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Deathful Darkness Chapter 9: Sadie Hawkins

The fog finally abandoned it's captive, Willis's farm. It left in a hurry, forsaking the land for its home in the Dark Ocean. At last the Sun could warm the living things below it. Once again birds in the air sang their songs, and the fields of grass danced in the breeze. Plants soaked up the sunlight eager to grow again.

Among these was a single oak tree. It was shorter than most, though that didn't matter. The tree had the roundest and fullest branches, providing the best shade on a warm day. This was one of those prized, restful morninngs. For two creatures basked in the oak's glorious shade.

Merlin, back to his feline self, rested his head on Jael's arm. The girl was sleeping now, unconscious, but alive. Her slow, deep breaths shook Merlin's fur. Though he didn't mind. This simple act brought him more satisfaction, knowing that his best friend was safe and unharmed.

A hand brushed his white coat gently. Merlin glanced up. Jael was awake, smiling down at him. Her eyes were still glazed with sleepiness. 'She doesn't realize what happened yet.' The cat thought as he started to purr.

Jael gazed at her friend dreamily. For the first time in her life, she really felt at peace. Her father was no longer there to abuse her. Piedmon for some strange reason had stopped tormenting her. 'I wonder what he did with them.' The girl pondered. It had been several hours since Jael had left the barn. Then she noticed her foggy memory. Something happened after that, but what? 'Running, I was running...river...bridge.' Suddenly Jael remembered Tai's face flooded with tears looking down at her.

"It's her!" Someone called out.

The raven hared girl snapped into alertness. Her head turned to watch some figures stumble up the hill. Then Jael jerked into a standing position as Merlin was thrown from her lap. She slowly backed away and down the other side of the mound. Unfortunately Jael wasn't paying attention to what was behind her. Jael lost her footing and rolled down to the bottom.

Once she stopped, Jael slowly glanced up. In front if her were the other half of the Chosen team. They stared down at the girl with resentment. Jael gulped as she stood up and searched for another way of escape. There was none, and now she was completely surrounded by the Digidestined. Directly across from Jael was a furious Gatomon.

She pounced, baring her claws. "Lightning Paw!"

"Gatomon stop!" Kari cried as she watched in horror of what was about to happen.

Jael flinched, waiting for the pain to hit. Then out of nowhere Merlin stood in the way of the attack. His white and orange fur fazed in and out like static, and he disappeared. At first it seemed like sand circling in a tiny dust devil. More dust began to accumulate as light started to streak from it. Suddenly the transformation was complete.

Gatomon's eyes went wide as she realized who it was. She hung her paws at her sides, no longer wanting to fight. The digimon's green eyes gazed back her with sincerity. "Gatomon, it's been so long."

"I know. But what are you doing Wizardmon? She's a servant of Piedmon!" Gatomon replied tears forming in her eyes.

"Please listen to what I have to say."

The digidestined nodded. Meanwhile Jael relaxed a little knowing that the digimon that had saved her life so many times before; was doing it again. Wizardmon turned and glanced at the girl. An unspoken conversation passed between them. In the end they both agreed that Wizardmon would be the spokesperson, especially since the Digidestined respected him. Jael sat down. 'This is going to take a while.' She thought.

Wizardmon cleared his throat. "After Piedmon was defeated, you sent him to the Dark Ocean. It took him ages, but eventually he regained his data. Then Piedmon defeated the former Undersea Master, Dragomon, and took the army of Scubamon for his own. Though he discovered that it wouldn't be enough. Piedmon needed more power from the Darkness, and it needed souls to feed on. To do this he found Jael and stole her away from the dump she was living in. Jael soon realized the price for her 'freedom'; she was bound to Piedmon forever. From then on, she did the Dark Master's bidding, luring boys in their teens into her grasp. Next Jael broke their hearts, sending them to the Dark Ocean." The wizard digimon caught his breath while placing his hand on Jael's shoulder.

"But Wizardmon, how did you get involved in this mess? I thought you had been deleted years ago?" Gatomon questioned with concern.

"I was. Myotismon sent my data to the Dark Ocean, like he did with his other servants who betrayed him. My data remained there for what seemed like ages and then I was slowly able to digivolve back into my champion level. Then I found Jael. She had lost her own battle with depression. The girl sat in a fetal position and was trying to numb her pain. Darkness, needing a soul to feed on, came towards her. As quickly as I could, I gave her strength to move on. From that day, I always followed her in the Real World, as a small cat."

