Prologue: A Desperate Chance

It was dark. Most people were asleep. Others were wishing that they were. The night seemed peaceful. Heighten View Terrace, a city unaware.

Suddenly the silence was broken. A man ran down the streets. In his hands he carried a small circular object. His blonde hair was kept in a ponytail. A long white robe covered his body. He stopped, breathing heavily. The man glanced towards an apartment building. It was tall, too tall.

Out of nowhere, a monster formed. He resembled a joker, except much larger. Orange hair stuck straight from a black and white mask. An evil grin was fixed on his face. "Admit it, Genai, you just can't win." Piedmon sneered.

"You're wrong, Piedmon, the light always pieces the darkness, always." Genai gasped. He broke into a mad dash up the staircase. Why couldn't the apartment be on the bottom story? Finally Genai reached his destination. The man glanced behind him, Piedmon was hot on his trail.

As fast as he could, Genai turned the doorknob. Inside, the apartment echoed the outside. A light streamed from an entrance to the bathroom. Genai ducked under the couch.

Young Tai Kamiya dragged himself out of it. He sleepily rubbed his eyes. His goggles were fixed on his head, as usual. Tai mumbled and stopped.

Come on.I don't have time for this. Genai checked the orb he held. It was still okay, the life of both worlds depended on it. The digicore glowed in the moonlight.

~* Flash back ~* The room was huge. Though it was perfect for the inhabitants. They wore robes of ivory. The Entities of Light sat in a large and perfect circle. Suddenly a huge argument broke out. "We must destroy the dark spores!" One shouted.

"Forget that, we should be worrying about the Dark Masters!" Another retorted.

"What about the Digimon Sovereigns! Can't they take care of it?"

"Yeah!" All the Entities agreed.

Suddenly the entrance burst open. Piedmon, Machinedramon, MetalSeadramon, and Puppetmon stormed in. The clown stepped forward. " I regret to inform you, but the Sovereign can no longer protect you."

Puppetmon added, "yeah! They were wimps too!"

".So easy to defeat" Machinedramon sneered. After saying that, they attacked every Entity. All were deleted. The Dark Masters took off with the crests, the digieggs, and the digivices. Though they made a mistake. They left one Entity wounded, but alive.

Genai crawled out of the rubble. He leaped into a robot and chased after his enemies. The man managed to nab the digivices and the digieggs. Unfortunately, Genai couldn't save himself. Piedmon caught him with a dark spore.

~* End Flash back ~*

That was the reason Genai was here; to deliver the digicore to the right person. Kari Kamiya. Though he only had a few minutes left as his younger self. If Genai didn't make it back to the Digital world, he would become old and strange looking. Soon the police would stop him, and he'd never accomplish his mission. Genai's patience ran out. He took some white powder out of his robe. The substance threw Tai into unconsciousness. Carefully stepping past the boy, Genai entered the bedroom.

Inside lay the recipient of the orb. That caused Genai to experience another memory.

~* Flash back ~*

Kari stuck her head under her bunk bed. Her brother Tai followed her. At the other end, stood what appeared to be a black bubble with eyes and ears. As usual, Tai came up with a brave plan. He threw his goggles at it. Suddenly a burst of bubbles threw Tai across the room. The creature started "singing" and more bubbles emerged from his mouth. Young Kari started whistling along with it. Soon the whole room was filled with bubbles.

Later on, Kari and her brother found themselves outside. They seemed to be fighting a losing battle with their new friend Greymon. He was terribly injured, almost dying. Kari tried to whistle Greymon from sleep, but she kept coughing. Finally Tai snatched the whistle from her and blew loudly. It was then that Greymon found the strength to beat Parrotmon.

~* End Flash back ~*

Little did Kari know, but that was only a test. She and her brother passed. Kari was perfect to the Bearer of the Core. Tai was suited to be a leader.

Suddenly Piedmon interrupted Genai's thoughts. The clown burst through the window, and part of the wall. Without warning, he grabbed Genai. His digicore fell out of his hand.

"No." Genai screamed. Then something unexpected happened. Kari woke up. She rubbed her eyelids. Little Kari picked up the digicore.

"What's this?' She asked herself.

"Give that to me!" Piedmon growled.

Kari screamed and moved away. Suddenly the digicore found it's way into her chest. It put Kari back to sleep.

"I'll have my revenge Genai. Don't worry, I'll make sure that anyone, including that girl, who interferes with my plan will be destroyed." He sneered.