowering his black Calvin Klein boxers just enough to reveal his hardening cock beneath. Without even a hint of pubic hair Edward's shaft was most woman's idea of perfection, large in both girth and size, a beautiful pink colour with pre cum oozing out of the top at just the sight of his wife.

Edward sunk down slightly in his heavily padded black leather chair with the phone close to his ear as his hand rested on the top of my head as I pulled myself over his lap and wrapped my mouth around him. I got his attention by taking in as much of him as I could in that first suck, causing Edward to take a great fistful of my hair in response. Feeling more pre cum escape him and lubricate up my mouth I began to work him, sucking him hard almost catching my breath, my left hand reaching down to cup and tease both of his balls as my right hand worked the base of him as my mouth took care of the tip. I gagged a little making Edward sink further down in his chair encouraging me to go further as he remained on his telephone call. I looked up at him then, teasing him for staying on the phone by releasing my mouth and wiping the corners of my mouth refusing to finish. Edward bit his lower lip and gave me a wink while continuing his phone call in Italian, he reached forward and brushed his fingers across my chin before tracing my lower lip.

I quickly found myself returning to him, this time Edward reached his hand down my back until he cupped my left ass cheek, gripping it and giving it a spank before caressing my breast too. His hand however returned to the back of my head as I bobbed up and down, my eyes filling with tears as I continued to attempt to take him in fully and being unsuccessful, I had a very sensitive gag reflex and Edward's size was just god like. I wanted to please him and found my efforts made his cock twitch inside my mouth, especially when I gave both balls a small squeeze. Edward got off the phone just seconds before he exploded in my mouth, I swallowed of course and had him watch as I wiped the corners of my mouth again before raising to my feet.

I turned around to retrieve my robe and Edward spanked my ass making me smile, I collected my robe and made my way over to the two chairs in front of his desk. Crossing my legs as he buckled his trousers.

"Thanks, baby" Edward said as he sunk his head into the back of the chair trying to catch his breath.

"You've not stopped working since we got here" I complained

"I know and I know we have plans to go out tomorrow. I won't cancel"

"You've cancelled other plans already"

"We'll go out on the boat tomorrow, I promise. We'll swim and I'll leave my phone back at the house"

I fixed my hair a bit before I asked.

"Who was on the phone?"

"An old acquaintance from Rome. There are rumours Aro is taking on a forth wife"

"Well we won't be attending that wedding"

"We will"


"No Bella I mean it. If we are invited to the ceremony we will go. It's time Aro be aware of his dwindling power here in the states"

"He only invites us to get under our skin. He's so proud of the fact that he believes he can equally love all of his wives"

"He doesn't have what we have and it infuriates him"

There was a knock on the door and Marco entered looking only to Edward and not me like I wasn't even there.

"Mr Cullen. We have to leave now Sir if you want to make your meeting"

Edward thanked him and he excused himself quickly enough. I made my way back to Edward, taking a seat on his lap as he caressed my thighs.

"You still haven't told me what you want for your birthday"

"Bella, I'd rather not celebrate it. There's a lot I want to do here in Seattle we might not even make it back to Forks in time"

"Yes we will I promised your parents. So if you don't think of something you want then I'll just have to come up with something myself"

"What more could I possibly want?"

With that Edward kissed my forehead.

It was true Edward and I had acquired a great deal in the short length of time we had been married. The beach house was just one of many properties I was planning to convince Edward into remodelling over the next year or so, after I saw the work put into the beach house I wanted all of our additional properties to be brought to the same standard if not better. The walls were all a crisp white with gold trim and new marble floors in every room of the house. For some it might appear cold and minimal but for Edward and I it was exactly what we were looking for. There were eight bedrooms in total, all with en suite bathrooms and walk in closets, a fully fitted kitchen, a wine cellar, a games room that featured pool room in the back, a sauna and stream room, a heated pool with a Jacuzzi mounted in the centre, there were four sitting rooms total, a bar room which featured balcony doors that led you right down to our private beach area where we had four white oak beach cabanas fitted featuring white wrap around curtains and a thousand thread count sheets, jet skis, our 200 foot yacht which Edward had named 'The Isabella' and a private pool house in which our security detail monitored the surrounding areas.