While Wizardmon was talking, Jael remained in a sitting position, staring at the ground. She felt like her very soul was on a plate, and the Digidestined were picking it apart piece by piece. Mystery was part of who Jael was, it made her uncomfortable when others had known her secrets. It was like being Piedmon's slave all over again. Just remembering him sent shivers up Jael's spine.

Then something broke off her thoughts. Another hand was resting on left her shoulder. The palm wasn't gloved, so Jael knew it couldn't be Wizardmon's. Jael turned her head to see whom it belonged to. Her gaze met that of Tai Kamiya. A gentle smile was on his face. His eyes shown with love instead of a dazed lust.

"Aren't you supposed to hate me by now?" Jael whispered, attempting to keep everyone else from hearing.

"How could I? I probably would've done the same thing if I were working for Piedmon. Besides, Wizardmon isn't protective of just anyone. If he likes you, then so do I." Tai answered gently.

Jael's body shook a little as she tried to fight the tears forming in her eyes. 'Tai forgave me and I've been so horrible towards him.' Two more hands came towards her. One rested on Tai's shoulder while the other settled on her right. She glanced to her right and Tai's left. There were Kari and T.K., both with merciful expressions on their faces. Gradually most of the Digidestined had all connected themselves in an almost complete circle. Only Matt and Willis were left. 'Of course. Willis and me have always hated each other. And Matt...was first to realize what I was up to.'
Matt made eye contact with T.K. When their silent conversation was finished, the older brother joined the circle. It seemed that T.K. was able to convince him to pardon Jael's mistakes. Then only Willis remained. His arms were folded as he managed to glare at the raven hared girl across from him Willis looked around, and then finally relented.

"There's no way I'm going to be the only one not to forgive you." Willis stated, forcing himself to smile. "Even if you don't deserve it." He muttered under his breath as he completed the circle.

A digivice landed in Jael's hand. Her eyes went wide in shock. "Willis is right, I don't deserve this." Then came an awkward moment of silence. Jael continued to study the blades of grass, unable to meet the gaze of anyone present. Finally a voice broke the stillness.

"Well, are we going to stand here all day? I'm getting hungry, and if you guys don't start moving soon, I'll leave and raid the fridge!" Terriermon exclaimed from his perch on Willis's shoulder.

"We better go guys, I'm getting hungry myself, and I don't want Terriermon eating every crumb in my house." Willis suggested.

"Not if I don't eat it first!" Davis retorted cheerfully.

The rest of the Digidestined shook their heads as they followed Willis towards his house. Veemon and Terriermon soon made it a race to see who reached it first. T.K. slung his arm around Kari's shoulder, despite the teasing looks on their brothers' faces. Catherine strode beside Davis her arms folded angrily. Meanwhile the goggle-head watched her in confusion. Yolie nearly dragged Ken behind her as he tried to keep up. Cody had a pleasant conversation with Armordilamon. Lagging behind the rest, Jael glanced at her digivice with wonder.

Once inside Willis made some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The Digidestined devoured them eagerly, hungry after their "trip" to the Dark Ocean. When she finished, Catherine pounded her way towards Davis. She glared at him angrily while Davis stared back stupefied. He stood up as Catherine neared his side of the large table.

"Did I say something to make her mad?" Davis whispered into Veemon's ear.

"I don't know Davish, but I think she looks she's going to punch ya in the face." The blue digimon answered.

Catherine took hold of Davis's shirt collar, as if she was meant to strangle him. Though the French girl did the opposite. Moments later Catherine was kissing the goggled boy. Davis's instant of joy didn't last long. For Catherine slapped him across the cheek seconds later.

"How could you be so thick in the head?" The blonde accused with her usual accent.

Davis remained shocked, blushing madly as he rubbed his sore cheek. Once Kari realized what was happening, she burst out laughing. T.K. poked her in the side questioningly. Kari whispered the comical thought in his ear. Then he too began to giggle.

"T.K., what's so funny?" Patamon asked.

"It was...Davis...she was after...all this time!" T.K. gasped in between chains of sniggers.

All focus in the room turned to the couple. They stared at T.K. and Kari with perplexity. Once everyone caught on to what he meant, they too began to giggle. Meanwhile Davis's face turned a deeper scarlet. He couldn't say anything but he did force himself to stare into Catherine's fiery but gentle eyes.

