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Drowning in Amethyst

I'm drowning in amethyst.

Ebb and flow. Sometimes it seems that life is just ebb and flow. The flow of a mighty river making its majestic journey to the sea. One big cycle- Prosper, fail, succeed, destroy...... All in a perfect circle. Until someone throws a spanner in the works. You fall in love.

I'm in love. Pure and simple. I'm intoxicated by him, liberated by him, yet trapped by the leash of devotion, captured within the chambers of my heart. Every look he sends my way frees my mind to the heavens, every smile makes my breath quicken. I can't stand the heat when he's near me- I just have to act on my emotions. I love him.

I'm drowning in amethyst.

Whenever he isn't there a great empty hole seperates me from the universe. I'm lost and alone in the darkness, wandering like a forgotten soul, a faded myth. I am helpless until he returns to show me the way back to the light with his love and laughter.

Every day I give thanks for him- for what he is to me, how he affects me, how much he means to me. How much I hope I mean to him. Every day I pray that he will never leave me, though I know he never will. Every day I wonder if I am worthy of him.......

I'm drowning in amethyst.

Sometimes I think I will lose him. I have dreams of death and darkness, where the evil that haunts me snatches him away from me, steals the essence of his soul, destroys him. I wake up sweating and shivering, full of horror. And he is there for me. He puts his arms around me and protects me from the darkness. My beautiful light.

He always comes to me. He always returns to me. I cherish him in every way, in every form that he takes. I hold him and comfort him, protect him and love him. I love him more than anything. One look in his beautiful eyes and I know.......

I'm drowning in amethyst and I never ever want to be free.


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