Edward had brought us up to the level of elegance in which we now lived with daily. After I miscarried our baby girl soon after our honeymoon something changed within him and I didn't know how to make him happy again. It had been a long road for both of us from that day to this, Edward hadn't become a mobster over night, at first it began so simply, doing a few favours here and there for a few old friends and it grew from there. Yes it terrified me at first but Edward needed something after we lost the baby, he needed a distraction and after Aro showed up in Forks wanting answers about why I was still human, Edward seemed to just lose it. He wanted power, he wanted everything that Aro had and he wanted it for himself, to be so powerful that he struck the same fear into Aro's heart that he had with ours.

As I watched Edward leave I couldn't help but wonder if he truly wanted everything that Aro had including additional wives. He knew a few men in the life who had wives but also girlfriends, especially men who wanted to grow large families as to increase their power for future generations.

No Edward would never cheat on me I knew that in my soul and yet the idea was rather enticing, building onto the Cullen family however we could to ensure Aro wouldn't show up again at our front door.

All kinds of vampires were after Aro now, some that had been in hiding for years, Aro had kept a secret very close to his chest, a secret that up until my pregnancy was but a mere rumour. It turns out vampires were indeed capable of having children after all, Aro had kept the secret as to how for years. Both vampires had to feed purely on animals, that's why Edward and I had almost had our baby. He hadn't drank human blood for years.

And with a whispered rumour going around that Aro's first wife maybe pregnant now, I was growing all the more desperate about finding ways to help Edward strengthen our family.

Maybe having a baby of our own wasn't enough to strike fear into Aro's heart. Not that it was a good reason at all to have a baby. The truth was Edward and I hadn't even discussed attempting to have another baby and perhaps there was a reason for that. Perhaps now wasn't the best time for Edward to become a father, he was very focused on growing our empire and sometimes I felt like even I wasn't enough to keep him level. Perhaps it was time we tried something different all together...


Edward's birthday was just a few days away and I had been wracking my brains trying to come up with something to get him. I wanted to surprise him, I wanted the perfect gift that would take his breath away, the only trouble was Edward already seemed to possess every treasure in this world. I couldn't bare the thought of disappointing him with a lacklustre gift, he had been so good to me since we got married, he had spoiled me with first edition novels, luxury trips and even beautiful jewels. I knew deep down he never cared for birthdays, we were on the same page when it came to the ideas of parties and celebrations into the early morning hours. We could both do without them and had on many occasions slipped out quietly together from any parties to just enjoy the night air together and be alone. During Emmett's birthday celebrations last year we had both snuck off into the forest, Edward had carried me on his back to the top of a mountain where we made love under the stars. This year however was to be very different indeed, this was Edward's a hundred and tenth birthday and we all intended to make just the right amount of fuss. Which for the Cullen family meant lavish luxury and inviting everyone they knew to join the celebrations, no humans would be invited to the party of course, that way the vampires could move around freely and join the merriment of conversations without the worry prying human ears.

Edward had been so busy throughout our trip that I had spent a lot of time alone wondering the city. With so much free time on my hands my mind began to wonder about the feud between Edward and Aro. I loved Edward with all my heart and I knew how much he loved me, and until our trip I had never even considered the possibility that he might introduce another person into our marriage. Many men in the mafia had separate families, it was just how things were in this line of work and Edward and I even knew a few of these families ourselves. Aro had gotten married just mere weeks after Edward and I returned from our honeymoon and it wasn't long before he took his second wife and then his third. I had saw photographs of each of the wives, Edward had connections in Italy who were able to snap a few shots of them at a distance while they attended events with Aro. Each wife was more beautiful then the last, all of them vampires of course and all of them no older than twenty five. From what I had heard Aro did indeed have a relationship with each wife, their marriages weren't for the public but rather of love. There was even footage of Aro engaging in rather rough sex with his third wife, in which you see Aro giving it to her from behind while spanking her repeatedly to her delight. His third wife was stunning, in the footage she was wearing a liberty crotchless body lingerie, with a halter neck, lace panelling detail and black elastic strapping across her bust and hips and to make it all the sexier, a crotchless thong cut back. I'd never watched porn before in my life, the footage was a mere joke to Edward and his brothers but to me it was indescribable. There was a moment in which he's giving it to her hard and she's nearing another orgasm when she begs, practically pleads for him to go down on her and when he finally does, her eyes roll into the back of her head in just a few mere seconds before her arms buckled under her as she surrendered to him. She like I had participated in sex in which she kept her heels on from start to finish.