Part 1 - Spell Broken and Imprinting

Bella stood with the Cullens, as she was in love with Edward after saving his sorry ass in Italy and got promised by both himself and to those kings of vampires that she was going to be turned like she wished for to happen.

As she stood there she was looking out in the darkness of the forest they were all standing around, as the pack had called Carlisle for a meeting, and that Bella was also going to be there, as it has to do with herself too afterall. Edward didn't want that but forced by Sam's hard voice on the phone to do what he says for once.

So that is why they were all here, Bella felt uncomfortable at least of being there in first place, as Jacob had told her if she went, then she was dead to them all.

Either way here she stood, and she stood on her own, as she felt uncomfortable of Edward is clinging on her, as she had not fully yet accepted him back into her life after what he had said and done to her.

She felt that there was something different about her and that she was missing something. Something important, or was she really going insane or worse, she didnt know what caused her feel like this.

While she thought this, both Edward and Alice behind her were in silent fury of her refusal not only to stand with the two, but also her refusal of his marriage proposal the other day after the brief confrontation with Jacob. The others of the 'family' was also worried of her psyche and the way she was acting like.

All too soon, the wolves showed up, and all of them shifted back to their human form, after getting behind trees and getting re-dressed, Bella stood there watching them all doing so, and she saw two new wolves or men had joined in, and she didnt know their names, but when their eyes met, something shifted around her, and she started to remember again what was missing from her memories, and she took off running into a surprised Sam's arms, now crying.

Sam was surprised of her actions, like those Cullens seemed to be shocked and angered of her actions, and looked around to see what might caused it to happen, to see that Collin and Brady now watched her in his arms, and he realised of what might have happened to them, but what caused Bella to be like this emotional mess in his arms?

He pulled her back gently, and looked down to her, as he still felt that she was like a little sister to her despite all of this, and was shocked to see not only tears, but what the caked on makeup on her face was revealing underneath it. He growled, then said

"Whats wrong, Bella? Why did you run to me for?" Bella was still crying, and the Cullens were staring into her back with anger in their eyes, as she said

"I remember everything now, Sam." Edward now pissed off enough yelled for her to come back, but she was shaking in Sam's hands that was still gently on her arms, and tried to fight back the calling or yelling at her from Edward. She was terrified for sure, he could see that in her eyes but how she was shaking in his arms.

And all the sudden, he saw her eyes roll back of into her head, and he caught her and took off running towards Old Quil's house, with the others of the pack after him. Worried too for their friend of what she had said so far, and what Sam had seen on her face, that Alice had placed on the caked-on makeup.

The Cullens were left there standing in shock, disbelief, worry and anger on their ugly faces, what did Bella remember exactly? Sam was in his mind thinking on why so much makeup for Bella's face, he couldn't understand it at first but when she looked up from having her face, crying, into his chest and arms, he could see the reason why and he growled again at the thought, that boy must done this to her.

The others of the wolves, including Brady and Collin were worried of what he growled at and why he was so worried for the leech-lover in some of their minds, while those two were worried for their mate's psyche.

As soon he arrived at the Aterea's house, he yelled;