The Digidestined were so distracted, that they didn't become aware of someone entering the room. She waited until she was certain Matt wasn't paying attention. Then she landed a kiss on his cheek. Matt circled till he was facing his girlfriend Sora. He smiled as he wrapped his arm around her waist.

"I should've known you'd try something like that." The blonde stated playfully.

Sora didn't hesitate before she replied, "When I received your message, I got a flight here as soon as I could."

"I thought you were in Paris for three weeks!" Matt exclaimed.

"I was, but Mom checked the messages every couple days." Sora explained, blushing slightly.

Before Matt could respond, a timid voice addressed the redhead. " it really you?"

It was the girl with raven hair. Sora studied her carefully, trying to arrange her face with a familiar name. 'Deep green eyes, ebony tresses, shorter than normal...' The redhead calculated the features in her mind. Then it came to her. "Jael...Jael Sankyo?"

"It's me alright. I haven't seen you in so long!" Jael answered as she caught Sora in a friendly embrace.

After a few moments, Sora pulled away and noticed the way Tai was watching them. She jerked Jael in the leader's direction. Sora placed her elbow on the Jael's shoulder and teased, "So...did you finally snag your prince charming?" Jael looked down again responded, "In a way I guess."

Tai seemed extremely confused. 'How do they know each other?' "Huh?" Was the only word that came out of his mouth.

"You mean you still don't recognize me Tai Kamiya?" The raven hared girl retorted.

The former 'goggle-head' looked her a little more closely. Then it seemed as if Tai's lips remembered before the rest of his body. They burned, recalling a kiss from a long time previously. "You're the girl that made me barf in Sora's hat huh?"

"Yep, that's me alright."

At the Teenage Wolves concert

Matt clutched the stage curtain and peeked through it. He glanced around the arena beyond. It was huge, with colored lights shining in every direction. The crowd was huge. They were wild, already starting liven up the mosh pit. Laughing inwardly, Matt smiled. He loved the audience more than anything else at concerts. Fans kept the music alive.

"Hey Space Cadet! Stop staring off into space and get on stage." The loud interruption came from the Teenage Wolves keyboard player.

Nodding, Matt stole one last glimpse at the masses. He slowly made his way on stage, as if to mock the rest of the band's impatience. Matt swung his bass over his back and placed his fingers on the strings. "How's everybody doing tonight!" The singer hollered into the microphone.

Screams and cheers were the response as the mosh pit changed from a few pockets of jumping people to a huge wave. The Teenage Wolves played most of their concert. Finally for their last song, Matt brought in a special guest. "I'm glad you guys have been enjoyed the concert." A loud groan came from the audience. Matt chuckled, "Don't worry, we're not done yet. And for our next number, I'd like to introduce a special guest, my bro T.K."

The crowd began to shout, "T.K.! T.K.!"

Meanwhile T.K. made his way to his own microphone, with a guitar. Matt plucked some beginning notes along with the lead guitarist. They became louder and louder, and then the rest of the band joined in. Then Matt began to sing the first verse.

'All the girls in the bathroom talking,

Who they gonna take to the Sadie Hawkins My ears are burning but I kept on walking,

Smile on my face

And Air-Guitar rocking,'

Then T.K. joined in for the chorus.

'Sadie Hawkins dance,

In my khaki pants,

There's nothing better

O! O! O!

Girls ask the guys

It's always a surprise

There's nothing better

Baby do you like my sweater?'

Matt stopped singing, letting T.K. have a solo on the second verse.

'Sitting in the back of my next class napping,

Gotta give a speech,

And bowed to the clapping,

Told a funny joke,

Had the whole class laughing

Think I got a tan

From the language-arts basking.'

Then they repeated the chorus together. The fans apparently seemed to be enjoying the song they've never heard before. T.K. took a guitar solo, and they started the bridge.

'Scan the cafeteria for some good seating,

Found a good spot by the cheerleaders eating,

The quarterback asked me if I'd like a beating,

I said that's one thing I won't be needing

And since I'm rather

Smart and cunning,

I took off down the next hall running

Only to get stopped by a girl so stunning,

Only to get stopped by a girl so stunning

She said, "You're smooth,

And good with talking

Go with me, to the Sadie Hawkins.'

The Teenage Wolves ended by singing the chorus one last time. When the concert ended the crowd went even more berserk. They were screaming for an encore. Shouting the loudest was Kari Kamiya, proud of her new boyfriend on stage.
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